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Friday, July 15, 2011

11715 "SCLog LIVE" (R-Pool!) ;) (& a "reminder")

15th July, 2011

i LOVE my club like no one does, BUT "the office" is worse than the tv series..never seem able to get it sorted..have to phone (p.s. the foolish didnt like my "6 million fans &supporters funding the new stadium" proposal on Lfctv ! lol, ) ..(extracted);-
    • Frank Carlyle I must admit Chris, I agreed with Brian Read. To ask supporters, no matter how 'Die hard' they are, it would've been a huge 'Struggle' put put the finances in place. That's the 'Big Picture' I'm afraid... Then things would become complicated from the top downwards. Don't forget, these are Americans and they don't understand the 'Psyche' of us mere mortal 'Red' supporters...
    • ChriS SmiTH sorry mate, but its EASY, the problem is this..on one side you have SoS and the diasaterous co-op with SLfc , which then put doubts in ordinary fans mind about their ability to organise funds, (never mind MINE! lol) .. and..on t he other side have yankers who dont REALLY want "US" inside the club...(even if we are ONLY "stakeholder" or shareholders)

    • what I am proposing IS NOT "rocket science" ..and is EASY to organise IF the FUND is PROMOTED within and without LFC board (bored?) itself..with over 6 million registered fans , its only the equivalent of one match ticket.. Frank I used to do these things for a living, I could organise it in my lunch hour, but the WILL is not there at the club..and we just "shrug".......(snip)

Terry White
chris your a joke a hypocrite your a person who pretends to have virtues, morales & principles then probably couldnt survive without the everyday fruits that this capitalist world we live offers you which you take with both hands, i have probably forgot more than you know about our great club, a club i have followed all over the world since 1974 which i believe entitles me to my opinion? you bring very left wing politics into this subject why i dont have clue, also how sad trying to pass me off as a manc again you make yourself look very silly to everyone, if you paid attention more to what was saying about our youngsters that are coming through and kenny will give them a chance as he as proved already, i worshiped shanks & kenny but as for rafa well thats another matter, you spout off your drivell about money in football let me tell you as far back as i can remember MONEY as always run football its just that there is more of it about now which makes me very surprised that an hardened socialist like yourself even follows the game in todays money motivated climate?

glad I made someone laugh, Woy, ;)
you dont know what i have survived, but i'll tell you now, I have survived a coma, losing all my family,and i dont need to detail that..for 
someone as meaningless to me as u are...
i have survived without income, and a serious conflict with a fascist government, and I have survived bullsh*te robbing capitalists
like your heroes ; Hicks & co..
ha ha ...YOU are the HYPOCRIT , because you banged the drum ON THIS FORUM of "darwin" and capitalist bulls*te propaganda,and your soul-less "dont care about the needy"

well maybe karma will get you too, one day when U are needy.... , "probably" this BS is fed to you by other yankers,
so maybe its not your fault that u are SELL the POLITICS OF GREED and "money is the only answer" well "pal" it AINT!
If you fill the sqaud with "expensive journeymen" the youth WONT get a chance, and even your darling Henry sees that
kids are our future in a world where your capitalist empires are crumblings as people once again realise they have a voice
when tories, fascists and media moguls F*ck with y-our lives
you "worship" Shanks & Kenny...thats a big Joke !! everything you say goes against the principles of these 2 great men, both whop came from SOCIALIST
families and instill socialist values in the communities , as they served the NEEDY .. you insult them
with your capitalist propaganda..(you wrote "Modern business is Darwinism in practice, The weak, the needy, the hesitant and the delusional all get swallowed up.")
Football is a SOCIAL game, have you ever played it?
one thing you wrote above which is absolutely DONT have a clue!

    p.s (Now ..talking of "Left Wingers" ………………………………..) ;)

    Liverpool FC tonight announced they had agreed a fee with Aston Villa for the transfer of Stuart Downing.

    • Nigel S. S I'm still not sold on Downing as the answer... but what do I know.
      (not much, it seems?)
    • ChriS SmiTH which answer? ;) still awaiting completion of medical/personal terms
      3 hours ago·Like
    • Nigel S. S The answer to our width problems on the left... sure he's pacy, but would have preferred someone with a bit more versatility to his game. His left-footer crosses are ideal for an Andy Carroll, but on the days when that's not clicking (or Carroll's out)... what else can he bring?

    ChriS SmiTH ask Kenny, if hes happy then I 'll go with it, until ptherwise is proven..ppl go on about width, but we murdered fulham and birmingham with no "wingers"
    (we also battered Man U & Citeh 3-0 and won @ Chelski, THIS year without traditonal "wingers" but we have plenty of "whingers" Amongst impatient fans who swallow th e Tv pundits "lobby" for english players..)

      Adam's Debut..

       first Friendly against Chinese club..

       Liverpool 4 Poulsen, Ngog, Coady, Carroll.. (2 extra time goals by the home team makes the result "respectable" but apart from a bit of sloppy defensive play at the end of each half, when the lads were probably a bit "tired" REdS never really in trouble..
       (I could have bet that Mark Wright would have a go at Aquilani!) ChriS SmiTH

      Asian Training pics etc

      (left)  the 11-12 "reserve team" ?

      Malaysian RedS greet the squad...;)

      Mu fan..made a "mistake" , going in the malaysian Reds support..

      Roger, great player, unselfish and had great abilities to score with both feet or his head, tireless worked for the team, for a long while was record goal scorer.. the great 8.

      Liverpool - Roger Hunt was a hero for club and country

      Fear or FUN?
      i get your point except the title of the article gives the opposite impression to how i perceive it, Kenny is not thinking about making the opposition scared, as much as he has re-introduced a "FUN factor" players seem to be enjoying the game and playing footy ball as a team , 

      liking each other and supporting their RED mates as the game should be played" Kenny has the confidence and positivity in his own mentality to spread that throughotu the squad..his positive energy comes through whether in press interview, @ melwood or in games themselves ...keeping his motivation positive means the opposition will ANYway worry about us , I think one of the "moments" of last season was when he was joking with young Jack Robinson before sending him on @ the emirates… 
      DO NOT WEAR BLUE ..!!!!!! WE ARE  REdS

      Seán Ó C> NOT ->
      So Aquilani is staying, and so is Raul... we have a great central midfield and with Downing coming in, we are on our way to resolving our wingers problem. Would be good to see Juan Mata, Adam Johnson and a striker or two come in along with a left back , yeah well all for giving the young players a chance

      • ChriS SmiTH > Sean, IF (as i hope) Aqua & Rauil & Insua are both staying , (its seems cole & co are going) just look at the squad add a fit (pray) Stevie and dAgger.. plus Jono, Spearing, Kelly, Flanno, Robinson Coady & Wisdom, we have enough players with a nice mixture of experience and youthto complete in all the domestic competitions.. looking at our rivals, i dont see anything to match us..not it terms of quality and mentality..because we have Kenny & co behind them..we need a bit of luck, as all teams do, to avoid injuries to key players, but that said..i am VERRRRRRRY optimistic on the field... as for the "office" ..well YOU know....
        Glad YOU agree, Stevie G!! ;)



      Campaign v News internarional 
      (murdoch SLY tv & the S*


      wanted.....a Girl Friday… ;) 

       and a "reminder" in case things DONT start well and the (fx6) "feeble fickle frantic fast food fans" start getting on players or Kenny's back, a reminder of what YOU did to a great opportunity and a great LFC man 2 years ago...

      RED opportunity must not be allowed to be ruined by "spoilers"...

      Since the semi finals of the then European CUP in Milan in '65 when we had our very good chances to be the VERY first British winners of that "Champions cup" denied by corruption. I have felt we are always going to be involved in extreme emotional times both ecstatic & tragic.

      and also during the various generations and teams that we have had in the last 50 years we have fought back against adversity and opponents within & without.

      Even Shanks (in his book "Shankly by Shankly" ) complains that eventually fighting constantly to get his way too away his energy & whatever his "funny ways" (and if the media today  think Rafa is eccentric, they would have wiped out by Shanks exclamations) the man that established us as a global force surely deserved a better treatment by LFC...

      &....Even King Kenny, arguably the best player to ever put on the shirt and certainly the best player-manager in the history of the Football league complained of unwarranted criticism during his time as manager, despite the immense contribution he & his family  made to LFC & the community post-Hillsborough.

      Souness, arguably one of our best players, whatever your opinion of his mistakes as a manager, had a heart attack, & GH, who prior to Rafa had given us our best success since Kenny, was virtually crucified for his substitutions at Leverkusen after his return from absence caused by his heart attack, when I see the unwarranted attack on Rafa, who has put us in our best position overall since Kenny resigned & certainly capable of bringing us our best chances of a return to Domestic and European glory since Bob & Joe, it quite simply makes me sick!

      Some "fans" born of this "fast food" & "instant entertainment" generation could possibly be excused for their lack of patience (after 4 draws, 2 away & 2 Deby games, lets not forget that the mancs LOST both of their derby games last season!) but its surely up to us, who were part of the legend of the standing KOP, on which this forum is based, to make it clear that such pessimism is unwarranted and UNWANTED at LIVERPOOL football club.

      The Media has written us off, our captain pilloried by the same & opponents fans ridicicule him, our players scorned by the FA & our supporters tainted by UEFA, the KOPITE mentality I feel is the essence of our "holy trinity" of Supporters, players & manager is to rallly the "troops" around our Liverbird defend ourselves and show WE are deserve to be champion supporters.but,  If there are to be inquests, at least have the respect to wait until there is a a "dead body" ...otherwise WE are guilty of football suicide & losing this opportunity...

      over to you Rafa...
      RAFA: WE HAVE A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY  Paul Eaton 30 January 2009

      Rafael Benitez has shrugged off his side's recent indifferent form by insisting they still have a 'fantastic opportunity' to claim this season's title.
      Although three successive league draws have seen the Reds relinquish top spot to rivals Manchester United, the manager remains confident his players will soon rediscover the winning habit and keep in the hunt to end their long wait for a league title.
      "The players know that, after a lot of years talking about being contenders, this is a fantastic opportunity so they are really together and you can see the mentality of all of them," he said. "The training sessions over the past two weeks have been very good.
      "This season, from the beginning we were so good, we were scoring goals and winning games and everyone could see that it was an opportunity for us.
      "People were saying, 'Maybe it'll be this year' so we have created a lot of the expectation ourselves. But we are still in this position so everybody knows that we have to do our best.
      "Clearly we have to improve in attack. We have plenty of control and plenty of possession, but we have to create chances and take them. This is one area we can clearly improve on and we are trying to improve.

      "We are in the best position that the team or club has been in for the last 15 years or something so we have to be positive and think about the positives, concentrate on Chelsea."

       thanks to all those (Armand, Lisa etc) whose artwork is appreciated!

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