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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The (Henry-f SS g ) "EMPIRE strikes BACK" ha ha ha ..the clone army are out in force

Chris>> oh ,,the f s g clones have come out in force to apologise..

.for nasty people

..who ..

.a) have NOT invested from their own pocket, they are liars,, they used anfield and melwood to secure the loans so they have no actual risk... 

b) used Chang to threaten Lfc fans who DARED to querstion henrys motives,

 c) took out the SOS group to a bevvy to soften them up prior to taking over the biz 

d) didnt respect hillsborough memorial untl they were commented upon their absence 

e) have changed the ticketing so that they get cash 6 months in advance in summer,
 have THREE new kits every summer to make more money, 

 have brought inUSA sponors who beneft from OUR name, 

 increased Tv revenue etc etc.. but still increase tic ket prices

 ...and FFFFF> 
 wasted most of 300 million of YOUR money on players (but sold the BEST players and loyal ones too) so only spent NET less than 90 Mill.

so that Klopp is also restricted by the "committee".

.. sure I would have accepted the club going into "administration" because we could have then made a move to take it over, distributed shares to all those people who MADE it at a small enough sum so that the supporters like myself who were with the club during Shanks dats "though wind and rain" could have been shareholders 

THEN offered shares to over 30 million fans worldwide, THEN EMPLOYED PROFESSONAL management, answerable to a shareholders AGM each year and re employed a football manager who has won trophies ,,Rafa.. 

yes I WANT them Henry & Werner and his billionaire republican USA buddies, ayre and co and all the other hangers-on that have been feeding of Lfc since years GONE

.. and whilst I am in the mood to annoy you "middle to business class" fans 

..I would fght the FA and UK govt to return the KOP to "safe standing" similar to german stadiums to 1, get some true atmosphere back at Anfield
 (fed up listening to oppnents away fans chanting "this is a LIBRARY)


2. affordable tickets for WORKING CLASS supporters who , with Shanks MADE the club that you lot now "enjoy" that clear enough for "yers"  ;p

(and cloned comments too, in blue

Marie..B> .I am hearing that there is to be a round of applause on the 77 minute of the game at Anfield to acknowledge the owners back down on the ticketing increase. Perhaps whoever is considering this might consider firstly a round of applause for those who organised the WALKOUTON77 protest last weekend.....SPIRIT OF SHANKLY, SPION KOP and the 15.000 dedicated, committed supporters who made it happen in the first place. Time to put things in perspective.
Micheal O Regan Absolutely Marie the supporters groups are the ones to be applauded,owners only back down as they knew they were fighting a lost cause.Haven't heard Ian Ayre in few days
Marie Buckley Michael, this far far from sorted, there's a sting in the tail yet. SOS have asked for a full declaration of ticketing details....before further action.

Marie Buckley As for Ayre.......he owes the supporters an apology for his ill-considered comments.

Graham Mahood Itl be a long wait marie. These people aren't for the people... $signs and that's it

Micheal O Regan He's probably locked away somewhere with the club hoping we will forget his words BUT that will never happen.
Tony Dalton Has far as I'm concerned the sooner we see the back of Ian (I'm bigger than the club) Ayre. the better it will be for all concerned. The fan groups next target should be him.
Marie Buckley He's a creep and FSGs messenger boy.

Janet Smith Saw an interesting article yesterday by Jim Boardman re the ticket issue also Brian Reade was spot on in questioning why the usually motormouth PFA chief Gordon Taylor on 3 million a year has stayed silent. He knows it's him and players who make tickets so expensive for us
LikeReply212 hrs
Greg Duffy Awaiting Taylors response to adam johnson getting sacked only taylor finds no wrong in the behavior of footballers cant abide the man
Marie Buckley Everything about the FA is Rotten and corrupt.

Chris Smith-Mypod the FA premiere league, the players, and the infestors make tickets that expensive, all responsible ;;; by the way, Marie the sunday game is at Villa Park??

Marie Buckley Next home home I believe Chris

Chris Smith-Mypod sorry Marie , because it reads "at the weekend" ...i know what u 
Marie Buckley Both Boardman and Brian Reade have done excellent and very comprehensive articles on the issue.

Janet Smith Yes Brian Reade sits quite near to me in Kop.

Chris Smith-Mypod not on sunday he isnt smile emoticon ?

Alberdale German Shepherds SOS have only one agenda & that is to get rid of FSG ! Ive said it before & I'll say it again , be careful what you wish for !

Marie Buckley Albert, American owners have screwed up everywhere they are involved.

Alberdale German Shepherds Unfortunately Marie we will have to agree to Disagree on this one ! I don't think they have ! FSG have invested alot of money into the club , brodgers wasted most of it , they say more money is available for the right players but realistically there isn't a bottomless Pitt as so many supporters wish there was ! They have also invested in a new stand ! Yes they are business men & realistically want to see a return in their investment both financially & on the pitch ! Unfortunately that is not happening !

Chris Smith-Mypod yeah and I will say it a thousand times Henry and f s g are bad for Lfc and I wish they had never got their hooks in our once proud club!
 btw, IMO Sos have been far too "quiet" in the last 5 years!

Marie Buckley They were but now realize they can't be anymore

Alberdale German Shepherds Move on Chris ! Stop living in the past !

Chris Smith-Mypod well at least I am not a hyprocrite who stands in from of Shanks statue then betrays his idealism which MADE Lfc a global icon!

btw , after 50 yrs of support I HAVE "moved on" I give my money to kids footy in the Balkans emoticon

Chris Smith-Mypod with 30 million Lfc fans worldwide its not diffcult to make a profit from Lfc, the "trick" is to make the football decisions , thats the biggest mistakes of F s g , and u cant defend that!
Chris Smith-Mypod 9th richest club in europe and 46th in UEFA club rankings , down from TOP in 2009

Alberdale German Shepherds The mistakes started with David Moore's who was more interested in his own pocket than investing in the club ! It got worse with Hicks era ! FSG know fa about football , they have been guilty of listening to the wrong people ! I do beleive if nothing else but business reasons they want the club to succeed !

Marie Buckley No Albert. Their agenda is not football related. They know exactly what they are doing.

Tony Dalton SOS went quiet when Fsg took over. because a few of their head men where looked after Fsg. jobs and the like
Marie Buckley Guys. It's about standing together and demanding what is right......they would love to see a divide among fans. .......divide and conquer. Don't be under any illusion they are doing anything for the's a self preserving move. ....for now!

Chris Smith-Mypod Marie thats Shanks ideal of a collective , socialism without the politics, but Henry is the opposite of that idealism..

Chris Smith-Mypod no apologies for reminding some "fans" whose idealism this club was built upon ..

Eamon O Keeffe Marie I reckon they will have sold up for a major profir before this price freeze ends. The stadium will nearly be 60 thousand capacity then. I'd say they will get huge money for the club , we all know that's what they are in it for.

Matti Nivala What did Mr Klopp say about the owners?

Marie Buckley Matti, like Rodgers, Jurgen is at the mercy of the PR spin doctors. Everything must appear to be nice, wonderful owners etc. Not the durst time and won't be the last! Klopp will only be in a position to do his own thing, we hope, after the summer.

Matti Nivala Anyway I am optimistic about the future.In Klopp we trust!
Paul O Donnell Christ above they apologised and changed the ticketing prices what more do yee want? ?? Clap applaud do what yee fucking want yee all stood up while stevie g was allowed leave the club after giving his life but charge 77£ for 200 tickets over 6 games and yee are all off yeer arses. Spare me hero's the lot of yee

Marie Buckley You are entitled to your opinion Paul, others differ, let's agree to disagree no heroes, just saying it as it's seen.

Brendan Lawlor People weren't happy when the club was owned by Hicks and Gillet and now they're not happy with The Fenway Group...this despite their funding of the new stand @ 0% interest and giving the club over £250 million to spend on players (that it was spent mostly on rubbish is a separate argument)....I guess some people will never be happy.

Marie Buckley Like I said, you are entitled to your opinion, but many differ. The spin doctors have managed to convince many but not all.

Brendan Lawlor As long as we all support the team on match day that's all that matters
Paul O Donnell 15000 fans walked out on the 11 players on the pitch because of ticket prices shame on yee them boys wer giving there all in a red shirt and the boy who gave the most was allowed to walk away with fuck all by FSG and brenda and all the so called fans done nothing about it... ticket prices stop now ask ken 
Kenneth Naughton we paid 300£ to watch our team never moaned about it worth every penny.... our new gaffer was in hospital recovering from surgery and yet yee done it walked out on the team for 1200 tickets...

Marie Buckley Like I said, you are entitled to your opinion, respect others opinions. What you do is your business regarding games. You feel £300 is good value for what you watched, well, that's fine. It just isn't about that though, there is a Much bigger picture.

Kenneth Naughton Yep paid that amount a few times always worth it..dont agree with a lot of what fsg do and their policies but always remember it was them who saved d club from bankruptcy..
Paul O Donnell Bigger picture is support klopp regardless of FSG it's the only picture... the mancs would love to have him we do and we behave like that when he is in hospital...

Alberdale German Shepherds Unfortunately Marie the much bigger picture is to get FSG out !

Marie Buckley Look, you are entitled to believe what you will, the people who walked out did so for very valid reasons and it wasn't ticketing alone. These people considered a much larger spectrum before making the decision..... Many fans have singular opinions and do not consider the long term. The people who walked deserve to be respected.

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