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Monday, November 12, 2012

rememberance day blues, but a draw. for the REdS

its NOT true he cant walk on water, Cs can only float.. ;)
 rememberance day blues
but a draw.
 for the REdS

CS>@ the significant 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in our culture  we remember those "fallen"

..i dont have anyone close to share my losses with ...
those who I love who are gone from my life ; Mum & dad, wife Jacqui, sister Carole, Mike, david my children; Adam, Leon & Noela, Sarah, my friend Danielle, & ("first-love") older neighbour "E"" , Linda, Maria....

all left me suddenly, but theres a trustworthy man I know in Pg, whose father is dying, slowly , and yet all those above left my life suddenly...often I didnt even know they were gone, because I was travelling, alone, as this I was, I am lucky...

 some special FREE training for members who wish to start again or simnply new.. (free to join - Link) Free Training



CS>its a real comment on the perverse mentality of mainstream opinion... that Cia head "General BeyrayUS" resigns due to an extra-marital affair
..but  did NOt resign for leading a group of mercenaries who murder, maim, slander or discredit  anyone who gets in the way of the "new world order" and its miltary/business motives.. whilst the general public swallow it whilst "democrat" Obama commends the man's job! - pathetic! the result of a conditioned apathetic public - worldwide! 
Members notes

greetings to member  Bojan Matic, going to Croatia hitchiking so we will have one night in Podgorica, & looking for a host is Lai (?) who didnt contact me since a few days about her plans 

...a bogus name ;) ? Hello Lai, please tell me if you are, OR NOT coming so I can offer the couch to someone else..otherwise its not fair on other CSerS.

 ////////////////////// M-Law Hahahahaha!!!! ^_^ x

CS> believe it or not, that just "happened" in a few mins...anyway, am having a quiet weekend after last weekends "drama" ..hope u are well, goodnight Mandi, take care , really mean it.. :) x goodnight! x

"Oh but Mandi is a charm
her little ditties do no harm
yes i spelt it with a d
I ve never met her, so cant comment, U see..

some coarse content on her wall
but shes usually on the ball
maybe on TWO for all I know
if i test her, then I may know

it may be a bigger challenge
to survive if we ever meet
but I will be a gent
if Mandi can be sweet

so I go to Lp in a few weeks
and hope to know what Mandi seeks
is it fame, fortune or abroad
or just points, to be scored?

whatever, it will be new for me
if she is strong, we shall see
because I'd like the opportunity
to share a few bevvies with the lady called ..mandi! :) "
more CSerS

 Maxi,24 years old and from Argentina;  traveling around Europe, North Africa and Next Orient by Auto-stop (Hitchhiking) for a year.
 to make photos and write about the experiences and the cultures.
(you can see my work on meet new people, meet the gastronomy of every days, i want diving in the societies

 I was at the CSers meeting last weekend - must have caught a bug, because I have something like flu, maybe U can check with others...
just hope u understand my is for me a very very emotional time..and i need to be "busy" to stop any selfish negative mood over coming me..
a)theres NO way i wanyt to be travelling on the period 24-27 december its a disaster duing that time, and too expensive even IF there are connections..
b) I dont know anyone that i could spend that time with..
so maybe i could stay at yr place when u go to yr grannies..
or..maybe another idea ..
i very much want to spend time with u , of all the ppl that came to me this summer... so...
G> ok! we will think of smth! hope you wont get too bored in 10 days. its gonna be a big chalange too keep you artentaned... on the other hand I already have coulpe ideas for christmas eve and time around. Im excited !
2 November
CS> i am in prizren at the CSerS "balkan family " meeting so just a short reply to say..thanks for that message! x
G>enjoy your weekend! :) and talk to you soon
ChriS SmiTH>Hiya G, back in Pg, and recovering from a bug, had an "extereme" weekend last @ Prizren, i never get sick, but something diturbed me ...explain all when I see U , I hope, yes I am excited , I am looking forward to a special time with U, :) ..i also toyed with the idea of taking u back to Lp after .. put u in my bag..;) hows things with the kids??




CS> iTS fitting on the 11th of the 11th that 1-1 was the predicted score
they pushed us in the first half,.Torres on fire , (and please get over that LFC broke promises to the lad ,and stop buying into the "traitor bullsh*te" ...he gave me and a lot of true REds some great memories..) their
goal was a"gift" but Terry "got his"...didnt hear the chelski fans sing "we know what U are"" to Suarez when he levelled, could have won it, but 1-1 was fair as we "dug in" fought and played some decent footy in the 2nd half has Brendan been talking to Rafa about anti-chelski tactics??? ;)



(BR>"Last year the club finished eighth. If we can improve on that, that would be fantastic in terms of where we're at. That's the reality of where Liverpool are at, I'm afraid.

"Hopefully over the next couple of years we can improve and our young players will only get better and better.

"The club has given me brilliant support since I came in here. The owners have brought me in and given me great security in terms of the plan going forward. This was always going to be a difficult year because of the expectancy at Liverpool."

CS>.....Just confirms , if needed that "buck" is a puppet of Henry..."success is now 7th"..????, for this Lfc
broke the contract and the heart of the Legend that is Dalglish???

Sean> You cannot talk of rebuilding a team when you have a reselling value policy on your players. (Seanoc)

After the complete and utter shambles of the Summer transfer window, John Henry had made a statement on the LFC official website... unfortunately you couldn't leave any comments on it??? wonder why... (seanoc)
 Joe Heath> What was the statement >?

 F-way> the open letter to the fans about the transfer window (sean)

 Scott Morrice> Fenway are a joke. They look good ONLY because of who they followed. Anyone was an improvement after Gillett and Hicks. But for Fenway, the honeymoon period is over. They have no money and no footballing nous. The best footballing decision they ever made was sacking Hodgson. After that, they mucked up EVERY decision. Dalglish (though a legend) was the wrong choice, Comolli was an awful appointment (no need for his role in ANY club) and the decision to appoint Rodgers was baffling especially with Benitez ready to make a comeback. Fenway, if they were truly in it for the club, should have moved to Stanley Park. What is the point in upgrading Anfield to a 55,000-60,000 seater stadium? We are still behind Arsenal and Man Utd! Fenway are just a new bunch of cowboys and they have showed so much lack of leadership and understanding that it makes me sick

Yankers = bankers = a load of Balls ;)
 ChriS SmiTH > dont agree with everything u said Scott, but in general u are right....worth remembering that woy was only sacked when 10,000 did NOT turn up @ Anfield.. they didnt want rafa because they dont want a) someone who is striong enough to object to them and b) someone who wont suck up to sky/media..
 sean, dont forget what their lackey (Chang) did to the twitter lad...? (got his season ticket blocked) how many times have they blocked me too..(the "supporters committee & the official complaints system just "filed" any complain I made about it...they mauy as well work for the c1a) ;)
Ana> Sorry, why did we sack Kenny again?
  • Semper Fidelis a kako su hga izvukli? Na srecu ludu.. Ona igra nidje veze s mozgom nema.
  • Ćiki Nasilnik videcemo na kraju sezone, ako budemo na boljoj poziciji od 8. mesta iz prosle, onda je otkaz opravdan. Keni nije imao srece (30 precki i stativa) ali rezultati moraju doci. Ceka se kraj sezone za sud Rodzersu, trenutno je jedini utisak:
    nema ko da igra fudbal, daj pojacanja.

  • Ana Anee Vasilijevic Ajde ajde ovo je bilo retoricko pitanje..

  • ChriS SmiTH > "WE" did niot sack Kenny, Henry's FSG did! but so many "fannies" who insulted our legend of Dalglish any time things didnt go as they wanted made it easier for Henry to break Kenny's contract and his heart , repeating the criminal errorf G & H with Rafa..
    ChriS SmiTH only a supporters co-op with Liverpool community can save us, 4 changes in 3 years is not OUR LIVERPOOL way.
    • Ana Anee Vasilijevic Exactly!!! I wanted to correct myself but people understood what I meant.. Although they disagree.. And I just can't understand why..

    • ChriS SmiTH Ana, because ppl themselves are to blame, they ignored the warnings 2 years ago, its called "wishful thinking" then after swallowing the BS they now cant face the truth, that WE (excluding those of us who opposed FSG) caused this situation.. (google the story "emperors new clothes" it fits,.)

    • Ana Anee Vasilijevic You're right... And it makes us look bad and fake xD
    • ChriS SmiTH unfortunately , in recent years some new (and old) "fans" have become puppets of the media and lost touch with our core culture

    Gillett and Hicks nearly put this club in adminstration and bankrupcy. 
  • ====What's the difference between old trafford and a hedgehog? a hedgehog has pricks on the outside

CS> I dont come on the "Cop" much... it being a virtual police state almost every blog I wrote here gets banned.. but I just scanned a few recent attempts at anti FSG comment and its becoing widespread so... we shall see when the injunction hits them in January..when henry s empire finally collapses and hes sucked the cash out of LFC

..Unlike many "Lfc fans" I ALWAYS look at the table and my only focus is NOT "are we close to Champions league position (4th) ?"
or "are we in a position to gain europa league participation next season?" ..oh NO, its ALWAYS to see if we are within "catchable" distance of the leaders... which is unfoirtunately the OPPOSITE of the current mentality, on & off the field... "Buck" has never won anything of worth, so how can ne be considered a "winner"???  we are ONLY 13 points off the top, that in itself is a virtual miracle considering  the mess caused by the yankers & the indecision on & off the field ; its Clear to anyone of intelligence that F S G only want to gan from a money-making "franchise" .... the ONLY solution, (NOT alternative owners) is a Supporters owned club, which needs to be fought for!?

Seán Ó Cléirigh>
Rafael Benitez The Spaniard that became a Scouser
Rafael "Rafa" Benítez Maudes (born 16 April 1960) is a football manager, and former player. He is currently unemployed, after leaving as manager of Internazionale in December 2010. Born in Madrid, Benítez played football throughout his youth and joined the Real Madrid academy. He mixed his .........

ChriS SmiTH> Love the man!! made us great! and feared by all of europe ..disgrace what the first set of yankers did...repeated by FSG with Kenny.. breaking our leaders contracts is an american plan..

1892 L.F.C. Red Army>
Real Madrid star and former-Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso is considering a return to the Premier League according to the Daily Mirror.
The Spain international is reportedly locked in contract negotiations with the La Liga champions, but no agreement has been reached, leading Alonso to consider his options elsewhere.
The 30-year-old is thought to have enjoyed his time at Liverpool, and is believed to be open to a Premier League return.
Alonso is under contract at the Bernabeu until 2014, but Real Madrid are refusing to continue talks over a new deal before the end of the season. But if we do bring back Alonso who would be offloaded from midfeild --- Gerrard, Lucas, Sahin, Allen, Shelvey, Spearing. I would have the spaniard back in a heartbeat but it would be a very difficult decision who would have to leave because i cant see any of those players warming up the bench for most of the season, and i cant imagion Alonso would want to come back just to be a backup player. hmm Dilema

Steven McNicol >get rid of spearing
Shaun Greaves >Spearing out an Sahin back too Madrid, simple
      1892 L.F.C. Red Army >Spering maybe but Sahin is amazing and hes young wich means hes got at least a decade of top football ahead, would you really swap a young talent for an old one? dont get me wrong i love Alonso and would love to have him back in a red shirt but not if it means sacerificing a young future superstar. i think we would be better concentrating on other positions as we are desperate for a bit of depth. once again im a big Alonso fan and i believe if he never left and we were able to keep hold of Masherano we would have a solid team to build around but i think it would be a mistake to take him back just for back u    Steven McNicol> no just deffo spearing he not strong enough to play the role he plays at liverpool need alnso back keep sahin alot of potential there i think

    1892 L.F.C. Red Army> yea agreed Ste, Sahin has got a bright future ahead and it was Alonso who told Sahin to come here coz he was on his way to Arsenal, just hope if we do get Alonso back we keep giving the likes of shelvey a go in the team coz he is another one who has got a bright future, iv said it a few timees i honestly think shelvey can be a good replacement for Sevie G in the next few years but he needs to be playing so he can make mistakes and learn from them
      Steven McNico>l yeah definitely he needs to play him from the start because it seems when he comes on as a sub he takes too long to get into the game but when he starts he is certainly a one to watch for the future
        1892 L.F.C. Red Army >yea he needs to play with Gerrard more and more, it couldnt hurt to learn your trade from the best midfielder the world has seen in the last dacade, but its sad to see that Spering has had his day at Liverpool, i would of liked to see him in the squad to keep the home grown roots at the club but there will be a lot more talent coming out of our youth systum in the coming years, we should thank Rafa for that
       F-way. >We Come Not To Pay preferred Midfield would be obvious ; SG, Xabi & LucaS. the other 4 are average by comparison.. probably at expense of Sahin, (cs) ;)

LIVERPOOL FC travelled to Chelsea on the final day of the 1985/86 season knowing a win would allow them to snatch the league championship back across Stanley Park from neighbours Everton.

A 2-0 win at Anfield in February had put Howard Kendall's men eight points clear of their Merseyside rivals and on course to retain their title but a stunning run of ten wins and one draw kept Kenny Dalglish's side in the hunt.

The Blues were still in the driving seat however until the penultimate round of matches when their shock defeat at relegation-threatened Oxford United coupled with a Liverpool win at Leicester City put the Reds' destiny back in their own hands.
LFC win the league at Chelsea, 1986
Vintage photos of LFC winning the league at Chelsea in 1986

Stamford Bridge had not been a happy hunting ground in recent years, with Liverpool twice suffering shock FA Cup exits to their then-Second Division opponents over the previous decade, and the Londoners, having been promoted in 1984, had enjoyed a good second season back in the top flight, flirting on the fringes of the title race and ultimately finishing sixth.

Thousands of Liverpool fans travelled to Stamford Bridge hoping to see their heroes reclaim their crown and they were rewarded when the only goal of the game was scored right in front of them midway through the first half.

Ronnie Whelan and Jim Beglin kept an attack alive after Chelsea had only half-cleared, with the ball falling to Kenny Dalglish who controlled on his chest before steering his volley beyond goalkeeper Tony Godden and peeling away in joyous celebration.

It was a moment of supreme triumph for the player-manager, who had only taken charge the previous summer under the dark shadow of the Heysel tragedy.

The following Friday he was awarded the Manager of the Year award and 24 hours later he helped his team beat Everton 3-1 in the FA Cup final at Wembley to clinch the club's first Double, only the third time that feat had been achieved in the twentieth century.

Read more: Liverpool Echo

& ...?????

This was supposed to be a new dawn for Liverpool. But the club's supporters could be forgiven for feeling as though they've seen it all before as the hard luck stories continue to come out of Anfield. Former boss Kenny Dalglish spent much of last season bemoaning the team's poor fortune and the statistics were indeed remarkable. In the top five leagues in Europe, only Barcelona spent more time in the attacking third of the field, while the Reds out-shot their opposition in all but five of their 38 league games. And incredibly, the phenomenon has continued. (cont....)

 other comment/personal
CS> unusual for me, [picked up a bug @ last weeks CserS meet in Prizren..( am still planning to go to Vilnius in Decmeber) about me etc,..

Rene wrote: Hi Chris,
>Long time. No news yet on my side, neither on the more Eastern nor on the more Western side (...the "more Western" would be me. What irony in Belarus!). I'll be in touch with the ladies after a while, and of course nothing is forgotten - your list is here on my table.
>I'm a little overloaded with work at the moment, though - for the simple reason that it's high time to earn some money, respectively to make income levels pass the expenses levels (currently, unfortunately, they're not in the correct balance - and sadly that's not because I spend too much).
>How are you, how's life down South, how's it going?

skype> Doba Dani, thanks for yr message, if U need a "quick job" , why not teach me serbian?, in return for room/food.?..until..(i know U will refuse) but I want u to know u have "options" ..cuvaj se, ChriS :)
 i get the message that U are only online a short time, when U FEEL its important me, there is reason.. ChriS :)
ok , just know (and I DO know U want to stay independent) I have a spare room u can use (free ...or in exchange for teaching me serbian) if u need a place to stay now.. "no strings attached" cuvaj se..
Zdravo Vera, on reflection because your sister has some communication problems and I also have some connection difficulties
- please pass this on to her when it is convenient for you...both :) ..Molim

i Prefer to focus on the positive and I respect your independence because i am also a "lone wolf" but as with that picture I sent you
BE CAREFUL of WHICH WOLF inside you that you feed...

 this story... for you..

THere was a girl "Nica" in the sea, drowning and she prayed for her "god" or creator, or energy to save her,  there came a boat ...and some one said "get in this boat....I will save you" ..Nica said "No I am waiting for my true saviour" ...another 2nd boat came past and called (to Dani) "get in this boat....I will save you"
..she said (again) "No I am waiting for my true saviour"

when she drowned, she had the chance to question her creator and adked "why didnt you save me?"

the reply, "I sent YOU TWO F*CKING Boats, girl, what more do you want?" 

* I your second boat?

"a poem ; "Dobar Dani"

a poem for you...

"the things I might do,
If I care through ,
a poem for us two,
because I care about you..

we go through life
a man , a child, sometimes a wife
looking for answers on the way..
yet not even knowing what to say..

when I met a being
she was not seeing
who or what I am
others said it was a scam

the BEAT in me, the beast in her
the wolf i choose to feed
i want to be human
but the man in me has need

have I the right to show I care
do you know I am (t)here?
I really want you to be aware
I trust, I dare, to share...

..with you..


to paraphrase

The journey of a good man is confused on all sides by the selfishness of the masses and the perversion of evil in them.
Strong must be He/she who in the name of charity and goodwill guides the weak through the world of darkness,
for he is truly the human supporter & rescuer of lost children.
And I will challenge ALL & oppose with vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy human beings.

And you will know my name ...

" I have been sayin' this stuff for years. And it means y-ourselves.
we shared some sh*te last week which made me think twice, about why I met you.  it could mean you're the evil in man. And I'm the good man. or I am the rescuer of lost children.  Or it could mean you're the good man and I'm the lost child and it's you that should rescue me.  The truth is you're weak, NOW, And I'm capable of being!
But I'm tryin', Danica. I'm tryin' real hard to be a rescuer." 
so let it BE...!
ChriS :)
p.s Hvala!

need communication... and I need to care about you! whether u reaise it or not, we met for a big decisions are made through spiritual feeling (& universal experience) ;)  i get the message that U are only online a short time, whn U FEEL its important me, there is reason.. ChriS :)

Dobra Dani, ;)
I plan to come vi Bg on my travels in december will U still be there?
when we spoke in Budva , I promised to discuss the club project and your situation and I keep my promises, OR, you can visit me in Pg this month (U can use my apartment, and I can sleep elsewhere at this time)
??? cuivaj SE, (and I really MEAN it!, TAKE CARE!!!)

D>thank you because we have another chanse to better understude

CS>I hope that there is "future" but I dont EXPECT anything from you... I learnt another lesson last weekend.. but I ask you ("politely") to please , some day, soon, to read and translate the long email I sent..because ...just "because" :)
i felt so frustrated and angry with you & me & everyone that I could not, and cannot communicate these feelings in your languauge..and thats now my priority and I made a decision to learn from January I will take 2/3 hours a day...I never want to feel this way again...
I am also (another time?) on skype ; chrismith.csema
so the positive result, from the "drama" will BE, that I WILL improve my languages :)

btw , this is my favourite scene from a tarantino film (Jacke Brown) ...
Across 110th Street
Pam Grier and Robert Forster in the last scene of "Jackie Brown". "Across 110th Street" By Bobby Womack I was the third brother of five, Doing whatever I had...

to correct your last sentence.. :) :-
thank you because we have another chance to better understand (each other) :) ..and I thank you for not running too far away! :) i am here until december then I plan to go through Bg ..then to Liverpool & Baltic states..
we had an extreme clash of cultures... do we survive..?
I know you are NOT Mina or Kim...
I am having connection problems again, so, I dont know If YOU want to continue contact, anyway, I wish you well, and hope have a good life! i also hope U understand me, one day! cuvaj se, laku noc! ChriS x
if U can teach me serbian in 3 months - u can live here rent/food free!
MY m LT 121013 ChriS->Nat = OUR club..Hiya,
have seen U on skype lately, it may be best to communicate via email ;
I met with friend who wil help us with (club)services here.. need to agree text for opening webpage..
email me>? ChriS
p.s. suggested (via skype) that you come here during january or latest february..??
Natella K wrote: (snip)
May event

ArtU> Dear all,

I'd like to send a big KISS to all those who came to the meeting and made it a hell of a one, a huge THANK YOU to Visar, Galdim & Matija for giving hand and an enormous MISS YOU to all! Honestly hope you've all had fun. If anything went wrong or needs an improvement, let me know.

I've had such a nice time. Timisoara meeting was definitely partier, the Slovenian one was a family reunion like and this one was quite relaxing & fun; just loved meeting so many locals!

If anyone has found a 50eur banknote, I'd like at least half of it back :P Survived 5 days with only 10eur, so that's a plus :-)

And before I forget, Klaus suggested to invent a word for 'Cheers' to be used at our meetings and the only one I've heard is 'maf' (pronounced as maf), so maybe we should actually start suggesting words and vote for the best. Eh?! Also, the greeting will be a mouth kiss ;-0

Hopefully see you all at the next one!

ChriS SmiTH>
Posted November 7th, 2012 - 8:28 am by ChriS SmiTH from Podgorica, Montenegro
Hiya Artu
and I will quickly add my written THANK YOU to YOURSELF, & all the friendly people I met in Prizren , Visar, Galdim ("G?") & Matija ( & "grannies food" ) ;)
You are all invited to the event next May (22-26th) in Montenegro, whether or not it is adopted as a "Balkan Family" event or not...
a) IMO "hiJA" is a good greeting easy for all
b) make sure the mouth kiss doesnt cause a fight! ;)

p.s. tls again "miss bouncer"

the Go(o)dfather

artu >  from Uzice, Serbia
As long as I'm 'miss bouncer' there will be no fights! :D
And as long as there are no germs & possible infections, we'll be fine. Though rakija saves people! ;-)))

ChriS SmiTH>ha ha ..

be happy to co-operate in may..
Rakija connecting (or rather correcting?) people! ? ;)
By the way, with regards to CSerS "familY" greetings..

Hi JA =
combines HI & Ya/Ja ..positive.. we're HIGH? and could like this
you say "Maf" ... I say I-A! (hiJa)
good that tanja west Baltic found my "Celts" book for Stevan F @ west pub!!
 Chris Smith: add yr name @ OUR CLUB ; ;)
[18:40:57] Chris Smith: Hiya, just in case U want to contact me before 11 months, to take me dancing or join the club project; profile & chrismith.csema : on skype

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