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Sunday, August 14, 2011

11814_LIVE(r-POOL) "False Start" ?

ChriS SmiTH     
‎11814LIVE(r-POOL) "false start" ?????

It’s a False start?... must be because the "script" says we are gonna win 5-0 ..but then this is the "sunderland fixture" not only obstructed by "Sam who has a big fat 'ed" but by weird goals, beach balls & the usual Refereeing plagued Rafa, and maybe even GH before him, I can remember us ever battering tha macams ??
But the day itself was strange, and elongated journey of 3 & a half hours to watch footy with Zorana & Franco in HN, bus confusion and holiday traffic meant Milos A, was on a different bus , Sorin, who was supposed to be "keen" to join our meet didn’t show, and Igor C. neither..of course Ugl. V, & the "Pg tips" could get out of their city…work and …..etc..

Met at the bus station in HN 
rare cloud over HN, but thats just how it felt!
.... we went to the Sports caffe, ..for snobs..and later found they didn’t have SK+ anyway! …(or lied!) = scratch that off yr list! 

Funny how the others were "nervous" of the snob-scene, all these plastic millionaires are nothing, I met thousands of them, take away their toys, and they are "empty people" but the others were right, no "atmosphere"
We went to another "cosy" bar, but discovered that the channel wasn’t connected 15 mins before the game, then trotted a couple of Kms along the seafront to the next seas front village where 3 drunk norwegians were 10 minutes into the game, and we (and Luis) had missed the Pen. (and a red card for them?) The lad made up for it..with a sharp headed goal from Adams kick. Downing hit the bar and Andy predictably had a goal ruled out by (no fan) Phil Dowd, 4 new boys started..and maybe there was a problem of "team unity" with young Flanno failing to mark for their goal, Kenny surprised with starting Luis & Enrique, who joined the club only the day before...

It was obvious that the missing "Prince Aquilani", (who if not on the bench may well be the King's only "departing error" ) was also greatly missed in a 2nd half when Sunderland more than "competed" we must remember our best teams who played the same way from start to finish and his "killer passes" were lacking, however Suarez going off around 70 mins also dampened expectations on & off the field.. So ..yeah, we left and at 22h I was back in Pg - 12 hrs after leaving , 7 hrs travelling, some panic & BS in NH, which seems to be one long concrete "beach" resort, with great scenery! ..(probably better in early june or september?) to watch less than 80 mins, ha ha , no-one in Lp appreciates this, but who care?..

Pre - start

Post match​/latest-news/kenny-draw-a-fair​-result

"Tom Werner UP" or should that be reversed , lol ??

Another typical yanker BS production, convince us to like the guy that is "managing the office" and who got OUR club at a bargain price, and , IMO, has not yet really shown that he understands or has intent to share the club with us (I don’t mean set up "cute committees and fans shops" ) , apart from some slick P>R> and spending the money WE PORE into OUR club on transfers..
I would like to ask Karen, if there are MINutes of the supporters meeting and the first discussions with Henry-Werner! , if not, why not?

Yesterday was a "False start" (
(you know like when athletics runners get it wrong, and have to go back to the beginning,,.,,!!) WE (we,ARE the CLUB)  will get it right next time, will Kenny? Will the Team , I have hope & trust

…but I don’t trust the "suits in the office" , at all!

CS 14th August 201

Nice that the macams support J4t96..

Daniel Ayala has finalised his move to Norwich City, subject to the relevant paperwork being d
efender leaves Liverpool after four years at Anfield, during which time he made five first-team appearances.


Poulsen is (& was) surplus to requirements: 
The former Juventus man ;- "My future needs to be resolved in August and preferably as soon as possible," Poulsen told Danish television station TV2.

"I have to get to play matches regularly. It's obvious that I would really like to play football."

Lucas Leiva believes 2011-12 will be one of the most open Barclays Premier Leagues in years - and insists a strong home record will prove key in determining the success of Liverpool's season.

The Brazil midfielder is confident the Reds are one of several teams capable of mounting a strong challenge for a Champions League berth

And though refusing to predict where he feels Liverpool will finish, Lucas knows a positive start to the campaign and a solid record at Anfield will be decisive in the outcome of their term.

He told "Everyone wants to win the league but it's really hard to say where we're going to finish before the start of the season.

"Last season, after January we had a fantastic record in the Premier League but we paid for the way we started.

"We have to start well and look to be higher in the table - on top if possible, but of course we want to be fighting for the Champions League again because that's where Liverpool belong."

CS> hmmmm.....

Lets BE FAIR??

Echo> "After a loan spell at Galatasaray, the 22-year-old is back at Liverpool but training at the Academy. With Jose Enrique on board, he’s a distant fourth in the pecking order for the left-back spot. He promised so much but delivered little and the writing is on the wall for Insua." 
Source: Liverpool Echo

CS>maybe, but did the english media in english players who failed to live up to expectations, I still feel Insua looks good, and could have been coahed (anyway ,is still much better than Konch!! ) 

League cup fixture (maybe a chance to play a 2nd team and save our "best eleven" for league games only? 

Carling Cup 2nd Round, Wednesday 24th August 2011, St James Park, 20:00h

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Liverpool FC Pictures: Jose Enrique Medical at Liverpool

(& my son Leon's 15th Birthday!)

All the best, son, Love, dadx

additional Links..

& a few smiles..
.. Cooper plays man of few words Alan Hansen, an outrageous Mark Lawrenson ...and a deeply thoughtful Gary Lineker. This is one of the weekly sketches ...
    • ChriS SmiTH ‎;) just wish our ex-players would go play golf and leave 
        • expert comment to supporters (not sky-washed "fans" ) tx Milos ;)  or Karen... ;) 

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