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Monday, June 13, 2011

Protecting Shanks Inheritance...Topic: Keeping it WHOLE ("the holy trinity")

Topic: Keeping it WHOLE 

("the holy trinity") 

Protecting Shanks Inheritance...

I am writing whilst "recovering" from my first "competitive footy" since over 2 years, it reminds me that training of the body and mind creates an "auto-pilot" what i would have done instinctively, i had to think about, and my legs had time to react with "dont think so"

This is the Article I wrote on several forums...... there follows some discussion, the "guilty" wont have their chance to respond (yet) because they banned Anita M & myself..........for exposing their "nasty comments"

Topic: Keeping it WHOLE ("the holy trinity") 

ChriS SmiTH>

......................perhaps its a result of the mess Lfc was in , in recent years, combined with the "sky(tv) washing" of global footy fans, but there is an increasing "nasty" element creeping into the internet forums , everywhere, ...

Those of us who have been through exceptional times, trophies in Leagues, European record champions, cup finals and also the horrible (hopefully rare) defeats..and of course those highs (and especially the "away-days") balanced with tradgedy at Heysel & Hillsborough (& fighting against continued Injustice) 
should know , in our heart and soul what the "Liverpool Way" is, that Shanks installed in our club (there are enough reminders on Lfc . tv or you tube if any one is too young)

The insults have increased, not witty, but blatant disrespectful and often aggressive and downright "nasty" attacks on our own supporters, players, ex-players and even managers who did and do wonders for our club...

the "owners" dont come into it. our "holy trinity" ; players, manager & supporters is once more intact, in force and moving forwards (i believe we should push again for shared ownership, see 
 but lets leave that for the sake of this message) 

OUR older supporters usually knew how far to go, yeah we'll rubbish the oppositon, especially the mancs or the cockneys etc..but there IS a limit we shouldn't cross,, and whether we were at Anfield or away, we usually could "police" our own, if someone crossed the line, we would "have a word" ;), because i for one, am part of a big Global RedS family, and i dont want idiots ruining the games , the travel or the "craic" (party) before or after , do you??

in the modern world of "instant" its too easy for ppl to react negatively and nastily..i am not naming names..but i am sure we all heard it at stadiums or saw it in print or on the net..its up to us what sort of Club we want, to be and remain "the true RedS = the special ones" ;) or just be brought down to the level of all the clubs "fans"..

if you care then its up to you...dont blame anyone else, dont point the finger and turn away, they will stop, or be stopped if we act "reasonably" and if ppl get P**ed off with MY "patronising " attitude, then I am quite happy to discuss it with them ;) properly

below is something i sent after a true REd, a girl who gives everything she can to our club was insulted on a forum..(on 2 forums actually) 

"I am disgusted that i had to send this yesterday to the administrators of a group, their "reaction" was to ban the "victim" and myself!!

"complaints have been made to members of your group *red nation) and in response the plaintiffs have been insulted or banned if this continued, the culprits will be named and the group may be closed down..

please ensure you adminstrate your group in a way that does not bring the good name and reputation of Liverpool supporters worldwide into disrepute

on behalf of True Reds, Liverpool supporters
and ChriS SMITH, u.r.s.u.n. - Global RedS 

Various discussions you can join:-

U.R.S.U.N & KOP UN-Limited

"Protecting the special image & reputation of Liverpool Supporters,local & Global"

Earlier messages
ChriS SmiTH 12 June at 12:55
Earl its not "forcing" views , its exposign , mobbing, and bully tactics, and the sort of people who caused Heysel, and "nazi" europe was caused by reasonable people looking the other way when the first ones were beaten up or hauled away..evil things happen when good people stay quiet.. - "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" - M L King
ChriS SmiTH 12 June at 12:57
the ppl Anita and i refer to, dont debate, they gang up on anyone who chllenges their "nasty (nazi?) tactics" ? or ban them from debate, and if thats ok with you, I would be surpirsed..
Earl Mulligan 12 June at 13:01 Reply • Report
I'm sorry Chris but your idea of "the liverpool way" might vary from someone else's you have to accept that...and I would think people would know better being on the internet,you find all sorts on it
and not all are sugar coated! Most people don't suffer fools in real life and less so online!
ChriS SmiTH 12 June at 13:08
I am sure that is true, BUT , when its gets nasty, you and i and everyone is reasponsible for the society we live in , face to face or on the net.. we all know whats right and wrong..and if u think we sould be quiet and say nothing then all you are doing is handing over society to the bullies..if u saw a lass gettign beaten in a pub, woudl u also look away? its not a big step, one from the other, my friend..
ChriS SmiTH 12 June at 13:13
"First they came…" is a famous statement attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group. The text of the quotation is usually presented roughly as follows:

First they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.


    • ChriS SmiTH would you argue with that Anita? ;) ?
      Saturday at 18:16 · 

    • it's so difficult to explain those kids (and few older) that it wasn't that way... that the world is not just white and black, and that sometimes truth is deep under everything... fights i have to do with some reds are terrible. it's not Rafa's fault Alonso have left. Alonso wanted to go, but nobody listen... yes, Alonso is a great player, fans love him, i love him... but he could have stayed... and yes Torres left us, it was wrong time (but i don't think any time was good for that), for the wrong club but it's not his fault, not everything... yes he said that in the locker room atmosphere was tense, but we're fighting to get out of relegation zone, should they laugh in that situation?! troubles with ovners, everything fall appart, lies they put in front of him, in front of Rafa, in front of everybody, promises they didnt ceep... and he left. and now he's a traitor... he knew he had to go, it was the best he could have done for us and for himself. so, he's gone-thank you Fernando and good luck, but we are stronger now and we'll get through that.we did it. so if somenoe wants to call me "torres fan", so be it! but i'm Liverpool fan and i will think 5 times before i'll believe in something that's put in front of me about our club and our players and ex players. the media are strong and they will slate anybody, they don't need excuses, they will put something in front of us and we'll believe in that?! everything?! it's easier to blame somebody than to look deeper and think with our heads... not for me

    • ChriS SmiTH 
      well written Anita, considering its not your first language, i had this discussion with Paul (Redmen) about the locals who slate OOT (out of towners) ...well i have met a lot of SUPPORTERS ; True REds, i prefer to call you SUPPORTers than "...
      well written Anita, considering its not your first language, i had this discussion with Paul (Redmen) about the locals who slate OOT (out of towners) ...well i have met a lot of SUPPORTERS ; True REds, i prefer to call you SUPPORTers than "fans" because it makes the point about what we do, support, but ..when WE (that is our club) and specifically the "office" From Moores through Parry to Hicks, (Broughton ; a rent-boy man in OUR club; as chairman just exagerated the mess) Purslow backtabbing B'stard, through to FOOL hodgson (that so many at Lfc , ex players and "pundits" defended & even bigged up..whilst a MAN as Rafa got slated for doign his utmost 24/7 for the supporters and our club!! ??

    • ChriS SmiTH At the time Alonso the end of season 07/08 had been plagued by injury, hadnt been in form and the yankers wouldnt give Rafa enough money so that he had to offer players in exchange for buying..we all know how well Xabi played the following season, but ...i think 6/7 players got red-carded against Xabi that season (inc Vidic ha ha!!) so oposing teams were "looking for him" ..

    • ChriS SmiTH i think Xabi realise that, and i also think Rafa, was moving towards (had Aquilani not spent so much time injured) a faster moving "pass & move" pressing higher i feel that whilst Rafa and Lfc supporters would have preferred to keep him, he may have got "crocked" again had he stayed in the EPL..who knows, but i do know that none of the "experts" and media have ever managed a club like LFc (succesfully) and even Souness should know better because as great a player as he was, he could nt do better! as manager..the only current manager who can compare (and does NOT criiticise Rafa) is Kenny..

    • Anita Migles yeah, i know-supporters, but right now i'm so angry i can barely write and that was the first word i could have think of. sorry for that. i tryed to explain the situation with Rafa and Alonso to them, but no use... in their eyes i'm not a red. it makes me sad and soooo angry!!

    • as for Torres, well Purslow was still a director at the time he decided to leave ...he told Lfc that he ONLY left his boyhood club to come to LFc to a) win trophies and b) NOT be the sole match winner, he was promised improved signings...the "office yankers"INSTEAD signed ; Cole (has been & part-timer , not good enough for chelski, why wouldht be better for us) Konch..(and his ma!) Poulson..(!) all around age 30 ....and Raul...who onyl really showed any form under kenny.. hodgson palyed ale-house footy, and expected Torres to carry the team also because Stevie didnt take care of himself and got himself injured in a meaningless england game..and lets not forget that our greatest current player and captain "flirted" with the idea of goign to chelski TWICE...the xenophobic angle cant be ignored..teh english media big up english anything and hate Lfc to do anything without "our boys" and anyway look for any reason to do down the RedS (not those of d'evil fergie) ..

    • ChriS SmiTH I love my club, our CLUB, but what i wont and dont accept is when we ALLOWED cheats & yankers to almost ruin our club that ppl, fans or media blame the wrong people, and it was some of our "fans" whio failed to back Rafa when HE was fighting fergie , the media, the yankers & the office alone..but some kids , and some older fans & ex players especially dont & wont "have it"

    • ChriS SmiTH and although we staged anfield "sit in" , protests, black shirts, internet actions etc there are a lot of "fans" who did "sweet fa" ..and still wouldnt put there hands in their pockets today and fork out the price of ONE match ticket to secure the club they SAY they love..

    • ChriS SmiTH are they writing in english or yr (ex-YUgo) languages?

    • Anita Migles thank you for posting that about torres, i neede that so i could see i'm not wrong... but those supporters just don't accept that, and i try to explain and now i'm not wanted there... i can live with that, but not with the fact they are blind and that they throw rocks at anyone who is dare to think the other way...

    • Anita Migles yes, they write in ex yu language.

    • ChriS SmiTH Anita, take a few moments write what you want to tell them and i will post it on "RED Nation" ,,Nina is one of the admins..but seems she too is influenced by ..the "dark side" ;)

    • Chris, i'm still a member of that group but i won't post anything more there, i'm so upset and one girl have told me that i should shut up because i have become member only yesterday and i'm "acting to smart", one guy wrote that he can't believe Liverpool supporter can write that (what i wrote about Torres) and i'm fake (again).... i just can't have more fights, you can't turn them... sometimes you have to stop and that's what i will do, it's too much for me...

    • ChriS SmiTH well I just posted more or less what I wrote ..above..on "RED nation" i guess they are anti-girl, anti-intelligent arguments, as so many groups are , but their loss is OUR gain, so dont be a stranger on this group, no rumours as u know, just true info and considered and respectful opinion, (and joke about the mancs of course) allowed , dont forget tp smile...Anita!!..goodnes help those poor pillows in yr house!

    • Anita Migles the girls were against me! i was just happy because i could talk about OUR club on my lenguage... well, that's over. i saw you posted there, i don't think they even read it although they pressed "like"... i'm very emotional so this things bother me toooo much! i feel so helpless and sad, and angry. i'll stick to what suits me, and that is not that group... the blanket was in trouble this time :))

    •  well Anita yr welcome,HERE I already had some disputes with some guys I recognise from "Monty" there too, just repeat what the media tells them , yeah, although i joke about it, i am really worried that yankets and the "fickle fast food" element of modern media will erode the only things that make us unique..even some of our older "fans" get caught up in the some ways the worst thing that hapemed was to be "rescued" by another group of american business man that still se e us as their global franchise "cash cow" and none of the smooth P.R> has dont much to convince me otherwise, they appointed Kenny ONLy after 95% of supporters hated hodgson adn 10 000 stayed away from anfield..but never give in Anita YOU. WILL NEVER walk ALONE whilst i have got an ounce of fight in me..

    • Frank Carlyle Don't let anyone get at you Anita... You seem a very loyal supporter to me! And Chris, inbox me what you said about Torres... Cheers mate!

    • Anita Migles thank you Frank :) it's a shame people don't use their heads. we must keep "Liverpool way" a live!

    • ChriS SmiTH ok Frank, i'm just gonna copy & paste, it u can "tidy it" up ok? have a good weekend..(i am sad lad in on a satd night!! ) ..mind u been on the bevvies a couple of times this week, i need to "pace myself" these days ha ha ! ;)

    • Frank Carlyle Quite right Anita, we must keep the Liverpool way, or we'll go the way we did under those two 'Orrible' Americans... Some LFC fans are very fickle Anita unfortunately...

    • Anita Migles yes Frank, i'm trying to explain some things to them, but it's like banging my head in to wall...
      Saturday at 23:48 · 

    • Frank Carlyle Hahaha I've been there Anita, so I empathise with you.... Keep in touch Anita my fellow 'Red'.....
      Saturday at 23:51 · 

    • Anita Migles ok Frank, i will :) cheers!

ChriS SmiTH
 Official Liverpool FC Supporters of New York (LFCNY)
perhaps its a result of the mess Lfc was in , in recent years, combined with the "sky(tv) washing" of global footy fans, but there is an increasing "nasty" element creeping into the internet forums , everywhere, ...
Those of us who have been though exceptional times, trophies in Leagues, European record champions, cup finals and also t.......

    • Mally Moulton 
      nice article chris well said,i,ve been followin l,pool all my life,given me some of the greatest days of my life, a nd your right we do get unwarranted abuse,hillsbourgh,heysal,never get ajob songs robbing songs ect.But you know what mate,...***********
      we,re liverpool and we carry ourselfs with dignity the liverpool way and which the foundations which where laid down by shank,s, and belive me mate when we do go anywhere we show respect *******

    • ChriS SmiTH 
      Hiya Mally, i dont so much care about "them" ; the moronic fans of other clubs, i see the values decline ..and the sort of racist thugs that tagged on to us in 80's ..its when our "fans" start acting the same is when I get worried, because too many of the RedS now look the other way, wheras when i was a lad, the idiots would be turfed out by our own, not the bizzies....."Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" - M L King" ..YNWA


    • Mally Moulton true, mate i think its just the way our society gone in general,not really got nothing to do with football really its just the way the worlds gone,but i do take your point,but i think there is still the older generation like me ( pushing 48 lol) who still hold the old values of L.F.C

    • Mally Moulton sorry computer went awol there, and while were still around they,ll always be someone to have a quiet word if someone dose take it too far.

    • ChriS SmiTH Mally , keep on reminding thsoe of any age..its not just may seem "dramatic" but this is a nasty trend, which reminds me..

    • Mally Moulton I do mate it,s drummed into my kids,especially,liverpool football club respect and dignity that,s how i was brought up on the liverpool way

    • ChriS SmiTH it should be "normal" should n't it seems like some ppl never learn from the past..

    • Mally Moulton it should ye but i think its the way the worlds gone in general no respect for nothing or no one it,s attached to football as well but like i said hopefully they,ll always be someone like me an me mates there to guide for want of a better word ,in the way they should be behaving when watching the reds where ever that may be.
      21 hours ago · 

    • Nigel S. Scott Well said Chris... anonymity gives rise to artificial courage among those in whom it naturally cannot be found. No need for any of us to dignify ignorance by responding.

the problem with most "kids" and a few older without that excuse, is the english media done what we call a"hatchet job" on Rafa, fed every piece of news in a way that blamed Rafa, fergie was scared what he might do for us too, and the other problem is that kids (some armchair fans and "tv pundits", especially OUR ex-players!!!) ) have short memories & "concentration" so it easier to follow a headline, trend or form a "knee jerk " opinion than to research and examine , "between the lines"..going deeper takes time, but the truth usually lays (not lies) there..:D ChriS SmiTH  


(no "rants" included)  OTher RedS-Related..."stuff"

06/06/2011, 22:36

ChriS SmiTH 07 June at 14:40 (ref "D****y SC***e)
(A.M.) oh its "worth it", ;) just a little...
i wrote...
"(A.M.) spends ALL her money on travelling to Lp to watch ONE game a season, she fights with other fans, defends the "Liverpool way" she wrote a great article about her love for Lfc, one which will be publiced worldwide, as will your hatred, if you dont apologise to her
...if its wasnt for non scousers..
Shanks, Bob, Emlyn, Hansen, Souness, Rafa, Kenny, Barnes and the team that started the whole thing back in 1892 , and all the money non scousers pay worldwide there would be NO LFC,
.../ and dont forget the bluesh*te are made up of scousers too.

wise up m8 or you will make a lot of True RED Lp & worldwide!!"
hahaaa, that's great!! :) i wanted to wrote to him something like that but he was faster and deleted me berofe, than i blocked him so now, even if he want's, he can't find me. or maybe i should on-block him just to see? :))

ChriS SmiTH    he tried to contact U and told me he is blocked, i think he may have got the "message" for now, anway..;) YNWA!  (Shanks & wilson)

Matt BainThey didn't slap naming rights on Fenway. They aren't going to do it to Anfield. Relax. This is a quality ownership group that took my disgusting, misguided baseball team and turned them into a perennial favorite and powerhouse. Change is coming. Get on board.

  • ChriS SmiTH we are NOT Fenway, we are Liverpool football club supporters, dont care what they do/did over there, mate, dont see (if you care aobut OUR club ) what "get on board" has got to do with it, unless U are inviting me to be a Director? 

(reference;) = ..whats your problem with offering shares to supporters???? u haven't give any reason AT ALL why they shouldnt..!!

not impressed with this, not interested in transfer gossip, but hate the "media/pundit lobbying against non-english on.........................................

idiots> ".AC Milan swoop to land Liverpool midfielder Aquilani on cheap
Corriere dello Sport says:
Milan are stepping in to sign Aquilani after Juventus refused to do business over a permanent deal.
Juve could have signed Aquilani for €16 million - though Liverpool are now willing to take €10 million.
Milan are open to that price - and also have been encouraged by Aquilani's willingness to take a cut on his current €4 million-a-year wages.
.Sriraman Jha> dont they have a quality player we could sign in exchange?

Owen Cauch> no milan are sh*t :P

Vince Eccentrix> lets take gattuso

Dylan Carty> pato would do :D

Jammal Jamz Dar> PATO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamo's Kin Kopite> Thiago Silva

Dylan Carty> do any1 no whats the story wit agurao

Sriraman Jha> A realistic one.. Don't think they'd part with Pato!

Jason Hannigan> we dont want anymore disloyal italians at lfc most are crap now these dats anyway... Kenny obviously wants the core of our team english/british which i for one agree

Rahul Malhotra just got this news that aqua agent has rejected ac milan approach to him..

ChriS SmiTH> prefer to keep Aquilani, we dont need money, we need quality player like Alberto, who can "pass & move" in the final quarter..english media dont like him though, so probably the sky-washed will dismiss him too ;)
what i really dislike is this creeping xenophobia, and the sort of bland statements.."we dont want any more disloyal italians" it was PURSSLOW & hodgson that sorted a BUM deal and sen off AAquilani on loan to Juve, we could have done with him in midfield (not under hodgson but the guy just "fits pass & move" makes me want to squrim that some ppl call themselves Lfc "fans"....

so, are U going to print the letter?? "Dr Kop" ? ;) are U gonna make another mistake??

TonyEvansTimes (Wroclaw will be a great place to watch football. And suspect horrible to get to. Outside mess more than year's
(er, Ryan Air?) ;)

(about decline in EPL?)

yeah,  but not as bad yet as the decline in media quality! ;)

(about transfer targets)

oh, dont u just want anyone that fits the media/sky-washed fans "xenophobic" profile?


Starlets jet off for World Cup - Liverpool FC
Six of Liverpool's finest Academy graduates today jetted off to Mexico with England for the U17 World Cup.

    • Anita Migles - great for the lads and for us! good luck to them!
    • ChriS SmiTH  - I dont care much about england FA , but just empahsises the quality coming through at youth level, and why mustnt fill the squad with expensive players who block the route to first team for the kids, ..ppl go on about barca, then still scream to fill the squad with "senior buys"..
    • Anita Miglesagree with you, but it's good for their experience, they need to feel something else, differently... you know i'm against buying players, after all, we have shown how good young players we have in Robinson and Flanno. i'm sure if we give a chance to others, they will be great and they need to play with our senior players like Gerrard, Carra, Reina, Kuyt, Lucas... oh, how grat that would be!
    • ChriS SmiTH  - sure no harm at this level, good for a bit of international experience..its later on i dont like to see us losing their "best" on national duty and we suffer ..
    • ChriS SmiTH - i feel (and hope) Kenny will bring the best of the youth into next seasons squad, especially for chances in the carling cup games . we should at least play our best team in the league / fa cup ....i had to laugh about this..(dont normally get into the other teams stuff..) but he also said on Tv that "manchester is boring" lol ;) Tevez had a go at "boot - licker" Gary Neville too ...

    Is Henderson worth the £20m fee Liverpool have agreed with Sunderland?

    :) far as being an "expert" on footy, Whelen WAS a very good player....but now part of the "popular lobby" (that bigged up hodgson) which speaks again...Jordan's english, so he must be better than (fans player of the season) Lucas ?? oh dear!

    Read More!
    • Downward Markthe new restrictions come in soon google it mate!!!
      20 hours ago·Like
    • ChriS SmiTHMark, I write enough about footy..i know about "restrictions" but that is nothing to do with this..its been going on since years, the anti-rafa brigade were "at it" even when we were battering everyone in site..

    yes, there is a lot of night life in bucharest. The LFC pub is no longer available, the owners were cheaters. Pubs -, Visit the Parliament, museums, churches... give them my mail and maybe i will take them out in a night around in pubs :)
    10 June at 11:44
    sorry about the pub, lots of cheaters around, ok appreciated, be "gentle" with them , nice people, i am sure are too, ;) Ill pass it on..
    tx Emil! YNWA!
    10 June at 11:46
    2 gay girls? i didnt ask the ladies ;)

    Some Ppl are banging about "UEFA restrictions" (ratio of "home grown" players) as an excuse for blatant xenophobia, but before we create an inbalanced situation based on nationality rather than talent,/ability & character , this "rule" is in direct contravention to the UDHR and the articles of the ECHR and the concept of "Europe" & freedom of movement/employment/ don’t be surprised if "someone" (me?) contests it in the first proven instance of bias..because it can & WILL be overturned..

    the Saint is not a rascist , although he always critcised "the frenchman" & Rafa, bigged up hodgson even when all supporters knew better!

    Pasted from <>

    Rumour is working its way through the press, media and thus, the internet at the moment that Liverpool have somewhere in the region of £75 million to spend on players this summer. That is an immense sum, particularly given the famine of previous sum(mer)...

    • ChriS SmiTH rumour...without the RBS interest repayments, we have anyway a lot of global income , from tickets etc, shirts etc and tv etc..GBP 75 Mil. isnt such a great sum , if it hadnt been for the yankers, ..but lets try to avoid rumour & spec. it only puts the price up if our targets are identified too easily..this is our club, we are the club, no one else will take care of it, and REdS YNWA!

    i'm guessing you "correced" yourself tonight ;)

    ...A Morning is a wonderful blessing,
    Either stormy or Sunny,
    It stands for hope,
    Giving us another start of what we call LIFE..

    true REdS = Y.N.W.A!

    A.M."2",  thanks for the translation.. YOU'll NEVER walk alone..! keep in touch
     .. i need this contact with you ,, shhhhh dont tell anyone ! :D

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    Lfc "benefits" : 

    Friendly goal (latest)

    Bye, Torres,  & thanks for the good times!

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