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Friday, December 13, 2013

"RedNET bootroom" updated, will the RedS be winning their spurs?

.........2 relatively easy wins v Norwich & W.ham ...inspired by Luis, who is scoring a goal, on average, EVERY hour... 

... will need to play as a team, i have not been impressed by BR's "motivational" abilities..  or tactical nouse... 

substitutions, are either obvious or wrong, and if we are to achieve anything this season it will be be cause players Like Suarez, Glen, Skrtel, Lucas, vice capt. Danny Agger, especially in the absence of Stevie. Coutinho and even "teachers pet" Joe Allen,  

The mature professionals who have all played enough international footy to build on what i consider a "shaky" first 3rd of of this season, by stepping up, and almost in "spite" of the "manager" make the most of their talent, and bind a team spirit which kopites need to support and disregard the F S G cloines & "fan nies" (who are already calculating which of the transfer window gossips to spread in their blogs and facebook chats, etc) - 

a full 100% team effort will be needed to win on sunday @ white hart lane, and (UNUSUALLY) i agree with most of the comments of Jan Molby about this game and the champions league results

IF the REdS win on sunday or at  least get a decent result, it could mean the season goes all the way, @ a ground where we rarely win, another defeat could mean that F S G/BR's ("get in the top 6") low level targets become sadly true... over to you REdS; this would be my selection

Goalie (a belgian, not as good as Pepe)
RB ; Kelly ;  CBs  Skrtel/dAgger; LB Glen 
Lucas - Hendo - Allen 
- Coutinho -
  Luis (and either Raheem or Ibe or Moses) 

or add Sakho to defence and play  3/5 - 5/3-1-1 and go for  late "theft"
Sorry Rafa  

12 points without qualification, i am so sad for my man; Rafa, any REd should be sad because Rafa was cheated by the yankers and shoul d still be in a 10 year contract withe Lfc , we would have won the league and more by now with him, all the F S G clones and fan nies go to hell or goodison which ever is nearer!;)
  • Tanja Banfi > hard to believe that 12 pts is not enough but bvb goes on 
  • ChriS SmiTH >I met Rafa a few years ago, and not only did he make us tops in europe, is real WARM and friendly MAN!

Who u think Liverpool Gc should sign this january?
  • Kathryn Spencer > alonso would be good
  • Kartikey Gautam But the thing is will he come back?..
  • Mark Church Alonso won't leave Spain
  • ChriS SmiTH if WE SIGN ANYONE it must be a top player who is "ready" to play immediately, and not another "squad player" (like 8 of the recent signings by F S G) otherwise better not to sign anyone ..

Quality & his kids ...he can pass, dont need "pace"
  • Daniel Doheney > I've more hope for Allen, Henderson works hard. But lacks quality!
  • Tim Jaap Coakley >Hendo out too i think! Its a case that the have to
  • Liam Kennedy > Allen didn't look too bad last week, his open goal miss against Everton could have got us 3 points, no way Stevie would have missed that! Gerrard has lost pace and will be coming to the end of his days soon enough(can't see him still playing at 40 unfortunately)so the others will have to step up to the mark, and if not they need to be replaced!
  • ChriS SmiTH > SG dont need pace, his quality will keep him playing perhaps in a role similar to "Libero" he can still hit a pass to foot from 50 metres and thats faster than anyone can run!  Lucas has to share responsibility with Hendo and ....hope Allen shows a level we havent yet seen.. Agger too, because as vice capt he will need to take charge" if BR leave Danny on the bench we will have problems .. the team needs to play a s a team and then in January we will see from the league table, I would also play Kelly at RB and Glen at LB .. ;
  • ChriS SmiTH start @ spurs; GK ; Kelly, Skrte, l dAgger Glen, Lucas , Hendo, Allen, Coutinho, Luis & (either Raheem or Ibe) Pasted from <>



  1. There have been changes at Liverpool since I last wrote, with Frank McParland and Rodolfo Borrell leaving their positions in the Academy there. It was a surprise for me. I remember Kenny
    Dalglish praising the great job they were doing and the number of young players coming from the Academy in the last years.
    I know for experience how difficult it was to start with new ideas and I was really pleased withthe results in the first year, after I asked them to help create an Academy that could create
    players for the first team. But it is not for me to criticise the decision: just to wish the best to both, very good professionals. It is good to see that Frank has a chance to work with a new club
    at Brentford, who will benefit from his skills.