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Friday, January 31, 2014

4-0 v blues  

agreed that i expected blues (weaker last night) to make it tougher, but with Stevie Studge & Luis on song...we have a "chance" :)

A bit of caution is necessary, the Blues lost their most dangerous player (Lukaku) as Stevie scored the first goal, and still whilst @ 1-0 had a couple of chances before took control, had everton scored to make it 1-1 the game may have been a lot closer,

however we did get more shots on goal but 12 v 9 isnt a "walk-over" and blues possession of almost 60% shows that, as I have said before, passing sideways doesn’t win games.

I always prefer the style of the team (which has virtually ignored BR's "barca2" system) when we get it right, playing similar to Rafa's, quick passing, pressing and swift counter, and fortunately we have Luis & Studge to do (even better? , as we need to score more goals with the current leaky defence) what Stevie and Torres did for the '09 squad.

Yevhen Konoplyanka: All you need to know about the Liverpool FC target Reply to @LivEchoLFC

ChriS-EuRED @LivEchoLFC @RedAlieNeT & YOU have just identified why this would be wrong, that he is NOT known as a "top top" player & dont need squaddies! (his name also has an unfortunate rhyming...)

"MerseyPride album"

Fifa report says Premier League clubs paid "intermediaries" on overseas transfers £45m in 2013. Paid to improve grass roots facilities: £12m
GREED... Henry-Werner only want to milk our club, its OUR money they waste on kids being loaned whilst buying in "squad players" who are not better, We have 30 million followers worldwide....Has anyone seen any audited accounts that show a NET investment by F S G? - after TV, sponsors, advance sales, superstores and online shop, ticket price increases and 3 new kits every season... dont tell me they need to. WE could have done better but Purslow, Broughton co-operated with the broker, who brought in G & H,... and blocked DIX etc ... its a virtual FRAUUUUUUD.....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

C-side struggle but through , gooners next, and "RedNet Bootroom"

14127 FA Cup     

bournemouth 0 LIVERPOOL 2 

moses(2nd goal of season) & Studge!

Home team started strong, we lose the midfield with so many lightweights ; Moses dont put foot in or work
Cissohko arms round players, Flano shd be LB and Kelly RB (johnno unhappy , wage cut) S & S not finding each other their defence solid and had a lot of corners & chances

2nd half Bnmth run out of steam and Lfc in white strip took over and could have scored more

SG booked for protesting bias of linesman?? (twice we were flagged when on side, and he let play run when they were off)


a narrow victory over the Refs, them without Gerina, us without Zoran & Fab, next match proposed for sunday 2nde February @ 11h !!!! (thats morning, in case U didnt realise ) :)

p.s. FA cup next round Arsenal v LIVERPOOL (in London)

"REdNET Bootroom"

14127 "Chelski get Sala" ....

ChriS SmiTH > dont bother, Tanja , 

Maureen (Jose) isnt such a great judge of player,(ask Real Madrid fans?) as I told U, Tanja, Sala, isnt a special player & would not improve our team, its OUR money THEY spend. ..please remember this F S G dont invest in Lfc... the money comes from savings on players wages, Tv income, advance ticket sales and the online shop and match day income & corporate sponsors etc... and the money we pay for online and supporters membership, with 30 million followers worldwide, so please ppl be careful about who we waste money on,, ...
XXXX>I know alot of people think money doesn't buy you glory but to be honest, football has revolutionalised in such a way that money seems to be the only way to get titles. PSG, Chelsea, Barca, City, Bayern, Madrid can all testify to that. I give props to Dortmund who really built a team out of nothing and became one of Europe's best. But money came to play and they have been robbed of star players and now sit 14 points behind Bayern. I really wish that we had richer owners. I do admire their strategy and the way they've turned the club around but truth is, to be in Europes elite, you have to be a rich club! Our transfer policies have benn abysmal lately.
The likes of Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, Saints all are doing quite some business lately.

ChriS SmiTH> 

 BS!! .. F S G done nothing special that couldnt have been done if we had employed our own professional management, Henry is just pumping us up so that he MILK IT like the Glaziers ... Citeh didnt win last season with all that money...!! Rafa made us top in europe with a meagre budget,and , Maureen ("chelski) isnt such a great judge of player,(ask Real Madrid fans?) as I told U, Tanja, Sala, isnt a special player & would not improve our team, its OUR money THEY spend. ..please remember this F S G dont invest in Lfc... the money comes from savings on players wages, Tv income, advance ticket sales and the online shop and match day income & corporate sponsors etc... and the money we pay for online and supporters membership, with 30 million followers worldwide, so please ppl be careful about who we waste money on,, ...

 true that out of 10 signings by FSG / BR only Coutinho & Studge are first choice! agree with u about that!14128


Matt Bailey > FSG have put money in the pot to spend..its just that some of our buys have been piss poor,carroll £35M FFS,etc...i think our 2 best buys over the last cpl of seasons are suarez & sturridge..the rest have been pretty average tbh...we need to strengthen at the back to have a realistic chance of competing for the title.

ChriS SmiTH>  can anyone show audited accounts that show any verified net investment by Henry-werner! >>>> ???? its a virtual fraaaaaud


REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT @EuRED09 @TonyEvansTimes 1984+30 = 2014 when the internet is not only hacked but "censored" by the "democratic nations" evolve and protest!
Bob White @Bobothy > Been conned for derby tickets £170 and they dont exist. Birthday present. Anyone have 2 available, pref. Kop. @JimBoardman @ManhattanDoc - 22 Jan

REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT @Bobothy @JimBoardman @ManhattanDoc @EuRED09 anyone who pays over the official price funds the black market & exludes real supporters!
Liverpool Echo @LivEchoLFC > She's so lovely - it's the stunning @Linda_Pizzuti - 22 Jan

REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT @LivEchoLFC @EuRED09
just how much is J. W. H paying you?? sickening a*se licking..; 

Jim Boardman @JimBoardman  > Prime example of something to laugh at, from Fergie's ghostwriter. "@BestJournoTweet: Paul Hayward" - 18 Jan

@RWHwriter @EuRED09 no , harder, tougher YES, but not as much crafty sneaky cheating as in game now, reflects society, & Kenny didnt dive! - 23 Jan

@EuRED09 Crafty sneaky cheating? Remember Clarke and Bremnwr at Leeds?!

ChRiS > But, Leeds then,were exceptionally dirty (Giles!) ; generally game tougher, but today cheating is almost normal, holding , diving , simulations , getting players carded and sent off, by refs without humour or ability,,etc


... REdS v blues league points vital for both (only 1 point between us) & they are hard to beat this season, and we leak goals...)

"MerseyPride album"

Sunday, January 19, 2014

no lessons learnt, the LFC coach is without steering

many fan nies expected our home game against Villa to be a walk over and its seems BR also learns nothing from our previous games, to send out a team with only 3 defenders (Skrtel, Mignolet & Toure) is asking for trouble, the naive forget that a team , no matter how many top scorers & attackers cant shoot without the ball, which must be won

Luis failed to score, first time in 8 home games ; lack of "service" 
...playing 4-2-4- AND leaving the experience of Lucas on the bench tastes of not only naivety but Downright ignorance of footballing basics. it gave midfield control to opponents...

last week, the team did well to overcome Stoke, (3-5 ) with a lucky pen and , for a change, a ref that gave us a few decisions.. 

WE have a team worthy of a challenge, but Rafa or Kenny would be able to steer the players through, and win the extra points required to keep us at the top, there are still a lot of points to play for , and all the top teams must come to Anfield.. but BR must learn that..

*Kelly plays @ RB (switch Glen to LB)
*Stevie must play free, and go forward when he can hurt teams
*Lucas is holding in front of defence, 

(its too late to get Pepe back) But, Mignolet must distribute better and come off his line quicker, hes a goal-line shot-stopper and we NEED a goalie that is a team player.
*Luis & Studge & Coutinho behind them, with Raheem on when we can afford it, or when S & S get tired or blocked.
* Agger/Skrtel when fit, Sahko @ LB if no other choice, Cissohko = NO!
* Play strongest team from start, dont leave best on bench. Kenny, i dont care about the mancs as long as the REdS are at their best, I believe BR should have a close contact with you and confer as  he doesnt have the experience of winning trophies, and due to the strange nature of this season there is a chance, it wouldl be wrong to "aim" for n.4 , we have a chance , a slim one, but a chance and that as Shanks would say is "enough to believe" .. i dont care if our rivals are mancs, cockneys or martians, lets just enjoy our games and forget "them" .. WE are Liverpool

we are still in a reasonable position but,, the transfer/load abilities of F S G / Br are doubtful..   too many good young players out on loan, (and will never paly again for Lfc) too many players signing in are "average" and no better than our youth (only Coutinho & Studge are "first - teamers")

(it dampened my week, as i had been feeling fine ,,  because the Team won a difficult game @stoke and MY team absolutely BATTERED our opponents in 6-a-side..9-3 ...and i was..although i say it myself...great! :)  

Be Jones > 
well trying to digest (stoke) game and two main points fom it will stly who make way for return of sturridge if giving start roole against villa on saturday nite think be either hendo or coutinho and 2rd the defence needs strenghthing in jan window as there is two many mistakes coming

ChriS SmiTH > think,  if we are gonna do anything season its probably a case of scoring more than the other team,:) I still feel that a fit Agger/Skrtel flanked by Glen at Lb (hes better there defensively) and Kelly @ RB is my choice, Toure Sahko & Cissohko not good enough for a top team, doubt if there is a quality defender that improves our defebce available, and with the mancs desperate everyone will be over-priced on the maRket, flanno when fit also an option would prefer to see him & Jacko back than takign more chances with imports when we need team cohesion.. BR needs Kennys council too and we might just steal it..strange but fascinating season..

Be Jones > lota sense there chris but am losing with sktel at moment as he got fastination grabbing other teams players shirts before end game and we come unstuck if did it at cold twatford mate need some more buys defo just to put pressure on martin n agger

ChriS SmiTH>  dont think so, there arent easily Identifiable better defenders out there, Agger dont need pressure, just needs fitness and Skrtel had enough pressure from BR , when he dropped him (IMO) when Skrtel shd have been played with Danny last season. and the start of this. anyway, I dont think its easy now to find better and top defenders, Kelly was available and is a decent central defender, i dont like defenders from other clubs, when we spend so much on training youth in the "LIverpool way" then let them go out /... we cant afford any errors in selecting new players, only Studge & Coutinho are "first teamers" IMO, of the 10 signings last year..

========== Agree H-. But, lets go deeper, the same broker introduced Henry-Werner as G & H ..
The "sale" was a farce , Ayre & Purslow didn’t want any one else to buy and rejected DIX without discussion, the chelski chairman broughton connected it up through his city old boy network and the Supporters initiative was dished, without G & H/F S G the club would have been "bailed out" of an ARTIFICIAL debt that the american hedge-funders (who get their money from screwing people! ) manipulated in a virtual fraud, and debt that we didn’t have in 2007.

And the people swallow it…

We could have negocaited (during the 2008 capital of culture investment of 3 billion pounds) to share the club with the Liverpool council and raise the money to develop with 30 million fans worldwide…

Yeah, but too many narrow minded people cant see further than their noses, the germans share their clubs with the supporters unions, and that works, very well, but english are like the americans , conditioned to cow tow to business & political leaders and its an insult to Shankly & his socialist ideals!  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

happy "Scouse Nova God," and demand that the TEAM show its value @ stoke

just to remind you, and their selection of referees
& public crucifiction of Luis & their neglect ref Hillsborough!!
Stoke (sunday) is the ground that can steal the quality of a team, because usually their teams will battle with a noisy crowd behind them, so first win the F-ing ball!!! 

then hopefully our "SAS" or SSS (Luis, Studge & Raheem?) will score the goals and take the pressure away from defence..

because as BR wrongly risked Danny (just back from injury) v Oldham and now is likely to be out "3/4 games") 

.. but Studge (link) is in training and in contention for the game at Stoke, because , despite 20 goals it s wrong to expect Luis to win every game (that was the error made by woy with Torres and led to his departure, i shudder every time i see Hodgson..) 
Add caption

No I would not play  Cissokho, absent Agger, i propose;
defence ; Goalie
RB Kelly , LB Glen 
CB' Skrtel & Kolo (rather than Sahko) 
Lucas, Hendo Stevie 
with Luis & Studge up front with Raheem relieving Studge if he gets tired,,
Snips from the "REdNet Bootroom" ;
fat frankie under pressure
Happy Birthday Lucas Leiva Arpas goal v oldham  (for collectors)

never forget the man who made us.. great!...
mock the week (just to have a few laughs its seems many people have lost their sense of humour)
and some almost irrelevant pics...