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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

modern Lfc Fans = FUBaR!

modern Lfc Fans = FUBaR!

A DECADE ... 10 years , wih ONE 2nd class cup on show... (& ywankers duly sacked Kenny ) 

10 years of USAcorp Biz before football :  Klopp acquired by F s g for profit motives ...

are you really happy to be the "northern arsenal" with champions league qualification & 4th your limit, 10 years of ... "we will be better NEXT season" ///....?????????????

Henry' & co have  no ambition other than using your money .... for their gain; (2011 )   

refer ....also:

10 years of USAcorp Biz before football :  

Klopp acquired by F s g for profit motives Henry' & co have  no ambition other than profiteering from YOUR money .... !!

FAKE infestors & FAKE media

the apologists and cloned fans swallow and reguritate the bS   

significant... 3 reasons why this article is manufactured..?

It’s great that after all these years with you guys 
having to write about things off the field 
that finally you can talk that we’re making progress with what’s going on the field,” H enry said.
 (& here we are 5...years ...later)

Pea arse> ???? "2013/14 It was the most thrilling top-flight campaign Kopites had experienced for a quarter of a century
 as Rodgers came within a whisker of delivering the Holy Grail."  ????????

Many Kopites would claim 2005 and '08/09 as thrilling with Rafa // when we became the best in europe (1st in Uefa rankings!)  !!

Pearce> "With leaders Chelsea 14 points better off, Liverpool’s target between now and May is Champions League qualification."

has always been f s g targets as long as the money comes in... thats why they sacked Kenny !!!!!!  

,  (as 2012 is yr focal point!

a lawyer is often trained to state the opponents argument to take the "steam" out of the plaint this what they told Pearce to do? 


posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.

Chris    >
March 20 at 4:54pm
snide comments from the joe blow article..

but worth a look ..

. (Skrtel was more than a "sub par defender") most fans havent got a clue about CB s .. he was a scapegoat ... player of the season a couple of years ago, u fickle T*ats!!

maybe with hair and support he enjoys his game more than at Lfc - USA corp.?
Martin Skrtel takes off from inside own half en route to scoring an amazing goal |


Happy 33rd Nando

exactly how I feel about ignorant fans :)

some Reds know that he wasnt the traitor that the uneducated keep stating ,.. he was always gonna be on his bike after USAcorp forced out Rafa! thanks Nando, for the great goals and good times I had with "the Kop on tour" supporting Rafas REDS all over europe...
.. happy birthday & thanks..Fernando TORRES. for. these ...


 I DO more than forgive him, I stood on the old kop terraces too, that dont make me any more an expert on Lfc than you..

. u seem to forget that a) Nando stated that he came to Lfc to win trophies and NOt to be sole match winner as he was at Atletti, b) Hodgson played ale house football.. stuck Torres up front to get kicked all over the park whilst launching route one balls at him.. the Tw*ts in the USAcorp boardroom had gotten rid of Rafa mid - contract and Purslow and co were stabbing everyone in the back... there was no loyalty shown by lfc at the time,, and Nando owed nothing to anyone... get it straight man! and BTW Ill be RED even after i am dead

    Away fans , even 500 are louder than 50,000 lfc "fans" at Anfield..

Shanks & his boot room, part of unique story that build a legend and a global entity... with simple honest philosophy, not only about football but about life ...

and it is sadly almost lost on the modern fake sheeple fan nies ...

Ronnie , and all Shankly boys & his backroom team, will never be forgotten by TRUE REDS and we too , are a dying breed

You WILL NEVER walk Alone...

& condolences to Moran's family

(its taught  not learnt! )  and,...

btw Jamie,  having a dig at Poor Raggy for letting in Aguero for the citeh equalizer last sunday... isnt it possible that Klopp told the defence to play a high line and offside, considering how many times the bluemanc forwards were flagged ?

brief comment on the players

Ming... better in last 3 games, still could do more to COMMAND his box,
suggest he watches Pepe , and how many interceptions & to - foot distribution Reina made durign the good days ..

Clyne, better at Citeh, for me could ply more first time, passes and crosses..
especially important against packed defences, mostly solid, after his "dip"

Milly,  pen taking as good as Stevie!  going forward , great , but... loose marking sometimes and yetcant fault his effort. when at his best Lfc DONT need a new left back..

Matip ... classy, but... i want to see more of him at corners, heading for a big man should be better, on occasions a little bit loose with passing.. needs a constant partner.

Raggy..  can play a solid game at CB, but like most needs a consistent unit and protection, got pulled out of position a few times.. I would still put him at 4th choice..  after ..

Lovren   improved this season,, plays a typical CB role, could do better at corners .. all round game improved , looks better alongside Matip..


Lucas.. vastly under-rated by fans and Jk alike.. for me is automatic shoe in DM/holding when Hendo was injured , distribution much more creative than others when placed in as replacement CB... I woudl play him there at home games if Matip or Lovren unavailable,,

Lalla..  workrate incredible,,, some cant see that side , as part of the attacking group his pressing is highly productive for himself and as example. shows skill and ability when (usually) on form..

Wijn.  looking more & more the part , intelligent player who keeps it simple most of the game, and gets into scoring positions better than most, improved!

Hendo,  work Rate and interceptions as well as creative passing makes hima regular, when fit.. Lfc have looked at their best when he is playing, scores too.

Phil ... was brilliant before injury (*and wage hike) far from his best in recent games, hopefully he will regain his ability, dribbling .& creativity, & start scoring again too..

Money...  when on song, is a great danger for opponents, skill, strength and pace,  however, can "disappear" sometimes, not yet comparable to Johhny Barnes!  .. important part of the attacking "hounders"

Firm... understandable why an automatic selection for Klopp... work rate, skill, vision,  if he had the finishing of Studge he would be world class, is at the core of attacks and wehn fit causes opponents problems with front lien pressing too.

Studge... all i can say is..  what a waste...  if he now was the player of 2014 Lfc woudl be leadign the pack...




as per a.k.a.  Fakebook
... its now just TOO ridiculous to even comment upon...
when I switch on any mainscrem "news" and i stop laughing at the content..

and the sh&te that arrives from twatter , the twits actually take themselves seriously...

i have to check that I havent accidentally switched on to a comedy channel or a monty python sktetch...

congratulations to the sheeple of the world YOU are now responsible for allowing a modern idiocracy ...
no one else to blame, all your candidates are fake & FUBAR


FUBAR media 22 march 2017!

London... 1 policeman attacked and allegedly 4 civilians injured.. by a lone man , shot dead by police..

all programmes CNN, BBC, RT, euronews , main french german , Italian tv stations all on this "breaking news" ..


100s of thousands of people suffering and kids dying DAILY in syrian and similar disasters... caused by .....

... well,

The USA banned this photo - the BS continues 50 years later!

who cares? ... it is so sick... because THEY are "arabs" or whatever and it doesnt matter to the sheeple if those distant foreigners get killed, maimed or their families wiped out, does it??? ..

and who knows??

..can YOU really trust the western media any more???

, they invent so many "headlines" this another "incident" to stop you thinking about the wars and such that THEIR governments & weapon industry supply???

A.k.a fakebook + FUBAR med1a = TRULY "NONE of the above" this is now extreme FAKEBOOK
The Attack in Westminster
You can check on friends in the affected area or mark yourself as safe using Safety Check.

A.k.a fakebook + FUBAR med1a = TRULY "NONE of the above"

start thinking for yourselves??

ChriS:-  MY connections... 
= my aims for OUR club


VERSUS the corrupt 

FA, UEFA, & FIFA... FFS! :)    


Thursday, March 2, 2017

this is THE REDnet bootroom ; no "pop-media" or fake news here!

I have no time for TAW , TIA, the echo and their bogus "extra" BS ...nor Joe  

one way or another they are fake allies of the USAcorp destruction of y-oUR club and OUR game!  

Kenneth was saying how we miss having a Stevie coming in from the academy...

CS> , I agree but I work with youth team, and talk with young people a lot, the problem is a social one, so many kids are spoilt, middle to business class are slaves to technology ans texting, have little interst in the world outside of their social media...and few have the hunger, example or values to devote themselves and give commitment,,,and now the true hungry kids are unlikely to get the chances as they dont belong to a league, club or scouting network window,, its no wonder "senior" supporters like us, remind everyone of the great players we have enjoyed, with leadership character and ability...

...Stevie, Kenny, Barnes, Keegan, Souness, and my favourite;

Emlyn.. who reflected the TRUE Shanks Spirit on the field

and held the team together on the field with raw energy added to his ability.

even though he is not a traditional leader, we let another that we had get away, luis..Suarez

....however, as i looked at the team the other night, for the umpteenth time, seeing another side taking charge, waiting for someone to get hold of the game, .....i saw no one, except......

.... the much mailgned Lucas, who was being battered due to the weaknesses of his team mates, i felt empathy for the lad because he gives his all, whatever his form........ 

 and as we saw v Spurs IF the rest put in the effort he can be a vital player,.., 

...but most fans just react to the pathetic media knee jerking when Lfc lose, they did it with Skrtel and now Lucas is their wipping boy,,

 JK has to take the blame, for a loss as craedit for a win,and F s g the fault for the state we are in..(oh that rhymes ha ha ) no seriously.. 

when fans suggest "simply " replacing players its the equivalent of putting a bandaid plaster on your thumb during a heart attack.. Stevie &  hope he can instill the mentality in to modern youth at Lfc,, but i have my doubts..

in a mad world  ..where Ranieri was able to make a miracle, then get sacked by club whose fans could have only dreamed about the title...

blame the players...

blame the fans,,, with a half hearted candle salute to one of the nicest guys in football..

but blame the "owners"  and if you think that the cold -hearted JWH wont repeat it if Klopp  fails to enrich their property value (yes, watch the "founder" film if u dont understand) ...or profit plan...

REMEMBER they sackd Kenny the BIGGEST legend of LFC (after Shanks, imo) after he won the ONLY TROPHY of the last 10 years USAcorp inFestment.. and you, the SUPPORTERS did "FA"/.....they own you, and your loyality...your ticket outlay,  the TV revenue,  the sponsorshipincome is because of your you think they care about trophies when Lfc are the only busines in the top european 10 richest football businesses, without winning  a trophy???

and SoS did NOTHING either!

rename it BaBS...


banners And BS !!...