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Saturday, March 19, 2016

REdNET update ; After the mancs and pre soton...take it up a notch ..things NOT learnt..

The "Men in Black " have won in this strip at both Mancs; Stoke; Soton; 
The "trendy Lfc blogs"  recently adopted the "post match ,,things we learned"   the irony most of the Lfc "journos" and reporters are nothing much more than self promoting footy fans who say the "right things" ... very few have an original style..  even Brian Reade.. picks the "popular subjects" and I recall challenging him in the "Albert" one night after a game, because he had criticized Rafa..

I warned him that if he & supporters failed to back Rafa, who was in the middle of a "10 year plan" ..involving the Club, team and academy,,, what follows will be the decline of the FOOTBALL club,,

too many fans swallowed the media BS, claiming J w (henry, not bush, but not much difference in their anti-socialist aims) ... and his buddies were "saviours" .. they were not,,, the FALL of the footballign standards are not even correctly highlighted by NOW being FORTY - SIXTH  place down from TOP of UEFA rankings is not compensated by money in the bank..

Shanks " Lfc exists to win trophies" ... !!!

Rafa was the best Lfc manager of the last 25 years.. forced out by inFESTors...

so many changes in playing and non-playing staff delays success.. 

Just look at the problems now , with Lfc beating both Manchester clubs who will most likely change their managers by the end of this season,,, (neither of them, nor chelski or arsenal , justifying the money invested .... ON THE FIELD) 

Phil is a rare exception of a good Lfc "value "buy"

It doesnt matter how much money , Man U , or Citeh or Lfc spend .. of its spent badly... fans are mistaken if they think buying new players will transform Lfc into champions,. it wont.. Klopp MAY succeed by instilling a winning competitive attitude into the squad...  just Look at "little" Leicester this season... or Atletico previously in "La Liga" ...

IF Lfc cannot win the league (I dont give up until the season is over)  then I hope Ranieri does it, it would be good for football, because the footy "fan nies" have not learnt anything...


CS> This Europa league Tie  was obviously won at Anfield... 

(although both goals , a pen and a possible offside move and Carrick error, were not "cleanly executed") Lfc missed chances and again at OT...

The Team performance at Anfield was excellent, but not the finishing, in the 2nd leg Clyne panicked and the mancs could have got a 2nd pen with Sakho catching a utd leg in the area.  the first 30 minutes were frantic, and that is also (mainly because the US infestors employed him)  why I am not a "kloppite"

I like Jurgen, but has not the strategic genius of Rafa...but he will do better than BR...  I feel that Origi shiuld have started stretch the utd defence and hinder their build up from the back.. Skrtel should have come in alongside Lovren and pushed Sakho to the left.. apart from the "trip"  Mama also gave the ball away too easily near the Lfc goal .. hes not sound enough for my taste... 

Phil made good some of his loose control and passing (and one went astray which led to their pen>>?) with his brilliant equalizer... 

but Studge doesnt look match fit yet, and should have been kept on the bench to punish utd once legs were tired....

... most of the chances came late on..

Hendo was sick?... he missed a sitter in BOTH games... for me a "captain" can be either an organising leader or an outstanding example.. he isnt "big enough" for my Liverpool team..

post match analysis by sick mancs scholes & ince with Ste Macca;

Soton away...

If any soton player is worthy, they are going to make it difficult on sunday,,, after the 1-6 mauling at soton in the league cup... and Lfc were far from commanding at C. palace last time out..NEED to play better than they did at OT...

I understand that Klopp may decide to keep a settled defence selection,  but as above I feel safer with Skrtel there, and my eventual choice ; Lucas who can distribute from the back enabling a much more productive movement from the team, especially as the goalie is nowhere near as good as Pepe, in commanding his area or distributing accurately and quickly ,  Pepe actually made "virtual assists" and Klopp should enquire about having him back instead of the error prone Mignolet.

Sakho almost gifted mancs a goal in the first game, they could have got a 2nd pen with Sakho catching a utd leg in the area.  .. Skrtel should  come in alongside Lovren and push Sakho to the left.. apart from the "trip"  Mama also gave the ball away too easily near the Lfc goal .. hes not sound enough for my taste... I do not agree with....;  this...
....Firminho in form but Origi and Studge have the chance to prove their worth,,,with Phil behind them can hurt soton, but the whole team must show more than they did at C. Palace,

and ...

CS> wake up! it looks like another a media stunt! , thanks to the police exagerating ...etc ... FIVE people arrested??? of 75,000 at the game??? and a dubious photo that looks like a teenager has "foto-shopped" it... ?  
... if theres a ban on "bad behaviour" how about the police arresting Fellaini,, he should have got red - carded in both games... pathetic how easy the media manipulate the ppl now!

Fellaini’s actions came under TV scrutiny with former referee Howard Webb branding him “a thug” for a series of fouls.
“It’s one thing imposing yourself on the game, but another thing being a thug on the pitch,” said Webb. 
CS>  "psycho" Felaini should have been RED carded in both games,,, the refs yellow carded players for lesser offences and UEFA policy "we see nothing" policy when the mancs are dirty,,, stinks!


for TRUE RED Supporters ONLY;  MORE at;;

Friday, March 4, 2016

REdNet bootroom update...(pre-palace away) ....mentality, Team, Klopp, (not Shanks) Players , and "fans"

REdNet bootroom update...(pre-palace away) .... 


...Team, Klopp, (is not Shanks) 
Players , and "fans"

ChriS>  its not over until its over,,,,


As Rafa used to remind me at every press conference ...he knew his players were good enough to win 
every game, but depended if they went into each game with the "mentality" required to win.


This season Lfc have scored SEVEN against the current League Champions, yet in 4 games couldnt win against wham, (a club that previously only won at Anfield in pre-historic times)

This week the Mentality aspect was blatant,  in the final Lfc were tentative and Citeh cunning yet determined,

at Anfield the REds pressed and fought for every ball...that attitude showed clearly when Flanno 
clattered Raheem and Hendo applauded, Lala looked "worth it" and even Kolo "robbed" Aguero...

Lfc have usually been "up" for the cup or big games, and I will be surprised if the team cant over come
the "lesser mancs" in the Europa league..

but away at C.Palace sunday, which team...will show up... ?

It would be great if Lfc can finish the "run in" with style and 100% effort and commitment = the Mentality


I am thousands of Kms away, and I swore, at the final insult, when fSSg forced Stevie out by failing to offer him an early contract extension .....

NOT to give Henry ONE more cent, so I "follow" the games on TV, with a couple of local Lfc fans,
who left the pub straight after the game, at the stadium we laughed back in 2003 when the "lesser manc fans" left the stadium early after we beat THEM in the league cup final

Recent seasons have highlighted the lack of "fight" in the team and the support, away from Anfield you can hear it is stronger

at Anfield many of the away fans ridicule the "famous atmosphere"... 

after THIS final, the stadium emptied , MY generation celebrated win or lose, we related to the team , 

the modern "middle-to-business" class "fans" hurry home early & when the team is losing, wouldnt DARE to miss turning up for jobs in the morning. WE would stay out all night and "party" and usually STILL work

(or not) later on in our "dynasty" in the eighties half of us were unemployed, anyway.

I hear how so many didnt want tickets for the league game, because Lfc had lost the final, 
having been amongst them , increasingly lacking in the moral fibre, the MENTALITY of our "Shankly boys"


I repeat, and probably will never be a "Kloppite"  it rankles that he and BR got away with things 
that Rafa and Kenny could not. Klopp says a lot of things, and his press interviews, comments amd
such are entertaining,  Henry got him in because he may have the ability to make "more of less"
f SSg dont want to spend the RECORD profits they are making on players, their PR opaganda promotes the"moneyboll*X system"  

It concerns me how often, he backs Mignolet, in public, when perhaps he needs to show the honesty
that he has shown in other aspects, dont tell me that the goalie is good, he is suspect, 

and to select "More NO" time after time, instead of Smith, or Flanno, and then fail to publicly
support Flanno with Europa league squad selection, and this last game justified, after almost 2 years out,
that Flanno dseerves consideration.

Klopp like BR plays to the audience, only he is a 100 times better at it than BRENT. .... 

I like Klopp, I spent 10 years in the Badische black forest region he comes from. I think he means well,

///......Klopp post 3-0 citeh match...

I remember being in Freiburg when they beat Bayern many years ago..
(Klopp laughing)


Several times the players have shown they can compete, v Citeh, twice against arsenal and at Chelski ,

 & at Soton, Stoke etc.. BUt, Klopp has failed to make them "clinical" against lesser opposition, (apart from the 0-6 at villa, who were the worst Epl team I can remember) ... with Grujic, and so on , maybe Lazar back from loan
and a couple of TOP players this team (with Ings, Gomez and Studge too) the squad could challenge..

but I hope that they dont let the fSSG committee do the signings as a MANAGER must have full control,
HE MUST KNOW who "fits "  HIS team formation, not a "committee"...  

its the old joke... Q : "Whate do you call a Horse designed by a committee" ?    A : a Camel!

Many Fans are ignorant to the damages done by fSSg 6 years , Woy, Kenny, BRENT, and Klopp...four people as "manager or head coach"  not only that but a BUS LOAD of staff changed every time, half the team changed every summer,

as Lfc slip further and further  down the UEFA rankings and the league  table..

the "myth " that Henry "saved the club"
and other PR opaganda... 

(*SEE previous Sclog ;;

Pepe and Torres would both had done well for the team had they brought Rafa back 

..... instead fSSg STILL know FA about the game, or our culture and Klopp effect will be limited if  henry and co  continue the " money Boll&x system" !
LFC's infestors ‘we had no idea how bad the squad was when we bought the club’
( Fenway Sports Groupies said Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina were 'beyond their primes')

.........far too many lfc fans didnt realise HOW BAD F SS G would be for Lfc!! brought down to 46th in the UEFA club rankings and after so many bad footballing decisions the "9th richest club in europe" .. before the citeh game was 11th in the league , ta very much 

.. George Gillett is still paying £125,000 a month in Liverpool FC debt repayments "Massive court case over the sale of Liverpool FC to Fenway Sports Group still rumbling on in the USA"

dont the "fans" get the message.. the US INFESTORS never wanted Luis to stay,,, they will sell the best and feck the rest, OF YOU! Liverpool announce pre-tax profit of £60million thanks to Luis Suarez sale

their VIPER Ayre.. Ayre: Liverpool FC may not have naming rights deal in place before Anfield's new Main Stand opens 'We want to make sure we have a special partner' says

how can anyone of intelligence accept a word this VIPER says, his treatment of Lfc "customers" and such,, Lfc made a record profit, BUT we have sunk to 46th in the UEFA rankings and before last nights game 11th in the Epl .. dont want Lfc to be "9th richest club" but the BEST football club respecting Shanks idealism , not just making "moneyBoll0x " policies that benefit henry and f SSg ..! ... FSG are committed to Liverpool FC 'long-term' Chief executive Ayre says removal of £69m of debt is another example of owners' continued support of...   (THEMSELVES!!!)
There ARE still a LOT of  games to play in the league and hopefully europe too

.. Reds support used to be much more resilient and optimistic ,,,

and say ; 

"If we win our game in hand WE ARE ONLY 10 points behind 2nd place!!!! with 10 games to play in a league with no outstanding teams!!! "
BUT C.Palace (away) are next.....

"injury-hit Lucas Lucas Leiva will miss Liverpool's trip to Crystal Palace on Sunday after being ruled out"

I "manage" a local youth football team, and its the same, they constantly ask me who they are playing..
but Shanks used to just dismess them, like once when the Reds were playing Man U , he rubbished all the team
......leaving one of the players to ask " but what about Best, Law and Charlton( 3 of the best players in the league)
so Shanks rightly stormed in reply "YOU MEAN YOU CANT BEAT A TEAM WITH THREE PLAYERS?????" :)

Shankly: Nature's Fire Film Taster
A story of a man, a city and the people's game. 

Other, Opinion , etc

Redawn Livebirds posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club .       Redawn Livebirds March 2 at 5:31pm   I recall writing a similar headline on a blog about 10 years ago when we proudly took on and beat anyone in europe or in england.. even if the game was bad (and it usually wasnt) ... ( "great trip, shame about the game") 

... decent report .. were always happy then because we had a winning team with Rafa, and to think that some "fans" still think Henry and co are "ok" as we slipped down from top to 46th in the UEFA rankings.. I was never a "kloppite" but much of what he says makes sense..except the selection of Mignolet 

...(has he enquired if Pepe can come back...?) and "More NO" a suitable name for a player so many of us have warned about ALL season, with Flanno available (and f sss g procrasinating on his contract?) how can he be playing like a headless chicken, ok he has "moments" (too few) but cannot be chosen in last line of defence and as a "winger" his finakl ball is mostly loose.. Lucas , can be the man to pull Lfc defence together and organise it, VITAL if Klopp is to build a champion team

.. 2 or 3 players could make it possible, But Lucas is the man as CB and captain.. like Carra, and theres isnt anyone else at the club who "can" ... and (contrary to the Milner situ) you dont "sign captains" ..they grow... Lucas and Flanno ... 2 or 3 better players than the usual "squad acquisition"... and then Lfc can compete

 ... because the other clubs arent strong, this is the weakest english league in 25 years,,, so theres your chance Jurgen! Liverpool: Such a perfect day (apart from the football) - The Anfield Wrap Ben Johnson on a day that felt sure to end in Liverpool success Watch Indonesian Liverpool fans sing moving version of "You'll Never Walk Alone"  The final might have ended in heartbreak for Liverpool, but you wouldn't guess judging by this

The so-called "experts" !!!  .. I hope they CHOKE if Lfc dump "the lesser mancs" out of the Europa League....  True REdS supporters (not the "modern fans" ( would offer better media than this group of pundits )  Rio and Scoles talked but said NOTHING! Liverpool 3-0 Man City Full Match Highlights (Video) 

Chris> F-T 3-0 and the effort was excellent.. pressing hard tackilng and swift movement on the ball,, as good a performance as we have seen all season.. Firmino with the 3rd and even the "hobbit" got into the act,,almost got the 4th with a "Garcia volley".. ... him benteke and Ibe came on late for the impressive Origi, Milner and Firmino...all round team performance... now please...take it through to the end of the season...Lovren sound, Mignolet had almost no shots to save, Kolo must be on something tonight , he "caught Aguero"    Flanno and Clyne excellent.. Lala = man of the match!
Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City: Reds sweep aside Manuel Pellegrini's side
Goals from Adam Lallana, James Milner and Roberto Firmino helped the Reds gain a small measure of revenge after Sunday's League Cup defeat...

CS> you cant really "buy in" a captain, for me, its clear that hendo is not a "Stevie" who can inspire victory by example, so the alternative is an "organiser" which Hendo also cant be as his role is not pivotal , we always chose CBs because they have a "view" of the game from the central back, and for me Lucas is the best CB , he loves the club and he clear can "organise" ...and later I would suggest Flanno if he performs like last night, he must be given a new contract SOON! How Flanagan has been slapped in face by Liverpool Enough is enough, says Andy Kelly - the Reds have to sort out the full back's new contract"
CS> fSSg are probably stalling because Flanno, being loyal, wont want to be sold off at a profit for "them" VIDEO: Jon Flanagan Proves Why He's Such an Important Player With the Interception of the Year... Jon Flanagan prevented an almost certain goal for Raheem Sterling Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City analysis: Flanno is our boy done good Local lad sees off Sterling, Lallana shows plenty of fight and Origi delivering

memories,,, Fabio Aurelio goal against Bolton Fabio Aurelios first goal against Bolton


160303 Thu 11:17pm
souL...... !  smile with a message!

with his short little fingers on "THE" button? 

...nixon...carter... Reagan ... Bush , Clinton , Bush version 2.0 (twice,,,twice!) and OBomber.. and now.,,,Mrs C, or this C! ... crooks liars and hypocrites,,a corrupt business machines,conveyer belt without end.... 

do you know why JC wasnt born in the U S of A,, ..? answer ; they couldnt find 3 wise men and a virgin!
John Oliver Destroys Donald Trump (Full Segment) February 28th 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to repair Lfc, save our CLUB and become TRUE REDs again

or just "TWO" directed at YOU, J w ! ;) 


the damages done by US(eless) infestors cannot be under-estimated ,,TO SLIP FROM TOP OF THE UEFA RANKINGS TO FORTY-SIXTH 
during their 9 years is a DRAMATIC decline, and for those who TRULY FEEL and are RESPECTFUL of Shanks IDEALS and KOPITE values not care to have a new FOOTBALL Stadium/shopping mall and "exclusive seating" when the FOOTBALL quality has declined..
1.  DO not make large changes in staff /players , every summer,  to build a CHAMPIONS TEAM needs TRUST,,, constant staff/players turnover (several times since the US of A .....x   got their hooks in Lfc )  is counter productive.

2. IF Klopp is more than just "team coach" he must take full responsibility with Buvac for the signing of new players, if they are not EXACTLY who he wants , then DO NOT BUY!!! (my own choice is for Rafa and Kenny to take over that, but that doesnt work whilst henry/fSSg are in Lfc.!)

3. Make Lucas a permanent CB,  as Shanks did with Emlyn  

and with / Phil Thompson,  taking them from other positions to be great CBs and later Bob did well with Lawro from other positions to CB, and of course Carra organised Rafas best defences when we were the best team in Europe #

LUCAS can be the catalyst to solve the poor defensive record AND provide more productive distribution from defence,.

..... whats more he should be CAPTAIN, not Hendo nor Milner! and stabilise the team CHAMPIONS are built on sound defence!

4. Stop the exploitation of supporters ... NO to 3 new kits every summer, its a rip off

... and advance ticket sales make it difficult for poorer supporters to get to games. 

and however controvertial ; return the KOP to ECONOMY SAFE STANDING TERRACES, becauseTRUE REd supporters will stand ANYWAY during the game and fans are more likely to get hurt when the terraces are not properly constructed for standing, This has a MASSIVE benefit to the POOR Anfield "atmosphere"  and is easier and quicker to EVACUATE in emergency!!!

5. and if henry/f SSg  want to avoid a "resistance movement"  offer 30 million shares at e10 each to the local & global supporters and fan base (one person = one share)  to hold a total of 50% shareholding with voting and veto power at shareholder AGMs of LFc (remove the name of f SSg !) 

+REdNET Bootroom and opinion