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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

League cup & REdNET bootroom update...

REdNeT's photo.Following the struggle v hull at Anfield 
BrendaN's great Hope...CAN he?

Balo Rena? under pressure BUt at least Brent loves him!!
and last weeks WORST EVER european defeat at home, Liverpool play Brent's ex employers Swansea and tickets are still available... hardly possible a few months ago when every game was sold out well in advance......
.    REdNeT Bootroom....
Pablo>Until we sort out our defence and defensive midfield it is so hard to judge the attacking midfielders. I am not convinced they know what's expected of them! We need consistency and more solidity! .
Liverpool Echo News bAD management by Henry, F S G , Ayre and BR all have to share the blame, our loss = Barca's gain..
The former Reds striker has revealed his disappointment in how the club defended him during his FA hearing|
  • H> Disagree Suzie, The way it was handled, the biased FA and his family relationships also back his side, Lfc managed it badly, and IMO didnt do enough to keep Luis, and if it was because of his "rep" why then sign "bad boy" Mario???

Its F S G 's committee to blame that arguably only Studge & Coutinho ar first team "regulars" (when fit & in form) 

I am not a special fan of Balo, but sounds like some petty incident being blown up for the sake OF "NEWS" by a rag reporter and woman whi wants her name in the media at his expense...pathetic...
Police were called to an address in Manchester at around 3pm today following a row between the footballer and residents

REdNeT's photo.
REdNeT's photo.
REdNeT's photo.

REdNeT's photo.  

from "protest day" at Anfield...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Q uestions unanswered P Lay erratic & R eally Lucky with the 2-3??? (REdnet Bootroom opinion)

Q uestions unanswered 
P Lay erratic & 
R eally Lucky with the 2-3??? 

REdnet Bootroom opinion

Tanja >18 October at 09:19 ·
Gutted, Sturridge out 2-4 weeks. Balotelli, Borini, Lambert now we need to adapt our style of play to get the best from Mario
Daz Imms> Agree tanja especially we play real madrid wednesday xx.ynwa.jft96.

Jovilisi Waqa >They Have To Dig Deep And Find Their Rhythm.... They Can Do It #COYR
Tanja  > Ok Borini mene malo fone zeza. Grem popravit zdaj
Miha Masten> aja sicer je bila šala je pa resen zej cejt ka dokaže česa je sposoben \
Tanja  Ma ja, pa mislin ka moremo prilagoditi stil spilanja, ka de najbole odgovarjo baloje, borini pa bi se zaj lejko dokazo tude

Eky Sidhu > Yes this is bad news....but lets hope he gets the rest while rival players tire themselves out by xmas....· 1

Dai Evans > They dug deep when suarez was banned they can do it again. Mario needs to prove himself!!

Evita Torini > it's high time Mario started playing. bad news about * Sturridge there's nothing to be done about it but keep hope in Liverpool as it is now ) loads of kisses my Tanja for the weekend ynwa

Tanja > Kisses ma evita ynw

Harvey > no consistency, F S G, sold Andy without fair chance because he didnt "Fit" BR , and now want Balo to be target man.. its wrong.. we really miss Luis, especially with Studge out, because he put other teams under pressure and took pressure off our (uncoached) defence..too many changes (forced or chosen) we have lost momentum , more changes are not the answer, get back to basics !
(an ignorant reply deleted by tanja ) ha ha ha.... "wot" ??? Andy was the cheapest on the first team payroll inform youself, and my point is that BR is a hypocrite, as Balo;s style (or Lambert) requires similar tactics as to when Andy was here... got it now?

Damian Leeming > Doesn't really matter, LFC came into there line of easy games. if they need sturridge for their next 4 games then LFC team is no good anyway.

Harvey > fair point , there still should be enough talent in the team to win against the bottom teams, but , for me, when we change the team and especially defence so often, there is less understanding, especially when "luck" is against us,,,, too dependent on Stevie, all the players need to stand up..because the management seems lost

Damian Leeming> People just never except with new players it takes time. Even Balo his scoring boots will come on sooner or later. But we shouldn't have to rely on one player. Plenty of players there who can do it. LFC can't handle the extra games. Not with the team......

Harvey > Damian you say Luis had "one good season in 4" ???? (thats not even worthy of reply) ... I dont criticise the player, but the management :Luis is one of the few world class players we have had in the last 10 years, it dont make sense to let him go at any price...

Damian Leeming > Our season wasn't down to one player was it?? that is just stupid thing to say. Yeah Suarez only had one good season. Other seasons he hardly scored. Although you could tell he was talented took 4 years before he hit big goal tally.
( Unable to post comment. blocked by FB

Harvey As this is tanja's profile I will let it go Damian and because u dont see what is going on 

..Luis "hardly scored" ?? ask Stevie and the others in the team if they agree with YOU that he "only played one good season"... the point is World class players are rare. we had one, 9who COULD win titles) and F S G let him go... and I'll let this go too.. bye!! but if u want to step outside,... :)

E Vargas 87, 90+2

R Dunne og 67
P Coutinho 90
S Caulker og 90+5

FT 2-3
HT: 0-0

Nine point behind the lead...but the lack of fight and energy is as worrying as the seletions of BR

1 Chelsea 8 7 1 0 23 8 22 15    -   22pts
2 Manchester City 8 5 2 1 18 8 17 10 =   17 pts
3 Southampton 8 5 1 2 19 5 16 14 = 16 pts
4 West Ham United 8 4 1 3 15 11 13 4
5 Liverpool 8 4 1 3 13 12 13 1

Honesty from Stevie " "I think we were very lucky to get three points," Gerrard told Sky Sports from the Loftus Road tunnel following the exhilarating finale. "Our performance needs to be better, in my opinion.: "We could have had no complaints today if we had come away with nothing and we could have had no complaints if we had come away with a point. - It was one of those games that could have gone either way and neither team could have had any complaints. But from our point of view, we've conceded two sloppy goals again and we're coming up against the best side in Europe [Real Madrid] over the next fortnight, so we need to address that." "

My m.o.m ; Skrtel. Martin once again our best defender - solid, and lucky we had Martin in form, with Mign flapping at crosses and failing to dominate his area.(the goalie is good at "shot stopping" o his line, but slow and hesitant off of it) was lucky to escape in the first half, and IMO should have kept out the 2nd QPR SOFT equaliser at his near post.. 

.... Then Coutinho, dropped to the bench showed his class , as he joined the team late on, with the goal and the "assist" with a beautiful through ball that led to the wnner ; I again claim that F S G-BR s inconsistency and even hypocrisy selecting "hit man" (ADD AN s?) bALO or a.n.o changing too many players - forced or unforced.. 

A Tean with Passion and desire
we havent replaced Luis (and probably cant, ) so we need a TEAM..

there needs to be more passion, and energy 

and creativity that eventually came from Coutinho, 

the strikers on the bench must have thought that they would rarely be given the time on the field that N.45 had after so many poor shots, selfish choices and lack of mobility of the hyped up "super-M" .. Raheem eventually cane good, 

perhaps the idiot "woy" 

had dented his preparations, Sterling is stlll only a lad.. shame on Hodgson! and BR for letting the lad get exposed to the media madness of the London & Manc press .. 

but BrendaN comes out with,,this (from mainstream media )
....* The former Swansea manager bristled at suggestions Balotelli could have missed another sitter if Steven Caulker had not scored the decisive own goal. @Wow, that's being very unfair: an open goal, from six yards? " said Rodgers when quizzed if Balotelli would have converted the tap-in from Raheem Sterling's cross. " Well okay, that's harsh. It'll drop for the boy. The most important thing for me is his work, the guy's doing his best; he's working really hard. "

CS> ? ????  ,maybe in training, but, did my eyes deceive me?? he didnt look that bothered me ???
BR is just making a list of excuses , like a typical F s G employee ... he needs a piece of Gerrard 's honesty, and I would make Stevie Player-manager tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

woy, (sorry) FA, David & BrendaN ..the "national interest" is y-OUR enemy...

NOT english =  SCOUSE!
"Interesting clash of current affairs" 

mentioned this morning
 by mainstream media 


@Tomleat1> Brendan Rodgers definitely got a bit of David Brent in him with the stuff he comes out with

@Tomleat1 Woy won FA (the FA and him deserve each other) ...because Hodson won nothing and wins nothing, BR is similar, bring back Rafa!!

Hodgson is hated by original Kopites and true REds we always knew he was the worse man to sit in the "Managers seat" at Anfield, BR is naive and F S G's choice, because He fits the USA style of media man, that the USA like,  who wont challenge Henry & Werner, as Kenny, and my choice; Rafa would 

.... True REdS need someone who stands up for OUR CLUB, our players ; our Supporters ; woy didnt ;

BR started too late AFTER Stevie and Studge got injured at eng-ur-lund games, 

Now we have several players injured this weekend and the national teams dont do anything for our players, go back to the days when Stevie and ex capt Rednapp constantly missed vital games forLfc because of the national games, the FA never employed a decent man since Joe Mercer. so FU, FA! ...
talking of "National problems"  ..this (then look at 4 maps that represent the "occupation" of the contested regions (below)

Serbia v Albania abandoned following mass brawl

Referee Martin Atkinson abandons Euro 2016 qualifier in Belgrade following a brawl between players ... The Group I game erupted into controversy shortly before half-time in ... the stadium, was brought down by a couple of Serbia players. ... players, several of whom attempted to intercept the black banner, ...
More news for The Group I game erupted into controversy shortly before half-time in Belgrade when the drone was brought down by a couple of Serbia players. That seemed to upset a number of Albania players, several of whom attempted to intercept the black banner, which contained the Albanian flag in the centre. It prompted a melee involving numerous players and forced English referee Martin Atkinson to lead the players off the field, after some disruption off the pitch as well. There were no signs of play being restarted more than half an hour after the suspension, with UEFA then confirming the match had been abandoned. 

people are fighting other people on this planet ; was ireland, Balkans, Syria ; russian-ukrainian conflict, but Y-OUR enemies are those (religious and political "leaders") who manipulate you into fighting for what ? (their PROFIT or power!) I have Celts ancestors (3000 years ago?)  who could also argue that this land is "ours" ???