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Thursday, October 4, 2012

a special birthday message for a braveREd ; CREdS + CSerS update

a special birthday message   

for a brave .. REd  

Anita M!

Thursday 4th october

hoped the lads put on a special show for u , Anita,...tonight, ..well,  they dominted thefirst half but only one goal to show for it...anyway it was an attractive game to watch, a lot of "football" mind U, I am not a fan of the ar*enal/barca 100 passes before having a I wrote this ...

"Have a very special Birthday Anita, U are one of the best....
never mind Henry & Rodgers or any of the rest
I am glad to have met you, with sis,
and I want you to know all of this..

there are few people that I admire
I have in me a "spiritual fire"
and I wish u to be well and content
to U ,my utmost wishes, are sent."

I met her & her sister, when she denied her medical condition to travel 2000 kms to Anfield to watch a game...I was moved when she wrote about it...
and also she wrote this (it says something about her strength, in spite of all the difficulites) she overcomes ,...

If you try to hurt me, maybe you'll succeed;
If you try to push me, I might fall;
If you try to break me, you'll never succeed,
I will fight for The Truth on my knees
and you'll see me raising surrounded by Red Force,
Red Wall that none has ever manage to break,
The Red Voice nobody has managed to silence.
And that's me...
You can fight with me, but you'll never win.
Red force is with me, I'll never walk alone.
I'm Liverpool, nobody can take me down.      

CS>Anita, I wish U to be well, & all good things....

========================= .....when Suarez...Get a pen! ;) chanting this last saturday after Luis again denied, and any REd player is denied = a penalty, whilst opponents assault our players like a norwich defender did .again against Suarez (Bennet?)  FA! 

for FRank Carlyle (on poets day!) ;)

"Oh, Frankie C is a scouse celebrity
But I know he likes a cuppa tea
He Supports the REdS when he can
he's not the average fickle fan!

he has a passion like my own
bet he sings You'll Never Walk Alone
With hope in your heart & a pen in hand
Frank is a promotor of this LIverpool land.."
(cs) ;)

"they didnt care about Rafa
Henry insulted our King
give us back our football club
is what True Supporters sing"

Love me do..  = 50 years of the  Beatles ; A LIVERPOOL phenomenon ; (just like our Footy..was!) ;)


Theres a wine/fish festival saturday in Budva..

 I had CSer Paddy & 3 doughnut girls (berliners) stay this week, The locals were amazed that they all "rolled their own" (ciggies)

other CSers.. 

Nat (NUT-ella?) from Vladivostok (now in Petrovac)... a “convert” from Leeds to Liverpool (?) tested my 2 favourite caffes and disagreed on everything ;) thanks for the discussion though, happy travels ...

CS>this time of the year has always been a "dramatic" time for me, usually changes that affected the route I took, whether seeming positive or negative, its also the anniversary of my marriage to Jacqui, my 2nd wife who died several years ago, although we were seperated, I loved her deeply, as she was one of the "few" who came close to knowing me and she was beautful inside & out..

Music & football ; the passions that dominated the whole of my life, no matter who came in or out of it, wherever i am...these 2 things
were always there, and LIVERPOOL..the phenomenon...and "Shanks" - probably the one person that impressed me, though I never ever came close to meeting him (if I had have done, U would have had to haul me away...with a tow truck)
Anti-ChriS ; UnSUB ;
& a bit of my story..(3rd of it anyway) @ ;)

I dont feel so lonely, although I do/have almost always been (& feel )
 Alone.(even if lots of ppl are around) . there's a subtle difference.
.but having had so many extreme experiences, & come close to death 5 times I am so lucky to have had so many great and unbelievable experiences and all the emotions that go with them..I have lost all those I loved along the way (not by choice!)  ...BUT i can not regret anything, because the difficult times taught me deep lessons and helped me enjoy so many beautiful moments all the more../// Yet ..I feel there is much, much more to come ..and I want to share that..with someone i respect..that may be a strange thing to say right now,  but I dont believe in hiding who or what I am , I say whats on my mind and I mean what I say.

 CSerS & new members of OUR CLUB 
...dont miss this....

& a message for Maija 
(who leaves ger home now, to start a new adventure and sells everything...)

Done it more times than i want to remember... good luck, whatever u do & wherever u go! smile ... I know U are strong & independent, and even if u chose not to join our Initiative in "Monty"..     but...if u get into "bother" u are always welcome here.. u dont have to join us, I have spent more than half my life as an "Alien" ..and just maybe ..u might want to communicate with someone whose been through most of the things U are about to experience..

    so feel free, u will always get an honest reply, like it or not ,wink, pity I wont arrive in Riga in time to enjoy your "sale" ...cuvaj se ! (take care)
    ChriS x & hugs ....! 

Match Pics...

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