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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Campaign, dont Complain; WE are the CLUB!

REdNET / Global REdS

sclog13202.."Faith is the purpose behind all things..."

CAMPAIGN not complain..about OUR CLUB, about LIFE..

WHy do I bother?? (and yes there will be idiots screaming "dont!" ha ha)

...when it is a major fight, EVERY DAY,  to wake so many people from a sort of coma, induced by constant media propganda ...that has filled the head of sheeple since forever,  technology has removed the ability to "reason" from the heads of so many of the global population.. 
BUT ..WE shall NOT be fooled again..WE are THe CLUB..and I shall not rest until we regain this...our life' s passion!

a "club" is made up of people is not a "F(r)ANchise" of some exploiters, their titanic - system sunk, but they (in this situation Henry and his F S G clones and "fannies" ) use media and propaganda to fool you into thinking they are in control
(even using their own "stats" Henry's empire lost 50% of its investments recently, so the "fannies" claiming he is a "great businessman" is a myth!)

18 Years ago, i woke up from a coma.. and in common with many, who have (literally) "faced death" it had a profound effect..

we live in a madness.. people talk about "realism"..but when everything u see is apparently made up of atom which "move" ... how easily the sheeple accept that, but wont accept that WE should own OUR OWN CLUB???????????????????///

I "saw" what was possible , within and without, our club, but it wasnt "scripted" more like a glimpse of a picture or scenes of a a jigsaw
puzzle I have been travelling around europe, finding "pieces" some which "fit" some which I had to put away and pick up later ...and piece the bits
together ..

we are close to that scene.. and I am close to the end of my "journey" not so much the beginning of the end (as people were foolishly mislead concerning
21 December) but the end of the beginning..but as with EVERYTHING in this life the choice is still y-ours... "the age of aquarius" ..its not my
place , because I am of conflict, my "mission" is to take this journey, not to see its "arrival".. (DaX)

CrAzY , yeah of course I am, and, so many times I felt ready to give up or give in... fighting & arguing (like my mentor "Shanks"..) with people
that should be on our side,

"you can do that" many times I have heard this, and how many times must i prove them wrong??

I told a local REd the "old story of the 2 shoe salesmen" ....

"The first flies to Africa, (or somewhere without commercial "civilization" ) his plane lands, he checks in the hotel, goes researching on the streets..
and that evening phones his "western boss" .... "I am catching the next flight back, NO ONE WEARS SHOES...  ......  .....   .....

The 2nd salesman flies in, checks in, goes researching, same places... phones HIS boss... send me 10 containers of shoes, NO ONE WEARS SHOES..

are you NOT sick of living IN the BOX>>?????

The major problem with Our club, is that we never had a man with "ShankS vision" in the boardroom...

.....Some of the "educated" fannies, tell me .. look at Portsmouth, it didnt work... we are NOT them - WE are LIVERPOOL

some F S G "clones" ("the borg!?" ) .. say Man Utd are succesful with yankers .. thats now a NASTY club.. WE have SOUL, WE are LIVERPOOL

they say Barca is not a good example because they have financial problems... but those problems were not made by supporters..and WE are the BEST..

bankers (& yankers) sell U a load of BALLS! :)

When I mention Bayern.,. and the Bundesliga "rule" that supporters must own 51 % ...they go quiet,,,but even that is not how I see it ..
I see OUR CLUB with a share for everyone who invests 50 quid. but onle one vote, to avoid speculators and business monopoly (again)...
it should be possible to buy non-voting shares which WILL give a return on investment.. ..

with 7 million registered fans (and probably more than double that Worldwide, We are more powerful than many nations...collectively we dont need "sponsors" the "LIVERPOOL BRAND NAME" is bigger than any one whose name pollutes our shirts etc,

HOW...when so many will try to say it is "impossible" ???

I will tell another story..

" In a quiet country town there was an old man , who sat, almost every day in the village square, who seemed to know the answer to everyone's questions..

... the leader of a gang of young men got p*ssed off with this.. and told his cronies " I am sick of that old man,,,always being so wise...thinks he has all the answers.. I have a solution...I will take a little bird in my hand... and hold it behind my back..and ask the old man if the bird is alive or dead..
if he says Alive ..I will squeeze it and prove him wrong.. if he says Dead, I will proiduce the live bird, HE CANT win...this time...." ..his buddies
thought this was a great ploy... the young "leader" found a little bird and went to the old man... and stood in front with a sneer, said; " so old man who knows it all.. .....i have a little bird behind my back.. is it ALIVE ...or is it DEAD ... ? " ....
..The old man...looked deep into the eyes of the youth , and began to smile... "THE ANSWER, my son, is in your OWN hands!" ... he replied!..

and therefore WE are the special one, that you have to be ,



SCLOG - Diary etc..
CS> I am mostly occupied with REdNET, campaign s and the u.r.s.u.n. (Global REdS network) and our club locally..and "Monty Logic" ..but I am hoping so, if our budget for travel allows, some of our members may have friends who can host me in Klona or Cork to keep the costs down.. credos for organising this gathering, i am sure it will go well!

8:40pm Micheal O Regan> i hope it will plenty interest anyway

Chris> Hiya Michael, I dont know if u considered having special t-shirts printed for the KLona meeting..

but we just got a deal with a local Red whose mother works for a textile factory,
we are ordering a lot for our friendship meetings in May and the Global REdS meet in June , so if u want to take advantage
, let me know and i 'll put u in touch direct with factory,,,YNWA!
(plus extra for name and number)

T shirt - qnt 100 psc -3.50 eur
Polo shirt 100 psc- 8.20 eur
Retro shirt 100 psc- 6.30 eur
Scarf 100 psc - 5.00 eur


be honest and lose the mask..  (masquerade)


ChriS SmiTH>  Laku noc! sweet dreams!
"promises" ............this morning, I went for a run, have been away since a week, and needed to pump my blood and refresh myself.. say what U mean and mean what u say, because your character depends on it,, have SOUL, care, dare and make positive energy.. LIVE its (written) the opposite of GOOD! or i will be gone..forever ... a nice sound..for 'Nica dreams..

22:25 ChriS SmiTH> DaX ; The star of my story ;!
22:11 ChriS SmiTH>
I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. Intense love does not measure, it just gives , Peace begins with a smile.

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.

above ; sayings of Mother Teresa

cuvaj se!

Mother Teresa " if you want to help yourself, help someone who truly needs you" ? who will find good (god) in their eyes..

Chris> Hiya Chrissie! hows are U, where are u??? do u want to join me for a drink or join this ...
UE " In Wires and WITHOUT frontiers" = friendship weekend @ UE

    the first UE "Balkan & Global friendship event" to bring people together , welcome, exchange, grill, party, with Fun , music , dance & footy tournament ; for kids charity and
Christine D> Hey in Manhattan. How is Montenegro?

Chris> more or less the same. but i am "internations" no snobs, bringing lots of visitors and my culture to MNE & the Balkans , solo of course , but still cant find a modern woman worthy of my trust.. so i just carry on campaigning and not complaining..

must be boring in NY?  ;)
 & sent CD's buddy (old-fashioned blond lady in Pg?) to Olivera L>
CS> Hiya, I am still surviving Pg, have u learnt some empathy yet?

ChRiS>TriinRED,     nice pic----! btw,

Triin P      Hmm     Plastic red?

 ChRiS > TriinITY, I opened my home , heart & soul to you.. and offered to share that place, physical, mental and spiritual with you.. because u are troubled girl.. i shared many intimate things with you.. but in a period of 5 weeks , u chose only to send me a complaint, then u want to tell me really dont understand ... ? why i am angry with u..u didnt care! did u?? ChRiS

 TriinITY> If I didn't care, I wouldn't kept in contact with you, I wouldn't write this to you right now. You know I was busy because I hosted my friend for three weeks in my home, and that I don't have internet in my village. If you're angry at me, and you think I don't care, then what kind of a person do you think I am? I always cared about you and what you went through, I don't think I deserve being angry with. How you phrase your message makes me think that you see me as someone who took what you offered, your home, you opening yourself, and simply didn't care. If you see me as that, tell me.

Also, you called me plastic which made me ponder.

Chris> and i wouldnt "bother" if i didnt think u were "worth it".. i WANTED to get a "reaction" from u, because i expect someone of your sensitivity to be careful, and u were careless, it takes less than a minute to send a positive message, but i only got a "moan" in a period of about 4/5 weeks, and i react honestly..whether u like it or not, my life is too short to be "diplomatic" and when u reflect one day, when i am gone u will understand what true friendship really means, not just saying what someone wants to hear.. take care, ChRiS

DAX /Dusko
Chris> if u find Danica a job, please make sure they respect her__??? ChRiS Born on February 4, 1984Female

Dusko P> I'll do my best

Chris>ok I know u met her, as I hope u will be honest and respect her, please also respect me, and keep me informed. as i care for her very much..

Dusko P>Yeah, I got that
I gave her a contact or two for work, but more importantly I'm gonna work with her on getting her a bit more focused, a bit less random and going in the directions she wants. she seems like a good girl, just needs a bit of support.

i have a plan to support her and bring her into positive activity, i am just concerned that she might get confused by u adding yours onto the direction i already agreed with her... thats what i mean about respect.. she is supposed to meet me in Pg, next week..and i wished u had mentione d that to me before .. because too many "directions" will not help her.. i know u mean well... but u dont know me well enough.. take care, cuvaj se ChRIS
--------------- Run, 20 mins...

13131 Bg B'day party with  DaX, ^ walk in the woods & CharitY in UE..

to Ms Harvey, 97% , even Nicer 'Nica, DaX...

...............My poem for your special day... DaniS

@ Budva Irish , talking a lot

drinking and dancing ,

I couched at yours..

it wasnt a "chance-thing"..

then we had the "family meet"

this "guest" i wanted to greet

extreme feeling between us..

bud SADly i returned on the bus,

but TRUE SOUL_MATES can NEVER let go..

that much..

by now you must know...

the Bg party had its funny moments

a little tense but also saw a sad little girl

yet, next day in the park

all in OUR universe was well..

WE are SUN and Moon & together..

we could probably even change the weather..

I wish you all you DESERVE..

and much more, but avoid the curve,,

BE STRONG, BE GOOD, be all that you should..

because 97% is a very GOOD start.. <SMILE>

Hugs & X , from your ChRiS :) 

ChriS SmiTH> DaX
I "over loaded" you with news of my progress because i only wanted to share with you..but I will be careful to help you to become strong before september..
over the next months, step by step to stay on course, i am your friend and much more.. I am the only honest person who will risk the truth with you,
and be a "tough trainer" when you need that too, to avoid "excuses" distractions and keep you "on course"  but of course this needs both directions.. I hope we learnt that already..vidimo se!

Ja " preko loaded " vas sa vestima moj napredak , jer sam samo hteo da podelim sa vama ..
ali ja c´u biti oprezan da vam pomogne da postanu jaki pre septembra ..
tokom narednih meseci , korak po korak, da ostanu na kursu , ja sam tvoj prijatelj i još mnogo toga ..
Ja sam samo iskrenaosoba koja c´e rizikovati istinu sa vama,
i da bude" težak trener " kada je potrebno da se previše,
da bi se izbeglo " izgovore " uznemiravanja i držati vas " na kursu "
ali naravno to mora poverenje .. u oba smera ..
Nadam se da c´emo vec´ naucili da .. Vidimo se !
Chris> Dusko p; contact who u met at "MG" saturday .. (i hope if u decide to stay in Bg ... that u have a job with respect.. but you know where I believe you should go... with GOOD..i wrote to with poem on the other...(ChRiS SMITH)
Dusko P> Lives in Belgrade, SerbiaKnows Serbian, English, Spanish (Male)
Chris >

i also gave u contact with Ivans Irish pub in UE, and he has yr phone number, because when we make charity project there,

there may be some events and work for you, but we need to talk about it, because there is alot of activity u can join,  I also met a man (another Ivan) on the bus from Bg who told me of Dutch "chris" who runs a charity in UE @ popova voda, where Vesna lives..
its very small word and very positive for u and y-our good life,,, btw do u realise that "evil" is the opposite spelling of "LIVE"..

DaX> laku noc:) see you tomorrow

19:42 ChriS SmiTH> i am sorry i didnt know u were going to meet me at bus sta. just a quick reply , using Vesna s laptop at UE, i said a lot,
i MEANT ALL I said and I hope you did too, ebcause i trsut you again..
and will write more when I have more time, but i hope you know what i want, and what i feel u can be , and the things we can do..
 i had this connection with Dusko ...
(Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia)
Sent January 28th, 2013 - 7:21 pm
Dusko P is a Verified Member

13128 Re: CS 13123 ChriS-Dusko>
CS: Hiya good to cu saturday, we had a quiet sunday (needed that) i am at Vesna (UE) at the moment,so just a short reply..
I will connect u with ("DaX") via FB, if u cane find her something where they will respect her, that would be good! cuvaj SE,  see u again, soon ChriS

Dusko P. wrote: Here's the website I told you about last night, for learning Serbian, hope it helps
also, can you send me 
("DaX")'s facebook contact, or send her mine, see if we can do something about her job hope you had fun today, see you next time

ChriS SmiTH wrote:
Hiya again.. I didnt find host for tonight , so I expect to arrive , goodness willing, about 18,30 bus @ Bg,saturday
I wonder if you want to meet me , I can take a coffee in train station restoran until 19h, if u dont come I will walk to "Magic Garden caffe"
.if u feel like it. u can join the party there....ok? (dont forget I will NOT be online tomorrow!!! ) ChRiS ..
i hope u can spend more days with me in Pg, because not least that i enjoy your company  i would like us to have some extra days helping me to learn your language, and helping you to keep ahead of Vera in english . .and to improve upon our new feelings of progress TOGETHER..hope and amazing coincidences that happened todaz that will make you smile..

someone who was next to meet on the bus walked with me to the station this morning ,  HE )not me= started to talk about ENERGY and that he had just found someone who is 100 per cent compatible.. and although we (you and I) are 97 percent..its a GOOD NEW beginning... do nt you feel the energy___????
cuvaj se, I wrote a poem, something spontaneous.. to follow..

Livemocha - Serbian Serbian is a form of the Serbo-Croatian language, and the official language of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
 It has around 9 million native speakers, mainly in Serbia, but also in neighboring countries: Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Slovakia and .....
ChriS SmiTH
the poem, its in my memory from the bus, and i couldnt find my original note but ..i hope u understand... and i have to do this before Vesna reclaims her laptop ...SMILE

I send you a BIG SMILE :::::::: "DaX" or are U "NiCA" ..
this weekend you were NICER..

I am probably old enough to be your father..
and i suppose protective as a brother
i want to avoid the "jealousy of a typical lover"

in me too is the fountain of a son..
i want you to be THE one..

i am also just a boy, with so much ENERGY
wise though as Yoda ...i know WE ARE SOUL...mate!!
we are the TRUE meaning of SYNERGX

all my love,
and spirit too is trusted in you

::BIG HUG and X

ChriS SmiTH> be care ful we are both like magnets and when u are weak (drunk) the devil s vultures and jackals (Mark?) circle around u...
 be strong be good , you know you what u should... do! cuvaj se, many more stories to be made..good ones !! battery gone now... SMILE!

ChriS SmiTH> just a quck message before the day starts, Vesna is in her room and i am just getting ready to go out ..... hoping another piece of our puzzle is in place by the end of this day.. do or dont do , 'Nica, (we focus on the "nicer" life.. slow things down stop and BREATHE, smile at the darkness,
we must be in this world but not OF this world, i send u good SPIRIT ..(but notVelibor,s Rakija! ) ha ha cuvaj se! ---. u know u can stay visit me or stay with me as long as i live, and after too we fight the 3 percent !

You're absolutely right that when a man is weak then the devil is waiting around the corner ...
 And you mean that Mark from San Francisco? I see him a second time in my life,
but Branko said it was very common guest of cafe...Maybe I had that night more problematic with Van Damme,
and I didnt noticed the true intentions of the Mark, did not pay attention .
.. But the good thing is that now I was on another training and I didnt drank alcohol. Thats a good thing:)))
How is be your day? Are you finis job in factory?

ChriS SmiTH> i t s early in the is morning that i can see your message.. yes i noticed Mark, but let me tell u about positive things .
.BECAUSE the pieces of the "puzzle" are forming very well, i didnt tell u yet but on the bus from Bg , monday i asked a localman if the bus stopped near vesna,s vilage (outiside of UE) and he was so kind. ...he asked the driver and showed me when i had to get off, etc

.. and we talkled a bit and HE knows a man in UE who helps kids!! and i asked him to make contact with Ivan,  but by CHANCE...when I mentioned to Ivan yesterday .... Ivan told me that he ALREADY met him,  because that man came to his irish pub on saturday!!!!! its been amazing, i met 2 more friends of Ivan who can help the project

I went on the OLDEST bus in europe yesterday was funny...
and the secretary at the factory spoke english as if she went to the same school as you ha ha ...but not as nice as you...oh i must be careful not to compliment u soooo much...  and she was so interested in my stories that we talked for 2 hours with mentioning the reason i was there

..and she mentioned ENERGY and had a son who likes football so i gave her one of my Liverpool balkan REdS t-shirts for him
,and she probably l also brings him and his friends as the boy has no father..
 all meetings were positive, we went to "orient express" restoran here in UE last night, and that was nice too. as i always wanted to go on the REAL train

...i know i should not be so soft and "sentimental" about u,
but i kept thinking all yesterday that I wish u could share every minute of this with me.. .the miracle is happening, adn i am glad that u do something for health, because u are very important..  i just keep seeing u in the "vision" as it becomes reality--- cuvaj se! Hugs and X

ChriS SmiTH > Energy Empathy, humanity and spirit... people i meet keep using the words we talked about on sunday, ..not repeating me but saying them to me BEFORE I do.. its a miracle forming--
and Ivans girlfriend Tijana also had an idea for helping HOMELESS kids and orphans, that fits PERFECTLY with what YOU said to me..vidimo se!!

07:08 i miss U!  DOBRA Dan,   ica, I HOPE YOU are u ok, I am just back from UE, @ toloshi (Pg) home, so much to tell u , just a bit tired...
 positive ENERGY & hope is pushing our progress.. ...i will write again later..
<SMILE> molim..!

so, i just have to check what i already told u, I am sort of over-s(F)lowing and with too much energy ....and just want to share,,, did i mention the immense co-incidence..on the bus from Bg to UE,  i asked a man stting near me if the bus stopped at "popova voda" (where vesna lives) and his name was also "Ivan"  and he was really kind and checked with the driver and at the next stop introduced me to the driver . .and we got talking and he know a "chris" from holland organising kids charities in ..."popova voda",....amazing huh??

btw "mark" kept coming back to "MG" and boasted that he's had 55 serbian girls in his bed since he moved to Bg..i think ...
no, it seems like i am being "small" i dont like , i just hope u keep the training and follow the GOOD way forward.. any news of your parents visit to BG???

22:51 do u like Zlatibor?..., I want to know "the Balkans" your language and your culture and in return I want to show you my world, before i leave it.. starting with Podgorica, then Istanbul /... do u have a turKish embassy near u, u could ask if u can use your passport to fly there?


when u want to start with "Monty Logic club" it would be good also to take club members to Mokra gore??,.  ..i hope u want to do this.. of course it has to be your choice.. ok, now i really am ,  writing too much ha ha I dont know when u will read this or if u understand , but  ..i send u positive energy.....! and a HUG x and a big <SMILE>
ChriS SmiTH  > laku noc

"DaX" > Today I meet Dusko, and I think in this moment of my cleaning negativ energy, he can be very positiv gay in my life..
.and we start story about how I change my negativ energy. First I need to help myself,  and when I be healty after that I can help other... Im tired and now is time for sleeaping...Leku noc, nice dreams:)


ChriS SmiTH > well i want u to have trust in me, as I trusted you.. I can show u the way to develop positive energy,  and by doing this with kids and sharing their energy... to be positive.. .i need you to do good things..
 and dont be distracted..keep your word, and anyway, i am also a bit tired physically,now although my heart and soul is on fire..  I go to sleep ... sweet .'Nica dreams
Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (Live) Change your heart Look around you Change your heart It will astound you I need your lovin'  Like the sunshine Everybody's gotta learn sometime Everybody's got...

ChriS SmiTH> i thought maybe , for fun, u might like to know a bit about "DaX" ....and ..her(their) friendship with "Worf" ..
 i like the last line... when Worf says " maybe all of you will have to adapt to me" ... ..i hope things go well for u,
and u convince your parents u dont need "treatment" ..YOU ONLY NEED a GOOD friend.. and I know it is ME! ...I am looking forward to see u (Dani', 'Nica, Ms Harvey, 97% "DaX" ) ..ALL OF YOU.. again in pg next week. i need you to be me friend as u do! cuvaj se!
==================================== nicer=/'Nica
------------ 12:36am
Branko Dj.>
PORODICA BISTRIH POTOKA ;     Porodica bistrih potoka je ekološko-umetnicka komuna u podnožju planine Rudnik, u selu Brezovica. Komuna je osnovana 1977. godine. Njen osnivac je književnik, likovni umetnik i dramaturg Božidar Mandi...


the first UE "Balkan & Global friendship event" to bring people together , welcome, exchange, grill, party, with Fun , music , dance & footy tournament ; for kids charity and especially to overcome barriers between people local & global ; to make friends and benefit kids and y-our future....without frontiers; first event planned for Užice/Zlatibor/Mocra Gora region...join, contribute and enjoy..."make a miracle"

first friendship weekend;

31 may->2 June, with extensions

Interim programme;

- Friday; 31 may ;
from noon;
welcome party, @Dubliner Irish Pub,
Meet & greet, bar snacks,
ticket & t-shirt sale.

- Saturday; 1 June ; main events
12h -fun & footy tournament
18h -grill party ; connections
21h - benefit concert & dance

(< see left > make sure u bring your TEAM and own shirt & SHORTS too ....LMAO! )
- Sunday 2nd June final day ;
11-13h "Sendvic brunch" @ Pub
14h semi finals
15h Final

then "Surprise event"..

& extra activities for those who stay ..!

...& enjoy this beautiful region..(& after the friendship party....make more friends.. with nature!) can stay for more days with us...

UE " In Wires and WITHOUT frontiers" = friendship weekend @ UE

    the first UE "Balkan & Global friendship event" to bring people together , welcome, exchange, grill, party, with Fun , music , dance & footy tournament ; for kids charity


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    9.Lepenski vir

    Direction west and south

    10..Zlatibor(Alin potok,Sirogojno,Tošina banja,Radoinsko jezero,Jokića vrelo and Tara mountain,Banjska stena
    11.Mokra gora,Drvengrad(Kusturica village)
    12..Višegrad(old bridge and new Kusturica project Andrić stone city)
    There is two ways after this-To Montenegro or to central Serbia and Bulgaria.
    1 route-

    1.Monastery Mileševa
    2.Biogradsko jezero and gora
    3.Monastery Morača
    4.Mountain Lovćen(monument of Njegoš)
    5.Old city Cetinje
    6.Reka Crnojevića
    7.Budva(old city)
    8.Kotor(old city)
    9.Perast and Herceg Novi
    10.Miločer and Sveti Stefan
    11.Ada Bojana
    12.Monastery Ostrog

    2 route-

    1.Monastery Žiča
    2.Vrnjačka banja spa
    3.Resavska pećina
    4.Lisine waterfall
    5.Kuršumlija(devil city)
    6.Niš fortress

    Then go to Bulgaria.

  16. Dubliner Uzice invited you to his event:

    UE In Wires and WITHOUT frontiers --- Footy tournament

    Friday, May 31 at 9:00pm - Sunday, June 2 at 12:00am in Užice, Serbia

  17. Micheal O Regan posted in The Irish LFC Fans Gathering 2013

    have arranged for the mayor of clonakilty to welcome everyone to the gathering and the lady mayoress of bandon the nearest town to clonakilty will also attend,will have photographers present to take plenty pictures for the papers.

  18. Dubliner Uzice posted in Turnir u fudbalu "UE - U žicama i bez granica"

    Dubliner Uzice
    12:45am Jan 18
    Veliko interesovanje iz nama bratske Bosne, susedne Rumunije, naravno Beograda, Novog Sada,...
    Hvala svima

  19. Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in UE " In Wires and WITHOUT frontiers" = friendship weekend @ UE

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    18 January 01:21
    please join the friendship weekend, and bring yr team too

    UE " In Wires and WITHOUT frontiers" = friendship weekend @ UE
    • In planning .. forming organising committee, date expected long weekend early June 2013 for the firs...

  20. ChriS SmiTH posted: "Its been a special time, launched the REdNET v F S G campaign, (in Bg & UE..) .. ("We are the CLuB, came not to PAY") /... promoting "MontY - Logic (charitable) CLUB and the "within wires - withOUT frontiers" ... friendship weekend. . and the last 48 hrs just catching a few hrs rest in between... ... the mess in this world is fed by the apathy of the people,and writing and talking about it is just "mass-debating" ..take responsibility !"

    To change the course of our future to TRUE SUSTAINABILTY .. support clean energy with out the combustion of fossil fuels..

  22. "Worth watching."

    VIDEO: Dr. King on Civil Disobedience and obeying Just vs. Unjust laws (Closed Captioned)
    "An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for...See More

  23. “ 4 Weeks trip to ASIA / INDIA in MARCH/APRIL
    Hello, I am Ella from Frankfurt/Mainz (Germany). Since my travel partner is unfortunately failed I am looking for someone to come with me to India (or other Asian countries). I am very limited about the period of time as I am writing my last exam on 13.03 and University restarts at 15.04. In exchange I am quite flexible in terms of the route. I would like to do backpacking and see a lot of places. I'm looking for nature, cities, culture, food, people ....I had thought of the north of India (Delhi, Mubai, Goa), but as I said, I'm quite adaptable. I'm even relatively flexible about the country, I also would like to visit Thailand, Nepal or similar countries. Important to me is to get to know each other a bit before (at least via Facebook / Skype) or even bette to meet. I'm looking forward to your answers!

  24. PETITION: Protect Parents Constitutional Rights and Stop The Kidnapping by CPS agency's
    Each year U.S. Children are taking from loving families as a gain of profit. Majority of these children are not abused, mistreated, or neglected. Under our 14th amendment right All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject...See More

    Sign this petition to show to chinese people that the whole world disapproves of their cat torture practices!!!


  26. A message from the cause
    Save Second Base-FIGHT BREAST CANCER

    This cause just reposted this story
    “We all know someone, a mother, daughter, sister, friend, who has been affected by breast cancer. We also know that it's a tough battle. Members on Causes are getting together to share inspirational quotes and words of encouragement for those who are struggling with this terrible cancer. Please take a moment to share some words with these brave women. Thank you!” — Melissa Pak (cause supporter)

    Inspirational Messages for Breast Cancer Victims
    Posted by Melissa Pak (cause leader of Turn Facebook Pink for a week to Celebrate Remember And Help People With Breast Cancer!)
    Join the conversation
    Share Your Story

    "With over 3 million women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a mother, daughter, sister, or friend who has been affected by breast cancer." -Betsey Johnson
    Most of us in this cause know someone who has been a victim of breast cancer and some of us are victims ourselves. Please use this space to share words of encouragement and inspiration messages. You can click "Post a Story" to write a short inspirational message or "Post Photo" for an inspirational text photo or "Record Video" to record a personal message from you.
    Let's make this place an area of support, encouragement, inspiration and hope. Thank you!

    Want to get involved? See this story on Causes

  27. Beijing has never been known for its fresh air, but this month pollution levels were up to 45 times the safety limit. It's time for the city to act. Improve Beijing's Air Quality

  28. PLEDGE: 2013 - The Year of Peace & Freedom for ALL everywhere!!
    We all live together on this planet so we must all work together to end War and make Peace & Freedom for ALL the norm. Lets begin anew. NOW!! Let's love and show kindness to each other. After all, ...SIGN THE PLEDGE

  29. PETITION: Stop the vacant bedroom charges

  30. "Family is paramount if society is to survive. Equalizing the time between parents & their children, we save traditional values to benefit our children. Changes require a change in thinking. Change the approach to move forward. "

    Support Equal Custody
    1,902 members
    Change the law so that every FIT parent has equal custody if they desire As an organization the National Organization for Parental Equality supports and advocates for changes to the current laws so that every parent can have equal access to their children. We do this thru lobbying and court... See More

  31. KEEP Disability living allowance say NO to reforms
    105,001 members
    stop the UK government from removing this benefit from those in real need of it. The UK tory-led government wants to abolish disability living allowance this will cause hardship and force many people that depend on this benefit to meet their disability needs into poverty. many will not be... See More

  32. action alert!
    Pangolins are unique creatures whose sole method of defense is to roll into a ball -- they don't even have teeth! But thanks to increased poaching in their native Asia, the rare pangolin may soon be driven extinct.

  33. A message from the cause

    This cause just reposted this quiz
    “Yesterday, President Obama said, "We are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else, because she is an American; she is free, and she is equal, not just in the eyes of God but also in our own." Answer this quiz question and learn about the upcoming CWLA National Blueprint that similarly sets a vision: a vision for child welfare that the entire communitiy will create the greatest opportunities for all children and youth to succeed and flourish.” — Suzanne Lay (cause leader)

    How many US children under 18 are unable to consistently access nutritious food?
    Posted by Suzanne Lay (cause leader of PREVENT ABUSE AGAINST CHILDREN)
    6,000 160,000 6 million 16 million 60 million
    The entire community should collaborate to ensure that families have access to and eligibility for supports and services that address basic needs including food, clothing, housing, employment, financial resources, mental health and substance abuse, education, health care and transportation.
    This vision comes from The CWLA National Blueprint, a new set of overarching standards for all individuals, organizations, and communities that unify the existing programmatic CWLA Standards of Excellence. The CWLA National Blueprint recognizes that responsibility for the well-being of children and youth begins with their families, and extends beyond traditional child welfare organizations and services. Everyone—families, communities, providers, and organizations—has a responsibility for ensuring the safety, permanency and well-being of all children and youth. The document raises the bar for everyone caring for and about children and youth. It is intended to be a foundation upon which families, communities, providers, and other organizations can create the greatest opportunities for all children and youth to succeed and flourish.
    The CWLA National Blueprint for Excellence in Child Welfare will be released during CWLA's upcoming annual conference on April 14-17th, and inspires the conference theme, Making Children and Families a Priority: Raising the Bar.
    In anticipation of the document's release, stay tuned for a series of quiz questions related to The CWLA National Blueprint's vision, principles and guidance for the future of child welfare. Learn how you can raise the bar for children and families.

    Want to get involved? See this quiz on Causes



  34. A message from the cause
    STOP the Whale Hunt!

    This cause just reposted this petition
    “Hello Friends, I saw this recently-launched petition and wanted to share it with you. This organizer is trying to stop the Taiji Fishermen's Union's hunt of 2,800 dolphins per year. Please help by signing this petition and forwarding it on to friends.” — Rocky At Causes (cause supporter)

    Challenge Japan to END Taiji Dolphin Hunt for Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid
    Posted by Shona Lewendon (action creator)
    Add your voice
    Sign The Petition

    This is Japan's 5th Olympic bid, since their 1964 Olympics. They are very eager to be selected as Host City again, to boost their economy after the devastating tsunami & Fukushima nuclear disaster. By challenging Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid, it's a demonstration that the world is condemning the actions of this hunt and offers support to people within Japan who also strive to end this practice once and for all.
    Japanese Government grant permits to the Taiji Fishermen's Union to hunt 2,800 dolphins from September to April for slaughter & to supply the captivity trade. While this is not illegal in Japan, the hunt has been condemned internationally as barbaric. Despite claims that the killing is swift & humane there is extensive evidence to prove otherwise. In this daily hunt, babies are torn from their mothers, many dolphins witness the slaughter of their entire families before either being taken captive or killed. The manner in which they are killed (a spear to the spinal cord which takes up to 7 minutes to die in agony) is unspeakable and inhumane. The hunt continues, hidden under tarpaulins in an attempt to conceal the slaughter, they clearly know what they are doing is wrong. Many Japanese people are becoming aware & condemning it, but most are afraid to speak out. All pleas to stop the killings are ignored by the people who have the power to stop it. The dolphin hunt is a lucrative business for the Taiji fishermen, the big money is in the captive trade supplying marine shows, with prime specimens selling for ¥800,000 in Japan, but much more abroad. Captives are initially held in cove sea pens, while buyers are found, starved & traumatised, many die waiting. Those not selected for captivity are slaughtered for human consumption, despite health warnings regarding the excessively high mercury content. This meat sells for around $22 per kilo. Many alternatives have been put forth including turning the otherwise beautiful town of Taiji into a tourist attraction for whale and dolphin watching that allows the fishermen to continue to be employed, but they are repeatedly rejected in the name of "tradition" If the IOC does not challenge this atrocity during their visit to Tokyo on the 4th of March 2013 & the selection process continues, it will be perceived that by ignoring this, the IOC are actually endorsing the hunt. If Tokyo's bid is announced as the winning bid on the 7th of September 2013. Japan will continue to hunt these very social, amazingly intelligent animals, with large brains, closest in structure to the human brain, capable of higher brain functions & emotions like humans, will eventually be driven to extinction. The International Olympic Committee have the opportunity to make real changes in Taiji Japan, we MUST ensure that they listen to the concerned masses, NOT the people who profit from this shameful tradition. To clarify, at no point do I condone boycotting Japan, nor do I incite hatred, violence or negativity towards Japanese citizens.
    Please join one of our GLOBAL events on 22.02.13

    Want to get involved? See this petition on Causes


  36. A message from the cause

    This cause just reposted this poll
    “Allyn Rose, a 24-year-old Miss America contestant, said that she was preventing breast cancer, which has affected women in her family, by removing both her breasts. What are you thoughts on getting a double mastectomy before being diagnosed with breast cancer as a preventative measure? Take this poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below” — Melissa Pak (cause leader)

    Extreme Breast Cancer Prevention: Should At-Risk Women Have Both Breasts Removed?
    Posted by Melissa Pak (cause leader of Turn Facebook Pink for a week to Celebrate Remember And Help People With Breast Cancer!)
    Yes. It is the best option for women who don't want breast cancer. Yes, but only for women with a family history of breast cancer since they are more likely to get breast cancer. Maybe. Removing both breasts is just one option of many and should be considered, but it is not the only option. No. With modern advances in breast cancer treatment and prevention, preventatively removing both breasts is not necessary and should not be done. I have a different opinion than the poll options. (Please share your thoughts in the comments below!)
    Some young women with a family history of breast cancer, such as 24 year old Allyn Rose (a Miss American contestant), plan to take the most extreme step to preventing breast cancer by having a double mastectomy, even before being diagnosed with breast cancer. (A double mastectomy is a surgery that removes both breasts.)
    What are your thoughts about preventative double mastectomies? Are they a smart cancer prevention decision or are there better options out there?
    You can read more in the Huffington Post article here: Extreme Breast Cancer Prevention: Should At-Risk Women Have Both Breasts Removed?

    Want to get involved? See this poll on Causes

  37. action alert!
    Conflict minerals are mined by prisoners of war and child slaves. Nintendo doesn't seem to think this matters.

    Tell Nintendo Slavery is Not a Game

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