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Monday, June 6, 2011

11606 "Ferry" to "Will" & GLOBAL REds Supporters D-DAY Update (u.r.s.u.n./X-U-GO 2)

11606 from "Ferry"  to "Will" GLOBAL REds Supporters D-DAY Update (u.r.s.u.n./X-U-GO 2)

PLease read the letter to "the KOP" on  WE need to come together, supporters, in this region, and globally, I can do this, "with or without you" (U2 ) ;) but much prefer WITH, (local RedS) I promise if you avoid negatives and the nay-sayers ..this will be good for al of you, monty too..we can help all our friends who share our love for y-our club

...I WILL do this.. will you HONOUR this? its y-our people who will benefit , every single one of them (well we might make some of the renegade culprits suffer ;) ..I HOPE YOU REALLY start to know me... ChriS 

In the local bar (" ") they played a disrupted version" of the gerry & pacemakers  "ferry across the mersey" (the other side of Y.N.W.A!?) it playing at the time of "heavy" discussion with "koko" &  was  just too much!! ;)  it seems despite her apparent agreement she still needs "convincing" about strategy and logistics ?? (not only about )

[16:02:25] Chris Smith: ("ferry across the mersey")

 ..("stars") Gemini ; ."You will likely be traveling or on the phone a lot today. You are an inspiration or a source of comfort to a friend in need. Look to music, art and entertainment for ideas on ways to make someone's mood swing back into the "positive" direction.!"

we are in a special constellation..and there was a storm raging outside my window as i wrote this ...and i posted that link to "ferry" on facebook..and someone replied..

Barbara Williams> I was in this film! I sat behing Gerry as he walked up and down on the ferry. I saw myself once, in Wallasey, but then my bit disappeared on the video.
You can see the top of my head! The old man with the dog, and the posh women walking about were models.The rest of us got a free lunch! Sarnies...but Les Marsden took me into the actors canteen and I got roast turkey!

Chris Smith: i love this storm…and so many positive connections

Robert Palmer performing Addicted To Love. (C) 1985 The Island Def Jam Music Group

    • Frank Carlyle>How 'Super Cool' was that 'Fella' singing that? Muched missed Bob....
    • ChriS SmiTHgreat performer, writer, and the lasses on the vid arent bad either frank! ha ha!
    • Frank Carlyle‎>'Luvd' them also Chris mate! Hope we sign top quality players... The players we've been linked with, are not good enough to bring us up to the level we need to challenge. We need players the quality of Suarez, and I'm afraid the linked ones are not....

        • ChriS> , hmmm well I' m doing my "Kenny" bit and not discussing the media "links" or potential signings, just enjoying a "rest" .. so as to protect our true aims (the media has us linked with everyone) Frank, i have an almost esoteric confidence about next season, and I when i see that half the england youth team were made up of our lads the other night and with players coming back from Injury and (loan) because theres no way we should sell Aquilani cheap,

        •  I am very philosophcal about it all..with Kelly, Flanno, Robinson, even Jonjo and Spearing , for me unless there isnt an obvious outsitanding player available,(apart from that little lad who plays for barca, ) we shouldnt be spending the money..i would rather see youth coming through, who have been schooled by Rudolfo and such in the "Liverpool way"

        • ........i dont see many players of Suarez class AND attitude, do you? think we have possibly landed the player of the decade if he carrys on like that..the "rivals" dont impress me either, i feel since the PL started ppl have got carried away with big money signings, maybe a couple of players added to the best of what we have..most important to remember is that we battered the best of the league with our original style of team play

        • .........pass & move (& score!) 

              • for me, whatever will be,  will be, i wont be crying whatever happens in the "market" and (apart from no Lfc shares for the supporters yet) I am made up with our situation as it stands and for the next decade at least!! (...well Frank, that was just my off the cuff remarks ...ha ha ha ! ) take care mate, enjoy the weekend , i'll be watching "Monty" v bugaria later,or down the "local caffe" <smile> !! YNWA!

    "Crazy Horse" my favourite player when I was a lad, great energy and powerful charge and shot on him, arguably our best ever captain, in the way he spread positivity and belief, he was "Shanks" on the field..


    • Kevin Kopite Bunker Boss pic, thanks ynwa jft96
    • Jacqueline Healey Great pic, thanx for the tag xx YNWA
    • Abdus Shahid Luv the pic and what a great man eh? Bill Shankly.

    • Lee Shields Love it absy a legend ynwa!!!!!
    • Mary Ann Reina Browne wot a legend thanx son xxxxx
    • ChriS SmiTH more than a legend Shanks re-created Liverpool football club, and made us a global REd force.. will always be in my heart and soul, always respect " Shanks' Liverpool way" ..

    Watched the "local "Monty" REDS on TV against Bulgaria with Ugljesa B (a Balkan Red) 04 June , 1-1 which keeps them level on points with eng-er-land , (Ugljesa was amazed that I dont support any national team, I am 100% Liverpool Red ..) had a few "pivos" at the "old bowling club" and then to "Delboys with a mate of his who is a fan of Madrid (r) got a "thanks for the company, great time" txt later and we are now organising a REdS  meeting, a kickabout and a stormy few days had a good result

    ..and I got a dance with a REDhead!

    Should organise another "Balkan X-U-go-REdS" meeting during this summer, just to have some fun, tell stories, talk about Lfc and have a few "bevvies"..i will include UB in a very small but special FB group, u.r.s.u.n insults, no rumours, selective discussion , its ok to ridicule mancs and UEFA etc of course, if u want ;)

    ...................Its d-day 6th June 44 ; IMO the last time the enemy was obvious and the war was necessary, noe its our "allies" that are a major danger to humanity..........

    To Lfc now…

    In reply to the Liverpool post article 6.6.11 (about the stadium) ..never mind the "transfer window" I trust Kenny to do whats required..and bring through youth in the right way, not only sign key players..there are more important things that money, Anfield is unique..its history and cultural significance is overlooked by the sky-washed generation,,FSG are making a MAJOR error if they indeed are seeking a "naming partner" for Anfield _WE ARE THE CLUB, iF Henry-Werner, fSG or whatever name they are managing LFc with ISSUED shares in the club (up to a maximum of 50% ) we would be more secure in the future (avoiding a "sell on" to unknown corporations, should FSG change their business direction) .. and they would have sufficient income to renovate/re-build, and WE could name the stadium ..(IF its new; "Shankly stadium" fits the LIVERPOOL way?) ...@ 50 quid a share , its do - able (6 million Lfc fans now on facebook?) ...the "committee" wont have the insight to challenge Henry on this. PLEASE .dont get fooled again  Crazy EuREDs insider tour group

    Tony, protest? fine ;) but NEED 2 push 4 supporter shares - an understandable but dangerous complacency about Henry-Werner,

    Pasted from <>

    the 10-12 season squad??  

    +3/4 of youth ..Morgan, Wisdom, Pacheco, Ayala, Cody, Sterling(?) etc etc

    I insist for our season now being "domestic" we don’t need "lots" of players 2/3 top players would make the above squad of 22/23 players into a formidable unit considering no european competition concerns.


    Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher put their acting skills to the test alongside Bob Hoskins, Damien Lewis and Perry Eggleton in the upcoming film


    based on the story of 11 year old Will Brennan, Liverpool’s biggest fan.
    At his boys’ school in England, Will’s love and knowledge of The Beautiful Game even outshines his football-obsessed mates. But life is turned upside down when his long-absent father, Gareth, reappears with tickets to the 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul.
    But before the two can start anew, Gareth dies suddenly, impossibly — this time leaving Will forever. Searching for a sliver of meaning in a world that seems to have abandoned him, Will runs away to Turkey to honour his father’s memory and to be with his beloved Liverpool F.C.
    En route, and needing help, Will befriends Alek, a former Yugoslavian football star who abandoned the game after a tragic event during his country’s civil war. Despite his initial reluctance, Alek finds himself inspired by Will’s heroic journey and agrees to take him to Istanbul. And thus this unlikely pair of underdogs takes to the road, battling fate and fortune in a desperate bid to prove to themselves that it’s never too late to dream.

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