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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

11727 R.E.S.P.E.C.Time & Live-R-POOL...

Time is limited, as somone once told me, ..."Time is like a bank account  that you can only withdraw from" ..its a CRIME to steal someones time, to waste your own is your choice , but when U keep some one else waiting, then U must have no RESPECT for their life?????  consider & care for OTHER people...

this is dedicated to some one who NEEDS to learn ..Ana Maras of Montenegro;

but there are GOOD people...

This comment is hidden because you have chosen to ignore ; BalkanREDS. " (this reaction from me was excluded by the "echo" because I am constantly critical of the english media & their xenophobic "lobby"

"This comment has been removed from our system." ...."

love Rafa & his family to bits, and you can tell the right things go on with Montse and their family..its disgusting what the previous yankers @ Lfc did to OUR man, he fought alone, against hicks & purslow etc & the stupid xenophobic media and some moronic "sky-washed fans" who even now insult a man who was (is) Lfc 24/7 as much as I love and trust Kenny, never mind hodgson, the great injustice was done to Rafa, and for me there is bad "karma" until it is corrected, (and not with pay offs) ..
good luck with the foundation, you are real GOOD people!!

and you will never walk alone..

most disturbing was seeing mY REdS wearing blue & white sh*te "standards corrupted" (t*rd kit) a bad day 4 Lfc!

  • Please, no more jokes about Amy Winehouse. Let’s not become the people who “newspapers” like The Sun would like to sell their rags to. Empathise …it could have been you or your sister or your friend. Most of us have addictions of some kind. Don’t judge other people on theirs.

  • Mia ZLet's not forget the greatest hits! Her record company and management have a lot to answer for. It was obvious to everyone that she wasn't well enough to fulfill her commitments,and glaringly obvious that she couldn't cope with performing live. Sadly,as you said she wasn't the first and won't be the last.
  • ChriS SmiTH
    we seem to forget that "sex drugs & rock & roll" was the established image of those in the music world , until it become "manufactured" ,..many of the greats; janice, jimmy & so on, died early..but media & society & general has become a "nasty" audience, Karen, I never thought I would ever hear booing at our stadium , but the s*n reader & sky-washed have infected even our great club,. mind u never thought i would ever see our team play in white & blue
  • .......Shanks would never have allowed it!

  • Mally M  Agree its only pre season but concerned the amount of goals we,re letting in though chris

  • ChriS SmiTH  defence is not formed, Pepe will be in goal and we havent played our "first choice" defence yet, mally, anyone who plays in defence knows its a "unit" and im not worried about that, sorry everythign for me is overshadowed by the club selling out to the "T*RD kit"...thats more worrying...Kenny will sort out the team in time!

  • Mally MHope so, its not a bad looking kit to be honest just the wrong colour lol ynwa

  • ChriS SmiTHthats THE point! , missed by the sky-washed fans...
  • Nigel S. ScottChriS what are your thoughts on our new away kit this season?

  • ChriS SmiTH >the black one ; Great, the "TURD kit" ; is nothing to do with our club..see above!! NO TRUE RED, player or fan wears BLUE!!! its that simple! 
    • or are u "winding me up" Nigel?? ;)

  • Nigel S. Scott > LOL... just trying to get your thoughts. But nah man, as soon as we start to click as a unit it'll bother you even less.

  • ChriS SmiTHNo way, son, our generation dont sell our souls like yours ! ;)

  • Nigel S. Scott > If my math is correct then we actually belong to the same 'generation'... but I'm partial to blue, as much as I don't like the kit myself. My issue is less the scheme than it is the execution :D
  • ChriS SmiTHcolour is part of us, being REd , and "come on you Reds" a common call since the days we stood & sange on the KOP in the 60/s ...we dont wear blue, what next?

  • Mally M> I agree with you on the kit chris but at end of the day its whats in it is more important surely plus they,ll only wear it twice if that .

  • ChriS SmiTH > twice is too many! ... anyone who mixes with evertonians knows how much they hated their pink away kit last year..we changed from them & became the REds its as much our culture as YNWA! ...what next ? do we call the stadium "goodison" and sing a different song? or will the yankers tear down Shanks statue & put up michael jackson like fulham? ;) .....
  • Nigel S. Scott
    You can say the same for the black and yellow, or the charcoal 2nd away kit... or the green before that... and the yellow. I appreciate what you're saying but at the same time I recognize it for what it is... a cheap marketing ploy to sellextra jerseys. If fans in Malaysia... or Mersey want to buy it, hey... God bless them, more money for player transfers. It's not for me though, I'll support by copping the occasional 'standard' kit. I wouldn't let it worry me too much if I were you ;)

  • ChriS SmiTHno Nigel if U ever lived in Liverpool or grew up on the KOP then U know the differebce between Red & blue colours , when U are a kid, its not a question of "do u like footy?" its a question of "RED or BLUE?" ..and really I am shamed to have to EXPLAIN that to anyone callign themselves a "LFC fan" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!
  • Nigel S. Scott
    Never said you had to explain anything ChriS... but by the same token, not every Liverpool fan has lived as a kid in Liverpool, nor has grown up on the KOP as you put it. For good or bad the club has a worldwide following now and understandably the emotions aren't quite the same for us non-Liverpuddlian. This is the reason why I said I can appreciate your position... and thought I explained MY position in return... never said your perspective was wrong or in need of explanation. If you want to have a coronary over Liverpool wearing blue then that is your right :)
  • ChriS SmiTH
    AS someone who has formed new Lfc supporters & fan clubs all over europe, and formed the "Global REDS" (u.r.s.u.n.) network I am more away of our global fan base than ANYone, i am not answering to YOU, it is precisely that fans such as YOU, who should know better are not explaining OUR CULTURE to new fans.. being a RED (and NOT a BLUE!!) is as important as knowing what the "KOP" means , what YNWA or j4t96 is all about and who "Shanks" was and that it was his influence and "Liverpool way" (including the "RED army" culture) that was maintained throughout by core supporters (best example recently was h-t @ Istanbul 05 ..) it IS a shame that you and others think that you can just come along and bring some some of modern "footy franchise" into our club and destroy THE things that made us SPECIAL since 50 years!! ..a great injustice to all of us who fought to keep these things "sacred" /.kids who dont know can be forgiven (a bit) BUT ..YOU should be ASHAMED!!!
  • Richard Mcgill
  • any one who wants to call themselves a lfc fan would have the same feeling about that shit kit whether they live in liverpool or malaysia. being a lfc fan is about being a family .every fan across the globe should learn what being a lfc fan means. its an insult for someone to use not living in liverpool as an excuse for not knowing we hate blue and will hate to see a lfc player in that shockingly shit kit
  • Nigel S. Scott
    ‎" it IS a shame that you and others think that you can just come along and bring some some of modern "footy franchise" into our club and destroy THE things that made us SPECIAL since 50 years!! ..a great injustice to all of us who fought to keep these things "sacred" /.kids who dont know can be forgiven (a bit) BUT ..YOU should be ASHAMED!!!"
    All because I said I'm not as passionately upset as you are about the notion of the club wearing blue? Have it your way friend... *shrug*

  • ChriS SmiTHNigel , it is not "my way" is the Shanks way, the Liverpool way, and if we dont stand up for it, we will be just another "franchise" called Lfc! ..mate! 
    • because its not just about "money in the bank"..

SUPPORT Y-OUR future...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

11721 SCLoG LIVE-R=POOL... less than a month away..from 11-12

Latest News, Views  ,
Links & arguing with a fool-fan & the Build - up to season 11-12 ..only a month away



A bizzy can also get lost..

I'm very happy with the results of Liverpool in the preseason!
And happy that the start of the next Premier!!
Y.N.W.A :):)
    • Ikenna Dinho i believe so
    • Ione Freitas Yes,we believe ,our Liverpool will win !!!
    • Terry White not happy with the defending, been a problem for last 2 seasons

    • Ione Freitas And not agree with the signing of goalkeeper Doni,irregular is,to a french club as our Liverpool !!

    • ChriS SmiTH we havent selected our "best defence" yet...!! in each game we changed all 11 players..!! .....jeez!!

    • Terry White reina dosent miss prem games, he ok to play in the cups our defence not been good enough for last 2 seasons we need centre bk and left bk....urgently
 ChriS SmiTH Defenders; Johnson, dAgger ; Skrtel; Carra; Ayala ; Wisdom ; Insua ; Flanno ; Robinson ; Kelly ; Soto & Fabio(?) not enough for U? lol ..i think Kenny can form a decent defence from those, dont U ? and anyway , IMO..theres not so many Quality defenders out there!! certainly cant see any outstanding players to buy! (better than what we have? i dont see it) .. but some1 is always moaning eh?

    • Terry White agger just cant be trusted, skrtel far to often giving dangerous 3 kicks away, [several times alone last season led to us conceding goals] carra getting to slow cant be expected to play evey game, soto is a total waste of space and flanno & robbo still learning, johnson just cant defend

    • ChriS SmiTH defence has look ok in the last 2 seasons WHEN settled, often disrupted by injuries.. i& in the malaysian game (in spite of the changes) their 3 goals. a) unstoppable free kick, b) fumble by our young goalie (not pepe!) c) 3rd goal was 2 ydas offside..if u are gonna criticise make sure of youyr "FACTS" and u show again Terry u are an armchair expert parrot fashion repeat of tv pundits...who would u buy for our defence..???

    • Terry White ok tell me which of our defenders would get into any of the teams that finished above us last season....if you know anything about footy you will answer none FACT  im sure i have been to many more games than you since 1974 all over eorope
    • CS>behave! (YOU cant even spell it!) ;)

    • Terry White that stumped ya lol

    • ChriS SmiTH if u know anything about footy u would know its notn about individual players... we scored 3 goals against 2 of those defences this who woudl u sign thats better than our squad, come on mr "expert" ?? what wrong terry been sacked by the NOTW or cant u get a job with the s*n or slyTv!?

    • Terry White as an expert lol its not what we do in what have now become our cup finals when we have to lift our game against the bigger sides [those above us] and there were 5 last season, its against the lesser teams that we were punished, just look at the goals against column for the last couple of seasons and there lays the answer, none of our bk 4 would get nowhere near those 5 clubs FACT you are again making yourself look very silly & imature in front of everyone, time to grow up i think

    • ChriS SmiTH well i dont count the period up to jan, when u were in "charge" woy, and when u keep repeating slytv and media BS, then I cant take u "seriously" Terry, u are a big joke ...and if "everyone" gets a smile , i dont mind,..i dont need to prove anything..because typical of a "fan" who moans & complains u dont have any solution better than Kenny..we have played well as a defence other than when key players; Carra & dAgger particularly were missing, since Kenny took over in the games against citeh mancs at home & chelski away we only conceded 3 goals ! .. just like the scum journalists or idiot pundits on slytv u come out with bland & banal opinions but cant back them up ...why should I "grow up" when i enjoy laughing at u so much, i know i told u to go from the other forum, but no, please dont because its so much FUN pulling your BS apart .. ;)

  • Terry White for the sake of you making yourself look even more silly[league table does not lie] and as i prefer to discuss football matters with someone who understands & knows football [which you obviously dont] i think it's best that as a fellow lfc supporter that i dont take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

  • take advantage..come on, tell me and show "everyone" your expertise ..tell us about all those defenders u know that kenny is missing out on..!! ...come on Terry W(rong) be W-right for once in yr life!

  • Terry Whitei asked you a Q which you were unable to answer [which of our defenders would get into the top 4 at this moment in time? and why is kenny trying to sign defenders jones, clichy, enrique etc if he as faith in our defence, im sure kenny, clark, comolli have other targets lined up still, you dont have to be an expert just a little common sense thats all, yet again you show yourself up.
  • ChriS SmiTH    
  • a) just because u ask a question , son, dont ean i have to bother with it,
  • b) i told u that yr arguements are just full of media parrot droppings so u arent a serious contributor..
  • u have no clue as to who Kenny is signing YOU said he was signing sturridge 2 weeks ago! fool!
  • when we won the leagues in te past we dint just sign the most expensive players we also looked for players to bring on..many cost nothing or next to nothingl.,and if defenders had been the priority he would have concentrated on them not on 3 "midfielders" .yep i "showed myself up" ..again..! LMAO...Terry u are pathetic..go bacvk to yr play station.. ;) ///i think maybe Kenny wanted to see how Robbo & Insua performed too ..Kelly can play central..Glen was fine "defendeing" at left back with Kenny not fool hodgson (yr choice) ..Skrtel is ok ..wont be frst choice unless hes at his best , Carra too slow? maybe he isnt fast, but central defenders need to read the game and one position we cant afford to "bed new boys into" is central defence...byt then u would know that if u are an "expert"..

  • defence has look ok in the last 2 seasons WHEN settled, often disrupted by injuries.. i& in the malaysian game (in spite of the changes) their 3 goals. a) unstoppable free kick, b) fumble by our young goalie (not pepe!) c) 3rd goal was 2 ydas offside..if u are gonna criticise make sure of youyr "FACTS"
  • and u show again Terry u are an armchair expert parrot fashion repeat of tv pundits...who would u buy for our defence..??? (in earlier years many of our players in the title winning seasons were not "fancied" Hansen couldnt even get in the scotland team..)
  • u have no clue as to who Kenny is signing YOU said he was signing sturridge 2 weeks ago! fool!
  • Terry White
    chris, your a star, i didnt say he was signing sturridge but i do believe he would be a good addition, i look forward to hearing from you when kenny signs a defender or 2 before the season starts but i best not hold my breath, im still waiting...what a stupid clown you are chris, you consitantly contradict yourself with your political views, you go on about the lust & the greed of wanting to spend yet you claim to support one of the biggest spending comercialised football club in the world, even shanks spent money to get to the top as keeny is doing now let me remind you that he as spent over 100m already in a matter of months so you call him greedy & obscene aswel [hang your head in shame you idiot] rafa spent 229m he to is obscene according to you as were every other manager club as had since shanks, you go on about the liverpool way, well the liverpool way as been to spend lot & lots of money for many a year, cant believe what a dick you have just made yourself look, then again i suppose i can, WHAT A CLOWN .

  • ChriS SmiTH oh, thats sneaky "tel-boy" , waiting until I go to bed then "tackling from behind" ha ha ......u may not be the brightest spark the system ever produced but youve learned how to be a back-stabber with the best of your ilk.. 
  • a) they are nOT political views, you should read what Shanks says about the Liverpool way of "socialism"..& sharing rewards .....(but then why would a tory like U want to do that?) ......... 
  • b) its pretty much obvious that i support the way we SHOULD be & DONT support a "commercial club" - i ARGUE AGAINST every aspect that takes us away from our spirit.....or sells our soul,.. not yr soul bcause R-soles like you SOLD OUT long time ago...(-Torres) c) do the maths NET spend has been about 50 million..your calcultaions come direct from fergie & the slytv book of biased reporting .. 
  • d) Rafa's NET spend was also under 50million, because , thanks to your yanker-capitalist FRAUDS ; (yr buddies) Hicks & Gillet he had to sell s ell before buying.... e) glad i make you laugh tel-boy, but i am sure u would have a lot more fun down the east lancs road with your cockney manc-loving "loads a money" fans
  • .. u have a choice of sly-blue or devil red there .either would suit yOU, and Tel-boy, herever I see your capitalist propaganda I will be the CLown opposing U being a corporate slave & a complete c*nt!!!!! now get back to yr office peckham ;)

has aquilani got something to offer this season?

  • Nabeel Patel
    Think no one has ever doubted his talent..whether he wants to stay with us?
    I would like to see 4-2-1-2-1...
    With Aquilani and Adam sitting deep and sparying it around ..and gerrard behind carroll..with downing on the Left and suarez on right
  • Kevin Gormleylol @ zidane hahahahaha
  • Nabeel PatelHahaha.
  • Nabeel PatelFrom an ashes a Hero will rise...Lucas the destroyer leiva
  • Kevin Gormleylmao.. 1st team on the sheet i'd say. wonder boy ahaha
  • Tom Tit LfcThe thing is,i thought the new culture at Anfield was to have players that wanted to play for the reds,wasnt he desperate not to? Hope youre well Kev
  • Kevin Gormleyhi tom.good to hear from u man. was he not surplus not of his own choice? he looked a lot hungrier yesterday.hard to tell with the standard of opposition yes. premier league a different animal for sure. not a bad option to have tho,goin by accounts of him in italy last year.
  • Tom Tit LfcTrue,he wasnt really given a fair crack of the whip by the previous regime mate,maybe now hes getting used to the new set up at Anfield he'll be happy to stay.Ive always liked the guy n hope he settles in.Exciting times for us reds indeed n i cant wait for the new season to begin now :)
  • James SearsYes Kev. He has! ;o) He will be mustard. In fact Aquilani (written off by many) and Adam (for some reason disliked (£8M FFS) will prove to be big hits is my opinion. £8M For Adam!??!!?!? The guy, with the right guidance, will be a fucking destroyer!!!!
  • Marty DonnellyAquilani's a fookin' heard it here first/second...wee Charles ,on the other hand,will try his guts player I've seen in a long time...and I mean decades....mark my words...he's gonna rip defences to shreds...and we're all gonna love it!!!!!
  • ChriS SmiTH >stop drinking the hooch lad it addles the brains, Adam s a decent player, but best in "decades" ? Marty, stop winding us up better than Stevie ?...anyway if you put aside the english media & xenophobia & whisky madness , despite the weak oposition Aquilanis movement, passing & vision placed him way above anyone else on that malaysian field..was doing ok at end of the previous season , fool hodgson & back-stabbing purslow shipped him out & repaced him with...poulsen, AA fits Kenny's pass & move, sharp in the final third, imagine him & suarez slicing through defences .....I'd play him behind front line and have SG playing the "Alonso role" ..;)

What do you think about the gathering for the start of the season?
In Belgrade. We can call Romanian, Macedonian, Montenegro, Bosnian Reds...and make some party.

well you should do something, but I am tired of saying, they (so called "Lfc fans" in the region of Balkans etc). dont want me involved in organising, but then NOBODY else organises!! its up to you, Luke...and "beware of the dark side" ;)

NO True REd will wear the blue-sh*te shirt (3rd kit) not fooled by sponsors attempting to teach life -long REds history, we ripped the evertonians apart for wearing pink, any "Lfc fan" wearing a shirt with blue on it will likewise get ripped one, so think on, if u dont reverse the kit then there will be problems, such as a bonfire in walton breck road before one of the first home games, with "standard corrupted 2" as the theme!!

madness, is currently our best (fit) midfielder, fool hodgson & purslow wrong to loan him out last season, and to do this now (and at a loss on his purchase price?) completely stupid..beyond words!!

Anup Raundal commented on your post.
Anup wrote "i would love to see him at lfc next season, he is doing very well but i dont think commoli n kenny have any choice... already more than 10 midfielders we have... so meireless or aquilani wll be sold for sure.... but he never really got any chance to prove himself..." 

ChriS SmiTH of course theres a choice , after Stevie hes our most talented current midfielder..

David Moli hit a hat-trick and Adam Morgan grabbed a brace as Liverpool U18s continued their 100 per cent pre-season record with a 7-0 win over Preston on Wednesday afternoon.

 ChriS SmiTHFuTuREds!! ... if we keep the first team door open for the kids..the future is REd!


Shanks family legacy ; Karen

Thursday 21 july? Sclog live?