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Friday, August 31, 2012

"Bucks Boys" (came NOT to) "play" OFF? 1-1 with Brave-Hearts (2-1 Agg.)

"Bucks Boys" (came NOT to) "play" OFF? ;)
1-1 with Brave-Hearts (2-1 Agg.)
Luis Suarez had a look on his face similar to Torres a couple of seasons ago.. ("am In now the ONLY match-winner?")

compare this with  the team of Rafa ..only 3 years ago..

 ..feared by all of Europe, 2 points off the title

..and top rated team by UEFA

THIS is what Y+nkers and fan(ie)s have done to OUR club! idiot fan(ie) on the official website, kissing the H-W ar+e ...
"why didnt we get Rodgers sooner?" 

 ..instead I ask///... " WHY DIDNT SUPPORTERS OPPOSE being "RODGERED" sooner?

I have no personal grudge against Buck, he is a mere pawn in the "N E S V / F S G business plan" can some "fans & moronic pundits" continue to praise the  y+nkers decisions....///??

One loss 1 win(by an "OG")  and 2 Draws, for the "Swansea-Barca guru"  (a one season wonder!) ..fails to impress seasoned REdS nurtured
on Shanks, Paisley, Fagan , Kenny & Rafa's Teams...

"Buck" is merely a "Public relations" choice...a typical Y+nker sop to the massmedia, young & "articulate"? ... he wont provoke the morons at Sky tv etc, 

..he will smile and be  "P.C." and spout the F S G propaganda..?

the "BraveHearts" came cose to a shock, despite a "REd Storm" in the 2nd half their defence coped far too easily with a strong Lfc side.(.the Reds saved by Luis's classic determination to score)ineffective, except for raheem Sterling , who again shows himself to be a constant danger and a potential hero, I hope he gets the chance to "DO" the ar=enal sunday!



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