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Sunday, August 19, 2012

S. Clarke's Club 3 - Henry-Werner's 0

S. Clarke's Club 3 - Henry-Werner's 0
My rare pre-match lack of enthusiasm, somewhat explained by the initiative of the anti F S G camoaign for supporters ownership, couldnt save me from the pain of this debacle..
my opposition was put to one side as the game started,,

However, much as I hate the current fraudulent "INFESTORS" - I do not have any personal grudge against "Buck" (Rodgers)...even if I would have made other selection choices ..
(Raheem?) ...I dont feel the bile that I had against the G & H/Purslow/Broughton/Hodgson regime,, even though this current set -up is equally,if not more, damaging to the long term culture & Identiy of OUR CLUB: LIVERPOOL fc.

Whether by accident, mis-managment or intent (!?) our off-field direction & the Lfc "office", has been a disaster, that would have had Shanks "spinning"..& I dont mean the the "spinning: of the Lfc tv crew or the Henry-Werner/N E S V ////....& their kind of propaganda...

Lfc got thumped 3-0 by W. brom! (the baggies!) the only time it happened to Kenny's last team was @ Spurs
- when we were "off" and they were at their VERY best!..

You could see it coming @ the hawthorns... when despite superior possesion our "Barca-Swansea inspired manager" hadnt been able to push his team to a clear cut chance..
....and "KARMA" punished Lfc for placing a "one-season wonder.." in charge of OUR team, instead of promoting Steve (Clarke) if again F S G insult the "bbotroom" philosophy of inside promotion...and we have to start again from scratch for the 3rd time in 3 years!

If they MUST pander to "fan(ie)s clamour ...& remove Dalglish, (during his contract!!) then puring Steve in as first team coach, and promoting Kenny, a TRUE "Living Legend" to Footy /accademy /Director-Ambassador would have been blatantly wiser..

but despite the F S G apologists, Henry - Werner are NOT genius, nor saviours of Lfc, they are ruinign our club...

LFC will probably recover and come good within this season, but a bad start and the obvious "time" cost in changing our systems, coaching new players & and existing squad in the "buck-barca methods" will be damage done! ...the deeper off-field destruction to OUR club by Parry; Hicks, Gillet, broughton, Purslow; Hodgson & now Henry Werner
may be almost impossible to recover...but we will do our best once F S G are gone!

Rafa got us back our dignity, and took us to the edge of greatness and kenny made us believe, before both were cheated out of their contracts by y=nkers!!
from the time Rafa had to deal with a "sell before buy' policy that eventually cost us Alonso; Arbeloah, Masch, & Torres (and others that didnt want to join a wreck)..
its been clear we must take this club over, if ever there was a club that MUST be owned by its Supporters , it is LIVERPOOL ; WE ARE THE CLUB, WE are LIVERPOOL!!!

ChriS 120819

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