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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to repair Lfc, save our CLUB and become TRUE REDs again

or just "TWO" directed at YOU, J w ! ;) 


the damages done by US(eless) infestors cannot be under-estimated ,,TO SLIP FROM TOP OF THE UEFA RANKINGS TO FORTY-SIXTH 
during their 9 years is a DRAMATIC decline, and for those who TRULY FEEL and are RESPECTFUL of Shanks IDEALS and KOPITE values not care to have a new FOOTBALL Stadium/shopping mall and "exclusive seating" when the FOOTBALL quality has declined..
1.  DO not make large changes in staff /players , every summer,  to build a CHAMPIONS TEAM needs TRUST,,, constant staff/players turnover (several times since the US of A .....x   got their hooks in Lfc )  is counter productive.

2. IF Klopp is more than just "team coach" he must take full responsibility with Buvac for the signing of new players, if they are not EXACTLY who he wants , then DO NOT BUY!!! (my own choice is for Rafa and Kenny to take over that, but that doesnt work whilst henry/fSSg are in Lfc.!)

3. Make Lucas a permanent CB,  as Shanks did with Emlyn  

and with / Phil Thompson,  taking them from other positions to be great CBs and later Bob did well with Lawro from other positions to CB, and of course Carra organised Rafas best defences when we were the best team in Europe #

LUCAS can be the catalyst to solve the poor defensive record AND provide more productive distribution from defence,.

..... whats more he should be CAPTAIN, not Hendo nor Milner! and stabilise the team CHAMPIONS are built on sound defence!

4. Stop the exploitation of supporters ... NO to 3 new kits every summer, its a rip off

... and advance ticket sales make it difficult for poorer supporters to get to games. 

and however controvertial ; return the KOP to ECONOMY SAFE STANDING TERRACES, becauseTRUE REd supporters will stand ANYWAY during the game and fans are more likely to get hurt when the terraces are not properly constructed for standing, This has a MASSIVE benefit to the POOR Anfield "atmosphere"  and is easier and quicker to EVACUATE in emergency!!!

5. and if henry/f SSg  want to avoid a "resistance movement"  offer 30 million shares at e10 each to the local & global supporters and fan base (one person = one share)  to hold a total of 50% shareholding with voting and veto power at shareholder AGMs of LFc (remove the name of f SSg !) 

+REdNET Bootroom and opinion


  1. Klopp pre League game with city press :

    1. post cup final press


    Goodness save us from technical stupidity, already humans rely FAR too much on technology
    rather than developing artificial "intelligence" as the local and global society becomes more stupid.
    man should develop natural abilities and become stronger instead ....
    Human empathy is being lost, in the "fast food, commercial obsession, stop feeding the monster that will kill you.
    drop out of the system, work less and take care of your fellow human being dont give power to machines or
    the madmen that invent more of them ... ! its madness!

  3. biggest problem of the last several years is TOO many changes , no chance for building a solid basis of a champions team , constant changes (and not for the better) of players and staff is unsettling,,,especially not with the US infestors taking us down to number 46 th in UEFA club rankings

  4. yeah the Brits should leave the EU (theres not much point as u dont want those "bloody foreigners" in your golden middle class country..and become the 51st state of the U S of A, with Camerons fascist government the imperial Uk is virtually a carbon copy of them anyway, ...and "call me David" will soon be buddies with the next mad pressidnte Trump ha ha ha ... (btw Sheila ! the USA is in trillions of dollars debt, but they dont care because they make the rules for evrybody else, and china is in economic panic...but who cares about whats true the media certainly dont...! ( as far as i am concerned "the republic of Liverpool " should have left the UK!! *)

  5. Hillsborough Tribute: The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
    Tribute to the 96 men, women and children that lost their lives on 15th April 1989

  6. 9:22pm Feb 27
    oh dear ! "money cant buy MY love" sick game , Lfc souled out ... pricing out the ordinary people, football is already only affordable for middle to business class "fans" .. people now "forgive" h enry , (f ss g) .. because they back-peddled on the ticket prices? ,, if someone tried to steal your wallet, and got caught , would you let them do it again? and again?? they will!

  7. Shame that Lucas is out, for him amd the team v citeh league game wednesday!

  8. Jordan Henderson on why Liverpool MUST hand Jon Flanagan a new contract The 23-year-old is out of contract at the end of the current season and talks are yet to be opened (stinks, the way F s g treated Stevie, now playing games with Flanno!_)