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Thursday, May 5, 2011

what's the Difference...?.. = THIS! ;)

 What do U think the difference is…?
"Government" where people only "govern" for self-interest and WASTE the people..?
"NGO's" where people are "NO-GO-ers" and waste time..?

The irony of this mad planet = on one side , bad ideas with immense organisation, on the other side Good ideas are immensely BADly organised! That’s why this is IMPORTANT:-
 join us?
"Smith, you are only making it worse for yourself" ...! <smile|>


 personal reflections..
"nervous" to meet your Bro, before he didnt know? - who or what i (A.M) ,   it is plain to see -
i am addicted to thee - you must learn to breathe - pain it will be eased - do I know it all? - 
let's say I know who or what to call <smile> ! - U dont honour may days? - but i know how to amaze!
last thursday U saw a storm - in me and in the sky - one is natural & the other U must ask "why?"
whilst I am hungry for y-our society - "an immpossible missionary" the 2nd shoesalesman , reactions vary -
know one really knows me (or anyone?) but there is a chance - to love in every sense, have fun, be positive , cook ;)  (KOOK) and dance.....  :D
  ...."our song" ?
(Iris, just want u to know who I am.Iris - goo goo dolls [lyrics)
Just planting OUR flag on Y-oUR planet!  ;)

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