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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

dying with the swans, Stevies 600, Geordies goal & family respect

Dying with Swans,    
Stevie's 600th,                   
Geordies goal 
& "family respect" 

Thursday saw Lfc's "reserves" knocked out of the league cup by SWANSea

...who deserved their result at Anfield, the FIFTH defeat this season, and an INSULT to the "This is Anfield" sign erected by our mentor Bill SHANKLY; 

..ironic that "Buck"'s rotation policies dont get the media & "fannies" criticism that Rafa & Kenny got when they changed a "winning team" ..the NINE changes of Brendan make Rafa's system seem almost normal..

SG for the 96! , but Henry & FSG dont care about us either!
 IMO, 9 changes erodes any team understanding, and in a special time where we have had the last SEVEN games within Liverpool (the "away game" was at goodison)

Rodgers failed to take the best advantage, whilst some players may need a rest, he seems to give everyone a game, ....when I go to Lp next I might take MY boots
with me... ;)

I joke, but it IS serious...see discussion on the anti-fenway group./..below

Stevie made his 600th game for us, as Sunday saw a Newcastle team score their first goal at Anfield in EIGHT Years (there was one "OG" in the interim) to get an underserved draw , Shelvey COULD have had a hat-trick (3) and He and Raheem SHOULD have added to Luis's  brilliant equaliser.. (the result of a LONG ball, totally against the "ticky-tappy" (or whatever they call it now) of Rodgers 2nd class barca-style..  .........WE ARE LIVERPOOL ; WE MAKE style - we dont FOLLOW others,..
Very Talented but where is the "fighting Spirit" of Shanks?

 F S G and "Buck" are weakening us...

Fenway. The New Gillett and Hicks (Timeline chat)

    "This group was set up for Liverpool fans who will not stand for PR stunts and Lies from corrupt cowboy Yankee owners. Do not be fooled by Fenway saving Liverpool Football Club... saving us from administration. We were in debt of 300 million, Fenway bought Liverpool for that... which is on the cheap had the club not been in debt, it would have been worth at least double that. ........(cont,)
        MB> Spot on...............FACT.................Excellent post.
On the field the opponents & FA ARE AGAINST us, OFF the field FSG and the "office" ARE OUR enemy
Greg Kerins> well said mate, the problem is lots of our fans are blinkered with this" saved our club from admin" wake up to f*ck lads...ur right on the ball there in total since FSG have came their net spending isnt even £50 million....i cant see it going horribly wrong in the way whoever blames Rodgers for our league position doesnt really know the ins & outs of our club....
        Sean> thanks marie... SEAN
        F-way New G&H> spread the group around. we should have way more in this group
        Greg Kerins> on it now ^^^^
        F-way> good man. we are in the middle of designing t-shirts as well "WE ARE THE CLUB" ... HOPEFULLY WE WILL HAVE THIS ON EBAY OR AMAZON BEFORE THE NEW YEAR
        CS> correction, N E S V did NOT spend 300 Million, they agrred a "deal" worth that, then mortgaged Anfield stadium and the Melwood properties , there is NO legal evidence of a masive cash transfer into the CLUB, its stays in FSG!!! whilst they raise more & more cash for their "franchise" with sales & 3 new kits..!! wake up everyone! (CS)
        MB>  Supporters need to wake up and smell the coffee........we have so many who see things through rose tinted spec as well as the Apologists who misguidedly believe FSG 'saved' us from administration......far from it.....they as opportunists and speculators saw a bargain and grabbed it. Don't be fooled by the spiel from across the Atlantic. The club is at present being run from Boston, the CEO is not good enough and from the top down the whole thing seems to be mismanaged......the cock up in the Summer over a transfer made LFC a laughingstock and made a fool of the manager, who naively believed he was getting a player.....and to this day the saga goes on while the team are falling into the anonymous zone. 
         Greg Kerins> this being liverpool said it all really..great to watch for fans but its not liverpool..done for their pockets of course...
        F-way>  Being Liverpool is a PR exercise aimed at the gullible, needless to say the manager was directed to takepart along with the players, but its soap opera stuff................because if it isn't they are more stupid than naive.........
        Greg Kerins> "FSG are brilliant at managing expectation" peeeps say this lad takls shit...hes bang on the ball with everytin he says here
        Greg Kerins

        F-way> On it now also Sean.........

other :

CSerS report from weekend meet in Prizren.


CS> Hiya M, . it was a mixed up w/end.. 

the journey back was incredible, the views even better than in summer..(if thats possible) i often took the overnight bus, but this time enjoyed of the largest canyons in the world .....

 the colours of the trees as the leaves start to change..and the river, seemed to keep pace with the bus..(coach) I went there on thursday and  did the "fun" bit u suggested, bit of dancing around, thats my advantage when few guys dance... :) 

our club group  visited some kids who danced the traditional kosovo dances..and I had invited a girl who worked in the irish pub in  budva a couple of weeks ago to be my guest.. all was well when we waslked arounf the beautiful city iof prizren and talked about everything, past present future, stories, beliefs  and we seemed to be on the same wavelength

 ..but after we went back to have a meal with the others she got quickly drunk and a couple of guys (and a girl) kept coming on to her whenever my back was turned... then this girl and her started dancing together and I was across the other side of the room, and a guy tried to cut in, it got all silly, and I pulled out  of the way and he reacted against me,  no blows were thrown but it got a bit nasty, then my "guest" disappeared with the girl,  very drunk and told me I was sort of suffocating her by my "protection"/
..there U go! ..i ve really had enough of all these MODERN fee-maLE "ISSUES" ..i WASN'T after her body, I just wanted to share a good weekend event ( if she wanted more I would have  tested it..but..) i think i will stay "solo" was sheer irony that the bosnian bus driver played a compilation CD including stand by me jOHN (videolink)  and "honesty" ( videolink  )  so, hows things with U? x

"to whom it may concern"

"new york is closed!" .("sandy the superstorm").. all things will come to be...if we dont improve the ills of the world , NATURE will! ...face the truth! Karma WILL get you! ;)

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