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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

now show you are Supporters , NOW show WE are worthy Champions.. OUR CLUB ; OUR Team..WE go AGAIN>>>@Palace

now show you are Supporters , 
 NOW show WE are worthy Champions.. 

14427 0-2 @ Anfield
Charge of the LIVeRpooL brigade? 
BR defeated by maureen, 
Stevie slips... 
but the League can still be won! 
(if we are as ONE)
...As I reflected on the game, I was exhausted.. this para phrase came to me ,,how to descibe this feeling, to people who just dont understand my Support

" (Chelski) defenders to the left of them, defenders to the right of them...
...the gallant REdS cavalry charged on to the Russian (Abrano) defence....."

Yes thats what it reminded me of, the BR "cavalier attack-tics" ...
but as much as I dislike Maureen, he showed our media-friendly BR how to win a game, and set up a team, ...

I said many times ; if fit , dAGGer must join Skrtel @ CB, 

Danny surely wouldnt have drifted in FRONT of Stevie
and yes our capt.slipped but why was Stevie "last man"???

I have said before the obvious defensive triangle, (especially at Anfield) is to put Lucas in front of the CB's ..

(Champion teams need a sound defensive structure) 

and push Stevie into a joint role (absent Hendo) with Lucas OUR STEVIE has been the MAN..ager on the field , bonding the team sharing his passion, and as we saw, again, taking the responsibility, perhaps too much, in the 2nd half. as he stove to recover the game with at least a half dozen of our TWENTY-SIX goal attempts and 70% possesion.

As expected Chelski, as they did in so many big games, ceded possession, so WHY play Allen (BR's pet player) when Studge is fit? 

better to start with our strongest 11... and for me that means Coutinho behind S & S...allowing Flanno and Glen to handle the "width"

the Mobility of Studge and Luis compensates for the lack of wide midfielders..Raheem can share the load AND get at the back line and keep the opponents under pressure

OUR S & S would have streched the Chelski CB's, and BR must learn that (?) :-

a) throwing on an extra defender , when leading, gives away initiative 
b) throwing on an extra attacker , when losing , clutters the attack, 
often we had "too many" in their box,

 and Aspas for Flanno caused their 2nd goal, 

which could lose us the Title..

NOW we ALL MUST become SUPPORTERS to the very last minute, in force @ Palace and hope that results go our way..THE TEAM needs YOU! we deserve the Title ... ? KEEP the DREAM alive and BELIEVE we can...and transmit that to the players..

I Felt Stevies pain, I dont want to see our manager exchanging smiles with our closest rivals.

NOW is the time to "come of age" Brendan, maureen taught you a lesson, he "done " you, so learn from it!, 

its OUR DREAM! dont spoil it. ========

"REdNet" & bootroom ...OPINION

Sean (we come not to play)> 
Rumors are going around that I am warming to the Owners... Well, rumors are true. After the last financial report published which clearly show progress and the go ahead on the expansion and redevelopment of Anfield (and yes.. its not the first time we have seen blueprints of a stadium by Yanks), I cannot say, hand on heart, that i can fault them at the moment. What is going to further convince me is this summer transfer window. We have already qualified for the champions league next season, and we may even win the Premiership... they will have no excuses not to couple up... and I am not talking about spending money foolishly... like the Arabs or some Russian Billionaire that have money like a bottomless pit... I am talking about doing our business wisely, invest in the team, rebuild the squad, re-enforce it... and a MUST... sort the defense out. So I am warming to the owners... as much as i would like a fan ownership... but I am not 100% convinced. (seanoc)

CF Dix > The ideas are not too bad, but true REDS , with out the money of many of the middle class "fans" prefer to see true supporters get tickets - not VIP and corporates - the Hillsborough disaster was caused by Police and stadium neglect NOT (safe standing) supporters - its emotional but true that german stadiums with proper terraces offer cheaper tickets and room for more SUPPORTERS who sing and support (not only when its a BIG or important game.. if we honour the Shanks spirit and the socialist ethics and dont keep paying homage to F S G commercial agenda, then we MUST show it by a renovation (cheap) and bring SAFE standing (we stand anyway, and in a seated area THAT IS DANGEROUS) back to the KOP
 (copied from H-T!)

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay >and chris, are you saying i, or anyone on this page aren't true reds?? seanoc

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay> Be very careful chris. Lee

Mark Shaw >I've read that post of Chris's three times now and I can't see anywhere where he say's you're not reds, being a little oversensitive there Sean!, and Lee what's with the threats? "be very careful"? behave! As for the points in Chris's post he makes some valid ones, but while I think that safe standing is something that will happen eventually, Anfield will be the last stadium to adopt it. Hillsborough dictates that. I would have loved the stadium to be a huge 80/90k ,but the footprint of Anfield won't allow that. As for west hams stadium, that's a poor example as they never actually built it themselves did they Lee?, it was a leftover of more government money spent regenerating London, as that's the only place in the country that matters* sarcasm by the way!

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay > No one threatened anyone there mark... Well I didn't. I just asked him was he calling his not true fans... That's all seanoc

Chris FD> .hmmm, so, anyway, the stadium I stood in as a lad had a standing KOP, those terraces were NOT "safe" but I have also stood at german stadiums with properly structured terracing, ,,all-seaters are for the rich, our club USED to care about ordinary supporters and we could increase the KOP by almost 8,000 places SAFEly unfortunately 99% of of people even NOW mis-understand the hillsborough crime, and to allow the conversion of the KOP to seating was a massive error! why? ..because.... its says that terracing caused the disaster, it did NOT, everyone shoudl reverse the mentality NOW and USE SAFE standing to PROVE that WE did not cause the 96, the POLICE and stadium management did (and a political opponent in n.10 too) .. anyway as usual intelligence is crowded out by the masses and the loudest voices in the media, whilst FSG just fill their pockets .

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay > chris... im not bringing up terracing or hillsborough on this page... do it in your blogs.. i am all for seated stadiums and not bringing back stands... seanoc

Chris FD> censored?

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay Im not warming to them. Lee

Chris FD> I know what you are "all for" (sean? ) and that NOT allowing any other (intelligent|) opinions that differ  from yours,,or that u dont understand.
more @

supporting ;



Saturday, April 26, 2014

REdNET updated; REdS @ Anfield V maureen's chelski rent boys ; DREAM @ WE GO AGAIN ; OUR club = OUR TEAM ; OUR STEVIE!!!

The Weeks' PREVIEW of OUR REdS  Next "final" @ ANFIELD v Chelski is @ 14423
 More news also @


we go again, we have to start strong, press and fight for every ball, dont let maureens rent boys settle , and take the game, 100% commitment from the players & 300% from supporters, 
we should make Anfield like we did in '05 

...and bring the team through to another "final"

...we are the club, our club OUR Team = OUR STEVIE is the man of the season 

.... the Dream

" i dream of her smooth as silk

of her lips as drinky as milk

...I dream of her breasts , as hard as a pebble..

..and her loins ..oh, so vital...


...I DREAM OF THE TITLE ... "   
CHRIS 14425    :)      

REdNET "Bootroom" ; OPINION ;-
 Blues View

Owen Kopite Kavanagh> ( · Dublin, Ireland · )

I really wish some LFC fans would stop their childish carry on about who is a true LFC fan and who isn't, or if you don't live in liverpool your not a real fan! I live in Dublin ireland and I haven't been to Anfield for 3 years but I use to spend thousands of pounds each season going to see games when I could afford it, I will be back going to games soon hopefully but if I never go to Anfield again I've done more than enough to be considered a "real" Liverpool fan! It's f*cking ridiculous when you think about it, it's like been back in play school when one kid said your not playing in this game, it's my game! Grow up! People should be proud that LFC have such a huge fan base all over the world! 
    David Cannon> of course u r
    Marco Catena >Ya wool hahaha
    Torsten Hückmann > I have only been to one Liverpool game so far .not everyone is fortunate enough to see every game live. But we all are fans of the greatest club in the world.
    It dont matter what some people say.
    Lynette Carey I live on the south coast so its quite a trek on the train. Its not that i cant afford to go its been getting tickets but the last time i got up there was for swansea at home . Ive been a fan since i was 10 but because i dont get to anfield all the time does it make me less of a fan than someone who goes every week xxx
Roy Parkes > Well said Owen mate we are all one red family YNWA
    Wayne Clarke> totally agree owen been a red since the age of 5 and because i dont live in liverpool does that make me any less of a supporter? no i dont think so YNWA

    Marco Catena >But you are right Owen
    Look at me the biggest foreigner you had in the kop
    I'm getting the blame to have started it all in the 80's haha first ever foreign based season ticket holder at anfield then all the Irish & norwegians jumped on the bandwagon ...
    Owen Kopite Kavanagh > Spot on macro
    Helen Martin > Well said. I too am a very loyal fan. But I can't go to every game. Only been to 3 this half of the season. I wish I cud live near liverpool n go all the time. But I can't. Iv got a job n family. And by the time u buy tkt n flight for a game. Then spending money. It's very hard work. But if I never get again I will remain a very proud and loyal fan. Ynwa
    Jacqui Westacott> I'm from devon let any one tell me I'm not a fan I have been since the 80 s
   Marco Catena > I live 10minutes from ground as well Jason but haven't been to a game for 3 years now
    My last game was united away in Fa cup 0-1 Kenny return
    32 I travelled home away & abroad to watch them even moved from Switzerland to Liverpool 25 years ago 
    Lisa Marie Askew > Well said Owen Liverpool fans live all over the world they r followed by people all over the world u keep following them where ever u live YNWA
    Phillipa Warnock > I agree with what u say Owen my husband is a Liverpool fanatic and we live in Christchurch New Zealand . He watches every game in his full gear and lately cries when they win. He is the most fanatic Liverpool fan I know....
    Loretta Byrne >Well said Owen! YNWA
    Jayne Hughes > Well said Hun ynwa Liverpool through and through xxx
    Chris Speedy Lfc >Well said YNWA
    Philip Gerrard Jones > well said owen im in wales but dosent mean im not a true fan cos i am i been to anfield 3 times and supported lfc since i was 9 YNWA
    Adam White > i have 2 kids single dad debt management but supported The MIGHTY REDS since 77 cup final from Born in hertfordshire the reason at the age of 8 i started supporting the reds is my Dad n Brother supported the scum have seen many games back in the day...   

    Clare Ebbrell > Well said Owen I totally agree with u Ur Liverpool through an through YNWA
    Seta Sarkissian > It's so easy to go to games when you're living in Liverpool or England for that matter...for us people who live abroad who have to pay for a plane ticket, get the tickets for games-I end up buying hospitality tickets, can't get ordinary ones 
    Anwar KopsLiv>  F**K*NG WeLL SAiD,Owen i've been supporting #LFC whole my life for the past 33 years now..on top of that,it doesnt matter where you from and what skin color you are...#KopitesFromAllOverTheWorld #YNWA
    Michael Carter > YNWA
    Edel Lambe > their lucky people to be living in liverpool..there is a huge fan base all over the world..its fantastic of the support liverpool has..there is red in all our hearts, and no matter how far away from anfield we live, we are dedicated liverpool fans..true and true..ynwa...
    Paul White > Well said. London Scouser. Am on the Kop this very Sunday. Just try telling me I am not a proper fan YNWA
    Ricky Ynwa Jeffs> its fb for ya lad its like lets see who got most lfc pics lets see who talk about them the most lets see hw long u been a fan n got tag everyone a lfc pic jst to prove u support them i got nothing prove to no one im big lfc fan supporter or hw ever wannt say it n i aint got prove shit to nne one like a pissing contest
    Sarah Astley > Well said couldn't agree more x
    Penny Cope > I come from a small town in south wales (Port Talbot) and I supported them my whole younger days but they're not well known but for people of Wales so why when Liverpool are sooo lucky to have such a huge fanbase do people complain? I'm sure little old PT Town would love to be known and loved the world over.x
    Ray Nash > Respect Owen. YNWA
    Ruzanna Agger Rko> This is the BEST facebook status ive seen in a long time
    Bro Hardeep Gill >Ynwa
    KhakKhak Jaipranop > Well said ,,Ynwa
    Helen Phillips > Hey Owen I havnt bin 2 anfield myself 4 many yrs now as I can't afford 2 go anymore tho I used 2 always go wen I was working & take my little brother till he was old enough 2 go himself & I consider myself a loyal & devoted reds fan take no notice wen ppl say these things they prob don't go the match either mate x
    Jmc Btj > Thanks, Owen I live in Sabah, Borneo; been to Anfield once in 2011; and have many fantastic Red friends here in Sabah & we call ourself Kinabalu Reds!! Am honoured to be your friend :") #YNWA
    Kev Ynwa Chandler > Well said mate
    Chris Warham > Im a scouser mate lived in Liverpool all my life. Ignore tossers who say ya nota true fan. I love having a global fan base, ive been to New York twice to the Liverpool supporters club in manhatten and they love us over there
    Lyn Colebourn> I live in Liverpool and manage to get to a few games a season. I have lfc fb friends from several different countries, in fact two are staying with me for a few days for the last match x #lovelfcfans
    Graham Sedgeworth > Owen you are exactly right. This seems to be something that comes up all the time and I have had the same experiences. I am from Scotland and have been all over to watch LFC. This season is the first in many I have not been. Take no notice we are all Red and one big family.
    Lindsay Cunliffe > I agree with you Owen!
    Christine Cox > Well said , I have been a loyal supporter of the cub for 38 yrs x
        Jess Witts> It shouldn't matter where your from, I live in Weston super mare, i get up as often as I can,infact I was at charity game last Monday. I've supported the club for 30 years now. I may so end money in the club store when I'm up but I also but online. I'm no day tripper I am a red fan through and through who also works weekends so have to plan my trips to Anfield in advance.
    ChriS SmiTH > "its not where you are FROM - its where you're AT" (or how you WEAR your hat?..)
    Angie O'Grady > Too right Owen I am sure the team are made up they have supporters all over the world. Take no notice of people making silly comments x You are a true red lad YNWA
    Simon Cullen > Yehs are all plastic
    Paul Roberts I'm scouser born and bred but I dont give a f*ck where Liverpool fans are from .Its fantastic having so many millions of Liverpool fans from wherever they are from I luv them all YNWA
    Angie O'Grady>  I was born and bred in Liverpool and am thrilled that Liverpool have so many supporters from all over the world it makes me so proud to be a scouser and to support Liverpool. Made up so many feel just as proud as I do to support Liverpool. Here Here Paul x  We'll NWA x
    ChriS SmiTH > should be enjoying our Dreams ..not worrying about where lads come from .. after all the too many bluesh*te live in LIVERPOOL 

"GRASS Roots chat"

Punky Steve> yawn yawn f*cking - top 5 boring premiership - man utd - share prices - load of bollox - when i were a lad we just knew the players and the managers , never mind the chairman and effing shares , game of the year Liverpool v chelski - oh yeah what about dirty mackems v cardiff , swans v villa , wycombe v rovers , cumbrians v oldham . then manager of the year they say it has to be brendan rogers - ooh they play nice attacking football - well so they should cos their defence aint so great - what about tony pulis , sean dyche , howe at bournemouth and worthington at york - all done on a showstring.or even ali dale!! aaah that lovely friday feeling! .

    Craig Thompson > Sean Dyche manager of the year and all round top bloke!!!
    Punky Steve > shafted by your lot as well - dunno if i would want to be known as the ginger mourinho though!
    Craig Thompson >Well, yes, he was shafted but I'm chuffed for him. He deserves all the credit for getting Burnley up. Brendon Rodgers was hailed the 'new mourinho' when he managed us, so as much as I disliked Rodgers for walking out on us, the old Watford connection are Top Of The Pops in the Prem, the Championship & League One with Kenny Jackett & his Wolves.
    Punky Steve> are you trying to say watford deserve all the glory here craig?
    Craig Thompson > Of course Punky
    Punky Steve > mmmmm! time for a spot of rumination methinks here!
    Craig Thompson > Desperate for anything from this season mate
    Punky Steve>  bah humbug - you are safe - put yrself in our shoes - or even worse the gas - they could be playing the might of eastleigh and north ferriby united next year!
    Craig Thompson > Yeah, we're safe and looking good for next season! It don't look good for your lot and I cant see you pulling a rabbit out the hat now. Rovers I reckon will survive but only just, on the last day of the season. Lu*on back in the league is not something to embrace or enjoy mind!
    Junior Smith > And north ferriby will annihilate them. Proper solid team. Got a ground with an allotment behind one of the goals and nice view of humber bridge. So not all bad.
    Craig Thompson>  All the best teams have an allotment behind their grounds!
    Ali Dale > Cheers for the shout out buddy and managing our lot is like herding cats at times so similar to the prem minus the wages of course!!
    Punky Steve > but if they go inplay offs will north ferriby win youn gjunior?
    Punky Steve > craig - this thread is not about watford but i think you have made it so! hope u well squire!
    Pageyboy Juan>  Top top rant brother. Get yer breath. Put kettle on. Bit of peppermint and chamomile I reckon after that. Settle down lad; AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE 1 TO 11 ON THEIR F*CKIN SHIRTS. To be fair, that last one about numbers on shirts were mine. I'm with ya all't way Punkmeister X:}
    Punky Steve > lol! hope you well nipper and the young badger and you had good evening. more of fruit tea boy ratehr than pepper and camo though! will drop your stuff round this weekend if you about that i have had for far too long .
    Pageyboy Juan>  Whatever you posses of mine is as good as yours brother. You know where I am. Call me half hour before to let me get kettle on. Inabit.
    Mick ✯ Canavan>  they're all b'stards punky...
    ChriS SmiTH > Hiya Steve, I hate the Lfc yanker owners, and I dont like that they employed RB after stabbing Kenny in the back & ignoring OUR choice of Rafa, but ..true supporters know that Stevie is the driving force, he wants it as much as we do, ..but we could discuss it ... here i hope I have to chance to argue with you about winning the league for the first time in 24 years 3 game to overcome first, I am not taking anything for granted
    Punky Steve > many of my mates support liverpool chris - and in a way after recent hillsboro stuff would be nice if they did - my point was the f*cking media excluding all else - it is just premiershit top 4 etc all the time - plus i have to have a weekly sporting rant or comment about summat

    ChriS SmiTH > fair enough, for me every game is the "game of the season" .. 3 points please!

 .. I hate the sLyTV Premiereship too, and i am sad that Carra joined too many of our ex players on the box, I loved them on the firled but wish they would go off and play golf.

......yes too many "fannies" follw our club, but there are true supporters whosupported our Reds since well before that day and we all lost brothers or sisters or mates 

.. yes it would be great even for the families to remember the 96 with this title, and I know the media will highlight BR, but he was chosen for the media , not my choice .. i am dreaming though, because I'll ber having more than one or 2 bevvies back in 'pool if we take the title...

p.s. I could not care less what happens with the mancs..


Pos Pld Pts
1 Liverpool 35 80
2 Chelsea 35 75
3 Manchester City 33 71
4 Arsenal 35 70
5 Everton 34 66

:) I know why u dont like the blogs , Sean.. but no one can make an intelligent arguement for BR, who is Henrys boy...and of course results are pleasing... the following, without apologies from chrismith's blog (& REdNET) SCLOG

MORE "Bootroom" opinion

why STEVE Gerrard is THE MANager...of this DREAM

I believe this season Steven, like many people when they mature,  realise that time is against them,
and, in a strange season when none of our rivals have particularly  impressed..there is the MAGICAL chance for him to lift THAT trophy/

...Stevie hungers for it maybe even more than some of us

why not BR?

People jump on the media bandwagon, as Henry & F S G required...a young media - friendly coach to soften the "Lfc image" after the (Justified)
belligerent Kenny & Rafa, who took no "BS" from the Sly TV journos. They betrayed Kenny (just shortly after prasing him for the league cup) mid-contract
just as G & H had betrayed Rafa, and Henry couldnt stand to have Benitez showing F S G & "Chairman Werner"  up for the know-nothings that they TRULY are.

Why Stevie?

of course Stevie binds the players together, that was never moer evident than the rallying call after winning the vital game v man citeh!
Stevie will praise BR, because Stevie knows himself to be a "great" .. the best decision BR made was to abandon his "Barca2" plan and let the team..
play, BR makes "sound bites" (and many times changes his claim "we will be happy to be in top 6" to (after an obvious surge and decline of rivals) "we can do it")

Stevie dont need to bang his own drum, I'll do that for him...Stevie is a winner, and in spite of his praise for BR, the major difference is that Stevie is a class act;a winner with the drive and experience, now, to match his ability to apply himself, to whatever the team requires,

BR's errors..

- playing Allen too often (previously at the expense of Hendo)
- tinkering with the defence, playing Cissohko! ignoring Kelly
- Playing Sakho, too often, when dAgger is the logicakl choice alongside Skrtel, whose career was nearly ended by BR
- playing too deep and the arsenal/barca2 passing game is too slow & predictable

We now play a mixture, high up pressing and Liverpool's pass & move game, with cutting through balls from Stevie, Hendo & Coutinho
 (Shanks tactics before BR was born) and counter-attacks hitting Luis, Sterling & Studge with early ball to catch opponents off-guard.
Not really complicated because when a team is "bonded" they dont need much "coaching" as its instinctive for good players, and we
have a couple of GREAT players; If Rafa (or Kenny) had Stevie & Torres fit for one season he would have won the title back then.
BR is lucky ; Stevie & Luis are in the best form of their lives; THIS season.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Our NOTrich Team is a Away @ Norwich Final 5 Finals one done - four to play..& Keep the DREAM alive

Final  5..finals 1 down & 4 to go

Our NOT-rich Team is a Away @ Norwich

Last sundays emotional roller-coaster and potential trophy winning performance left me shattered, I smoked almost a pack of ciggies during the game, (and I usually smoke that many in a whole week) 

WE should have buried the game in the first half, yaya going off injured game us a lift too, young Raheem showed maturity to score the opening goal, and Stevie just had to aim his point-blank header -a few inches either side of Hart to score just before Skrtel headed the 2nd, Studge had one clear chance and a couple of half chances and hasnt seemed so sharp the last 3 games. 

 I would have started dAgger & Lucas - Skrtel was a M.O.T.M 

Danny is a quality player,  mid-week results may help us and maybe Chelski slip up trying to compete in the CL & EPL at this stage of the season, our players shoudl be relatively "fresh"  

WE cannot allow the sort of lapse we saw at the 2nd half last sunday when we conceded 2 "soft" goals and nearly THREE, before their Kompany slipped for COUTINHO to score our winner. I believe that BR is weak on tactics and should have put on Lucas at H-T ,

 and to play Moses, is surely just some sort of "lip service" ; Lucas must replace red-carded (and in-form Hendo) not Allen,  to avoid slipping up at Norwich, EVERY game is vital, 3 points vital @ Norwich,with full focal, like FIVE cup FINALS

 ..after Citeh, @ Norwich, V Chelski @ Palace and the last & FINAL game V the gordies @ Anfield. Dagger should be back in alongside Skrtel, because Sakho was OK, but Danny's  positional sense, ability on the ball & creativity is more important in these FINAL games, One of Sakho's lunges,early on,  in the pen. box v Dzecko was reckless, to say the least, and could have cost us dearly. PLEASE Play Lucas in front of CB's ..and to release Stevie to cause damage with his passing and long-range shooting ability.


Some of the travelling KOP now sing BR's name but as YOU SAW at the end of the 3-2 game against man. Citeh 

..STEVIE is THE driving FORCE of the team and motivate the players BONDING OUR players into a team , that needs no "manager" I always said ; BR is a decent (attacking) coach, but a true manager, like Rafa, would have won the title a couple of times by now,(had he not been betrayed) ... and Stevie is doing it for us..he wants the title as much as we supporters, maybe more, because this may be HIS "last chance" to lift the only major trophy that eluded him so far

HE IS SO RIGHT that we must do it again FOUR times ; with at least 100% effeort, fight and commitment by ALL our players, and 200% from supporters !  ... 3 points please @ norwich, start strong, press high up and take over the game...because,....WE are LIVERPOOL..


justice delayed = Justice denied, after 25 years "they" wont pay.. its just "politics" pretending to investigate what WE already KNOW ; that the state Killed OUR 96! 


25 years since 96 LFC supporters were murdered by police/stadium neglect @ hillsborough , and 5 years ago almost 30,000 attend the 20 year memorial service (following LFC v Burn 4-0 & 4-4- @ Chelski (CL) '09/ after a memorable struggle to beat citeh 3-2 our Team continues the DREAM - lets do it ..for the 96!!

see REdnet file


"there must be a better wor(l)d

there must be a better word
"anniversary" seems unworthy & absurd
the 96 we lost fron that day
cant tell me what I should say

@ this special time,
I dont want to rhyme
I wont do them "justice"
no one else did, after all.

Justice delayed means justice denied
Thatcher is dead, she never cried
I lost my family and all I love
but I move on, dont ask if they are "above

I live in heaven - a land of wild beauty
spontaneous people, dont worry about "duty"
its a long way from Sheffield or the 'pool
but I dont ever want to be "cool"

I met someone for whom I care
should I persue, should i "Dare"
in this cold world, dont want to be "old"
So deep is my story, that never will be told

ChRiS SMITH 15th April 2014 (REdS v Citeh pics)

15th april '14

see RedNET bootroom;

connect video ; names read out by players & others

Stevie & Studge - filming on Mars :)


13th April 2014

felt unsettled, this morning, goodness knows how Strevie & the lads feel before the game, its a long walk to the pub, YNWA! ...its juts another game, 3 points please and Keep ME DREAMing..
I smoked a pack of ciggies , but we got the 3-2 (as peedicted!) @ 2-0 we wasted chances, and Br set the team up too deep giving citeh initiaive in 2nd half, but the REdSforce is on our side, and the spirit of the 96 ..
the DREAM goes on,,,,, :)



Bootroom Opinion

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay wrote:>  "I don't think anyone should take away from Rodgers and his impact on the team. its in my opinion he has changed suarez for the better. his attitude and manner have completely changed. (seanoc)"

H-T> Luis knew what he had to do..

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay wrote:> "were top with Rodgers #Alan"

H-T > we would have won  the title twice by now with Rafa !!

Mark wrote: "I'm struggling with this one Harvey. Your dismissal of Brendan Rodgers achievements over the last 18 months is to say the least bizarre. Do you really think we would be top if Rafa or King Kenny where in charge? Because if you do you clearly know nothing about football my friend.

H-T> you are obviously no friend of mine

Mark Shaw> The style of football LFC are playing now is a hark back to the pass and move  style of Shankly,

H-T> I watched Shanks teams and our team now play cavalier footy, but Shanks teams had steel and defensive qualities that Rafa instills too.. BR knows FA about tactics he wanted us to be "Barca 2" and you can see that Barca are not a force anymore, and that game of 30 passes isnt BR's invention, arsenal failed with it too. BR gave up and let the team play and thats his ONLY credit, IMO.

Mark Shaw> but, and it's a big but, Rodgers has worked it into the modern game. If this team was playing under Rafa we would still be playing a defensive counter attacking style that has had its day.

H-T> Watch our goals - how many of those from open play come from "counter" ...are you blind ?

Mark Shaw> Our league position shows that. Kenny Dalglish is my all time hero, but he was out of touch with the way the game is played and managed. He has admitted as much himself.

H-T> really?? ..give me the exact quote where he sais that??

Mark Shaw>  Now if you want to get into it, I will post a ton of links to thoughtful analysis of the Rodgers impact by some first class writers.

H-T> :) 
first class writers, ha ha ha ... most people who know footy dont need to write about it, the game is simple and these video game players, and ex player-pundits who coulodnt manage can write but none of them have managed any team at the top level.

Mark Shaw> I accept that you don't like FSG but you need to accept that he IS the right man for the Liverpool Football Club no matter who appointed him.

H-T > obviously this site is a scam, you arent really anti-FSG / Henry the conman - its another dirty trick isnt it> :) pretend to be against the owners, but in reality are F S G clones.

Mark Shaw> Swallow your pride sunshine, and get it into your head that FSG got that decision dead right, much to chagrin of the vast majority on  this page

H-T > The disgrace that you claiming to support L F C , allow fraudsters to own our club and milk our supporters of cash with 3 kits every year and advance tickets and online profits spiralling  and a good man liek Rafa wasnt even interviewed, that F S G appointed yesman BR who wont ever say anything "provocative" like Kenny or Rafa, just shows U dont know the ideals of Shanks either - you are traitor to the cause Mark, getting results isnt what its ALL aout..
you can stick your F S G and your Henry etc where the sun DONT shine!

 one game at a time, each one is like a final, 100% commitment needed in every match and 200% Support, - hope Anfield fills up early before each game and travelling KOP also give our Team the support we need and intimidate opponents . 

3 points please, each game start strong, dont let citeh settle and Stevie and the lads can win this game too, may the REd Force be with our Team, keep the DREAM