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Monday, October 29, 2012

REdS win 2-2 @ GOOdie-son, banned by Infestors & conspirators?

Luis - Diving  again! ;)
Banned, but the truth will still 
get out...

despite being blocked @ banned by the "infestors @ conspirators" & Despite the mancs & their Fergie, the corrupt FA the fraudulent Yankers & their business/military "new world order" & all those who try to block y-OUR Words...

J4T96 PLEASE bring the inquest for KEVIN WILLIAMS forward for his mum Anne...REdS just added signature #4,591 to the petition.
This lady has been fighting for 23 years, please help Anne get justice for her son Kevin
 if u dont believe in "conspiracy" take the example of Anne Williams & the "Justice" campaign after her son, and 95 other brothers & sisters were murdered by neglect , TWENTY-THREE (23) YEARS AGO!! incompetence and a deliberate policy of Thatchers govt. to penalise those who dared oppose them ( and Liverpool people were targetted) they covered it up, and NOW "the general public" realise that .....
 then tell me that "they" dont contrive to put down or demonise those who stand up against the inept or corrupt "establishment".. 

another example...
No surprise that Luis shows HIS contempt for Moyes
blues 2 - REds 2..or 3.. when will we get a referee?

blues ' david Moyes deliberately used the (diasterous) BBc to slander Suarez and other mainstream media to influence the game in the blues favour in pre-match tv programmes, (bitter about the "small club" tag, and idiot Lawrenson played along..manipulating the media and the FA's referee!)
 .....watching the game @ goodison yesteroday, and the linesman as Luis 3rd goal was disallowed, after the linesman delayed his decision,to flag for offside

..BUT there was no foul by a Red and Luis was NOT offside, the same story can be applied to almost EVERY game we played in the last few seasons..since Rafa dared to stand up against the old corrupt c*nt of  old trafford.. read THIS...
 match report;
ChriS> i am sure u will get a nice fat cheque from Henry for writing that!... it was blatantly obvious that the original selection was too lightweight for a merseyside derby with the blues hungry to get a much longed for victory against us.. ticky - tappy..footy was over-run..with only 40% possesion ..having Sahin, Suso, & Allen shows up the failures of copying another teams tactics we shouldnt be aiming to be barca mark2 , but go back to Liverpools' way, the way of Rafa, that made us top of UEFA ratings only 3 years ago.. but of course Rafa & Kenny are far too strong characters to be suffered by "infestors" who know nothing about ouyr club or the game! and repeat the disgrace of breaking our beloved managers contracts!..,  having puppet writers like u will make our job of getting henry-werner out just a little bit harder!, but only a little! ;)
FSG's Chang uses the media to demonise opponents, the media CNN/BBc (a once-honourable institution) has hung drawn & quartered Lance Armstrong, he is "Guilty" without ever having to go to a court (and an "impartial hearing" HIS, YOUR or my RIGHT ; is denied, forever, by their "trial by media")..they demonsie Suarez , highlighting HIS foul on Distin and IGNORING all the times he's been battered ("prime example  v Stoke"???) and blues players kicked him and all the young Lfc players yesterday with , again, almost blind refereeing..(fellani, coleman, merallas etc could all have got red)....the 3rd goal should have won it , despite evertons battling and their majority possesion the scoreline WAS everton 2 LIVERPOOL 3...

other news..
ONLINE discussion

ChriS-EuRED>@EuRED09 @RedAlieNeT @RedAndWhiteKop @LivEchoLFC @TheRedmenTV @TonyEvansTimes counting the days until Henry's NESV/FSG "INFESTORS" are gone! after 2 years of their viral attacks FSG have now banned us from Lfctv ...

Marie>Sunday brings to us the Merseyside Derby at Goodison.. a fantastic footballing event for the supporters of the Reds and Blues.......always an entertaining encounter and the winners retain bragging rites until the next clash of these two rivals at Anfield.

Supporters of both sides remember this encounter will be televised and its most important that respect is shown. Respect for the clubs, the city of Liverpool the victims & families of Hillsborough and yourselves.........I say this, but I am sure that it will be adhered to by all. Everton have already shown the utmost respect when they paid tribute to the truth findings for the 96 victims of Hillsborough and their families.......Respect on Sunday and again...Merseyside will be the winner!!! YNWA
Des P > very true words Marie,Good luck to Anne ynwa
Micheal O R> what u said couldnt be more true lets all respect each other for this special game

CS> thanks Marie, U are a TRUE REd!

(see link below) ther quote" Piennar completes 1.4 tackles and 1.8 interceptions per game, a relatively high number for a left midfielder." ?????? really 1 point 4 per game?

as for the Suarez comment, probably the majority of positions he gets into , few other EPL players could achieve!!!   its likely that SG will play deep to compensate for absence of Lucas..which means that REdS will rely on counter - attacks with Sterling & Suarez expected to take on the blues defence without close support, I agree Lfc midfield looks lightweight with Sahin, Suso & Allen or Downing ...BUT ..IF Lfc play with accurate football possesion they "might" burn out the blues energy...or they might get caught out..
SUPPORTERS take over

CS> btw, dont need to put in a "grand" ..when F S G go belly-up, a simple injunction by a joint venture of the Liverpool community (local people) and the global RedS Supporters would cost a relatively small amount (within the sos funds already there)
 and the re-launch of our club, with several million registered fans worldwide will only cost an average e50 each, = the cost of one match ticket = THATS "reality" = a potential basis of 350 million euros , 
and thats without investment by "ex-players/celebrity fans"..! :)
Sean S>  Lawrenson and Moyes having a dig at Rafa and his small club jibe.     Twats, must really have hit a nerve with Moyes....
    After all these years, rafa is still the man to get under gollum's skin, love it!     Miss bloke.
Telling the truth wasnt "popular" for Rafa's FA & media enemie
Andrew B> who pays atention to lenny the lion rent a quote tosser
Lindsay C> I miss Rafa too, wish we had him back!
 Helen P> Lawrenson makes me laugh cheeky bast*rds the pair of them rafa was great + I wish he was back
Sean S>  he did get it wrong at istanbul phil...but f*ck me he got it right second half lad.YNWA
Phil P> Yep Sean, sign of a decent manager, having a plan b : the up an at 'em approach against the counter-attacking italians didnt come off, guess he hoped the surprise element would. But his 2nd idea turned it right round as the world knows. lol my Plan A was a bit like Rafa's that ngt, but ive made amends now, just like he did mate lol
Istanbul..where a REdS miracle happened in may 05, thanks Rafa!
Marie B> Lawrensen is a prat and as for Moyes, he would be best advised to keep things quiet and advise the Everton fans to show respect
 and support for the game and the event tomorrow.

CS > "Rafa = the Bosforus" :) Lawro & Moyes are nought!
   get the yankers out and kenny & Rafa back in.
Marie B> American ownership in the English PL is bad news....................people who know nothing of the game and who depend on the advice of others to run their clubs/businesses is hardly a receipe for success.......
CS> if fans just stopped and considered what henry & co are in it for its obvious, they use our money to make their franchise..they didnt transfer ANY cash into the club, ..
Marie B> Chris,many supporters just cant see the wheat from the chaff, that is until it goes arse upwards,then the panic will set in and will be too late to do whats necessary.........for now everyone seems happy to paddle on
Sean S> the russians and the arabs seem to pull it off....maybe because they pay big salaries to football people to run the clubs.
..i still think henry will be ok...he aint seeling assests and i wouldnt wanna buy the league anyway....our future is our academy....S

Marie B> The Europeans and middle-East business men have a different ethos and are successful in the main. The yanks are typical of most Americans................good at the spoof and spin but little to back it up.....big mouths andshallow pockets. As for spending in January, don't think so Sean as Rodgers has been told to get on with it. Nothing will be spent this season.

CS> Sean, Henry is NOT "ok" ..but when they collapse everyone will know it, and then we will have another panic, our campaign for supporters ownership will then be under pressure to solve it for the 3rd & last time..i fear that ppl wont get it ..these yankers are bankrupt..and they are using Lfc to shore it up..via cash injections from 3 kits and pre-srason tickets , currently reducing everything in the shop by 20% just to get cash....Henry / F S G are wrong, and so are all business owners, we the supporters have to take it over and employ professional managment in the office and Kenny & Rafa for the footy.. 
Alien to media & the yankers!
Sean S> so brendan is surplus.....and we we all put in a grand into a big pot and get back into the elite and live happily ever after?The economy collapsed....FSG lost a lot of money.....they still havent asset stripped.Be very careful waht you wish the ideal world i'd of played for Liverpool.....this is reality mate...we need to get on with it and support
CS> have (not)asset stripped??> what placing 100million debt on Anfield & melwood will have the same effect.. investigate Sean! ..really take time & check out the "NESV empire"..check out the activities of Henry, his relationship witht he broker that brought us G & H..then explain to me why you call this "reality" ? i will ALWAYS support the team but not a puppet of the yankers.. they lied from day one, and spun the PR story that suckered SoS and Tomkins etc into it..that the only diffrenece between G & H & Henry-Werner..= PR!
(???"cant change it?"___)
I had to laugh whilst I was writing this, someone called jake or jody or jodrell banker asked me to "host" reply..

sorry, but if u know anything about "footy" thats football for u lads from the land of "american football" (thats a game where U pick up the ball and handle it for most of the game????) , I will that repeat our LIVERPOOL REdS supporters chant " we are not racists" we only hate mancs! ;)

LIVERPoOL = FIVE TIMES European champs!
 ..enjoy yr travels.. by the way we are also trying to get John Henry & co out of our club!..and we will! (as we did with Hicks & co..)

"they didnt care about Rafa,
they insulted our king
get out of our club
,is what we now sing.."

u really picked the wrong host to ask!! ha ha!  just joking..!?
recent SCloG ;

Birthday greetings, to all true REdS with birthdays today from REdnET


more @ REDnET

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liverpool win v "Angie" & we aint heavy,,


europa league 
win v "Angie" 
"he aint heavy"

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

Produced by Guy Chambers, the song will also feature Paloma Faith, Mel C, Shane MacGowan, Mick Jones (The Clash), Peter Hooton (The Farm), Pete Wylie (The Justice Tonight Band), Richard Hawley, Chris Sharrock (Oasis), Ren Harvieu, Dave McCabe (The Zutons), Paul Heaton (Beautiful South), Hollie Cook, Jon McClure (Reverend & The Makers), John Power (Cast), Beverley Knight and Gerry Marsden (Gerry and the Pacemakers).
Further names are set to be added to this list ahead of the song's release on December 17. All artists involved are giving their time for free, and all proceeds from the sale of the single will go towards the Hillsborough families' legal costs in their fight for justice.
The original version of the song was used to great effect earlier this season by Everton at Goodison following the release of the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report.

Dalglish added: "The families of the 96 should never have been in the position they are now in, of having to fight to get the accidental verdicts from the 1989 inquests overturned.
"I will continue to support their dignified campaign every step of the way."

CS> Lets not forget the debt owed to Rafa's effort  (with kenny's support) brought so many young talents into our club, (their reward to be dismissed and have contracts broken by G & H & John H e n r y
when these ppl without honour are removed  we shall have a club to be proud of , not a "franchise" !)

From: crazyhorse777 Sent: 1 week ago Subject: Re::Kop Message: Thanks...
all the best in your continued efforts....I wonder if there are paid fsg shills on the's getting nasty now.
My brother is in remission but struggling to get his immune system working.....which can is a big worry....but we are fighting...and he is fighting....

all the best,

Liverpool will have money to spend in January

"Brendan Rodgers has been assured by Liverpool FC’s owners that he will have cash to spend on a new striker of his choice in January."
And it shows FSG have realised if we are to move forward, we'll need to spend money, we didn't buy a striker in the summer transfer window, and with our lack of goals so far this season it's cost us.

So, it looks like we will see a new striker at least in January, maybe another 1/2 new faces too, but a striker should be our top priority, and we should act early in January, so we don't run the risk of missing out on anyone, or leaving it until late and not getting the deal finalized.

--- haven't we heard this all before... 1 or 2 faces ain't good enough. with the amount of injuries and the same team we have, we need at LEAST 4 players brought in. I would bring in at least 2 strikers. and 2 central defenders.

Fenway. The New Gillett and Hicks >

Will believe this when I see it, all been said before......backing Rodgers is cheap!!!

CS>  will ppl please wake up and realise the "money" is comes from pre-season ticket sales, and 3 new kits F S G have put NOTHING into OUR club..(CS) go to :

Sunday, October 21, 2012

what are U REAding ?- LIVE r POOL update

what are U... 

CSer "Raz" (is on her way today;to Skadar; ..then Prizren? ;) )   needs yr support!..a 5000 km WALK from her Cornish home to ISTANBUL! (city of our "miracle" memories)
 I was complaining to  "Raz" yesterday that When I hear Lfctv commentators talking about subs coming on to "shore up the midfield & defence" when we are winning ONE-0 against READING at home, the lowly sights that our club now set are SO at home Versus a relegation side , we are scared?  we had enough talent and moves, (even though I admit to being an admirer of Rafa-style "economic" footy = not route 1 necessarily but the fastest route to goal possible, I recall a brilliant goal v Bolton a 3 years ago, Stevie , on the edge of our pen. area, hit a pass along the grass to Torres, who let it run almost into their oen area, and just dinked it over Jeskeleinen(?) great goal, we dont have to pass it a 100 times, we wiped out Madrid, Barca, Milan & the Mancs with EFFECTIVE methods.. thats a LIVERPOOL way!)
 ... Compliments Rafa & Kenny for bringing players through like Sterling & to Raheem for a well-taken goal (youngest scorer for Lfc since Owen, & Suso for  his contract.."WE are Liverpool" (Suso)

despite missing chances still a FIRST HOME win for the team?, jittery end.."shoring up the defence & midfield" against REading at Home!...says everything about the status of our club!..(report)
Steve Clarkes W. brom (unbeaten at home until 10 minutes from the end v citeh) could have been in 3rd tonight, another great LFC yanker decision to appoint "Buck"rather than promoting SC! successive Yankers sacked OUR best managers ; Rafa & Kenny! (coulod have make Kenny Director of footy @ Lfc) Reading fans singing "We sacked your manager" at an otherwise pretty quiet Anfield. 

more exposures of the Y*nkers dubious "henchmen" (*Chang)  

...only a few realise how much damage has been done to our club, by the disaster chain of Moores-parry-Hicks/Gillet, Broughton/Purslow, Hodgson -> now the "buck" doesnt end with "Buck" but with us the Supporters MUST take over the club
or see all we cherished disappear forever! this is only the tip of a murky iceberk and a lot of y*nker-style dirty doings @ Lfc by "the office"

The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, Lord Falconer and HFSG are among those who will appear before the Home Affairs Select Committee to discuss the Hillsborough tragedy on Tuesday - and supporters can watch it live on

The interviews will be another important step in the fight for justice following the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report last month, which revealed the damning truth about what led to the 1989 disaster and what happened in the aftermath.

DISCUSS? <snips>

ukjrain (UKRAINE) 0 Monty REdS 1 .. !!...

proud of serbian youth ???  ..

Ciki Nasilnik> Ceo stadion u Krusevcu juce arlauce i imitira majumune
da bi vredjali igrace Engleske. Okej poslali ste lepu sliku u svet,
pravi ste majumuni, stoko nepismena Srbijanska., (Novi sad, Serbia )·

 CS> racism is everywhere,and is encouraged by manipulators in politics & religion, to get power over the weak..but it seems in certain places its ugly face is seen too often!..

Ciki Nasilnik >To je kraci naziv za ljude juzno od Avale koji ja koristim, jer mi se 'oce. Nisu svi takvi, ali da se utakmica igrala na Karadjordju, ne bi 10.000 ljudi to radilo, nego 100. bio sam po selima u vojvodini, rusini su do jaja ljudi x)

 CS> if U come from another planet, u are all mere human beings... with a billion years of "history" my ancestors can claim that this region is "ours" (Celts!) what? ...u cane live in the past or make this world better, its a choice with consequeces.. every human has the choice, positive or negative road, ...dont be surprised if the world judges us to be if we show it an ugly face...but at least U dont have "macdonalds" (here, wher i live! ) smile
 we live in a world full of hypocrisy. sure,for example the USA calls itself "democratic" yet u have to have a billion dollars behind u to become president, their politicians criticise the "eurozone" but the USA debt is bigger than all the rest of the world combined...they point the finger of human rights at other countries yet at least 15,000 people who are later found to be innocent are convinced by the "american justice system) every YEAR!.. all nations have comitted crimes against humanity in their past , and most even in present..pollute the atmosphere, 25000 kids die daily...when YOU young ppl realise that U must command the media and U must stand up, in your own daily life and say what is wrong...AND what should change..then U have the quality U need for a better life here or anywhere , because NO piece of laND is an isialnd, we all pay for the problems of everywhere, sooner or later..carpe diem!

Ciki Nasilnik >za taj slucaj ne znam. ako nije kriv, nek ga puste jebiga. ona ostala grupa ako nije ubila da im se sudi za pokusaj ubistva, pa ko im jebe mater. JEL TOLIKO TESKO NE UBIJATI U COPORU OD BATINA KJUDE KOJI TI NISTA NISU UCINILI? meni to uopste nije tesko

CS> everyone, U may not personally be to blame, but U / we are all responsible...the biggest mistake is to give yr power to leaders who have repeated the same BS since over 2000 years... (excuse this, but "google transalator could cause a war in mis-interpretation)
well, of course there are "Lfc fans" who havent learnt our culture either ! ..cuvaj se..over to U to solve Y-our problems..

 Ciki Nasilnik > now I remembered this video clip you played me , smile
  grin ....every Politician or "ultra" should watch "cool hand luke" ...( and "the potemkim league@ because we are socialist hooligans ! (not fascists) smile

Ciki Nasilnik> ti koji mrzis cigane i crnce nemoj nista da pises. nisi relevantan. kad bude neka Nazi tema, onda se pridruzi
talking of "consequences" fans apathy  = F S G & "Buck"

CS> there are too many "censors" on FB & everywhere too.. smile
 hey adolf, pick the one that suits U! smile ========
LFC "news" 

(tomkins sold our to Henry!! should be rebelling but now is an "offical journo") (OUR captain, losing for england...)

+ European funding worth £8m was spent on preparatory work for a new stadium on Stanley Park under Liverpool's previous owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, and may have to be repaid

Marie Buckley> This is perhaps FSG plans for Anfield's future, however, I don't see this happening there are so many equasions to deal with that even if it does happen it will take years. Personally I see this announcement as a placibo for supporters to keep them quiet, and really not much else. Everything is far too vague.

Terry White> if & when it does happen in the long term it wont cost fsg hardly anything, ok they may put £150m upfront for the project call it a loan if you like as they know they will have more than that in return in the years to come through sky high seat pricing & corporate boxes...we will become like arsenal where their cheapest tickets are £62 ours at the moment are £ 39 & £48 arsenal season tickets are £985-£1955 ours at the moment are £725-£780 so no way will fsg not up hike up the prices to get a return on their investment.
Marie Buckley> Of course ticket and season ticket prices will escalate whether or not this happens. However, I see too many obstacles to overcome and have my doubts it will happen even in 5 years. Believe the plans for Stanley park haven't been sheved yet - wonder why is that?

CS> ? > " there will be a massive legal battle early in 2013, with corporate liquidations that will destroy NESV and along with it FSG putting us and the Liverpool community in the position of acquiring the club via a high court injunction as they will be found guilty of fraud"..!(CS) more @ REdNET (blog colours have been distorted, sorry!, not my choice!)
Fenway. The New Gillett and Hicks>Gillett and Hicks nearly put this club in adminstration and bankrupcy. ...See More

Terry White> stanley park i believe as a 999year lease for a stadium to be built on it after planning permission was granted for instance if everton f .c now wished to take that option up then the way i see it there is nothing to stop them as soon as they find a rightfull owner or backers


 Marie Buckley >Interesting no doubt!
CS> Fenway are already getting up front cash income on 3 new kits, and pre-season tickets /corporate packages etc.. not to mention the usual season ticket income, they are already in surplus of cash, and did NOT transfer CASH to Lfc at the G & H sale! (shd that be repeated???) did NOT pay cash for Lfc!!

Marie Buckley > Exactly Chris.........yet so many supporters seem to be easily pacified with occasional 'announcements', without taking a look at the big picture. This along with the FSG apologist fans who mistakenly believe that FSG 'saved LFC from administration' and 'will do the right thing for the Club' just saddens me. Shame to see supporters so misguided by bullsh*t.

CS> it was a clever trick to paint G & H as the (obvious) disaster, then "rescue" Lfc , whilst ignoring the supporters claims for shares.. and set up a fans committee with Karen (shanks grand-daughter as token gesture) ..and of course pauy lip service to any ideas from true Reds..suckered SoS and Paul tomkins who stopped challenging after henry took him to lunch and later made him an official journo for Lfc website..!! Karen gets 4 free trips from Athens and a nice match seat from FSG to keep her sweet, shame as she knows better..but scousrers are notorious for wanmting to see the best in people.its a good and , in this situation, a bad thing..much of our energy was used up inthe "actions" against G & H , Purslow & broughton played the "saviours" role, with big media BS..and yet u only have to look a bit deeper to see the truth Henry backed Bush..enough said? ignored Rafa, broke Kennys heart, and snubbed Hillsborough, loaded Anfield & Melwood with credits on the bank....told everyone not to put their banners away 2 years ago,, there u go..I hate fighting against my own Lfc office..but I always remember the comments in Shanks it? ..deja vu!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Henry - WERNER = BS!! "wont be fooled again"???

 Henry - WERNER
 = BS!!              
"wont be fooled again"???

"New boss = same as the old boss"
( ...Ian Ayre, who was a director under G & H, who failed to support our call for a shareholding when the club was up for sale then, who failed to back Rafa, who allowed the breaking of Kenny's contract who has built his career on SELLING our culture to the "INFESTORS" once again helps distract the fans from the failures of Henry & co, organises a "Jolly" for mayor anderson to go to Boston and get "suckered" by Henry & WERNER, who knows "sweet FA about LIVERPOOL, our culture or the city of Liverpool, and without any experience, is on the "development board" and all these plans, guess who will benefit the most, The Supporters? , the community of Lp? or........... Fenway & co!... their american"empire" is in the sh*te and so lets shore it up with another BS plan..why not develop the whole area within the local sports / community with SUPPORTERS owning the club in co-op with the community?..that would BE something because WE are the club, WE are LIVERPOOL..
....t was a clever trick to paint G & H as the (obvious) disaster, then "rescue" Lfc , whilst ignoring the supporters claims for shares.. and set up a fans committee with Karen (shanks grand-daughter as token gesture) ..and of course pay lip service to any ideas from true Reds..suckered SoS and Paul tomkins who stopped challenging after henry took him to lunch and later made him an official journo for Lfc website..!! Karen gets 4 free trips from Athens and a nice match seat from FSG to keep her sweet, shame as she knows better..but scousrrs are notorious for wanting to see the best in people.its a good and , in this situation, a bad thing..much of our energy was used up in the "actions" against G & H , Purslow & broughton played the "saviours" role, with big media BS..and yet u only have to look a bit deeper to see the truth ...Henry backed Bush..enough said? ignored Rafa, broke Kennys heart, and snubbed Hillsborough, loaded Anfield & Melwood with credits on the bank....I told everyone not to put their banners away 2 years ago,, there u go..I hate fighting against my own Lfc office..but I always remember the comments in Shanks it? ..deja vu!
do your talking...

 Irene Harris> He has earned the right to be SIR KENNY.!!!! YNWA KK.xxxx
Mags O Donovan > well said sis xx Ynwa xx
Donna Campbell> I followed him from Scotland to Liverpool, my hero, but if he took another gong from this corrupt system I would be ragin'...all he needs is to be King of The Kop. King Kenny to LFC the world over, that's enough. Dx

CS> Agreed, the same royalists & govt, that denied J4t96! - Kenny earned OUR respect and NOT to be insulted by John Henry & have a 3 year contract broken after only ONE full season.. 
and Ian Ayres is 2 -faced, he never stood up for Rafa, Kenny or Luis... hes just a commercial puppet! 

get FSG out of OUR CLUB!

Marie Buckley What do you make of today's announcement Chris? Personally, I think its yet another placibo for the supporters.....will keep them quiet for another few years.

CS> U are on the button! they are in the sh*te and will be seeking any real or fictional project to cover that up and try to con other infestors into the mire.. =========
 Stevie  by Zidane..
"Is he the best in the world? He might not get the attention of (Lionel) Messi and Ronaldo but yes, I think he just might be.If you don't have a player like Steven Gerrard, who is the engine room, it can affect the whole team.When we were winning league titles and European Cups at Real, I always said Claude Makelele was our most important player. There is no way myself, (Luis) Figo or Raul would have been able to do what we did without Claude and the same goes for Liverpool and Gerrard. He has great passing ability, can tackle and scores goals, but most importantly he gives the players around him confidence and belief. You can't learn that -- players like him are just born with that presence. - Zidane"

    Stella Leivadi and 259 others like this.
    Romilos Lfc Fronimides >my TWO FAVORITE aces!     Stevie G. & "Zizou"!
    Mustapha Laouir> my best favourite smile the scouser and the Algerian ( french but algeria in his heart)
    CS> SG is the most complete footballer in the world of the last decade..not the most exciting, but the most complete.. excells , pass, shoot, head, tackle, attack & defend ..and lead
CS> i agree with your opening statement..I also only support my club (LIverpool) in fact as I live abroad more than half my life, I recently supported the local Montenegro team against england.. why not use the "Euro" games as a world cup qualifying, I.e. the top teams that reach the final euro stages go to the next World cup..
if u dont want the truth about OUR CLUB, DONT read... ///////////..........
Fenway. The New Gillett and Hicks> there will be a massive legal battle early in 2013, with corporate liquidations that will destroy NESV and along with it FSG putting us and the Liverpool community in the position of acquiring the club via a high court injunction as they will be found guilty of fraud..!(CS) more @ REdNET

Saturday, October 13, 2012

CREdS - LIVE r POOL Rebel-LION Update ..

Rebel-LION Update ..

"CREdS" ? its the nickname for our motivated members active in protecting our core values against the y*nkers..CREdS ; "are in-credible ;) "  and " have credit? "  or is it  just a small band of ChriS's REdS ...causing a global shift and unsettling the y*nkers who "acquired" OUR CLUB on CREDIT! ..

some say Fenway are The New Gillett and Hicks , but they are much more dangerous!  with the way they conned and smooth talked S.O.S , Tomkins & co after the G & H disaster.  They were introduced by the SAME broker, they immediately loaded Anfield & Melwood with debt, criticised Rafa, flattered Woy, (and didnt sack him until 10,000 less turned up at Anfield in January of 2012..) Henry snubbed Rafa again repeating the hodgson error by appointing another unsuccesful manager ("Buck") after  snubbing the Hillsborough memorial & breaking a man who is more than legend ; Kenny Dalglish ! 

OUR campaign poster;
there will be a massive legal battle early in 2013, with corporate liquidations that will destroy NESV and along with it FSG putting us and the Liverpool community in the position of acquiring the club via a high court injunction as they will be found guilty of fraud..!

Fenway. The New Gillett and Hicks> (this will start in the states!)

Greg Kerins> so the fans will get ownership of our club just like barcelona?

Fenway. The New Gillett and Hicks theres a lot of work still to be done, but that is the target, although I prefer to call us Supporters! (CS)1 share = I vote & each share = cost same as 1 match ticket.

ex players & celebrity fans will be able to invest and get a return on their money..all major decisions decided by annual supporters general meeting  and daily management to include Kenny and Rafa! 

Current Team / tactics etc

i could play for the team if the majority of passes are back or sideways, hodgson discarded Aquilani ; a cutting edge passer in the area that matters..but of course with ppl creaming themselves because of the barca-hype and Rodgers "one-season success" @ swansea ..& ar*enal fans in the media we have lost the greatest advantage in any conflict, ..surprise"!

 ... mind u, this just glosses over the main problem that succesive y*nkers have ruined our club, and only a supporters ownership can recover our pride, 3 new kits brought cash enough into the club for FSG...everyone with a brain knows that they just want to milk OUR club (their "franchise") ..its OUR money that saved the club , and the media distribute their bullsh*te to "fan***s local & global..WE are the club and if necessary must take it back via the courts!

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Media/REFeree/FA bias


Luis Suarez, may be tempted to dive, because e wasn't yellow-carded for  what maybe seen as a blatant attempt to get a penalty also  highlights the incredible bias of FA-conditioned  referees like  Lee Mason last  weekend. (he sent 2 of our players off at fulham for lesser offences than he yellow-carded , half, of the Stoke players at Anfield)

Media articles are scandalous,as is the continued vilification which has enshrouded Luis Suarez once more, is a shameful exposure of the English, and global media preference to demonise one player  and exposes their bias, ....full of cockneys & mancs! ;) ?

Suarez is the FA & media scapegoat of the moment. Stoke City committed 18 fouls, above even their own average of 15 fouls per match this season. (LFC  commit an average of around 10 fouls per game). a quarter of those came on Suarez alone—with the most blatant, shocking and reckless of assaults on him not even meriting a word, whistle or card from the biased Mason.

 even caught on camera,  a few minutes into the game, Robert Huth , in full view of the referee stamped on the Luis. It was a red-card offence. Stoke should have been down to 10 men for almost the entire match, & a message sent that brutal tactics would not work. Instead, the biased Mason decided it was neither worthy of a card nor even an acknowledgement, despite the fact that he and his assistants had seen and noted the stamp.


 a sign of what was to come, but even then the ridiculously one-sided slant the media in general have taken of the game is clear proof of the anti LIVERPOOL bias that has been with us since the dark days of Heysell & Hillsborough, when the Thatcher - led govt. police and tory - ridden media blamed REdS for everything except the weather! The BBc now being a puppet of USA business, no longer even attmpts anything remotely like fair & true reporting..
...not one reporter or journalist appeared to bother asking the Stoke manager about the incident - & shd have considered how much pressure his own players put refs under to get the cards out early when they go steamrolling through the back of the opposition within the first five minutes of the game? Maybe the PFA (Professional Footballers' Association) should also be pointing out to their members that standing on each other with studded football boots is probably more likely to cause serious injury than diving to the ground is.

Late on in the match, Raheem Sterling picked up the ball on the right side and embarked on a winding run, leaving Stoke players trailing in his wake, before he then waltzed past Stoke midfielder Whitehead. The midfielder was left with one choice—to foul Sterling and give away a free kick—if he didn't want to risk the creation of a chance against his team. Mason was five yards away and immediately whistled and showed a yellow card—one of Stoke's six in a game where double the amount might have been handed out to them—me we love.

Continued Bias

 Rodgers has recently been in the media noting that he was getting a rough deal from referees

V Man  Luis had a case for a penalty, 

against Sunderland it was obvious 

V Norwich nobody could quite believe that the referee somehow viewed a bizarre elbow-chop to the shoulder not worthy of a foul and, therefore, penalty. Another separate incident with Huth against Stoke might also have seen the Reds get a spot kick.

Seven games into the season and already four good-to-stonewall penalty decisions have been turned away by referees.

IT NEEDED repeating , again & again!

when he is fouled in the box, it's a penalty, regardless of opinion or history.
It's not only penalty decisions which are going against Suarez. Fouls from behind, in the air and when he embarks on his winding dribbles on the ball are all going unnoticed—or noticed and unpunished, just like Huth's stamp—in matches. Liverpool need Suarez playing at his best to help their early-season form, in terms of points won, pick up. Luis is a player who gets incredibly frustrated when decisions go against him. He is an emotional man and thats also what makes him an incredible player, but the masses just fall for stupid & biased media on top of a clearly biased FA ... (4 matches ban for Terry & EIGHT for Luis!)


CS> I wonder when EXACTLY the BBC sold its soul to the devil?
..(sorry if u are naive, then U wont know that all news items re sponsored by the USA?)
 ...a) guilt by media... without any impartial hearing (Luis Suarez, anyone?) the anti-doping squad/allied to the mainsteam media show Armstrong to be guilt of serial doping..! 
- if that is the case shouldnt american parents ALSO be guilty if they have more than 1 child? ;)  
b) so the "american dream" that was sold to the rest of the world, whilst they made "war" a business, is now also the "chinese nightmare" as "peasants" are forced off ancestoral land to make way for the new (capitalisT) property speculators.
..communism? never existed anywhere! ...
c) a girl staying with me from california ...went into panic mode because monty dont have "big macs" the whinging spoilt brat, treated my place like a she knows the truth & she just met her first "true REd socialist" LMAO!
 ...and from the corrupt , mad to the ridiculous, rooney = ingerlund capt? ...!


"OUR CLUB" .... we are recommending our global member-friends to associate with "Monty Logic" ...(is a choice; take the REd Pill!)

A concept based on not-for-profit initiative...for all people by ordinary people without any business, political or religious enjoy exchange of culture & friendship

....most importantly, thanks to a cynical world, currently obsessed with material reward and "security" (..with often a deliberate policy to "alien-hate" the stranger, the "odd one", or the "outsider" ) WE have managed to find TRUST again and want YOU to share that too..

what is the "Monty" aspect? answer; ...Monty = my nickname for MNE, and because we want to have FUN as well as friendly associations with local (Balkan region) people.....a bit of "dark humour", irony perhaps similar to the original and unique (monty) "pythonesque" style.. lets not take ourselves too seriously..

existing "CSerS & "members" of this casual global club, have & shall benefit from fun events, free tours & concerts sharing of econimic accomodation and travel, and recommendations ; an "exchange of ideas" to help & support each other!

an addition are members of our "Global REdS inter-networker/supporters" who enjoy "having a party" anywhere where people like to share, sing, wine, dine & dance..

...... this is Y-OUR CLUB! OUR CLUB!