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Saturday, January 11, 2014

happy "Scouse Nova God," and demand that the TEAM show its value @ stoke

just to remind you, and their selection of referees
& public crucifiction of Luis & their neglect ref Hillsborough!!
Stoke (sunday) is the ground that can steal the quality of a team, because usually their teams will battle with a noisy crowd behind them, so first win the F-ing ball!!! 

then hopefully our "SAS" or SSS (Luis, Studge & Raheem?) will score the goals and take the pressure away from defence..

because as BR wrongly risked Danny (just back from injury) v Oldham and now is likely to be out "3/4 games") 

.. but Studge (link) is in training and in contention for the game at Stoke, because , despite 20 goals it s wrong to expect Luis to win every game (that was the error made by woy with Torres and led to his departure, i shudder every time i see Hodgson..) 
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No I would not play  Cissokho, absent Agger, i propose;
defence ; Goalie
RB Kelly , LB Glen 
CB' Skrtel & Kolo (rather than Sahko) 
Lucas, Hendo Stevie 
with Luis & Studge up front with Raheem relieving Studge if he gets tired,,
Snips from the "REdNet Bootroom" ;
fat frankie under pressure
Happy Birthday Lucas Leiva Arpas goal v oldham  (for collectors)

never forget the man who made us.. great!...
mock the week (just to have a few laughs its seems many people have lost their sense of humour)
and some almost irrelevant pics... 


  1. Kenny, i dont care about the mancs as long as the REdS are at their best, I believe BR should have a close contact with you and confer as he doesnt have the experience of winning trophies, and due to the strange nature of this season there is a chance, it woudl be wrong to "aim" for n.4 , we have a chance , a slim one, bus a chance and that as Shanks would say is "enough to believe" .. i dont care if our rivals are mancs, cockneys or martians, lets just enjoy our games and forget "them" .. WE are Liverpool

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    Mock the week

  4. REdNeT stoke v LIVERPOOL , Lets avoid "bragging", i'd rather talk about what weve done at the end of the season avoid dishing other teams and support our team game by game, there's no need to panic with over 50 more points to fight for , its close, which means a lot of "top" teams will win or lose games "unexpectedly" .. hope that Studge back means we can get 3 points today, we need a sharp start and to press them rather than let our selves get bullied by stokes physical game.

  5. @ Stoke ; Team ; Mignolet, Cissokho, Skrtel, Toure, Johnson, Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Sterling, Coutinho, Suarez.

    Bench: Ward, Kelly, Ibe, Aspas, Moses, Sturridge, Alberto

  6. a great day , the lads won @ stoke, 3-5 despite a shaky defence with Kolo & Cissohko giving me nightmares, and our 6-a side team battered the opponents 9-3 ..absolutely exhausted, and happy...