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Monday, July 18, 2011

11718 (still...A..) LIVE - R - POOL (despite the BUG-ers!!)

Yeah, your REDAlieN IS still "at it" despite having to de bug, re-install (again) and declare another Universal Conflict on the C 1/a 0 "BUG*ERS" ...thats what they ARE ; BuG*ERS! in every sense, vilification is their name & their SICK "game" 
...never mind the (S-trek) "BORG" ...these semi-zombie-robotic thugs are pathetic, BUT ....I KNOW I am succeeding the MORE they try to stop me !!!!!!!! ha ha ha ...stick them apples up your jack....

BUT , maybe a T.A.N can cheer me the meantime 

...I am a REd 

..the "Global REdS" club which is more than football, its a culture of its own, a global Family beyond comparison, we alwaysb supported each other worldwide.. 

and the yankers mess with that!!


Rampant U18s hit eight - Liverpool FC

Adam Morgan scored a fantastic double as a rampant Liverpool U18s beat Stevenage Borough 8-0 at the Academy in a pre-season friendly on Saturday afternoon.

  • Robert Alan R > They are the future, talent galore!

  • REd> if fans can be patient and avoid filling the squad with expensive "stars" we can bring a lot of these players through and have a squad to dominate fior the next decade, anotherREdS dynasty in tha making

Aquilani, proving the "TV footy experts" wrong again..if he was english they would be creaming about him, hypocrits! ok, was a friendly against a malaysian select team, but he still looked well ahead of anyone else there on the park, better by far than Adam or Raul.. but of course Rafa signed him so "the english player lobby" wont admit it...

  • Marie > Naturally Chris.......what else would you expect. Hodgson the twat should never have loaned him out.

  • ChriS> yeah and woy shd never have been made manager.. i am just fed up the bias of ex-players (like M. Wright (wrong)) ..forgive Adam for taking time settling in , yet stated Alberto in the first friendly, then are reluctant to credit him when he was by far the best player of anyone on the field yesterday.. 

Maria B> he set up the goals, was class act and so intelligent in picking out quality passes

Aide Zizoue > ya aquilani rules the games he good in center midfield

.ChriS>  IMO he would be perfect in that advanced central midfield position, behind the striker . i'd tend to move SG to either the right or have him play the old Alonso "playmaker" role..>

  • - Aquilani ; ruled the 2nd half set up every one of the 5 goaLs, did YOU see that mark wright?, and hes NOT english…wow! 

.. the much criticised Insua reminding us of his attacking abilities (never in doubt by me) with crosses from the LEFT i ntot he box,...once again the "tv pundits" proven WRONG! 

Marie B>If he stays he should thrive in Kenny's set up.

  •  ChriS >for me AA was starting to look the part at the end of the previous season, and no wonder he wasnt "over-enthusiastic" to come back to this club when he (as several foreign players ) was virtually excluded from consideration after Rafa was forced out, lot of silly fans bought into the Aquilani isnt up to it" BS! ..

Anwar KopsLiv>

LadIES & GenTLEMAN frOM ThE REDS was absolutely 1 UnfORGeTtAble+ FantasTIC+UnBelievaBLE AtmospHeRE oveR hERE in BkT JaLIL StadIUM,KL laST Night..The RED FaNS hAs CONquerED, SiNG ALonG The ANThEM@YNWA and Has SHOWN to aLL OveR ThE WorLD thAT wE ARe "TRUE FANS" from AsIA and Top OF aLL, ThE ShankLY SPIrITS are wITH US as LOnG As It TaKES..StaY SafE&SmILe AlwAyS..In KiNG KeNNY,We BeLIeVE..ThIS Is AnFIeLD!!...

Im really sorry about all this situation.. I ve asked my friend to play every week with his team against us... He ll told me on monday.. He have to ask them.. But, They re playing at least once a week so maybe we can agree a weekly match with them.. It seems to be ok ;) i hope so.. Tommorow we cant play :( and i understand you very well, don t worry.. I m nervous too.. We cant find f**king team to play against.. Like we re searching for 11 players with 7 subbs.. Fuck.. And i again must call the man to cancel match.. 
. I really hope my friend will agree a weekly match with his team.. P.s. Call fabricio and anton to play every week if they can.. Team is stronger with them.. We can make a team anytime, ita not a problem.. Just have not to play agaisnt someone.. I ll inform you about this when my friend call me.. 
REd> I sympathise with Ugl. his Montenegrin "friends" * are unreliable too..! (Ugl recently had a LiverBird tattoo on his back! :) )

Kenny's Selections; 

  • Nigel S. S> Nah, I didn't forget our record against the top three... but everyone's improving (save for maybe Arsenal) and we obviously still had some tinkering to do. I won't play down the need to spread the field a little, and if Downing can do that for us then terrific.

  • ChriS SmiTH hope so, trust Kenny, 

    who is "improving" ? Citech are buying, but that dont make them champions (necessariliy) 3 have 3 major signings..on topof a squad that beat 3 of the top 4 this year, etc..anyway..enjoy the coming season, it wont be boring...whatever happens! ;)

  • Nigel S. S> Indeed Chris!

  • Naira A> people are obsesses with Carroll, Suarez is the striker to watch for- Luis will score- so let's just watch out for them to come! King Kenny knows what he is doing- bringing someone on the left is important. I will just trust him to do his thing (KK). I am worried we are not getting anyone additional in defense I think we need some help there but otherwise- I think we are well set for the season- bring on the TITLE

  • ChriS SmiTH Defenders; Johnson, dAgger ; Skrtel; Carra; Ayala ; Wisdom ; Insua ; Flanno ; Robinson ; Kelly ; Soto & Fabio(?) not enough for U? lol ..i think Kenny can form a decent defence from those, dont U ? and anyway , IMO..theres not so many Quality defenders out there!! certainly cant see any outstanding players to buy! (better than what we have? i dont see it)​/latest-news/adam-off-the-mark​-in-reds-win

    - Aquilani ; ruled the 2nd half set up every one of the 5 goaLs, did YOU see that mark wright?,and hes NOT english…wow! and the much criticised Insua reminding us of his attacking abilities (never in doubt by me) with crosses from the LEFT i ntot he box,...oce again the "tv pundits" proven WRONG! ;)

                                                                                                                                    • MMarie B> Well Said Chris


  • Nigel S. S> I hope Aquilani's play carries over... he would be fantastic if he could contribute as originally envisioned.
  • Charlie Adam scored his first Liverpool goal as the Reds recorded a 6-3 victory over a Malaysia XI in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.
        • Naira A>
          what's up with this obsession with English Payers. I say if you wear LFC Jersey and you play well it does not matter where you are from. And I do think that Suarez is going to be a big player- bigger than Carroll so I do want BOTh of them score a lot. Aquilani was brilliant, and I do think Raul is strong player so I hope they won't have to compete too much for the same spot unless of course it will make them play better and stronger- then bring it on.

      • ChriS SmiTH agreed, there arent so many quality players to buy, so lets keep the best we have, I feel AA is suited to the "between the lines" role just behidn the attack, Stevie can player either Right or the "playmaking role" of Alonso , hitting those 40/50 yard passes and shooting from distance..

  • this guy provoked liverpool fans first by keep showing off his MU jersey  


  • Nigel S. S> lol... owned!
    Greg F> The guy is scarred for life! What a donut!
    Naira A> they were actually nice about it- man, wear the right jersey!

    ChriS SmiTH > yeah I think our REdS were pretty fair, cant imagine the scum being that nice to one of ours, reminds me of "51 state" lol ;) 

    SOME DEEP discussion & ACTION by GlObal REdS (u.r.s.u.n.)
     required on the following subjects..too?

    CS>UEFA, FIFA, FA etc corruption & waste WE have to take back OUR game & protect OUR club.....

    a) UEFA & citeh BullSh*te!!

                                b) (from well Red .............) "

     - Don Draper, Mad Men
    "If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation". 

    Once upon a time I lived and worked in Brussels. It was a good old time, and I could tell you a story or two (but it's maybe best I don't). Happy memories in all but one respect - my mate, flatmate, and landlord. He was a Manc.                             

    This was in 2003. At that time, things were a little different - they were sat on "14" and "2". But it never stopped the mouthy big bastard - any lull in a conversation and he was like a rat up a drainpipe. "It's simply a matter of patience and time big man - patience and time." And when Van Nistelrooy skipped round Martin Keown and out of sight at Highbury, well, that was 15 and counting. Lord have mercy did the cock crow - like Foghorn Leghorn on speed bombs.                             

    Even then, though - 2001 was fresh in the mind, and but a few weeks before I'd had the pleasure of sharing the Worthington Cup final with him in the local Irish boozer. We might have faltered a little - we finished fifth that season - but with the right investment in the right areas, you better believe next year could be our year. I mean, look at our spine? Dudek's a genuine top tier keeper. The back four? It's rock solid. And we might lack a little depth, but any side with a Gerrard and an Owen to build upon just needs a tweak here and there to mount a challenge.                             

    Oh, the laughing landlord. "Don't be so sure of yourself", I'd say. "Oh I can barely sleep at night" he'd retort. Back and forth, back and forth. Always with the back chat from the Manc Bookyak. What he fails to realise is that he should know his place and do what he's told. You see, he can take the piss every year (and he does) and gloat about every trophy that they add (and he will), but deep down inside he'll always have an itch that he just can't scratch. Karma dudes. It's a funny thang.                             

    You see, it doesn't matter what anyone says - least of all a Manc. The feeling's still going to be there at the same times every year, right in the pit of our guts - a constant spinning cocktail of yearning, expectation, certainty and resignation, never ending, like some gyroscopic permatumbling vertigo half a foot above your bits and bobs. It's an old friend. When it isn't there, (and for me it took a holiday last year), it all feels wrong somehow. I mean, even when a tilt at the league doesn't seem strictly feasible, isn't it only right that we somehow expect to win it? Or at least some sense of raving unreasonable hope? Isn't it the psychic superstructure of our collective raving lunacy and unreasonable expectation that sustains our club's status as one of the true greats of the global game?                             
    I honestly believe it is. And everyone knows it. The Mancs all but secured number 19 the other week, but their massed ranks still couldn't stop singing about the Scousers. Why was that? "It's simply a matter of patience and time big man - patience and time." as someone once said. Once upon a time, you see, in the days before football was invented in 1994, Manchester United went 26 years without winning a single league title. How did that happen? Well, in the 1960s, just along the road, the 'other' club got its act together, and appointed the right management team, and quietly put a dynastic plan in place that turned them into a trophy winning juggernaut. Meanwhile the Mancs mislaid their own standards - so it was inevitable that they'd need a few decades to hit rock bottom and finally get their act together again.                             

    And so the world turns once more. They might stretch "19" to "21" or "22", who knows? (It's unlikely they'll stretch "2" to "4" in my book, but we'll see). But it's irrelevant. We've already taken massive strides to putting the new and improved version of our plan in place. It might not be perfect in every respect (ahem, Lebron anyone?), but thus far things look promising.                            

    We've already proven ourselves capable of beating all comers from the top echelon. All we need to do is add the right machinery - the lasers, wrecking balls and safe pickers - to help dismantle each and every parked bus set in front of us home and away. The blueprint for our game is baked in from root to fruit. Meanwhile, while ours have long since disappeared penniless into the sunset, they're still hamstrung by their own peculiar set of American parasites. Their squad continues to age, and with every passing year they're forced to take bigger gambles in the transfer market. And last but not least, their manager's no spring chicken. Lose him, and they lose their standard bearer - and we all know what happens when your standards are mislaid.                             

    So it's time to take Don Draper's advce and change the conversation. I fully expect the phone to buzz again in a few days' time with the usual opening salvo. But guess what? I know that as he celebrates, deep down he's soiling his Nike-branded pantyhose. And I'm going to casually feed the roots of those fears, and more and more I'm going to enjoy tormenting him back. The way I see it, the world will turn, and his club's gonna fall foul of the great karmic balancing act that is life.                             

    I'm changing the conversation.

    C) supporting grass routes initiatives..

    If anyone is interested, please contact captain turdseye

    I was asked to put this on Rawk because it seems like he is struggling to find more people to join the teams.  

    Unofficial 5-a-side tournament in aid of the HJC
    Some of you may have noticed, me and the fantastic JimMM are currently locked in a battle to become the champion of the mighty GF for 2011. The challenge is to raise as much money as possible for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.
    GF Championship Final
    I planned to arrange a small 5-a-side tournament with the lads from work to raise a few quid for the cause, charging £10 per man. However, after visiting the HJC shop on friday morning and meeting Gerry, a sound fella, to ask for some more fund raising suggestions, I've decided to expand the tournament and try to make it a bit of an event.
    When I mentioned the footie aspect, Gerry showed interest in coming down to sell badges, scarves, etc. If that's to happen, I'm going to need a few more teams and to drum up a bit of a crowd to help him shift some merchandise.
    I reckon I've got 6-8 teams from work nailed on to take part. Two of my mates have promised to bring teams, and I'm meeting my uncle tomorrow, who works at Jaguar in Halewood, to outline my plans and get him to get some lads together.
    Do any forumites want to take part? It'll be held in Speke on sunday 31st of this month, £10 per man. If you want to bring a team of your mates down, or even join forces as one mighty TLW team, you're more than welcome. It's all for a fantastic cause.
    I'd just like to add, if anyone with a business would like to sponsor the tournament to help with payment for the pitch rental (I'm meeting the manager of the site on monday to try and get the price down), some bibs and maybe a small shield for the winners. Also any volunteers to be a referee on the day.
    Any other donations/sponsors of a TLW team would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: to contact him, his email address is  


    wanted.....a Girl Friday… ;) 

    and as if YOU need to be told...we dont worry about having only several million fans worldwide and dont care ...about this..."official" translates = FALSIFIED!

    MORE "offcial" BS....
    Rolf Lfc Watson 17 July 11:16
    The official most liked football team in the WorldWe have researched the Football teams which have the biggest following on Facebook.

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