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Friday, April 18, 2014

Our NOTrich Team is a Away @ Norwich Final 5 Finals one done - four to play..& Keep the DREAM alive

Final  5..finals 1 down & 4 to go

Our NOT-rich Team is a Away @ Norwich

Last sundays emotional roller-coaster and potential trophy winning performance left me shattered, I smoked almost a pack of ciggies during the game, (and I usually smoke that many in a whole week) 

WE should have buried the game in the first half, yaya going off injured game us a lift too, young Raheem showed maturity to score the opening goal, and Stevie just had to aim his point-blank header -a few inches either side of Hart to score just before Skrtel headed the 2nd, Studge had one clear chance and a couple of half chances and hasnt seemed so sharp the last 3 games. 

 I would have started dAgger & Lucas - Skrtel was a M.O.T.M 

Danny is a quality player,  mid-week results may help us and maybe Chelski slip up trying to compete in the CL & EPL at this stage of the season, our players shoudl be relatively "fresh"  

WE cannot allow the sort of lapse we saw at the 2nd half last sunday when we conceded 2 "soft" goals and nearly THREE, before their Kompany slipped for COUTINHO to score our winner. I believe that BR is weak on tactics and should have put on Lucas at H-T ,

 and to play Moses, is surely just some sort of "lip service" ; Lucas must replace red-carded (and in-form Hendo) not Allen,  to avoid slipping up at Norwich, EVERY game is vital, 3 points vital @ Norwich,with full focal, like FIVE cup FINALS

 ..after Citeh, @ Norwich, V Chelski @ Palace and the last & FINAL game V the gordies @ Anfield. Dagger should be back in alongside Skrtel, because Sakho was OK, but Danny's  positional sense, ability on the ball & creativity is more important in these FINAL games, One of Sakho's lunges,early on,  in the pen. box v Dzecko was reckless, to say the least, and could have cost us dearly. PLEASE Play Lucas in front of CB's ..and to release Stevie to cause damage with his passing and long-range shooting ability.


Some of the travelling KOP now sing BR's name but as YOU SAW at the end of the 3-2 game against man. Citeh 

..STEVIE is THE driving FORCE of the team and motivate the players BONDING OUR players into a team , that needs no "manager" I always said ; BR is a decent (attacking) coach, but a true manager, like Rafa, would have won the title a couple of times by now,(had he not been betrayed) ... and Stevie is doing it for us..he wants the title as much as we supporters, maybe more, because this may be HIS "last chance" to lift the only major trophy that eluded him so far

HE IS SO RIGHT that we must do it again FOUR times ; with at least 100% effeort, fight and commitment by ALL our players, and 200% from supporters !  ... 3 points please @ norwich, start strong, press high up and take over the game...because,....WE are LIVERPOOL..


justice delayed = Justice denied, after 25 years "they" wont pay.. its just "politics" pretending to investigate what WE already KNOW ; that the state Killed OUR 96! 


25 years since 96 LFC supporters were murdered by police/stadium neglect @ hillsborough , and 5 years ago almost 30,000 attend the 20 year memorial service (following LFC v Burn 4-0 & 4-4- @ Chelski (CL) '09/ after a memorable struggle to beat citeh 3-2 our Team continues the DREAM - lets do it ..for the 96!!

see REdnet file


"there must be a better wor(l)d

there must be a better word
"anniversary" seems unworthy & absurd
the 96 we lost fron that day
cant tell me what I should say

@ this special time,
I dont want to rhyme
I wont do them "justice"
no one else did, after all.

Justice delayed means justice denied
Thatcher is dead, she never cried
I lost my family and all I love
but I move on, dont ask if they are "above

I live in heaven - a land of wild beauty
spontaneous people, dont worry about "duty"
its a long way from Sheffield or the 'pool
but I dont ever want to be "cool"

I met someone for whom I care
should I persue, should i "Dare"
in this cold world, dont want to be "old"
So deep is my story, that never will be told

ChRiS SMITH 15th April 2014 (REdS v Citeh pics)

15th april '14

see RedNET bootroom;

connect video ; names read out by players & others

Stevie & Studge - filming on Mars :)


13th April 2014

felt unsettled, this morning, goodness knows how Strevie & the lads feel before the game, its a long walk to the pub, YNWA! ...its juts another game, 3 points please and Keep ME DREAMing..
I smoked a pack of ciggies , but we got the 3-2 (as peedicted!) @ 2-0 we wasted chances, and Br set the team up too deep giving citeh initiaive in 2nd half, but the REdSforce is on our side, and the spirit of the 96 ..
the DREAM goes on,,,,, :)



Bootroom Opinion

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay wrote:>  "I don't think anyone should take away from Rodgers and his impact on the team. its in my opinion he has changed suarez for the better. his attitude and manner have completely changed. (seanoc)"

H-T> Luis knew what he had to do..

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay wrote:> "were top with Rodgers #Alan"

H-T > we would have won  the title twice by now with Rafa !!

Mark wrote: "I'm struggling with this one Harvey. Your dismissal of Brendan Rodgers achievements over the last 18 months is to say the least bizarre. Do you really think we would be top if Rafa or King Kenny where in charge? Because if you do you clearly know nothing about football my friend.

H-T> you are obviously no friend of mine

Mark Shaw> The style of football LFC are playing now is a hark back to the pass and move  style of Shankly,

H-T> I watched Shanks teams and our team now play cavalier footy, but Shanks teams had steel and defensive qualities that Rafa instills too.. BR knows FA about tactics he wanted us to be "Barca 2" and you can see that Barca are not a force anymore, and that game of 30 passes isnt BR's invention, arsenal failed with it too. BR gave up and let the team play and thats his ONLY credit, IMO.

Mark Shaw> but, and it's a big but, Rodgers has worked it into the modern game. If this team was playing under Rafa we would still be playing a defensive counter attacking style that has had its day.

H-T> Watch our goals - how many of those from open play come from "counter" ...are you blind ?

Mark Shaw> Our league position shows that. Kenny Dalglish is my all time hero, but he was out of touch with the way the game is played and managed. He has admitted as much himself.

H-T> really?? ..give me the exact quote where he sais that??

Mark Shaw>  Now if you want to get into it, I will post a ton of links to thoughtful analysis of the Rodgers impact by some first class writers.

H-T> :) 
first class writers, ha ha ha ... most people who know footy dont need to write about it, the game is simple and these video game players, and ex player-pundits who coulodnt manage can write but none of them have managed any team at the top level.

Mark Shaw> I accept that you don't like FSG but you need to accept that he IS the right man for the Liverpool Football Club no matter who appointed him.

H-T > obviously this site is a scam, you arent really anti-FSG / Henry the conman - its another dirty trick isnt it> :) pretend to be against the owners, but in reality are F S G clones.

Mark Shaw> Swallow your pride sunshine, and get it into your head that FSG got that decision dead right, much to chagrin of the vast majority on  this page

H-T > The disgrace that you claiming to support L F C , allow fraudsters to own our club and milk our supporters of cash with 3 kits every year and advance tickets and online profits spiralling  and a good man liek Rafa wasnt even interviewed, that F S G appointed yesman BR who wont ever say anything "provocative" like Kenny or Rafa, just shows U dont know the ideals of Shanks either - you are traitor to the cause Mark, getting results isnt what its ALL aout..
you can stick your F S G and your Henry etc where the sun DONT shine!

 one game at a time, each one is like a final, 100% commitment needed in every match and 200% Support, - hope Anfield fills up early before each game and travelling KOP also give our Team the support we need and intimidate opponents . 

3 points please, each game start strong, dont let citeh settle and Stevie and the lads can win this game too, may the REd Force be with our Team, keep the DREAM


  1. REd AlieN
    @RedAlieNeT @EuRED09

    Dear Treds,

    Thank you for your email and interest in Fare.

    We are more than happy to support your event through our social media and website. You can send us more information closer to the date and we will write a news story about it.

    If you want to join the Football People action weeks you can also do so. You could host, for instance, a warm-up party for the Football People weeks since they only start in October.

    Once the Football People artwork is on the website you can freely use it to produce resources for your event.

    Best regards,

    Mariana Linhan
    Media Officer
    Fare |PO Box 72058 | London | EC1P 1UH|
    T: +44 20 7253 6795
    Skype: mariana.fare


    Emiliano Insua
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    We are ready!!!! #AupaAtleti #DelAtletiSoy @josesosaok #Arda #Pela #Diego #Cebolla #Toby #Adrian @ChampionsLeague - 01 Apr


    Empire of the Kop
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    Christian Purslow doubts Fenway Group will fund summer transfer spree - 01 Apr

    REd AlieN
    @empireofthekop @EuRED09 really dont care what that piece of SH*te thinks...and nor should YOU!

    07:22 PM - 01 Apr 14

    Istina Dobrota Ljepota posted in Things to do in wild beauty - sta mislis raditi u zemlji divlje ljepote
    Istina Dobrota Ljepota 10:00am Apr 3
    akcenat stavljam na crmnicke spotrtske igre,takodje posjetite Donji Brceli,u sklopu manastira sv Nikola,postoji mini fudbalski teren,imamo trenera englez Kris Smit.
    Ako zelite da vasa djeca provedu nezaboravan vikend u prirodi igrajuci fudbal,javite se Kris Smitu ,na ovoj fb stranici
    Bar - Dogadjaji ||

    Bar obiluje raznim kulturno zabavnim dogadjajima


    Chris Forb Dix
    SCLOG: "Final Home Run" ..keep on DREAMing ..WE are the CLUB
    - "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"

    2:25pm Apr 4
    REdNET: Its in our..... Heart & REd SOUL... away @ & J4t96?


    REd AlieN
    @EuRED09 @LivEchoLFC @TonyEvansTimes @PReina25


    Empire of the Kop
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    Reds' clash with Palace rescheduled - Liverpool FC - 04 Apr

    REd AlieN
    @empireofthekop @EuRED09 probably will be a vital game, and the F- A(ll) make it difficult for us to support... its a disgrace!!!


    Premier League
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    RACE FOR THE TITLE It's been a rollercoaster ride - how many more twists and turns will we see during the weekend? - 04 Apr

    REd AlieN
    @premierleague @JimBoardman @EuRED09 away @ palace probably a vital game,& F- A(ll) make it difficult for us to support... its a disgrace!!!


    Everton @Everton

    The Hillsborough Memorial Service will be screened at Goodison Park. Info:…

    03 Apr

    Hillsborough Memorial Service Screening / News Archive / News /

  2. FSE>Goran> Hi Chris,

    yes, this is all great, can you please put in some kind of PDF document with all this info sorted so we can circulated it in our members group.

    16 teams are enoguh for something like this for the first time and i think All Coulors Are Beutiful - no body is illegal would be great name for the tournamet because it is all read runing camaign and that name will be promoted on Mundial through our activities


    Mark Nixon
    Sky Socc Sat @LFC Hillsborough 25th anniversary Feat @kennethdalglish @SheilaColeman96 @TheFarm_Peter @KeithMullin


    Hi ChriS!

    Many thanks for your registration for the European Football Fans Congress on 3-6 July 2014 in Bosco Albergati / Italy with your group and as FSE member(s)! Your registration is hereby confirmed.

    To prepare your trip, please check the section GETTING THERE and TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION on our website!

    Please note for your travel preparations: check the timelines and updates of the #EFFC PROGRAMME 2014. The official start of the #EFFC is on 3 July 2014, official end of the event is on 6 July 2014 in the afternoon.

    Likewise, if you want to help out as a volunteer before or at the #EFFC in Italy with all sorts of bits and bobs required for the organisation, please send us an email to register your interest!

    If you find out that you have to cancel or change our participation, if you come with fewer people etc, please let us know immediately as well!

    That’s it for now. Shortly before the #EFFC, we’ll circulate another email with all details about the programme.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you in sunny Italy!


    Dani & Nici


    Football Supporters Europe

    Coordinating Office