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Monday, October 29, 2012

REdS win 2-2 @ GOOdie-son, banned by Infestors & conspirators?

Luis - Diving  again! ;)
Banned, but the truth will still 
get out...

despite being blocked @ banned by the "infestors @ conspirators" & Despite the mancs & their Fergie, the corrupt FA the fraudulent Yankers & their business/military "new world order" & all those who try to block y-OUR Words...

J4T96 PLEASE bring the inquest for KEVIN WILLIAMS forward for his mum Anne...REdS just added signature #4,591 to the petition.
This lady has been fighting for 23 years, please help Anne get justice for her son Kevin
 if u dont believe in "conspiracy" take the example of Anne Williams & the "Justice" campaign after her son, and 95 other brothers & sisters were murdered by neglect , TWENTY-THREE (23) YEARS AGO!! incompetence and a deliberate policy of Thatchers govt. to penalise those who dared oppose them ( and Liverpool people were targetted) they covered it up, and NOW "the general public" realise that .....
 then tell me that "they" dont contrive to put down or demonise those who stand up against the inept or corrupt "establishment".. 

another example...
No surprise that Luis shows HIS contempt for Moyes
blues 2 - REds 2..or 3.. when will we get a referee?

blues ' david Moyes deliberately used the (diasterous) BBc to slander Suarez and other mainstream media to influence the game in the blues favour in pre-match tv programmes, (bitter about the "small club" tag, and idiot Lawrenson played along..manipulating the media and the FA's referee!)
 .....watching the game @ goodison yesteroday, and the linesman as Luis 3rd goal was disallowed, after the linesman delayed his decision,to flag for offside

..BUT there was no foul by a Red and Luis was NOT offside, the same story can be applied to almost EVERY game we played in the last few seasons..since Rafa dared to stand up against the old corrupt c*nt of  old trafford.. read THIS...
 match report;
ChriS> i am sure u will get a nice fat cheque from Henry for writing that!... it was blatantly obvious that the original selection was too lightweight for a merseyside derby with the blues hungry to get a much longed for victory against us.. ticky - tappy..footy was over-run..with only 40% possesion ..having Sahin, Suso, & Allen shows up the failures of copying another teams tactics we shouldnt be aiming to be barca mark2 , but go back to Liverpools' way, the way of Rafa, that made us top of UEFA ratings only 3 years ago.. but of course Rafa & Kenny are far too strong characters to be suffered by "infestors" who know nothing about ouyr club or the game! and repeat the disgrace of breaking our beloved managers contracts!..,  having puppet writers like u will make our job of getting henry-werner out just a little bit harder!, but only a little! ;)
FSG's Chang uses the media to demonise opponents, the media CNN/BBc (a once-honourable institution) has hung drawn & quartered Lance Armstrong, he is "Guilty" without ever having to go to a court (and an "impartial hearing" HIS, YOUR or my RIGHT ; is denied, forever, by their "trial by media")..they demonsie Suarez , highlighting HIS foul on Distin and IGNORING all the times he's been battered ("prime example  v Stoke"???) and blues players kicked him and all the young Lfc players yesterday with , again, almost blind refereeing..(fellani, coleman, merallas etc could all have got red)....the 3rd goal should have won it , despite evertons battling and their majority possesion the scoreline WAS everton 2 LIVERPOOL 3...

other news..
ONLINE discussion

ChriS-EuRED>@EuRED09 @RedAlieNeT @RedAndWhiteKop @LivEchoLFC @TheRedmenTV @TonyEvansTimes counting the days until Henry's NESV/FSG "INFESTORS" are gone! after 2 years of their viral attacks FSG have now banned us from Lfctv ...

Marie>Sunday brings to us the Merseyside Derby at Goodison.. a fantastic footballing event for the supporters of the Reds and Blues.......always an entertaining encounter and the winners retain bragging rites until the next clash of these two rivals at Anfield.

Supporters of both sides remember this encounter will be televised and its most important that respect is shown. Respect for the clubs, the city of Liverpool the victims & families of Hillsborough and yourselves.........I say this, but I am sure that it will be adhered to by all. Everton have already shown the utmost respect when they paid tribute to the truth findings for the 96 victims of Hillsborough and their families.......Respect on Sunday and again...Merseyside will be the winner!!! YNWA
Des P > very true words Marie,Good luck to Anne ynwa
Micheal O R> what u said couldnt be more true lets all respect each other for this special game

CS> thanks Marie, U are a TRUE REd!

(see link below) ther quote" Piennar completes 1.4 tackles and 1.8 interceptions per game, a relatively high number for a left midfielder." ?????? really 1 point 4 per game?

as for the Suarez comment, probably the majority of positions he gets into , few other EPL players could achieve!!!   its likely that SG will play deep to compensate for absence of Lucas..which means that REdS will rely on counter - attacks with Sterling & Suarez expected to take on the blues defence without close support, I agree Lfc midfield looks lightweight with Sahin, Suso & Allen or Downing ...BUT ..IF Lfc play with accurate football possesion they "might" burn out the blues energy...or they might get caught out..
SUPPORTERS take over

CS> btw, dont need to put in a "grand" ..when F S G go belly-up, a simple injunction by a joint venture of the Liverpool community (local people) and the global RedS Supporters would cost a relatively small amount (within the sos funds already there)
 and the re-launch of our club, with several million registered fans worldwide will only cost an average e50 each, = the cost of one match ticket = THATS "reality" = a potential basis of 350 million euros , 
and thats without investment by "ex-players/celebrity fans"..! :)
Sean S>  Lawrenson and Moyes having a dig at Rafa and his small club jibe.     Twats, must really have hit a nerve with Moyes....
    After all these years, rafa is still the man to get under gollum's skin, love it!     Miss bloke.
Telling the truth wasnt "popular" for Rafa's FA & media enemie
Andrew B> who pays atention to lenny the lion rent a quote tosser
Lindsay C> I miss Rafa too, wish we had him back!
 Helen P> Lawrenson makes me laugh cheeky bast*rds the pair of them rafa was great + I wish he was back
Sean S>  he did get it wrong at istanbul phil...but f*ck me he got it right second half lad.YNWA
Phil P> Yep Sean, sign of a decent manager, having a plan b : the up an at 'em approach against the counter-attacking italians didnt come off, guess he hoped the surprise element would. But his 2nd idea turned it right round as the world knows. lol my Plan A was a bit like Rafa's that ngt, but ive made amends now, just like he did mate lol
Istanbul..where a REdS miracle happened in may 05, thanks Rafa!
Marie B> Lawrensen is a prat and as for Moyes, he would be best advised to keep things quiet and advise the Everton fans to show respect
 and support for the game and the event tomorrow.

CS > "Rafa = the Bosforus" :) Lawro & Moyes are nought!
   get the yankers out and kenny & Rafa back in.
Marie B> American ownership in the English PL is bad news....................people who know nothing of the game and who depend on the advice of others to run their clubs/businesses is hardly a receipe for success.......
CS> if fans just stopped and considered what henry & co are in it for its obvious, they use our money to make their franchise..they didnt transfer ANY cash into the club, ..
Marie B> Chris,many supporters just cant see the wheat from the chaff, that is until it goes arse upwards,then the panic will set in and will be too late to do whats necessary.........for now everyone seems happy to paddle on
Sean S> the russians and the arabs seem to pull it off....maybe because they pay big salaries to football people to run the clubs.
..i still think henry will be ok...he aint seeling assests and i wouldnt wanna buy the league anyway....our future is our academy....S

Marie B> The Europeans and middle-East business men have a different ethos and are successful in the main. The yanks are typical of most Americans................good at the spoof and spin but little to back it up.....big mouths andshallow pockets. As for spending in January, don't think so Sean as Rodgers has been told to get on with it. Nothing will be spent this season.

CS> Sean, Henry is NOT "ok" ..but when they collapse everyone will know it, and then we will have another panic, our campaign for supporters ownership will then be under pressure to solve it for the 3rd & last time..i fear that ppl wont get it ..these yankers are bankrupt..and they are using Lfc to shore it up..via cash injections from 3 kits and pre-srason tickets , currently reducing everything in the shop by 20% just to get cash....Henry / F S G are wrong, and so are all business owners, we the supporters have to take it over and employ professional managment in the office and Kenny & Rafa for the footy.. 
Alien to media & the yankers!
Sean S> so brendan is surplus.....and we we all put in a grand into a big pot and get back into the elite and live happily ever after?The economy collapsed....FSG lost a lot of money.....they still havent asset stripped.Be very careful waht you wish the ideal world i'd of played for Liverpool.....this is reality mate...we need to get on with it and support
CS> have (not)asset stripped??> what placing 100million debt on Anfield & melwood will have the same effect.. investigate Sean! ..really take time & check out the "NESV empire"..check out the activities of Henry, his relationship witht he broker that brought us G & H..then explain to me why you call this "reality" ? i will ALWAYS support the team but not a puppet of the yankers.. they lied from day one, and spun the PR story that suckered SoS and Tomkins etc into it..that the only diffrenece between G & H & Henry-Werner..= PR!
(???"cant change it?"___)
I had to laugh whilst I was writing this, someone called jake or jody or jodrell banker asked me to "host" reply..

sorry, but if u know anything about "footy" thats football for u lads from the land of "american football" (thats a game where U pick up the ball and handle it for most of the game????) , I will that repeat our LIVERPOOL REdS supporters chant " we are not racists" we only hate mancs! ;)

LIVERPoOL = FIVE TIMES European champs!
 ..enjoy yr travels.. by the way we are also trying to get John Henry & co out of our club!..and we will! (as we did with Hicks & co..)

"they didnt care about Rafa,
they insulted our king
get out of our club
,is what we now sing.."

u really picked the wrong host to ask!! ha ha!  just joking..!?
recent SCloG ;

Birthday greetings, to all true REdS with birthdays today from REdnET


more @ REDnET

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