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Saturday, December 28, 2013

robbed @ citeh by manc-ref - tough game @ chelski? m ake me a "Happy ChRiSmItH"

It was always going to be a challenging december, away @ spurs, manC & chelski  but , despite F S G ; "their novice manager" a missing Captain, and an injured top scorer, the REdS did themselves proud @ man citeh, now the most important Manchester...
Lee Mason (who once sent off 2 Lfc players in one game (@ fulham? i think)  is sh*te .. the goal by Raheem wasnt even close to being difficult to decide upon, Sterling was 2 metres ONside when the pass was played - had we scored that early who knows, we scored an "official" goal  later in the first half...

REdNeT wrote: "131226 
we had enough chances... ref was sh*te..ruling a perfect goal offside early on,. still believe that Agger would have covered their 2nd goal better, we need his ability & experience in defence, we deserved at least a draw, ...citeh arent so special! ....if its all about the team, & quality then Agger shd be playing , Sahko & Cissohko arent good enough yet , they were way out of depth last night.. add Agger , Stevie aND Studge to that team and we could go all the way.. some fannies just cant accept that with F S G they only want profit and BR is a novice.. Team done well so far, in spite of his tactics & subs."
"REdNET bootroom" Discussion :-

DEFENDING our players aginst the F S G clones & FAN NIES 
yes every one has an opinion, yet the most stupid people have the loudest and obnoxious voices.. 

The days of Shanks LIVERPOOL way, we support the team, the odd witty comment, for example when geting a pen some Kopite might suggest Toshack headed it, because he seemed to have a stronger head than either foot.. would be made "between us" or in the pub, when we might state our preference , nowdays every kid and C*nt without an once of footy experience can slate a player , without risk of having his body hung from the Kop.. :)  ah the good old days.... ha ha ha...  I will never write ANYthing on the web that I wouldn't stand by in any PUB or "public"..

anyway... just a taste .. of the worst of the week, 


Isn't it great to see LIVERPOOL top of the premiership.Nothing can stop Suarez at the moment,Anfield is becoming a fortress again,PARTY ON

  • ChriS SmiTH > its a long season and we must play 100% as our defence is sometimes shaky, (I'd prefer Pepe & Agger to Mignolet & Sahko...?) but if Luis scores 2 a game , we have a "chance" ha ha ha....
  • Jod Burke > You prefer Reina to Mignolet?? No way. Reina was a good servant but had gone off the boil for about two years. Mig has been sensational.
  • ChriS SmiTH > no way? it was an un-necessary transfer, and wrong, because one moment BR was saying he wants to keep Pepe, next thing F S G did a deal with Napoli (before telling Pepe, who has been 8 years with us, and a great team player) at the moment Mignolet is a decent shot-stopper, but every goalie goes through a patch when they arent on top form, Mignolet was shaky at times, (early part of game @ spurs and makes some dodgy passes in defence (yesterday too!) Pepe the best distributor from goal in the world , he sees the whole game very quickly, Mignolet boots it and doesnt come out for free kicks...(another reason we conceded more goals that way this season) Pepe already made assists and saved pens @ Napoli this season, he needs a manager & coach who he can connect with, F S G have changed the backrooms staff too much - and that affected Pepe more than most ..
  • Jod Burke > I love pepe, I do. But his time with the club was up. He flirted with barca all year and then was apparently hurt when we loaned him to napoli. He hadnt been at his best for going on two years and it was best for the club and for Reina that he move on. Mig has been tremendous. Saved us so many points this season.
  • James Ynwa Liverpool > Its excellent iv had faith uin Brendan Rodgers once i heard gerrard saying he,s a good man for this club great too see us been nearly best club since last janary 1st pls god we can go all the way now its achievable
  • Donal O'Driscoll It is unfair on Pepe to compare Mignolet to him just yet. It's too early but the signs are positive. I would have preferred to Keep Pepe, but I think Rodgers was right to set out his stall for a replacement if he thought Barca could be in for him. Mignolet is young and has many years left in him so we should get a lot of good years out of him. As for Rodgers, I was sold on him from the minute he made that first press conference. He said all the right things and you could see the vision. He has backed his words up with action since. The future is bright at Anfield and it's nice to think that an Irishman is at the helm for this resurgence. The league is still a big ask this season, but if we can get even 2 points from the trips to City and Chelsea, we are entitled to believe.
  • Shane Walsh Mignolet has been worth at least 5 points already.all LFC fans loved reina but he was costing us points.
  • David Mccarthy I'd the fact that Pepe was talking about going to Barcelona might have had something to do with it
  • ChriS SmiTH >  i'll be the odd one here and stand up for Pepe, he didnt "flirt" with Barca, that is just F S G propaganda! ... he was with Barca before Lfc, and said IF he was not with us, he would find it difficult to say no to Barca, , and u think dumping a GOOD man like Pepe after 8 years in that way is "ok" then U dont understand the essence of our club! .. Mignolets good but not better. and is not as "sound" as a team member, as he is made to seem, often, he looked shaky when under pressure, and his mistake @ spurs could have cost us.. if u look at his game closely Mign. dont like to leave his line.. whereas Pepe was a "sweeper" too and cut out a lot of attacks, at Pepes age he could have gone on for 10 years.. if there was any risk of Pepe Going why did BR say that he wasnt..??? problem is F S G run BR... and Donal.. whilst i agree BR is a decent coach, he hasnt won anything, (yet) and we shouldnt be an academy for managers.. his tactical changes are faulty, and i dont know what he says to the team @ H-T because we rarely do as well in 2nd half, take game v cardiff, (we didnt do anyhting in 2nd half) yes its great to be top, but dont fool oursleves without mercurial form of Luis it would be a lot tougher.. BR changes the Defence 10 mins into the game!!!! -(it was right to include Kelly but the wrong time to do it) i dont think BR is so clued up about defensive tactics, we score a lot but rarely keep a clean sheet, I hope we win the league of course, (and its possible because other teams arent so strong this season) but BR was hopeful "of a top 6 place at xmas" ((he said 6 weeks ago) ... as far as nationality is concerned I dont care if our manager comes from mars if he does it the Liverpool way, and bringing a "barca version 2 vision" is not OUR way... Lfc fans need to stop swallowing english media BS! .. and BR should to talk to Kenny about some of his decisions as Kenny did with Bob Paisley.. ..James, yes, of Course Stevie, as club captain., will publicly back BR, (SG even backed the **** hodgson, because thats his role.. ) but saying "the rights words" & his youthful image is why Henry chose BR, thats what american business/media ppl do! .. the team would have done well with Kenny (or even better with Rafa) IF had THEY had full boardroom support, thing is both Kenny & Rafa are big enough characters to stand against Henry, ......BR is not...yet, maybe he will grow into it.. but dont fool yourself , i give him credit, for abandoning his barca2-footy this season.. and to a certain extent the senior players now play their own game.. and that is what he should do ..let them play...and then BR will earn my respect... and not for what he says on TV!
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  • o because reina was with us for lfc he should never be moved on ?
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  • David Mccarthy no never said that,,if a player i talking about moving then let him and replace
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  • Donal O'Driscoll Shane I disagree about him costing us points. He made an odd cock up but name me a keeper that doesn't? He was very solid overall.
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  • Donal O'Driscoll Yes that's it in a nutshell David. I was sad to see Reina go, but had Barca made a last minute bid for him, we would have been screwed without a replacement lined up.
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  • ChriS SmiTH David, so then why did we try to keep Luis?????lets be honest FFS! NO NO Shane of course i am not saying because Pepe was a great asset to the club and the team for 8 years that its not possible for hard - nosed yankers like Henry to encourage Ayre & BR to move him out (without discussion!) .. or anyone who was loyal to Rafa, ,,because if i say that it seems too much like "a conspiracy theory" , what I AM saying is that Pepe deserved better, as I said in the summer, when fickle fan nies were having a go at Luis, ...the LFC boardroom has not shown any particular dignity or loyalty since 7 years of G & H/F S G ... the way Rafa (our best manager since 20 years was removed by G & H mid-contract) the way Kenny was removed mid-contract just 2 months after a boardroom "vote of confidence") replaced by a novice BR, .. nor , that F S G control transfers (and made a mess too, only 2 out of 10 being "first choice" IMO!) the "F S G/Chang scandal", threatening OUR fans) the cforced exit of the excellent Rodolfo /Mcparland , who with Rafa and Kenny created an academy with a "stock" of 25 international youth players.. and from what I know of Pepe, the man, HE would NEVER have left us in a bad situation.. its not his style and its a shame fans dont look deeper than the "PR" that comes out of Anfield.. I support our team, aND will stand by players like Skrtel when he was dumped by BR, and for Hendo last year (when BR wrongly kept playing "teachers pet " Allen instead) and Agger (who is 10 times the player Sakho is) and Kelly who was fit 3 months ago, but saw lesser players selected . where I draw the line.. is that I dont trust F S G or Ayre and words are cheap... I hope Mignolet improves for the sake of our team & BR proves himself too . but he hasnt yet .. but..."with hope".......


 we had enough chances... ref was sh*te..ruling a perfect goal offside early on,. still believe that Agger would have covered their 2nd goal better, we need his ability & experience in defence, we deserved at least a draw, ...citeh arent so special! ....if its all about the team, & quality then Agger shd be playing , Sahko & Cissohko arent good enough yet , they were way out of depth last night.. add Agger , Stevie aND Studge to that team and we could go all the way.. some fannies just cant accept that with F S G they only want profit and BR is a novice.. Team done well so far, in spite of his tactics & subs.. Pasted from <>

  • ChriS SmiTH > Skrtel plays best with Agger, thats the best CB pair , Sahko and Cissohko arent good enough..yet
  • Rupen Ganatra > It's strange how we have this chat every week, eh?
    It's strange how Skrtel messes something up every week, eh?...
  • Lena Mistry > Such a good fighter ( and I mean that literally!) but letting himself down a bit with his errors..... He had a better day today in all fairness, although if he pulls players anymore in that penalty area he's going to give more than a few penalties away from now until end of seasie! But a great fighter!! I'd want Skirts to have my back like ;)) Harry Kacak > This is all lucases fault! And Hendersons! And Allen's! And gerrards! And downing! And insua! And flanno! And ngog! And borini! And assaidi! Half of them went missing for the whole match. We are shit. Our fans are the best in the world.
  • Syed Ahad Afzal > Point is I don't give a toss whats better for skrtel or any individual. Its whats best for the club and his errors alone have cost us vital points this year. Yet I am supposed to applaud him?
    Fuck that I want the team to get better and for that he needs replacing and as does Lucas. Sooner the better.
    Trying hard and fighting hard is the miminum we should expect but its no susbsitute for quality.
  • ChriS SmiTH > u seem to be anyone elses opinion. and yr language shows yr character Syed, ..if its all about the team, & quality then Agger shd be playing , Sahko & Cissohko arent good enough yet , they were way out of depth last night.. add Agger , Stevie aND Studge to that team and we could go all the way.. some fannies just cant accept that with F S G they only want profit and BR is a novice.. Team done well so far, in spite of his tactics & subs..

  • Syed Ahad Afzal if my language (you said BS in your first comment as well) shows my character what does your grammer/spelling say about yours
    Seriously your entitled to your opinion, which is one I clearly disagree with.
    I think Agger and Skrtel (one of them for sure) won't be at the club at the start of next season. We can revisit this conversation then.

  • ChriS SmiTH > Syed,  well , of course if the spelling on the net is more important than the message, i get what type of "fan" you are,
  • John Henry wants to make money, BR will do what F S G sa
    , so yes F S G will probably move any previous Rafa/Kenny player if they can.. i keep getting cut off.. thats why "grammar" & "spelling" is affected, btw but u arent interested , u just make up yr mind as a knee-jerker , and pretend that u care ab
  • p.s. Allen was supposed to cover the goal line, and didnt

Pasted from <

Just another cockney F S G clone who cant argue yr position..happy xmaS

  • ChriS SmiTH need to be careful, if available, just one top player, (who is perhaps unhappy at their present club, like Mata, or Alonso) we have good youngsters available, and too many squad signing could destroy their ambitions, and disrupt the mood of the team.. (dont trust F S G) Pasted from <>

The game at Chelski is difficult to predict ; Maureen hasnt yet produced the expected leaders, but its sure if the Reds can perform similar to the best @ spurs & citeh, maximum points ARE "possible" really think BR has to talk to Kenny about his tactics & subs.  and please play Agger!

 his experience must come out and when they play well Danny & Martin keep a clean sheet, but that was with Pepe....and..

Saturday, December 21, 2013

REdS @ Anfield ...must fight on...update v cardiff

REdS fight on


...update v cardiff
@ home ... after an (easy) win @spurs, and with Luis signing a long term contract )
it would be dangerous to "ASS- U_ME"

MY m.o.m last some fans realise his value, in the "engine" 
Raheem did  well against a weak defence, though,.
..some Fan nies forget the game @ hull or @ home to soton and now already start to brag about what we will do to the cardiff team..

Sure we were strong @ white hart lane, as i hoped in  last week's ScLOG ..............
.. Mignolet seemed nervous, and had the londoner team taken advantage of early mistakes by him and Sakho, (who is not a 10th of the player Danny Agger is) it may not have been so easy...but spurs collapsed, 

I was SO happy to see local lad Flanno get the "killer" third goal.. & his "celebrations" with the travelling kop made me smile!

...however, my selection would be (still) Mignolet (sadly in place of Pepe) 

KELLY @ RB  centre backs ; Skrtel/dAgger & Glen over @ LB.. (Kelly was great over-lapping on the right before injury, sound in defence and adds height and muscle @ corners etc which we need as although we are top SCORERS in the league this calendar year, our defence is leaking, still, because BR doesn't understand defensive tactics.(yet!) 

because of injury to SG & Studge, we should continue starting with Lucas, Hendo & ("pet") Allen, Coutinho providing creativity behind Raheem & LUIS..of course.. Suarez the Goal Machine ( Suarez the Goal Machine.. Amazing Talent !! ) 
Well done to Luis Suarez who has won the football suppporters federation player of the year award. Over half a million votes were cast.                    ================.
and dont forget Ibe...

REdNET "Bootroom" Discussion ;-

Tanja BanfiIt's matchday, come on Liverpool today ynwa
  • Billy Comet >come on reds
  • ChriS SmiTH > need to have strong attitude from 1st moment.. dont underestimate any game, every point is important..  
Pasted from < team lived in digs and some went to Anfield  on the bus..:) .this team has to fight.. it will be down to the players, because BR is still learning..he hasnt got tactical nouse, (and F S G have no emotional stake in our club) Team  needs to have strong attitude from 1st moment today and in every game.. dont underestimate any game, every point is important..

(signing Luis) Broadway Liverpool > part 1 of 2 done! tying down BR to a long term deal should be next.
  • Del Kiernan >Real Madrid. Go and f--- off9 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • ChriS SmiTH BR? no..he hasnt earnt it, YET...hes still a novice learning the profession, and hasnt won anything yet....very naive on tactics and motivation, ... Pasted from <
  • and birthday greetings, sound Skrtel, proved the fan nies wrong again!


??? US&A version, very nice, sexy time..ha ha ha
  1. HYPERLINKKop 10 EPL Players (USA Version)
    Amanda Burden counts down LFC's best EPL players (according to US & A! Borat!)
==== Daily Horoscope: December 20, 2013
You'll be especially creative when it comes to linking your moneymaking abilities with your career aspirations -- and it's going to make you quite persuasive. (<smile>) Mood: Creative LuckyLucky Number: 99 Lucky Time of Day: 2am (Pasted from <>)


131221 soooooooooooooooooooo full of energy... went for a run, made a video , (save the world? no! i 'll do that tomorrow! LMAO!) happy SOLstice..the days now get longer and brighter  Pasted from <>

Propaganda, an alternative opinion... =======

If we can spend millions every day for oil/war and all the BULLSHIT our government wastes money on . . . . and you TRULY believe feeding the poor and hungry is a serious drain on our governments finances . . . ARE YOU F-CKING KIDDING ME! WAKE UP! Please, I beg you . . . WAKE UP! . peace
  • ChriS SmiTH> the idiots would launch more space rockets...not only do we need to feed those who need it, but to show people how to feed themselves and NOt be dependent on gov. the land belongs to the people , use it, take it back from property speculation which in turn inflates prices,etc.. no building should stand empty for more than a year.. if we bring property prices down, then the cost of evrything comes down, there is no logic in inflation because with modewrn technology everthing is easier & cheaper to make, so life shd be easier, but the power brokers and govt dont want u to know this,.. 

and every picture....

YOU know who YOU are!

 wonder if they will come ... to fill MY socks.....? ;)

and a "happy Chrismith" message for "DAX" to APPLY.....