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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

and now for something,...different, Star wars ,,Kloppites and .."Monty"?

I know full well, that many of these go way over your head,  or down the drain, in your bin

..or somewhere else .. :)  

and have often said that I write these for me, (or perhaps my estannged children) because of my cynical form of optimism.. .. I believe the impossible, and doubt if any readers are allowed, due to the madness of the "human race" to have time to absorb, let alone APPLY, what i propose....

None of my LOgs are purely about one subject, this LOg is based on football related society, however thisb"beautiful game" has been such a vital part of my life , and affect
 billions of people that obviously (?) many aspects of  life in general are involved and compared to..

two "sagas" intensified  recently...  The "Star Wars" dynasty (and a tv programme that compared Lucas's productions to myth and legends... 


"Monty" (python) ....which just happens to be the "nickname" I give to CRNE GORE (recently given the "latin translation" of Black mountain. ..for international marketing...)
c urrently  known as MONTENEGRO 

Add to this, that my once mighty and beloved football club LIVERPOOL have employed .. JURGEN KLOPP....
take his initials.... J K .... and add o & e = J(o)K(e)r?
the TV cameras love showing his comical expressions as Lfc struggle ... and the y do struggle.
..not because of Klopp, and when some fan nies hold up scarves calling him "King of the KOP" a Shankly boy, I shudder...I am NOT a KLOPPITE... and I try to surpress something just short of disgust inme, when I see "teutonic" scrawl on banners at the "Liverpool end" of a stadium... too many of our parents rememebr what was done to the world by armies and such carrying  those letters...on their merciless flags.

"Star Wars"

f.s.g. , John Henry and the INFESTORS and "sponsors" of Lfc, and all the corporates that make it FAR  too expensive for a working class father to support what was once OUR CLUB, ARE the EMPIRE  and the "Empire" is the US driven "New World ORdER" fascism .. and yet when I see HONEST rebellion  , I know I am not alone and there are still some signs of REBELLION in this relation to the films, it feels as IF I am situated somewhere between "the Empire strikes back"


 recently the opposition to the blatantly corrupt and biased government of the last 30 odd years has risen to protest levels , with rioting and attacks on the police who block off several streets near the maSSia president..... its clear that the end is nigh when ordinary middle aged men of this "careless" casual, almost latin "manyana" people, get on my bus to go to a protest  on a saturday evening,..and many thousans are prepared to stay in the capital city centre all night risk of injury or arrest,...
Yes, "The Democratic front are revolting".....and whilst I reach part of my first mission target here, (to wake people up), my sense of humour takes over,.. I am in "Monty" mode,  and recall scenes from pythons... "Life of Brian" ... ( )
also SEE (CS diary for members only) and TEXT AT   ...ITS GETTING HEAVY HERE 2 ,,,
pics of "Monty" protests,, (Podgorica)

BE REd , not dead...

When I first played football and supported "the REdS".. ...........

 ....the Manager, and my "mentor" : Bill Shankly : instilled a form of socialism that fits the "code" of the rebellion in Star Wars, and the "peoples republic" betrayed by socviets and capitalists,... 

whilst the chinese enforced a controlled state dictatorship so far from true socialism.  As Shanks put it..." nothing to do with politics, to work together, and share the rewards" ...thats a GOOD team, and thats a good COMMUNity... its not a politic,. because politicians...on either side, ALWAYS take something good and pervert it for selfish reasons...even if they didnt know it..?
YOU WILL feel GOOD when you give , in a good way....

a cable tv promotion last night promoted a TV series called "the walking dead" well.. the absence of enthusiasm amongst "cool people" makes me think you are all playing this role..?

Bill Shankly, ("Shanks") amongst so many things, created "the Anfield bootroom" where he and his training staff, and sometimes opposition managers,  would sit and talk about football and life in simple terms.. it was said when Shanks, Matt Busby  (then manager of Man Utd) and the Celtic manager Jock Stein talked about football, a 5 year old could understand,

.. and thats how it should be... people complicate football and complicate life, ...and now, "fan nies" and "experts"  make themselves seem important duting their complicated ANAL ysis..

/... BOOTROOM OPINION and more...

it takes "courage" to state own opinion these days..

Opinion from Evita Torini (gets "attacked" by fan nies..
Evita Torini > that's not a scoda, sorry and as I am not a fortune teller Klopp IS not a good mechanic and he will never make RED. that's my private opinion
Debi Manford >Thank fook it's ur opinion & no-one elses!!! The mans been in charge for 3 games, is/was one of the most in demand managers in football but hey Evita knows better!! Please! Do me a favour!!! Think he'll make more of a red than u ever will! Btw, is that you on ur cover pic?
Martysa Huntington> The liverpool players are all overrated by the liverpool fans. In reality, theyre just below average and cannot penetrate a defensive line. What can Klopp do about this?
Patti Ormond > Evita have you got another account ? Martysa sounds a lot like you and she is slagging Liverpool off as well I'm afraid you and by that I mean the two of you haven't got a clue about football if you think Klopp is rubbish ....look him up and do your research ...I won't be commenting on this thread again because you are really quiet boring in your opinion curb that temper of yours Evita I've seen the other side of you when it comes to Muslims your a nasty piece of work arnt you sweety and please don't comment from another account we all know your fake
ChRiSmith > Evita, u are not alone, 
too many fan nies just accept what pundits and media claim... 
and dont have their own opinon, Lfc have been mis-managed since a long time, and the fan base is worse and worse..u are not allowed to stand u and say anything against "the f s g empire" and they (after G & H) are the main cause ,,but i blame the fan nies too ... I am not a Kloppite, nor did I like Brent for the same reason that henry employed them both, 
BR won nothing before Lfc and Klopp has only won  the Bundesliga, a 2nd rate league.
. and the yan kers let Rafa go who has won almost everything...!! 
yes the "most intelligent supporters in the world " is no longer true!


IF the "democratic front" cares about people other than just its "own" , open the frontiers of MNE and let the migrants fill the empty hotels, hostels and houses here during this winter,,,. ?? and they could actually bring a positive element to this biased region??

saturday morning, sunny in Dg, but those "darkness people"  still block the net at "Obala" caffe.. so u idiots punish a small business? 

 ....pathetic little perverts in the "agencies" ... spying on my communcations, 
in caffe Kordoba, (liked the waiters t-shirt..but could not use their password!) at "mafffffia cebtral" and "they " are reading I read a facebook greeting "good morning Christopher" as I opened this profile, I would be more impressed if facebook stopped blocking and censoring the TRUTH about the "new world order" and your responsibility for it..
if u dont like your life...improve ....

we are building a football and social club for you and the community..please remember this...IF u are lucky enough to be at the start..!  of anything this "dead commercial NWO"
INaTEAM; Play Beautiful football in the Wild
72 Members

 the caffe where I use the net was cut off, another "coincidence".. s0,  i went to watch our SSiro kids play their first match, they lost the game narrowly 1-2 against a club from Danilovgrad (where I am also based!) who played together since years..
the "understanding" was evident, the "away" winners knew each other,..a  confidence built on trust, and this morning as I reflect on  "TRUST" and the "opposition to MY mission"

here and anywhere, I wanted to contact a potential partner, that night, calls unanswered,and when I was in Pg, via the net, but THAT caffe was alsoclosed,,,I HAVE TO SMILE ...YES,  I am alone,here, but not alone in the UNIVERSE, as I know MY motives... are GOOD!
in the last 5 years, every time i started to form a "relationship" .. 

... ... whether it be a basic friendship, OR, to start a club, OR, a new initiative OR, some thing more "intimate" or found a "girl friday" or make an "event" OR, even a "team-mate"
OR found a potential "project partner"...
  or any form of co-operation, I have been amazed and sometimes even "ironicly amused" that "dark people" have diverted or distracted the "other person(s)".. sometimes they have been obstructed, OR, sometimes offered (and given) new jobs or promoted,
sometimes their client base has suddenly and dramatucally increased,,,("i am too busy to reply" in a week of at least 600 minutes is unacceptable...)
so, I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND..IF/when I am told that promises to meet, OR keep in touch are not going to be respected.. because YOU are "busy" will understand i react with a "deja vu" shrug".. and doubt your priorities,, as none of the alternatives will be as GOOD! :)
for U/ME too..... ;
...and the same lessons in Football as in life; support the weak, (BE HUMAN) and keep fighting for your team!! (community) 
2 finger salute to the enemy, whoever or wherever u are, within or without ! :)
..I see all these people on Fb, with nice poems and projects , but its a pretty sweet form of mASS debate tion...! :p
 unless you DO it, it means little except to satisfy yourself...

CRS>.."really??? it would take some of them 10,000 years!,,(to "get it") ,, ha ha..thats MY "curse",,got to go ON,,
until either the zang is found or I become ONE :)
sitting at Gal i ja  also known as "quan, or kwan, or quaan" smile 

the polish sheeple vote for a fascist government, ..have they forgotten already.. whilst people all over the world swallow the media BS , with fears and threats,.. and ignore the OBVIOUS that the ones who fill your heads with fear are the ones that funded the "enemy"....

seepic of US Prezzie Reagan with (then they called them "Afghan freedom fighters"  and ..armed them... and now blame "ISIS" ..for using the weapons the C 1 A trained them to...

Hi Chris , 
i have some projects and need to finish , and i have so many cilient for massages. I  thought  this weekend saw with you but I have a job for the weekend. I hope to finish all the obligations that have taken a lot of time and I'll be able to arrange to talk about everything.

This is a day for good news, particularly regarding the home. ...?


mel (see CRS) birthday wish..
(the happiest people make the best of everything)
Birthday poem for Mel 

" When Positive you make HEAVEN, not hell
you have now more experiences to tell
Happy that U both could see
some of the wildly beautiful country of ME :)
I have empathy with the social struggle 
where you live:
remind them Sociial is not to take 
but to GIVE. dont be a "div" :)
wishing u all what u deserve, Have a great time today and forever
and come back ("to the future") soon! :)

message for 
Dax, the time is getting near for U, @ ME :)

Lucky?> Hi, I'm good, with too much things to do in Ivry, but ok. When i could i will sent you a longest mail for explain to you what i do... Take care. Kiss
CRS>of course I can survive alone, but i felt sad that U didnt keep promised contact... email (and cc and I MIGHT get emoticon x
L>So sorry. Things are not going like i thought and would... But i still want come back ! Now i have no visibility so i cannot say something
CRS> this is your "explanation" ?? LUc1A, if u respect me, read this.. (last log today!) if its not blocked..things are expanding quick, and i need a partner, or chances will be gone, (carefully...!) we already missed a lot..! if u TRUST me???

I have worked on the Clubhouse / "as consul" ... will it be ....

film "Land & freedom" (another raw Ken Loach film...he is so good at these) story of a scouser during the time of the anti-Franco revolution..something similar going on in Pg last night, problem is, back then and now, the 
"opposition" gets confused by selfish forces and the courageous suffer from fools.....
thats an excuse for the sheeple to stay in the fascist "comfort zone" of commercialized life.
another film i saw at the weekend ("Moon") reminds us also how "business" and politicians may use human life

and discard human life, like an empty packet of ciggies,,,,but its YOU, the "ordinary person"
who let it happen, if you dont value every day of your life, why should "they" ???
music: chain of fools, (different meaning,,,but the "weak link" are the traitors of each community (or relationship)

 lines from "The Day Is Coming",a poem by William Morris.
    "Join in the battle wherein no man can fail,
    For whoso fadeth and dieth, yet his deed shall still prevail."
Gem> Monday, Oct 19, 2015
CRS> its such irony.. how people adopt animals because humans cant show empathy and care for each other!

dont adopt a pet, care for a human being.. an orphan>?? or homeless? or migrant?
 (and the same lessons in footy as in life; support the weak, and keep fighting for your team!!) 

match report,
 another 60 minutes against a stronger
"Dejans SSiro home team"  ..our Goalie Balsa(!) .. was sound,,, I was "made up" that my knee held up
and i could move well, although I (again) missed my only chance on goal.. we attacked well, but their team were stronger than last week, The "most improved player was Filip!!! , Dusko scored, as did Bojan and Goran, but all three often lost possesion, and did NOT "tackle back".. again leaving me and goalie  with 2 or 3 or even 4 attackers (sometimes i was running around as a headless chicken..we narrowly lost the game at the end, but didnt deserve to win,boys need to play better than they talk, too much 2chat" our opponents know how to use the passing .. WE CAN DO BETTER! had a social dinner at the "stadium" ((SSiro Spuz) ..thanks to "big mama Raika">?)
- when you lose the ball , dont "give up" back and keep tacking...
- do NOT blame the other players, we are a TEAM, win or lose with dignity...
- the BEST winning teams are built on a strong defence..

we are the club...

pic: Goran pre match, good talent, but needs to " chase back" when the ball is lost...!

kids trained today ; 16-17h..
then "Inat TEAM" (EuREd) at 18h ,,, team meet 17,30 at Sp00s
drinks and snacks for members after!
"beware the dark side " Mari 
 it will make you BUSY with material things and you will miss the chance again to BE
...if u dont communicate with ME!

CRS> ???? "dust bunnies" 
...whats up Doc? (their "Bugs"!! ha ha ..)  well I am online, so maybe the "borg" are asleep! :)
CRS> "there is a Fox cable tv prog "the walking dead" I look at the inhabitants of this planet I am tempted to laugh at the irony..."
I am an UNapologetic supporter of "Star wars" the launch in may 1977 was in the same week that we won the European Champions CUP, I was considering going to "caffe berlin" to listen to danilo (Dj) and see if a dancer was there, but "something" kept me "at home" so I watched the original and empire strikes back.. so many comparisons with the "empire" and the system with its fear and greed and violence to keep YOU "in order" ... how many sheeple just follow it, in their "comfort zone" contribute to the destruction of life, directly (in war) and indirectly by paying taxes to your governments who pollute the air, water, land , food and minds of your children,,,"Rebellion" requires some courage, but better a short life of GOOD than a long one of a cheat and a COWARD! ..YES I am talking to YOU, all of you! .. the hypocracy of the "new world order" (as MNE put up posters all arounf to "market NATO") was reflected as I "zapped" TV channels after the above films ended , I saw that "Rambo 3" was playing, and how he was sitting empathizing with "Afghan Rebels" (and there are pics taken of President Reagan with them in the white house) at the time the film wa s made, the Yankers were supporting the mu ja hid een ... ..
but of course after the soviet collapse the NWO needed a new enemy to justify the "WAR biz" .. and decided IS LA M is the "new enemy" of "God blessed America" ... beware the dark side....the lies you perpetrate, here in Dg, or there , in Washington, or anywhere, will destroy..YOU!
btw , from the Stars, there are no frontiers..

REd Mission; the TRULY FREE CONfederate state of "Monty" - without frontiers..


Birthday greetings Patricia  , 

I dont send roses to you
Tulips will have to do! :)
I am reminded when I see your name
of good times here, hope u feel the same

Hope that U make a good lfe

dont be a typical wife
enjoy the day, be consequent
open your eyes and heart to see

:) Chris>
and happy birthday from:              
MMiss>"I am on meeting call you later"
CRS>I realise u are always "busy" if we continue a "relationship"
 my intention is to "free up" and maximise the time u spend,  as u may feel that my communications are not important or urgent,
 i ask you, this time, to remember that my mentality requires a "response" 
.. we need to start , this time, as we wish to continue,  
and i hope its a matter, having failed twice before" to make a positive synergy
 .. but simple things like communication are very important to me,
 even if u make a broed (brief) reply , it costs only one minute of your time..
 I hope u understand...
gem>Saturday, Oct 17, 2015
CRS?> carpe diem, ? hmmm .. its a grey and misty morning, (at not too sweet caffe)
went to watch the kids train last night//
and, sure, reflect on the absence of FAMILY , although i "adopt" people of all ages,,,
and reflect on the ignorance of 99,9% of the inhabitants of this mad planet,

when a once respected media like BBC, report with bias on palestine, BOTH sides are wrong..
(but one side gets most mainstream media sponsorship!) and I laugh with dark irony as it reports
that JOHN KERRY is going to lead the "peace process" in Palestine...
DONALD DUCK would have more competence, but then the "american dream" is TRULY Y-OUR (new worder
order) NIGHTMARE..
I think about the film, "for love of the game" .or even more so "Field of Dreams"
 . increadible how hollywood and Cosner
can take a simple kids game as "rounders" (Baseball) and make epic emotional movies..
and a TRUE emotional game as football is, has never been transferred to the big screen with such effect..

anyway..."AS"  (Stevie) talks better for me today..
CRS> Iva
I walked past yr other aunts office "womens rights"  this morning, Iva, occured to em that Mima maz have developed her "selfish ways" after spending a lot of time with her feminist sister, ..its not good for women to "compensate" by "using men" in the waz some men  use women,... any way, she has surely found a different "sponsor" ,,ist a shame because i think she is capable of being a better person..  ....cuvaj se!  btw....   if u are interested in social matters or what matters sociallly...
CSerS: Its NOT a FREE world if all people can NOT move FREEly on this mad planet

Monday 3:23pm
Iva>I will have to dissapoint you because that is not a reason why mima is like she is.. actually my mom live in that house.. we don't have nothing to do with that office wink 
And one morw thing.. i really don't like the way you speak about my aunt.. i would appreciate in future if you can avoid conversation about her. Thank you.
Tuesday 9:05am
well, as Mima offers no explanation,and u refused to tell me, I can only say the TRUTH from MY experience,,, and its sure that the truth and my honesty is rare many people lie, that I am "unpopular" ..ironic ..and if u dont like it , thats a shame, as I had hoped u , at least, would be "socially just" .. i have , in the past (and in many small ways) fought for respect for  women, as i believe in equality ..(not "priority) but in the balkans so many people have prejudice that I have to focus on other issues.. like..

Tuesday, October 13 at 10:00am
 The Balkans.
i really dont want to talk about Mima either, Iva, it saddens me when I see her things she left in my wardrobe (an undershirt and top and..) how easy it seems for he to come in and out of my life , to connect and disconnect, and i dont blame her alone, it just seems to be the "fast food" way of life that is fed to modern women now.. they remind me of men of the 1980s !  cuvaj se! c1a0!

raining..still 2 days... 
"Dax" replied to my sms... but wasnt meant for me?  still need a partner for this mission, here, u see?
"somewhere over the rainbow"
(is where you'll find "ME")
ah, i waited, but, you dont have to marry "ME"
I just want ANY true partner who will be HONEST
(this is the key) share & match my energy
give and take; BE EQual , you see?
10,000 years or 50 on this planet
face to face is more personal than on the net
dont spend too much time with your client
when WE could be "pure synergy"

yin and yang, night and day
my passions & emotions will say
the "impossible is easy" 
why dont you start with me to day?

I am tired of the cheats

the broken promises
liars, pretenders and such
its simple, I dont ask for much!

Meet me in the middle 

in the centre of this universe
shake off the saboteurs curse, 
... come on over
LIVE this together
because...then, we become a SUPER NOVA 

off line 36 hours, at riverside now, and 2 hours of re-building net ha ha , I just have to live another 10,000 years to make up for the time the idiots, goons and cupid stunts cost me ...

CRS> ha ha,,,, "L over" ??? they dont know how to love ..little more than beasts armed with technology! and they havent a clue about "sensuality" it seems now that all they care about is their "image" ?
but I am good at making some good from nothing
...anyway "Dax" replied to my sms, but probably she didnt know it was me who sms "Laku Noc!" ....oh dear,,, so YES i watched the kids train wednesday night and will support them again tonight...sunday MAJOR training programme , kids match and "eured - inat team nomads" playing ,,,,better i hope!
5 & 1/2 yrs BASED in the "HALF FULL monty" | NOW to be Alien 2  (censored)
REdNet : Facebook group

Sunday, October 4, 2015

REdNET Bootroom Update (opinion) FEELing the "blues" pre derby... are they favourites as Lfc fade?

4th October , 25 years (Jacqui... departed from this earth 10 years ago, I still miss you! ) 

REdNET..log (was blocked on3rd oct_) so we re back here,,,,again :p

 bootroom updated, ..

...feeling the blues,,,,are they favourites as Lfc fade away?

For the first time in about 50 years I almost didnt care who Lfc were playing thursday night


too many middle-business class and "tourists" at Anfield. only the "away" support sounds like OURS!

So as I promised at the end of last season , I am devoted to my "MISSION ME"

IMPORTANT... First members meeting ,to Train, play and be greeted 
at < "S.Siro" SpUz > sunday 4th October
 17h kids train , with Zoran#
 18h friendlies (6 a side)
19h ..."gratis drinks etc" for members
...r.s.v.p,,(and join) at,

slogan  is STILL....

"WE are the club"
well, WE were! 

BOOTROOM opinion 

 (Anfield is full of "SPECTATORS" an audince not the SUPPORTERS we were
! WE ARE THE CLUB..we MADE LIVERPOOL! and the yan kers have INFESTED it)

Struggling at Home,. v bottom Villa , rescued by Studge 
Europa; home draw with fan nies exit well before full time, is a disgrace
(reminded me of the fickle "spectators" at Old Trafford)

BUT a true assesment of the dame done by Henry and F S G , and their "media man" : Brent
seven changes even though the team hasnt had to travel this week..just shows
how WRONG the whole set up of Lfc is... 

wasted almost 400 million euros on failed players and senseless transfer policy
best players : Stevie, Suarez, and Stirling ...gone..

Cant make a CHAMPIONS team without at least 2/3 of the best players
Studge saved the point last weekend but without him team seeems toothless.

Benteke "injured" and Studge in cooton wool for derby , but IMO its wrong to make so many changes so early in the season, ..with new players , they should be eased into the side not several changes for one game,difficulties in team buiding this way..

G & H and Henry have "killed" the idealism of Shanks replaced with a shopping mall stadium
and commercial profiteering from our 30 million plus global support and mostly stateside sponsors ..
as long as THEY make money they couldnt care less about OUR CLUB...

have to say the blues are now the only the 2nd Best "people club" on Merseyside..

more at : and   WAKE up the sheeple and take back OUR CLUB ...or start your own!!! . in the TRUE spirit of Shanks...