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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Essence of how a Footballer should be; Crazy Horse

 The Essence of how a Footballer should be

........Crazy Horse    

(Emlyn Hughes; 

The Best Captain ever!)

our current players (& "fan(ie)s") take note!

ah .....big Em,

Crazy ; a TRUE "Warrior" 

(not shirt manufacturer) he ran like a galloping horse

...charging down the field..loved him to bits,,.

, I go all misty eyed when I remember ... so many memories - if its possible to love someone without being gay,,then I did (even though I questioned his off-field choices) theres never been a player like Emlyn, who was "Shanks " on the field whose heart & soul deserved to be captain..

i wish this was in a pub, with a few bevvies i could talk about him all night.. ;)

...i was also capt of our local team , and the n.6 shirt was mine ..dont anyone even touch it .. for 90 minutes on the local park - i WAS Emlyn ..

..his "gallop" and his "unorthadox" way of stopping opponents too, got him his name "Crazy horse" when he bodily hauled down a winger who was a bit quicker.. boxing day, @Anfield when i think a player (maybe Leighton James of burnley?)  was over doing the dribbling in front of him, Em just pointed at Leightons feet and burst out laughing.. :) and so did the whole Kop... magic...

"Liverpool are magic , everton tragic" (Smithy didnt like that!)

The first goal I saw, which because i was so young, its a vague memory, but i remember his squeaky voice talking to the Beeb after.. (he had picked it up in a tackle or interception on the edge of our pen area, and galloped off...)  

Em ? " I picked it up & started running, I was gonna pass it to Tommy, outside me, but he packed it in, so I just kept running and hit it.."  Em reached the Spurs pen area and smacked it past jennings ( a world class goalie of the time) ..goal of the season. I think we won 1-0 , but the goal it self was worth it.... 

modern "fans" now see great goals and shrug... we would talk about them for weeks,..

Em on " a question of sport" insulting princess Anne (and he was a Royalist) ..

Em defending Alf Ramsey.. (he would have gone berserk at H-W, if he was there now, & had been playing in last seasons team for Kenny ..)

he was Loyal, he played for the Liver Bird, he was us, on the field, one , not Carra, not Stevie.. said "we are LIVERPOOL" like EMLYN HUGHES ..goodness I miss him like a brother.. theres NO ONE in the modern game that comes close..

sorry, getting choked up now and have to sign off. (before the bizzies block me again) ;)

good luck CH777 (on MY KOp(cop?)- i like u for prompting this ..! (and your rebel posts!! ) ;) 

Emlyn made Me smile, as a boy, he also brought tears to my eyes..

Hughes, after the game in 72? when we missed the league by a disallowed (good) tosh goal @ highbury, his socks rolled down...the pain on his face..(I was also at that game, the old highbury away end) in 71, going up to collect loser medal at wembley the "growing pain" of the 2nd Shanks teams, which made them (and us ) stronger.. (somethign H-W and modern "fans" dont get, and why KD KNEW that his team would be better next season but "they" ruined that...

and some fan(ie)s ask why I am becoming a "bitter REd" ?

because this IS MY life..and "they" are ruining it..
YNWA/J4t96 = Justice for all!


copied ....from crazyhorse777>

Some years back a gang of Reds were talking about different players and Emlyn Hughes - Crazy Horse - came up.

A mate of mine told how in a European game we were being taken apart down our right hand side by some tricky, speedy winger. The mists of time cloud out who he or the opposition were, but it could have been Eintracht Frankfurt.

My mate was in the paddock and Emlyn was playing as a left sided centre back. He’d had enough of this playonce he’d broken through again, Emlyn came right across the field and tackled the player by the paddock.

My mate said it was the hardest tackle he’d ever seen. He said that grown men whinced as Emlyn hit him. He won the ball cleanly, but hit him so hard you could hear the crunch of bone on muscle and all the air coming out of the players body, not only when he got hit, but when he also hit the paddock wall. He never bothered us after that. 


BullSh*te links @ Lfc

nothing against him, but the way Kenny was renoved was a disgrace, if the english press love Rodgers (as they did Hodgson), True REdS may not, still i suppose the fickle & yanker fan(ie)s  are happy to have someone closer to their age.. start of an era? no, the end of OUR CLUB,  thank you, F ascist S tazi G *ts!  three managers in less than 2 years with H-W..u dont understand the LIVERPOL way, thank goodness our generation enjoyed the game before the media F**ked it up 
Lfc = r.i.p.


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1 comment:

  1. @ whoever u are,,,

    I have explained several times, that I scramble words on to "My COp" due to the extreme censorship bizzies , I (and ironically Crazy Horse 777) often get "blocked " so there are some "typos" .. but often they make sense, in a perverse way.." (Loyalist & Royalist" hmmmmm sometimes not much difference ha ha ;)

    Emlyn was Shanks on the field... and i suppose some of u think Bob was a better manager than Shanks U wont understand my feelings and thats part of the problem that many wont get...Em exuded that RED force , that energy the feeling we got (then not now, because too many sing it too fast without feeling the words) singing YNWA! ..

    Em was what LIverpool football club WAS....and is no longer as of the removal of Kenny.. the last straw of that which we loved..

    Shanks also wasnt liked by everyone, certainly telling it straight wont win any fans today, and Lfc discarded our great people Shanks, Kenny & Rafa in a disgraceful way, so its not only H-W who are to blame for that..

    Hughes, had he been there now, would have been in the Directors office long before the knife stuck into Dalglish by H-W (and their poodle Ayres stood by watching and doing FA for Kenny..)

    Emlyn was us, then, we were loyal to our = repeat (@"evans") "holy Trinity" it was a bond , broken over the years and smashed into pieces in recent weeks..i wont go to Anfield any more , nor buy anything fron the official shop whilst

    they continue their "claim" of ownership, we are the CLUb , and like Emlyn we felt and still feel every aspect of it, ..its personal, what isnt?..

    thats why he was the best , to us, for us , why Shanks was the best, why we WERE the best, and its a sad day that now, after 40 years I have to say that Lfc is no longer the best, modern fan(ie)s and yankers have ruined it...we will be back but the club will probably never get back that magical Red Spirit we, Shanks & Emlyn brought to our games & our lives,,

    emotional , yeah, you bet!