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Sunday, August 21, 2011

11820 ar*e-nal 0 LIVErPOOL 2..& memories; winning in london; past & present,PLUS!


Ar*e-nal 0 Liverpool 2
Tell the devils children 
- we are out to kill
To shut their mouths-& just be still
Because ...
"the Reds are coming up the hill"

"frimPONG" should have got 4 yellow cards before he got sent off, we won despite playing against their Ref, Frimpong could have got red-carded for taking Agger out in the first 5 mins, the ref later booked Lucas for HIS first foul, ..thought both teams made it a game, but we looked like "contenders" again..


Match report (Lfctv)


whenever we play ar*e-nal I am reminded when i was a kid, teenager, and we had a young team, in transition, and hadn't won a major trophy since the League in '66, and remember  young (who became Capt.). Emlyn "Crazy Horse" Hughes"  almost in tears as he climbed the wembley steps to claim his losers medal , then the same frustration as I stood in the away end at highbury as the ref (wrongly) disallowed Toshack's winning goal which would have won us the league in 72, its was such a close race that drawing only got us third behind Leeds and champions DERBY county!! ; but we won the Title in 73 and of course that epic performance in the cup final of '74 ...Shanks last !

Ar*e 1 Liverpool 2 '87

all TRUE REdS should sign

true we need to be strong, but with 4/5 new players, playing as a unit could be the deciding factor..dont under-estimate arsenal but if we can play as a unit and put them on the back foot , we could secure a long overdue favourable result in london today (however, the article is wrong in intimating that we haven't had a  side full of stars playing there in the last 11 years! sometime we need a little bit of luck to break the curse!)

ChriS SmiTHnice, but I dont think they ever had a chance of getting either Pepe or Xabi..and Kenny's just praised Whinger, (maybe thats his way of winding arsene/arsenal up) have to be careful about complacency, but agree - we shoudl go for it..
  • Personally I feel Aquilanis corners are better than Adam,(see game at Valgarenga) would have him there , for needed creativity, to take control of the midfield passing ..and those corners..;)

    ChriS SmiTHKenny & the whole TEAM , 100% supported, is the best hope for title winning season! 

    other comments , odds , but no s*ds ;)

    Anwar KopsLiv 20 August 23:11
    It Has ProVEN thAT KING KENNY has ShOWN To ALL oF US!!..The KING who WE aLL TrUST has FiNaLLY ARRiVED,He iS The LeGEND withOUT DouBT and I BeLiEVED WiTh The ExPErIenCEs thAT He hAS WiLL PuT US In ThE RiGHT TrACK whiCH Is To WiN tHE LEaguE TiTLE,ThE WaiT WiLL ARRiVED!!..ThE TransFormaTioNs R AbsoLuteLY FaNtaSTiC..WiTH HiS OwN StATuRE and CreDIbiLiTY oN & Off ThE FieLD,HE wILL GiVE EveryThiNG To The CLuB anD RequiRED The PlaYERS To GiVE ThE UtMoST BeST in EaCh GamE..He Has DoNE GreAT JoB In LeSS ThaN A YEAR, ThE MaN WiTH ThE GreAT ChaRACtER & ViSiON,wiLL NoT FaiLED

    Ilias Tsetsekos 20 August 17:00
    Luis Suarez on twitter: Important victory at a very difficult field. Happy to be able to help the team at the end of the match and keep scoring!
    Great result today. Thanks for your support again. Come on Reds
    , .
    Orgoglio balcanico, orgoglio slavo... un grazie infinito ad un amico speciale che, di passaggio nella sua città, mi ha regalato questa maglia... Balkan, Yugoslavian pride... a big, big thanks to a great friend who gave me this shirt and helped me in many ways... Thanks Chris Smith, I'm very proud to be your friend...
    CS>a pleasure to help one of the Big REdS family..

    L I V E R P O O L

    by Ugo.. on Saturday, 20 August 2011 at 11:57
    From Shankly to Rafa we've followed our team,
    Rome to Istanbul we've all lived the dream,
    Our journey is long, but our goal stays the same,
    To keep for our children, the famous red name.

    Wherever we are, wherever we stay,
    Be sure the Kopites will sieze the day.

    For this is our destiny, our passion and pride,
    Liverpool Football Club,
    The worlds greatest side.

    European Football - UEFA Champions League - Semi-Final 2nd Leg MD12 - Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC Liverpool, England - Tuesday, May 1, 2007: Liverpool fans on the Spion Kop hold up a banner reading 'We're not English We Are Scouse' before the UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg match against Chelsea at Anfield. (Pic by Andy Teebay/Propaganda) David Rawcliffe/Propaganda 2007

    & a reminder for the mancs ...

     saturday 20th august ,,,,,08h ...ChriS SmiTH>Hope the lads playing in London this afternoon feel as good as I do! went for a run across the city this morning at 07,30h probs! a favourable result is long overdue against this lot! YNWA/J4t96! be strong WE are LIVERPOOL! 

     Anevski Andreja Ane > Y.N.W.A.

    Anthony Trusler> 19 August 21:20
    Well said Chris Smith ;)
    Comment history
    ChriS SmiTH
    ChriS SmiTH 18 August 18:27
    as usual the journalists are wrong! more true Red SUPPORTERS were surprised Kenny left out Aquilani!
    Original post   

    Darryl Dalglish
    Darryl Dalglish >18 August 18:24

    Arsenal await Liverpool test 
    Arsenal entertain Liverpool at the ......CS>No,  WE "entertained EVERYONE!" ;)

    The Hillsborough Family Support Group today moved to allay concerns about the release of information relating to the 1989 disaster. 
      • ChriS SmiTH I suspect that the govt WILL do everything possible to avoid full exposure of officials & police officers blatant and murderous neglect! justice delayed = justice denied!
        •  and I am sure they wont want fascist thatchers comments known either!

      • Ugo> Like you said justice delayed = justice denied... But theres to many ppl who care about justice.. Can thay do anything to stop govt????

      • ChriS SmiTH
        its not a case of "stopping govt" its a case of "finding" information, that can be easily hidden or "conveniently lost" ( the stadium CCTV cameras at hillsborough disappeared just after the game! what do u think is possible..?, its easy...See more
      • Ugo>i just can agree with you.. i dont know that about cameras.. o.O
    CS>yeah theres a lot of things, a lot of people DONT know (or dont want to know about government officials covering up scandals, from JFK, Bloody Sunday, 9/11 & of course our Hillsborough! (hope U also learnt the truth that Torres wasnt a traitor, the Lfc "office" last year, betrayed their promises to HIM!) he was WRONG but not a traitor. there is NO justification to allow "fans" to vilify one of the greatest / fastest goal-scorers in recent Lfc history. Last year the Yankers & their poodles CORRUPTED OUR standards! 
    ChriS SmiTH> "
    .and its not a case of what we like, (IF) we know more about the club than U, and thats what U should accept..I invite you here with respect, and if dont respect that then leave! the fans have been manipulated, just as many are by false media, i am angry because u dont read the links I gave you Ugo..I made that last blog to help new Reds like you, but I have had thios discussion too many times to repeat it, like Sean we know the truth about who is the traitor, are YOU REALLY so naive to think the media tell fans the truth?? No ! they make news to make MONEY, to sell newspapers or Tv airtime! .. Torres is not a traitor, he made it clear BEFORE he came to Lfc, and OUR directors cheated him, just because they also are gone doesnt solve what happened then...Like i told u the other night you shoudl raed about the other sides arguement , before starting a discussion otherwise U will lose..
    Anita>...agree, enough spitting! he gave us his best, people forgot how great he was for us... short memory... (was) one of the best strikers in the world and he was ours (thanx to Rafa)!

    ....and thanks to Rafa for bringing all these "FuTUREdS" to the club...Mike Marsh's youngsters have netted 34 goals in eight matches and look capable of a similar title tilt to the one Rodolfo Borrell's side embarked upon last term. 34!
    Our 'new' stars of the future - Liverpool FC
    Liverpool U18s have been plundering..... 

    and the Committeee have been "sitting"

    From: Paul Machin , (TheRedmen TV)>

    As I enter hour 78 of my first working week back on The Redmen TV, I am glad to offer up our first "Instant Match Reaction Video" of the new campaign. As you will see, much like our full show, we have stepped it up on a technical level  for the new season., including a new regular video section- this week from
    The Sandon Pub in Anfield.

    The Redmen TV: Instant
    Match Reaction- LFC 1-1 Sunderland
    In the aftermath of Liverpool's opening day draw with Steve Bruce's Sunderland  side, The Redmen bring you the UNCENSORED reactions of Liverpool fans from around the world. New for this season:
    The post match Video Reactions of LFC fans outside Anfield... CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

    CS> btw - there are NOT any Lfc fans committee meeting minutes posted on the
    Karen wrote "Thanks Chris. Yes the minutes should be on the official web site within the week. x"  
    Karen Elizabeth Gill "

    CS>the minutes of the meet with the board (bored?) are there, but not the pre-meeting amongst the committee , why NOT? 

    From: chrismith@ To: eured CC: ball_can_reds@
    Subject: Fw: UrSuN11817->International fan representation @ Lfc (committee)
    Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:14:04 +0200

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: chrismith
    To: media
    ; mc5 ; ZREdS
    Cc: chrismith ;

    Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 5:45 PM
    Subject: UrSuN11817->International fan representation @ Lfc

    Open Letter to Nasser Aboobakar from Singapore,

    claiming to be representing the International Supporters, of Lfc



    I have to correct you!

    we ALWAYS had & have a voice, when it counts,  Global REdS have a network of unofficial supporters & fan clubs connecting several Millions, but you currently have the (apparent) advantage of being "sanctioned" by Lfc officially, but I feel you should have waited (if you are as wise as we wish you to be) to see the actual RESULTS of meeting with Henry & Werner, before congratulating the board or commending your own benfited position on the committee..
    If you are that comfortable with the english language you will know the saying "the proof of the pudding is in the eating"..well the menu looks inviting but we dont know any more than you, whether FSG's business team are just so much better than the previous "suits" at placating the globals fans..

    IMO they have obtained a global entity , worth several times the 200 Million+ they paid for. It  was sad that due to the distractions of the SoS/SL fund concept not being "sold" to our global members , and that failing to materialise through "prolonged committee discussion" etc, (and Lfc failing to sanction the supporter action!) that WE (the global Reds supporters) do not own the club, on paper.

    Although LIVERPOOL FC is morally and actually OURS, should anyone ever attempt to "con" our global members again, we shall act, radically, however, in the meantime, we shall obviously give you & your colleagues the opportunity to earn the privaledge you seem to have gained. Quite candidly, I am highly suspicious of the mechanics that placed you and 17 others in such a position. (You were selected by people selected by Lfc, were you not?)
    ChriS SMITH
 ("under construction"

    p.s. only 17 arrived - one absent through
    ill-health (get well soon!) isnt there a "back-up" (substitute) for each
    member in case of emergency/sickness??

    p.p.s why werent the global membership canvassed
    for THEIR viewpoint/questions prior tot his meeting , or have you a "system" worked out to do this in future?

    (otherwise the committee will only be representing 18 people?)     

    Well the first week of football is over and the fantasy premier league is underway. We had 62 teams enter our league and now its time to reveal who tops week number 1.
    Ćiki wrote> "    (CS>"I am not sure if I should congratulate anyone on marrying a modern woman, sorry mate!" 

    Spot on :) As for the true reds and false fans, you should always make a clear distinction between supporter and a "fan", fans are mostly people outside L4 (Worldwide) who see Liverpool as their EPL team but do not know about the "Liverpool way" and ethics upon which the club was built and sometimes it’s hard for them to identify with the club because they were raised under different circumstances and in different cultures, but in the end it’s not where are you from but where are you heading to, and that's why people need to be more patient with "worldwide fans" when doing their "missionary work" :D"  

    CS>:) Respect! 

    Gerrard 'stepping up' recovery - Liverpool FC   Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard will step up his comeback by returning to light training this week,

    Kerrie Lfc Pick

     ...wants to be friends ;)

    We hate nottingham norest
    We hate everton too
    We hate man United
    But LIVERPOOL we love you
    We hate nottingham forest
      • Alan McNiven All together now.... We hate Nottingham forest
        We hate Everton too, there shit
        We hate Man United
        But Liverpool we love you
        All together now.....
      • Salh Abo Zalf We hate Arsenal ..We hate chelsea too..We hate Man city ..But LIVERPOOL we love you :P

      • Liverpool Songs a) its sh*te! (not sh-t)

      • Liverpool Songs b) man city arent worth hating, they are just a video game! ;)

    ChriS SmiTH who cares what a Journo says? hes another xenophobic writer!
    its OURS! and we shall be back to get another soon...;)

    Al Einstein Lfc commented on your link. Al wrote "Thnx Chris alot xxx YNWA"

    please keep in touch - go to the Next 
    REdNeT "Re-View" 

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