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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pre wham (away) AGAIN for the last time at Upton Pk.. and REdNET bootroom opinion

160209 ...well, unless you are a "celebrity" or on another planet you will know what happened or didnt at Anfield at the weekend , football v sunderland came 2nd (and so did Ming et and Sak HO HO!) 2-2 ..but it was "about" the WAR against INFESTORS, and the "half protest" of between 10-15 000 supporters and fans who walked out and 30,000 sheeple who sat still like dummies..

REdNET article on the NET and  face b oo k  have been censored , blocked or banned, EVEN a training video recorded privately for the benefit of the teenagers of our charitable "trinity inat team" (club) ..was blocked after wasting several hours of ABORTED upload. and costs. my friend "karma" will get the goons one day, it wont be "instant"

Wham away tonight and really , almost certainly the last time Lfc will play at upton park. when I worked in London as a teenager we (the younger employees in the office) used to go to a mid-week game at either spurs or wham,.. we were only half an hour away by tube ..(not you tube, but underground, or "metro") ,

always a game of goals and largely wham have kept that playing style, never champions but often entertainign their "coky cockney" fans,. who will now benefit from some of the lowest ticket prices in the league, (the opposite what Henry and f  s g have done to supporters at Lfc!!!!  "@ w ham build up" on the echo,
West Ham vs. Liverpool (FA Cup Replay): Jurgen Klopp's pre-match press conference

CS>  Pep was even funnier than JK!! 

Klopp talks of "positive things " v sunderland..

Studge could return...

CS> I believe he should be kept as an "impact player" playing 2nd half of every game , would still be top scorer at Lfc>//?
January 31 at 11:45am
he Reds "reserves" should have been celebrating a victory to cherish considering the personnel they had on duty.

But instead on a day when Klopp rested all his star names his only reward is that Liverpool will head back to Upton Park...for another reply.. I have a feeling it could be a result there for Lfc and another road to wembley? The boys deserved to win but it is like it is,” he said. “We will have a team for West Ham and maybe it’s not too far from away from this one today.
Klopp> "
“I do not know when they will find a place for this game. Perhaps it will be in the morning before we play a game in the afternoon. " ha ha ...
BRan out, shame as He and Flanno would be potential stars tonight!


mad world some fan nies complaining that the "walk out" cost the team the game saturday, apart from asking Minget why he cant save a soft free kick.. and Sakho why he cant stop a player turning him,..BUT, the "guilty" MUST BE the 30,000 sheeple who sat , like dummies during the evacuation. and FEED THE MONSTER destroying our once proud club

.... for me it wasnt RADICAL enough..BOYCOTT the infestors who pollute our beautiful game ... turning it into their cash business.. SOME supporters are stil true to Shanks idealism... havent sold out to "them".... I wont give them 1 cent ,INSTEAD I sponsor local kids, I suggest if you REALLY CARE, you save your ticket money and fund a local kids footy team??? thats DOing something with it... WE ARE THE CLU
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@HunterKJA @InatteamRedawn @Andrew_Heaton @EuRED09 but thats always been the danger (& IMO, mistake) dealing with symptoms not cause! fsgOUT 
REdAWN LIveBIRDS   @InatteamRedawn
Feb 07
@HunterKJA @Andrew_Heaton @RedAlieNeT would be better if was a total boycott! . that would hurt Henry & co all they care about!

Hunter A.
Feb 07
@InatteamRedawn @Andrew_Heaton @RedAlieNeT probably, but I'm not sure. it might be more beneficial to keep on point 

Harvey >
February 8 at 9:24pm
the "peoples club" about to be sold off too... @LivEchoLFC @RedAlieNeT u better have a word with Efc, they are likely to be in the same sh&te as Lfc fans soon!what does Klopp know about our culture? he compared Fergie with Lennon... who will inform him about the f s g greed? their poodle Ayre, its small comfort that Efc look like they are going to kill their "peoples club" too with the sale to more exploiters from USA????
9th RICHEST club in EUROPE...
down from TOP in 2009... to .....46 th place in the UEFA club rankings!!

not a Kloppite and not going for the title ....
BUT,,, :)

Buvac was "in charge" when Kloppo rushed into hospital..

@JayMcKenna87 @EuRED09 sos sold out 6 yrs ago, warned u, but u thought they were better than G & H, JH &co are smarter at screwing the fans! @RedAlieNeT 

@JayMcKenna87 @EuRED09 @harveytuttle @TonyEvans92a its weak 77mins is when some already leave! media wont care, & Klopp will say "oh again"
@thisisanfield @EuRED09 too little , much too late. will be mis represented by media - klopp will think "i am alone again" many wont do it!
@JimBoardman @EuRED09 its half-measures! either protest 100% or dont, Klopp will say "look they leave early..again!"…
@snapperlane @LivEchoLFC @JamesPearceEcho @InatteamRedawn Good Luck Zeljko ! the Reds in Balkans are supporting you!
03:41 PM - 06 Feb 16
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Liverpool FC News Liverpool FC News @LivEchoLFC

CENSORED by f s g and face b ook..

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