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Friday, January 18, 2013

CAMPAIGN "WE are the CLUB" (F S G are NOT!)

The POOL of LIFE ..covered in.......MiSt...!
19th January ...
Its been a special time, launched the REdNET v F S G campaign, (in Bg & UE..) .. ("We are the CLuB, came not to PAY") /... promoting
"MontY - Logic (charitable) CLUB and the " within wires - withOUT frontiers" ... friendship weekend.. and the last 48 hrs just catching a few hrs rest in between...

... the mess in this world is fed by the apathy of the people,and writing and talking about it is just "mass-debating" ..take responsibility !

THIS CAMPAIGN, is more than a "protest" concerning football, even though this game affects more than half the people of this planet

I hope that you see , as the man who built the basis of our global entity ; Bill Shankly , did...that this is "much more important" even than life & death, because this is about y-our SOUL..and if you want it to SOLD in the "FanChise" ... If u are a TRUE REd or u see the mess this world is in, and that if u dont make a stand now...all the thinks that made you feel good, (that u did NOT "buy") will be GONE FOREVER

so please join the friendship weekend, and bring yr (own) team too

some "fans" critics or enemies will criticise, as "unrealistic" ..but IS "real" in a world of "virtual reality" political corruption, false media and liars - and YOU KNOW them!!

The "Freedom PR" (Petar B) Told us that last game of the season is of the local league scheduled for 27th of May! so the dates proposed for the BEST , most FRIENDLY REdS meeting in EuRopE (outside of Liverpool) is  proposed 31 may->2 June, with extension days for those who wish to stay and...enjoy this beautiful region..(& after the friendship party....make more friends.. with nature!) can stay for more days with us...(Zlatibor/Mocra Gora & more) :) thanks to Tijana for obtaining special low costs for our guests.
CS&Ivan> Interim programme;

- friday;  31 may ; welcome party,
- saturday; 1 June ; main event & grill party ;
- sunday 2nd June final day

& extra activities for those who stay ..!

The tournament is for the whole of Serbia, Balkan and Europe , with Invited guests from Belgium, Holland, England

Flash Media coverage, news, sports journal, First Tv, B92, several representative groups of Europe's big clubs ...Friendship fan clubs and fans, showing the true image of Serbia, the Serbian fans in the European media (after Krusevca)

Humanitarian Benefit (All money raised goes to children who need help)

From  <campaign@ursun

Get the cr*p sponsors OFF....
Subject:  Milan & Milica (Miteks) REdS Supproters (kit)

OFF our kids shirts!!
ref; Supporters kit - for global REdS Network..

 source is  a reliable supplier of sport clothes specifically related to our CLUb and Culture -  our global "Campaign" is to provide a value for money items that bear OUR "LiverBIrD" .. (this is the mythical symbol of the Liverpool community , which is adopted by the club, but "promoted" by our members global activity)

there shall be NO "sponsors" or commercial logos on our supporters to supporters (not for profit) kit,

starting with 5 items

1) a simple t-shirt low - cost
2) a polo shirt - nice style
3) a "retro" shirt 4) a plain but stylish winter (woolly) hat and in summer a summer cap.
5) a "Global REdS" (WE are the CLUB) LiVeRbIrD scarf..

will be a further launchpad of our supporter "campaign" for ownership of our club..


CREdS / CSer / Team / committee / member NOTES 

discussions from FBers CREdS, BREdS & other Net connections 

(WARNING: mass-debating can be BAD for you!..too!) ;)

WAKE up LFC "fans" !!!

F-WAY>Times confirm Assaidi to be shown the door out of lfc.

Sean> this club is a fooking joke if that is the case. they bought this guy during the summer and like most of our recent signings, only lasts one season. (not even that???)

    Nathalie Abu Kheit and McDick Head like this.
      Fenway. We Come Not To Pay Rodgers has no clue about the kind of player needed no more than he has tactics on the pitch..........................all of his 'signings' have been wasteful
        F-way>. We Come Not To Pay this is the same shite with Hodgson, Dalglish and now Rodgers... under Fenway.. there is no direction. they havent a clue and they need to sell the club before they run it further into the ground

    Chris (East-west Invest )  Ursun>  NO , WE need to take it over , otherwise we will just go from one "owner" to "another" and go down the drain...its OUR money that funds their "fanchise" ..its OUR CLUB, start believing it!
    (n.b. Kenny deserved , for reasons I shouldn'h have to explain, to see his full 3 year contract to the end..*& bring Rafa back)

F-way. >We Come Not To Pay >Yesterday Ian Ayre comments on Liverpool's transfer strategy

    F-way.> We Come Not To Pay> Talk is cheap and coming from him, means little!


Fabio Borini AS Roma £10,400,000 13.07.2012
Joe Allen Swansea City £15,000,000 10.08.2012
Oussama Assaidi Heerenveen £3,000,000 17.08.2012
Nuri Sahin Real Madrid On Loan 25.08.2012
Samed Yesil Bayer Leverkusen £1,000,000 30.08.2012

Michael McColl > nevermind
     9:54pm    F-way>.  ive just mailed u
    Yesterday at 12:06am · Like.

F-way. (We Come Not To Pay) Sunday
Liverpool FC Ins and Outs under FSG / NESV
Following the deadline day debacle, much discussion has now opened around FSG's financial strategy placed upon Liverpool

Francis Lawton>    I have it on 100% 'Real McCoy' from the 'horses mouth' good authority that BRENDAN RODGERS 'nick name' among the playing squad at LFC is ... DAVID BRENT !!! ( The Ricky Gervais character from the OFFICE !! ) lol !!! Apparently, BRENDAN often goes off on one at Melwood with all the .." There's no 'I ' in the word Team lads !! lol I'm not happy to hear this to be honest. Apparently the young players take the piss out of him behind his back. A manager should have 100% respect and a certain amount of fear from his players. One of the players told me and there's no way I'll reveal who it was, other than to say he's a 1st team regular.. As I say, I wasn't happy to hear this....
        F-way>( We Come Not To Pay ) If that is true, its a result of allowing Yankers to ruin our club, fans are as much to blame as anyone, for thinking that money solves everything..and for not defending Rafa and Kenny better! (CS) ..join the "poster campaign" and stop fans from moaning, get them to be active and get FSG out like we did with G & H!!!

Ione Di Freitas> Very good :)))'> Confirmed: Liverpool have agreed to meet with Ajax 23 year old attacking midfielder Siem De Jong later this week for contract talks, according to Ajax chairman Hennie Henrichs in a interview with Dutch paper Telesport.
(D.D) ?(P.M.) by: Hillsborough 1989 - Don't Ever Forget

ChriS SmiTH> really?? why another "squad player" when we have already a good basis of senior players and thanks to Rafa & kenny a lot of youth coming through to add to the "squad players" we already have with another? IF WE spend OUR money (its not FSG because they have invested NOTHING) on players its better to have ONE special world class than another 2 or 3
"squad level"..

.........well why waste our time with the comments of Ayre?/.everyone with intelligence knows that he is a commercial puppet..he didnt stand up for Rafa or Kenny.. nor the supporters buy out when G & H were being forced out by us.. i dont believe a word that comes out of henry, werner  ayre or any office employee of F S G ..they only care about money.. and dont understand what our club is about..and BR  was the wrong choice, he is out of his depth and why should we pay him to educate himself to get a level Rafa was at, when Benitez was forced out... the fans are as much to blame for the apathy as the yankers.. join the"we came not to PAY" (WE are the club")  poster campaign and get FSG out..(CS)

F-way > (. We Come Not To Pay · ) >    LIVERPOOL FC have adopted a new approach to players’ contracts with lower basic salaries and more performance-related bonuses.The Reds have been stung in recent years by the kind of lucrative deals handed out to flops like Joe Cole and Alberto Aquilani.( CS> btw AA was not  a"flop" he was loaned out just after becoming fit and in form under Rafa, by Purslow/Hodgson, who preferred Poulsen etc..)Now contracts are being structured in a different way to ensure there is a greater incentive to be a success at Anfield.MD Ian Ayre said: “The attitude I’m trying to put forward when we’re negotiating with agents is that we want to do a contract which is fair for both sides. Ian Ayre - why Liverpool FC's youth policy is right for transfers“Fair often means the right amount of reward for a player who delivers. Everyone we bring through the door we expect to perform and and do the best they can. As long as any player does that they should be rewarded for it.“I’m not one of those who subscribes to the idea that players are necessarily overpaid. I think they make a huge contribution to the biggest league in the world.“From the football club’s perspective, our view has to be that people are rewarded for contributing towards what we achieve. As long as contracts are structured in that way then everyone wins.“If a player performs then he will be rewarded. That’s the philosophy of the contracts we are offering and signing.”Ayre admits there is “a bit of a legacy” when it comes to negotiating deals now with clubs and agents knowing what kind of inflated figures Liverpool have previously been willing to pay.“It’s a bit of a legacy we have to deal with as agents always seem to know what every player is earning and what every contract structure is,” he added. Liverpool FC will tackle agents' fees“But it’s not something that’s causing us too many problems. It doesn’t matter what has gone before, it’s about what’s happening now.“We have good relationships with the agents we are dealing with. I’ve found in the main most agents are prepared to listen and find the best solution for both sides.“Like any negotiation, if you give someone the opportunity to have it all their own way then they will. That’s not going to be the case here."We are being open, honest and fair in making it clear that the real reward comes from performance.”
    Read more: Liverpool Echo     LIVERPOOL FC have adopted a new approach to players’ contracts with lower basic salaries and more performance-related bonuses.

   CS> well why waste our time with the comments of Ayre?/.everyone with intelligence knows that he is a commercial puppet..he didnt stand up for Rafa or Kenny.. nor the supporters buy out when G & H were being forced out by us.. i dont believe a word ,,,,,(etc)
                F-way. > We Come Not To Pay are they not all relevant and all part of the same sh*te that are keeping liverpool in the sh*it??? (seanoc)
                Francis Lawton >The £12M fee for Sturridge from Chelsea was secured with the balance still outstanding on the transfers of Torres £50M, Meireless £12M and Benayoun £5.5M from Liverpool to Chelsea. Therefore, LFC should be able to buy another player or 2, if FSG permit them to !!

         F-way.> ( We Come Not To Pay ) Francis we got rid of a shite load of players... Selling more than actually taking in, so we should be able to well afford players and we certainly at this stage shouldn't be dependent on the sale of Torres still (sean?)
                Francis Lawton> The balance still outstanding from Chelsea on the sale of those 3 players was around £15M ...That's why FSG did the business with Chelsea...It cost Fenway nothing !!! and with 2 more players on the way out FSG have cut the over heads once again....

                Mick Myers> I told you what these characters were about Frank when they took over.....Hedge fund managers who have no love for anything but their wallets
                Francis Lawton > Mick the Blue obsessed with Liverpool FC...God blimey Mick yer like a stalker a member of every LFC related site...It's really weird !! I knew you had an obsession with the Reds Mick but I didn't know it was this bad !!! Your a Blue Mick...what's the do with yer lad ??
                Mick Myers>  It came up on my newsfeed lad....thats the thing about facebook, you cant fart and they let everyone is true though.....i told you what these shower were about
                Gerard Kenny > it is a business to them Michael, as it is to any foreign owner...and will be the same if everton get a foreign owner. is that not correct ???...Name me one owner who had an affinity or connection with the club they purchased before it was bought. The main thing is how they conduct themselves once they become the owners.
        ChRiS> . (We come Not To Pay ) Mick, being right isnt enough is it?? we have to act, join the poster campaign ,MAKE it global..(its a disgrace that TRUE REdS abroad are doing more for our club than locals) lets do what we did with G & H , and NEXT time DONT let "owners" back in, it dont matter of they are foreign or english

..its the same problem, the financial system is failing no one is gonna stick money into a club without taking it out.. so the only way to protect OUR club is to take it over.. stop buying from officiual shop , stop feeding the monster thats chokign us, get the yankers OUT!!! (CS)

this group is to focus on removal of F S G.. otherwise its just hot air.. chatting about problems got into the mess with G & H... talk is cheap..FFs, soon Henry's "empire" will be in freefall.. and then fans will moaning that we didnt do anything. to save OUR CLUB. (CS)

Photo: Supplier sourced for "we are the club" t-shirts, and Supporter-to supporter "campaign" scarves caps etc .. expect to be on line within weeks and boycott off official shops made public in global media... Sean, we can make a video at the irish gathering in March, but the media may be chasing us before then!! ;)

F-WAY> Liverpool boss reiterates need for more players well done dunk from koptalk.
        Chris>( East-west Invest)  Ursun > WE dont need "more players" ... just less Yankers" (CS)

F-WAY> Liverpool want Wesley Sneijder if he takes pay cut ,,,...They are dreaming, the current plan regarding club wages and deals just sucks.................nobody else with ambition in PL has considered this ridiculous notion. mb
        Chris> (East-west Invest) Ursun > the only "cut" I want is to CUT FSG away from OUR CLUB! (CS)


see in box...
Red sections from antichris blog..
& answer (pathetic)...


ChRiS> Bring
your own team , with or without a "proper kit" ;)

Dobar Dan I. Ca .. I am looking forward to that, are u working @ "MG" again..? I plan to come to yr party next week.. (?) and stay some days _ i hope we can visit the kids charity and make plans .( ) . this is my "censored-edited " version of the last few days /...


CSerS & etc ..
Personal comments etc.Vanja F> Und jetzt eine Überraschung, und natürlich eine Arbeit die ich sehr liebe...? Time for Mr.Right. , at first one Shortcut...? (media-music)
    Vera Perovic> Andjeo lepi moj...
    Vanja F> Prijateljice moja, ti najbolje znas kako je lijepo u svijetu sa notama..
    11 januari om 23:52 ·  
    Sto mogu kad ih volim...
    Vera Perovic > Daaa i tebe draga moja vole mnogi mnogi..
     Chris > (Forb Dix)  I am "almost right" because I am often on the left ...vidimo se?
    Vanja F>  I hope one day you will be for one woman, very "Right"! Best wishes..
     Chris > Dix ha ha , Vanja, what will be , will be.. perhaps I am meant just to BE, u see? cuvaj se!
    een paar seconden geleden · Vind ik leuk

13116 To "Dobar DaN I. :)

ChRiS> <snip>I would even protect my friend or "guest" and use my body as a "wall"  to protect someONE I "care"!

My feeling of "responsibility" WAS "distracted" <snip> i shared and just wanted that u kept your promise to "be with me" (I didnt "calculate" any other detail) I am sure u are "chased" by many men.. I dont , but I do honestly tell you..<snip> than you will probably EVER may never understand...but i always live in  hope...that you will...<SMILE> before i leave this mad planet..I want to pass to you my knowledge and abilities and with GOOD will we shall..make a "miracle".."love" is not a word..its badly used...too easily...but when trust between us is will know, and I hope.. <SMILE>
...p.s. within the project I will provide U with an email address "DaniS@"  <snip> and take time from now until september to think what can be goodness and health for kids now and the future,,and when I am gone from this dimension..continue.............

CS> "BEing Crazy....Continued ...The "days after"(end of the world) party .."new Now" , white city repair with Ms Harvey..
 and an UUUUUUUUEEEEE  new years party...with In & without (UE) Wires? SHALL BE GOOD!! :) to Dj, "for your eyes only" this is a personal record of my life, only for any ONE who "cares" if you dont...dont read it.. I have not been "out" drinking more than once in the last month, so i have saved up some pocket money, so dont worry.... .
. we can maybe meet yr girlfriend later in the evening..

Subject: CS13116 Vesna..take care,..,.
Hiya Vesna, I am back in Pg,
good to cu again, and meet yr friends Rada & Anna (?)

I had a really great time, in UE and I intend going back in spring or even before...with some "co-operative plans" ... :)  ... I notice the thread , with Matthias from NL asking about Balkans.. ..I dont say anything against him or his enquiries but my winter "in box" has been FULL of enquiries which seem like they ar being compiled for tourist guides and travel agents, MNE especially is being listed in national UK newspapers and other western countries as one of the "top hot spots" to visit in 2013...

obviously want to help "genuine" CSerS but i would suggest..just to "examine" the way people ask to see if its a real or reasonable request... but of course its your own time ..
take care/ cuvaj se! :)
ChRiS x

Sevilay Sezer > yes we went to skiing together last weekend. I red her blog she also wrote some about her stay with me we went out with my friends two nites and to hamam. i just got a message from her, i was thinking of coming to Istanbul whilst she was there but I didnt know..
its a bit cold here. but you are always welcome

ChRiS> i want to check cheap flights and find out how long Raz stays there... then I will contact U, if i can find host..c1ao for now..
Subject: CS 13116 -> Raz Re: postcard

I have sent several messages, without reply, because I was considering coming to Istanbul if u are staying there for a while (are u still in contact with sevilay?) ..and have requested "friends" on yr FB account..too! :)
thanks for thinking about me, of course , u are welcome to stay here & if you are interested in our "house-telling" project and club events or just for gun , welcome to visit Podgorica.,.
POSTAL address; U.r.S.u.N c/o CS @ Tripa Kokolja 15
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
take care
ChRiS x

NICRAZ wrote:
>Hi Chris
>>How you doing?
>>I have a pretty big stack of postcards here and one has your name on but no address . . . can you send me it so I can test the turkish-montenegran postal systems!

Subject: CS 13116 LIna Timo,Re: informacion
hello Lina, I suggest u write to or check the "balkan mafia" group on couchsurfing... as it seems u are constructing a tourist guide more than a visit....! :)
good luck

Lina Timo wrote:
>On june our family will have a road to your country. Can you help me with informacion? About the road nr.9. Is it nice view to go by this road? Do you recommend to go by this road from Macedonia to BIOGRADSKA national park? Do you have some maps national parks of Biogradska gora or Durmitor? And informacion about them?
>Can you writte the prices of diesel? Where it is the best: Albania, Makedonia, Bosnia,Montenegro, Croatia? Is there no problems to changing euros or using a credit cards for buying diesel, food and else

Acel Palma G>
Thank you so much Chris ...I hardly open m,y facebook really how are you ...I will have THAI FOOD NIGHT.. hope you can come . take care !
Acel Palma Gallardo
heres info EASY THAI FOOD NIGHT.doc

ChriS SmiTH> Hiya Acel, where is that restaurant..
I might be in Bg that weekend,
let me know yr current phone number?

I wonder what happened to "plastic Red" (TRiin ity)

"OTHER stuff" ...

REdNeT v F S G ;

within / without frontier ;

enjoy your day  x and birthday greetings from ; OUR CLUB  ;

Luis Kisses the (other) hand of God? ;)




postcard from planet earth

N E P A Kids


Monty blog



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  3. ChriS SmiTH posted in Crazy EuRED Insider tour group

    ChriS SmiTH
    10:24pm Dec 16
    CS Monty-Logic-CLUB |
    -CLUB "House-Telling" ; friendly members @ several locations for economy travellers to Balkan region...

    ChriS SmiTH posted in May 2013 ; CSerS "big family" @ w/end meeting Monty
    ChriS SmiTH
    8:38pm Dec 17
    and its my birthday party..

    Chris Forb Dix posted in CS & LIVE r BIRD footy CLUB

    Chris Forb Dix
    2:19pm Dec 28

  4. Like Fenway. We Come Not To Pay on Facebook
    Seán Ó Cléirigh has invited you to like his Page Fenway. We Come Not To Pay..


    MultiMonTV, check out the latest video from your channel subscriptions for Jan 6, 2013.

  5. Phil Pedlow also commented on his status.

    Phil wrote: "Exactly so Chris, that was the only bit I didn't add I said so much, lol. But correct, he did look very sheepish I thought too, not at all the usual Kenny-like joyous smile when he got on the scoresheet, clearly he was amazed as you said that it was allowed to stand, like Mansfield and all the rest of us were. The complete reverse of a cheat, and a prime example of how Suarez is held up to be at fault when others fail in their cause of duty, in this case the officials. And did you see the journo James Lawton described Suarez as coming onto the pitch off the bench 'with diabolical intent'. I was seething when I read that, he should be sued for it, in my opinion. Even ESPN have apologised now for their commentator's Jon Champion's words and apparently spoken to him for describing on-air Luis' actions as those 'of a cheat'. It's 50°C apparently in Australia at the minute. #BlameSuarez."

  6. CS> Marie, we shall be having the biggest REdS meeting outside of Liverpool or Eire .. hope yr lads will bring u and make up a 6 a side team too.. & have cheap holiday ???

  7. Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in CS & LIVE r BIRD footy CLUB

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    10 January 20:52
    Tony Barrett @TonyBarretTimes
    CNN has named Liverpool as one of Europe's ten hottest European destinations for 2013: … dont need CNN to tell us... Lp and Monty are THE places to go!!!

    Europe's 10 hottest destinations for 2013

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  8. Natella Kh posted in CS & LIVE r BIRD footy CLUB
    Natella Kh created the event Mark Knopfler concert happening Tuesday, April 30 at 8:30pm.

    Podmornica Beogradski Rnr Podrum invited you to StuttgartOnline Bend's event:

    Klopka za pionira vs. Stuttgart online

    Saturday, January 19 at 10:00pm - Sunday, January 20 at 4:35pm at Podmornica

    Podmornica Beogradski Rnr Podrum and Klub Lepota are guests.


    Happy New Year!! It's going to be a big one.

    Democracy is on the march across the world, and our community is at the heart of the struggle, but to win we're going to need to choose our course wisely. Click below to join a live, global, multilingual (with instant translation!) discussion and brainstorm of our entire community, and take our annual all-member poll to guide our choices in 2013:


    Natella Kh shared a link on your timeline: "Why??? Why there's NO subway in Podgorica???"

    To see your timeline, follow the link below:

    Slatka Mala Izwrnuta Torta invited you to VI Čulo's event:

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    Saturday, February 2, 2013, 7:30pm - 9:00pm at Pozorište "Dobrica Milutinović", Sremska Mitrovica


    Save the Date - Couchsurfing webcast Sunday, January 27th, 6 p.m. UTC

    I'm looking forward to hosting our second monthly webcast on Sunday, January 27th at 10 a.m. PST (6 p.m. UTC), and I hope you'll join me. I'll give an update on what's new at Couchsurfing and what we'll be rolling out next on the website. I'll also answer questions from the community.
    Thanks to those of you who attended last month and took the time to share your feedback. We're making some adjustments to this month's webcast format, and we'll keep working to improve them.
    Please submit your questions in advance here by 3 p.m. PST (11 p.m. UTC) on January 23rd, and we'll answer as many as we can during our time together.
    A link to the actual webcast will be posted on the webcast page of the Couchsurfing website, so check there for details on January 27th (or bookmark the page).
    Looking forward to speaking with you.
    Tony Espinoza, CEO


    Micheal O Regan posted in The Irish LFC Fans Gathering 2013

    Micheal O Regan
    9:38pm Jan 15
    Margaret Aspinall and Sue Roberts from the hillsborough family support group will be joining us in march.i know they will get a great welcome

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    18 January 01:21
    please join the friendship weekend, and bring yr team too

    UE " In Wires and WITHOUT frontiers" = friendship weekend @ UE
    • In planning .. forming organising committee, date expected long weekend early June 2013 for the firs...

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