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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brave Hearts 0 "Bucks boys" won with an OG!

Brave Hearts 0 "Bucks boys" won  with an OG! 

I am just waiting for the game to start V Citeh ... I expect the REdS to win today as they should need no "motivation" v the
more succesful mancs ;)  ... "just go out, press them, fight for every ball and keep possesion and make the most of any opportunity..
be better!

against Herts last thursday (Europe league play offs) Buck (Rodgers) fielded a team of EPL standard players who struggled at times ..The plucky Scots ..
had Pepe scrambling a couple of times, Borini didnt look the "quality player" of his Anfield debut, hope hes not another "homer"..

but Raheem seems to shine every game he plays .. Despite objections to my campaign by Yankers & Fannies THE OBVIOUS damage  is seen to be done to a squad that challenged for all the titles 3 years ago by
FOUR Team management changes (Rafa to Woy, Woy To Kenny (temp) , Kenny to contracted King, then FSG broka that contract
\and introduced one -season wonder swansea - barca man...Buck...but we havent yet seen signs
of his (positive) influence  , look at the best clubs they dont change much ..!!

but PPL are just "knee jerking" ...and mass-debating and OUR Supporters will solve the problem and take the club back..

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