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Sunday, October 7, 2012

LFC stoked up, but stumped by alehouse City (Anfield 0-0)

LFC stoked up, but stumped by alehouse City (Anfield 0-0)

The REdS played some "pretty football" but this "ar*enal/barca" style is too flat for me, tryign to go thru the middle lost barca the
CL games v chelski last season, as a defender I like the idea of having time to watch the attacking team tap it around..

fast forwards running at me , or a first time through ball is much more difficult to "read" and Pullis fills his team with defender and an 11 that rarely leave their own half without written permission (i am not a fan of his football teams, because candidly anyone can put together team of thugs and hope for a breakaway to get a result) 

and that crap Ref, 5 yellow cards, but it could have been 10 + a red card, (no protect for Suarez ..again!) stoke just wanted to brawl..and kicked everyone, ..Still should applaud Adam, he didnt want to leave Lfc...& a shame Peter wasnt patient enough to stay @Anfield..

mind U only one win from how many league games? , would Kenny/Steve have done better? 

answer ; YES!  

lets get F S G "franchise" OUT of our club and put supporters pride and the holy trinity in charge,

 and stuff the FA & the scum media & the sky-washed fannies of the Y*nkers

  Rafa! , anyone???

personal notes..

Went to Budva to take Serena (Ravenna) & a.n.other mad bird from the nutty state.. to Budva for the Wine / fish festival, we missed "NAT (Nutella) thanks to the weird woman @ "Anton camping" (yeah there are a few jokes in that title..)  

a message for "DC"

Thanks for “hosting” me , & the “bed & breakfast” ;) ..U snore by the way! ..I woke up about 8h and half dozed slept until about 11h Yr alarm, the neighbours etc ..i couldn’t sleep on, and probably was a good idea to get out of yr way ?

But head, heart & SOUL was “buzzing” with ideas & positivity form our meeting, I hope mina’s negative waves don’t disturb U too much more Because I had things I wanted to say to avoid misunderstanding, U are welcome to visit me (I have separate room where the girls sleep) after u leave budva (or sooner!) even a short visit (to at least return my shorts, that I used a towel after I showered at yours!)

Mina has a lot of energy but needs to be “centre of attraction” what we call a “drama queen” if she could direct that energy into positive things and attitude she could be a lovely girl, but at the moment she is “trouble”

I want to share ideas with U, to involve U in the club and subsequent charity activities (even if U don’t come to our project) we can discuss in Pg and again in December (i should be in BG about 12/13th December if not before... let me know when U are going to be there (and please send me a link to yr Bg “street kids” group..) molim

I would like to show u all I know and exchange with U, (and learn yr language / mentality) in short I feel we could great things together for ourselves & most importantly for others who need support..

Take care/cuvaj se!
ChriS x  (this is a kiss on the cheek!-dont panic! ) ;)
advance "W.I.P" name to  watch out for.... "Monty-Logic" ;) 

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