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Friday, August 31, 2012

"Bucks Boys" (came NOT to) "play" OFF? 1-1 with Brave-Hearts (2-1 Agg.)

"Bucks Boys" (came NOT to) "play" OFF? ;)
1-1 with Brave-Hearts (2-1 Agg.)
Luis Suarez had a look on his face similar to Torres a couple of seasons ago.. ("am In now the ONLY match-winner?")

compare this with  the team of Rafa ..only 3 years ago..

 ..feared by all of Europe, 2 points off the title

..and top rated team by UEFA

THIS is what Y+nkers and fan(ie)s have done to OUR club! idiot fan(ie) on the official website, kissing the H-W ar+e ...
"why didnt we get Rodgers sooner?" 

 ..instead I ask///... " WHY DIDNT SUPPORTERS OPPOSE being "RODGERED" sooner?

I have no personal grudge against Buck, he is a mere pawn in the "N E S V / F S G business plan" can some "fans & moronic pundits" continue to praise the  y+nkers decisions....///??

One loss 1 win(by an "OG")  and 2 Draws, for the "Swansea-Barca guru"  (a one season wonder!) ..fails to impress seasoned REdS nurtured
on Shanks, Paisley, Fagan , Kenny & Rafa's Teams...

"Buck" is merely a "Public relations" choice...a typical Y+nker sop to the massmedia, young & "articulate"? ... he wont provoke the morons at Sky tv etc, 

..he will smile and be  "P.C." and spout the F S G propaganda..?

the "BraveHearts" came cose to a shock, despite a "REd Storm" in the 2nd half their defence coped far too easily with a strong Lfc side.(.the Reds saved by Luis's classic determination to score)ineffective, except for raheem Sterling , who again shows himself to be a constant danger and a potential hero, I hope he gets the chance to "DO" the ar=enal sunday!



Monday, August 27, 2012

12826 Bucks Boys 2..Citeh 2

Bucks Boys 2..Citeh 2

A game LFC won and lost (twice) and eventually drew  2-2 //myabe if i was a citeh fan .. I would claim the draw was a "fair result"

The REds had the clearer chances and the better GOALS///a Thumping header from "normally solid" Skrtel , and almost perfect strike from Luis...who with Raheem was our main threat..

the opponents goals came from defensive errors, the promising development of Martin Kelly hurt by failing to "clear" and the ball bounced to "egg-egg" (ya ya in serbian!) ..
and a blatant defensive back pass that I could have read...from the Martin Skrtel..the 2 martins spoling their good performances..

The REf (again) gave us very little of the decisions...

... I ddnt see any sign of a dramatic "swansea - barca" style , Looked much the way that Kenny s teams played at Anfield (at least against the top teams) ..Bucks new boys didnt look like they are "ready..Allen nor Borini....although the team played reasonably well in a competitive end-to-end match.."Quiet" Stevie scuffed a coupel of shots and Shelvey came close near the end having replaced the unlucky Luca (who previously
stifled Citehs midfield in some of the  past matches between these clubs..)

Summing up this was 2 points Lost rather than a point won and Citehs manager and players looked relieved to get off the field!!
CS 120826

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brave Hearts 0 "Bucks boys" won with an OG!

Brave Hearts 0 "Bucks boys" won  with an OG! 

I am just waiting for the game to start V Citeh ... I expect the REdS to win today as they should need no "motivation" v the
more succesful mancs ;)  ... "just go out, press them, fight for every ball and keep possesion and make the most of any opportunity..
be better!

against Herts last thursday (Europe league play offs) Buck (Rodgers) fielded a team of EPL standard players who struggled at times ..The plucky Scots ..
had Pepe scrambling a couple of times, Borini didnt look the "quality player" of his Anfield debut, hope hes not another "homer"..

but Raheem seems to shine every game he plays .. Despite objections to my campaign by Yankers & Fannies THE OBVIOUS damage  is seen to be done to a squad that challenged for all the titles 3 years ago by
FOUR Team management changes (Rafa to Woy, Woy To Kenny (temp) , Kenny to contracted King, then FSG broka that contract
\and introduced one -season wonder swansea - barca man...Buck...but we havent yet seen signs
of his (positive) influence  , look at the best clubs they dont change much ..!!

but PPL are just "knee jerking" ...and mass-debating and OUR Supporters will solve the problem and take the club back..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

S. Clarke's Club 3 - Henry-Werner's 0

S. Clarke's Club 3 - Henry-Werner's 0
My rare pre-match lack of enthusiasm, somewhat explained by the initiative of the anti F S G camoaign for supporters ownership, couldnt save me from the pain of this debacle..
my opposition was put to one side as the game started,,

However, much as I hate the current fraudulent "INFESTORS" - I do not have any personal grudge against "Buck" (Rodgers)...even if I would have made other selection choices ..
(Raheem?) ...I dont feel the bile that I had against the G & H/Purslow/Broughton/Hodgson regime,, even though this current set -up is equally,if not more, damaging to the long term culture & Identiy of OUR CLUB: LIVERPOOL fc.

Whether by accident, mis-managment or intent (!?) our off-field direction & the Lfc "office", has been a disaster, that would have had Shanks "spinning"..& I dont mean the the "spinning: of the Lfc tv crew or the Henry-Werner/N E S V ////....& their kind of propaganda...

Lfc got thumped 3-0 by W. brom! (the baggies!) the only time it happened to Kenny's last team was @ Spurs
- when we were "off" and they were at their VERY best!..

You could see it coming @ the hawthorns... when despite superior possesion our "Barca-Swansea inspired manager" hadnt been able to push his team to a clear cut chance..
....and "KARMA" punished Lfc for placing a "one-season wonder.." in charge of OUR team, instead of promoting Steve (Clarke) if again F S G insult the "bbotroom" philosophy of inside promotion...and we have to start again from scratch for the 3rd time in 3 years!

If they MUST pander to "fan(ie)s clamour ...& remove Dalglish, (during his contract!!) then puring Steve in as first team coach, and promoting Kenny, a TRUE "Living Legend" to Footy /accademy /Director-Ambassador would have been blatantly wiser..

but despite the F S G apologists, Henry - Werner are NOT genius, nor saviours of Lfc, they are ruinign our club...

LFC will probably recover and come good within this season, but a bad start and the obvious "time" cost in changing our systems, coaching new players & and existing squad in the "buck-barca methods" will be damage done! ...the deeper off-field destruction to OUR club by Parry; Hicks, Gillet, broughton, Purslow; Hodgson & now Henry Werner
may be almost impossible to recover...but we will do our best once F S G are gone!

Rafa got us back our dignity, and took us to the edge of greatness and kenny made us believe, before both were cheated out of their contracts by y=nkers!!
from the time Rafa had to deal with a "sell before buy' policy that eventually cost us Alonso; Arbeloah, Masch, & Torres (and others that didnt want to join a wreck)..
its been clear we must take this club over, if ever there was a club that MUST be owned by its Supporters , it is LIVERPOOL ; WE ARE THE CLUB, WE are LIVERPOOL!!!

ChriS 120819