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Saturday, May 19, 2012

the TRUTH hurts, but wake up to it!

the TRUTH hurts, but wake up to it!

SCLOG? will it be "banned" ? the following has been taken from blogs on "MY KOP" which has to be subscribed to but which the "so called owners" (FSG) have gagged via their lackies in the Lfc "office"  the Bush-B-Liar syndrome of "new world order" has finally exposed its ugly face IN y-OUR CLUB? whether you are a SUPPORTER or a casual fan, or not even a RED but like footy, are U not "outraged" not only what is hapening to the most beautuful & most popular game in the world that if, just "IF" my "ravings" are roughly correct means that the "agenda" by design or accident is doing more damage than any other "incident" our history...

several million of us are "registered" on the net, that is MORE than many a small country... "they" have done a lot to deny socialist development anywhere in the world OUR "Liverpool way" ethics are "social" much as Shanks instilled them in my heart & mind and the hearts & mind of many TRUE REdS young or old, whatever gender or creed or colour we are!

Rafa was forced out by G & H + media & "fannies" Kenny forced out by H-W + media & "fannies" ... 

Supporters know Rafa should have stayed and Kenny should have been kept, "fannies" want whoever is the latest trend, problem ; FSG dont like strong personalities who know more than they do (which is easy!) 
.. but ...I hope it is Rafa, because otherwise a lot of us will revolt against FSG..
i fear more pain...
Liverpool FC survey: LFC fans split over Kenny Dalglish's sacking but many want ... Rafa!

LIVERPOOL FC supporters are split down the middle over the sacking of Kenny Dalglish......

Nandi Fustos> We need to go on, not living in the past!! All respects to Kenny & Rafa, but I think there is a new door opening with new perspectives! Walk On! YNWA

Chris 10> wrong mate.. without our past, which the "modern fans" dont respect, we will be just another foty club, if its all about money then i's rather the club was wound up completely, because LIverpool is more than a football club, and if we allow our ideals to be eroded then we are nothing...Rafa & Kenny know us, know what we are, but G & H & FSG do not , and many of the fans (especially those that joined when we were winning , still dont get it, YNWA is not just a "hymn " its our way,,,

Some fans are claiming we should be thankful for FSG "saving" us from Hicks and Gillette's leveraged debt buyout which had defaulted....

This is based on a lack of understanding of the bankster practices that led to the default...on a systemic level...

FSG just made an opportunistic buyout on the back of Hicks and Gillette playing and failing at a leveraged debt buyout of LFC that nearly put LFC out of existence...Leveraged debt buy-outs are just a part of the deregulated and shadow banking system from which Henry et al also made their fortunes off the back of other peoples' misery....Henry is an ex-hedge fund bansketr.....Hedge fund and financial instruments caused the 2008 crash which caused Hicks and Gillette's leveraged buyout to collapse...allowing Henry et al to swoop in and buy out LFC with as many now broken promises as H and G....

What's more - the default of the Texans' leveraged debt was overseen by RBS - a corrupt and duplicitous bank supposedly majority owned by the British taxpayers, since the bank almost failed as a result again of exposure to toxic debt speculation pre and post-2008, and was bailed out by the taxpayer's money because the banksters told the government that the banks and their money as debt system is "too big to fail"....

Joe public has no say in running RBS - despite it being bankrolled by us...we could have instigated demands for LFC to be passed over to ownership of LFC fans...but the banking elite holds sawy and hates any form of community, co-operative based ownership of any institution they see as a potential cash cow....

And some fans want us to be thankful to FSG?

If so - it's because they, like so many do not see the bigger picture...the big game these high-roller casino banksters play with other people's communities, lives and institutions..

As for the bit about "debts to banks must be re-paid as money was borrowed from them".... the bank manager lending money - the bank manager or the bank doesn't technically lend money - the banks create the money out of thin air as debt and lay it onto individuals and businesses as debt plus compound interest.....95% of all "money" in our system is debt money mainly digitally created out of thin air...That's why high street banks write off £70 million in debt every DAY.....they can afford it as it was not money they lent to you...they created it out of nothing and charge interest on it...and if you default they seize your real assets like land or house or business or car etc.....Your signature, in commercial law and according to bank charters, as described in Black's Law Dictionary, is "the instrument of value" soon as you counter-sign a loan agreement the bank creates the debt money out of thin air and transfers it into your account as debt against your name, or more specifically, against your ALL CAPITAL strawman identity (created at birth without your consent because the flesh and blood natural person cannot engage in financial transactions as these are theoretical constructs...therefore a strawman or shadow corporate identity is created to be taxed and have debt laid on it).....This is not conspiracy this is all in Black's Law Dictionary/Fleet and contract law and Uniform Commercial Code...
FSG are at the semi-legal "off books" end of this system...we should not thank them for anything...

We are so far removed from a responsible banking system in a value-based capitalist economy, where value and not debt creation is the main ethos for is unreal...

Kenny Dalglish hopes Liverpool supporters will get behind whoever replaces him as manager.

The legendary Scotsman believes his successor will inherit a good squad of players - and with the help of the fans, he thinks glory can come our way in 2012-13.

"Hopefully they will support that person as well as they have supported myself, which has been fantastic," Dalglish told the Echo. "The support the fans gave us was a huge influence in winning the Carling Cup.

"To be perfectly honest, in most of the games this season the players have covered themselves with great credit. They have been a credit to themselves and to the football club.

"The fans will always, always stick with Liverpool Football Club and support the players and the team and the person that is to be the next manager of the club. That's the way these fans have been brought up and that's the way it should continue.

"For me it's obviously going to be different, not being involved in the way I have been as before. But that doesn't mean I don't want Liverpool to go on now and be really successful. And that's the same for anyone who now comes in to the club.

"What Liverpool FC deserves and the supporters deserve is far more important than me."

Dalglish believes young players like Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson will flourish after their first full seasons at Anfield.

He added: "You cannot over-estimate the pressure that is on a boy who comes to play for Liverpool.

"But in the first year, what they have done has been a credit.

"There is now a great foundation to build on and to move forward with. The supporters, not just for myself but for everyone else, have always been fantastically supportive of the team - and that should not change.

(back-stabber) Ayre on Kenny and the future
"No one should underestimate the role the Liverpool fans play - or the appreciation the players have for the supporters.

"Taking aside the decision made about myself, for four players to be in Roy Hodgson's England squad for Euro 2012, and for Jordan Henderson to be on standby as well, is a great credit to the players.

"It's fantastic for the club and those players - and I hope they go on and represent everybody well."

Dalglish also had words of praise for the club's owners.

He said: "I would hope nobody would prejudge things now. The owners have their own reasons for doing what they have done.

"They came in to help the club at a time when it wasn't in a great condition. They have improved it, taken it forward and are doing the best they can."

ChriS> sorry Kenny, U are too nice! if its Rafa , he will get the global support of TRUE REDS however, if not its likely to be a full antiFSG revolt..they broke yr contract, and just because u have the dignity to accept what they did , we see little difference in the way G & H forced out Rafa & the methods of FSG (except "P.R.")"

any way I sincerely Respect Kenny & Rafa and i just posted this on kenny's appeal for supporting his succesor (for all i know they will chosse woy mark 2!, and I dont trust FSG at fact for me its similar to the USA, sometimes its easier to deal with a BUSH than a clinton... in other words G & H were obvious sinners, FSG have  much slicker P.R machine..

crazyhorse777 wrote:

It's no problem...I just wanted to i said...I've had no probs from him....I think in many ways you two have similar loyalty to Kenny and suspicion (now confirmed) of fsg etc...just different ways of expressing it...but that;s between you two...

I noticed grottonred is now posting anti-fsg and anti-yank and anti-thatcher stuff...that he was telling me i shudn't post due to being political, just recently...he said i made him puke and was shoving conspiracies down his throat,,,I haven't gloated - just mentioned above his comments that "now we seem to agree"

REdAlieN wrote:
well "for your eyes only" ...I must be plotting a 'coup"  ha ha , u must have been reading too many of jtrains' comments on My Blog...dont worry, its stuff I posted to Henry & Share Liverpoolfc during the "dark days" (which seem to be back..)

if u dont want, just say, no prob!


crazyhorse777 also commented on TRUE RED Supporters v FSG "fannies" (a blog): 

Well said - the banking elite will do their utmost to prevent communities and co-operatives seizing rightful control of a major institution such as LFC as they want to control such "assets" as profit-making franchises, to asset-strip and/or milk for all it's worth..

People view the current cartel system as pro-entrepreneur capitalism, but it is a system dominated by monoplies and cartels, and a reverse redistribution of wealth from taxpayers to tax-evading corporate and banking and military-industrial complex elites....

Thanks for appreciating my blog post...and here's a simplified version as some people as you say won't get past the first line:

I will try and simplify the analysis:

The basic point is - Mr Henry made his fortune from hedge fund shadow banking instruments..
Hedge fund and other derivatives and casino banking caused the 2008 crash...
The 2008 crash was major cause of H and G defaulting their already risky leveraged debt buyout "ownership" of LFC
This default threatened LFC...
Mr Henry, who made his fortune from the shadow banking system that caused H and G to default then came in a swooped to buy LFC at a value price...He saw it as an opportunistic investment..

Because I actually do a bit of research on these people who come in as stewards of our club - OUR club - I never take them at face value as "messiahs" as some called them...

They're not Messiahs...they're very naughty boys, to paraphrase Monty Python...
12518 ReDAlieN
@Crazy> in fact I used the "he's not the messiah" during the october 2010 "uprising" ; in a self-parody, though ;)

classANDsuccess also commented on Dalglish--The Missing Argument (a blog): 

FSG -Know how to run a business, no doubt, but do thye know how to run a football club that has a soul and is part of the community and people's actual lives?  I'd be a hypocrit to say Kenny deserved longer, at least until January with Lucas back, and then say I'm not going to wait and see what FSG do next.   We'll see, but its not promising(Still and forever behind LFC regardless)


Carra (As Kenny got on the plane to see them) "So is it Gaffer or Kenny, now?"

Dalglish -"It's Kenny now."

Saddest thing I've read for years.

To see the comment, follow the link below: 
Dalglish--The Missing Argument

"sorry Kenny, U are too nice! if its Rafa , he will get the global support of TRUE REDS however, if not its likely to be a full antiFSG revolt..they broke yr contract, and just because u have the dignity to accept what they did , we see little difference in the way G & H forced out Rafa & the methods of FSG (except "P.R.")"


redmist2010 also commented on 51% of votes to Rafa Benitez! (a blog): 
REdAlieN Ive no doubt at all and rightfully so he did a lot of great things, personally i don't like the style of play under Rafa but that's just my personal choice.
But for the life of me i don't see these owners giving him a second look with Rafa liking to take control of things, plus the way they have hung Kenny out to dry i wouldnt wish the job on him either.


Anyone who says no to Rafa either does't understand football, doesn't support LFC, or has read too many newspapers and read the drivel written in them.

LFC were the top seeded team in europe under Rafa. Yes, thats right, in 2008/ 2009, we were the top seeded team in the competition.  (nb we won it in 2005, yet 3-4 years later we were regarded as the best team in the competition!!!)

To see the comment, follow the link below:

Can we still have both?

this is copied from "crazyhorse777" >

probably too relevant for most "fannies"

on the left Kenny, on the right the boss of backtabbers inc?
"I will try and simplify the analysis:
The basic point is - Mr Henry made his fortune from hedge fund shadow banking instruments..

Hedge fund and other derivatives and casino banking caused the 2008 crash...

The 2008 crash was major cause of H and G defaulting their already risky leveraged debt buyout "ownership" of LFC

This default threatened LFC...

Mr Henry, who made his fortune from the shadow banking system that caused H and G to default then came in a swooped to buy LFC at a value price...Hesaw it as an opportunistic investment.."

FSG = G & H + "slick P.R."
@Crazy> in fact I used the "he's not the messiah" during the october 2010 "uprising" ; in a self-parody, though ;)

any way I sincerely Respect kenny & Rafa and i just posted this on kenny's appeal for supporting his succesor (for all i know they will chosse woy mark 2!, and I dont trust FSG at fact for me its similar to the USA, sometimes its easier to deal with a BUSH than a clinton... in other words G & H were obvious sinners, FSG have  much slicker P.R machine..

crazyhorse777 also commented on IT'S ALL A CRAZY KOP-SPIRACY (a blog): 

Conspiracy theories...If you really sit down and take time and analyse...most events the mainstream media and political powers present as fact are in fact conspiracy theories constructed by the mainstream interests and perpetuated as fact by the mainstream media...

The term "conspiracy theory" has come to be used pejoratively by most people as the mainstream media presents arguments, no matter how valid or well-researched, that go against the official story of any event, as being crazy conspiracies...

In a literal sense...the official, slanderous version of Hillsborough was a conspiracy between News International, Thatcher's cabinet and various police forces to lay false blame on LFC fans and the city of Liverpool...

Without wanting to get political, but in order to illustrate a point: The official 9/11 story is a conspiracy theory casting an external terror threat (trained and created by the CIA, even they admit to this) in Afghanistan in the late 70's...with NO concrete evidence to support the story...

Linking these two facts - Tony Farrell, a man who was senior intelligence officer for South Yorks police was sacked after he was told to assess the terror threat from Muslim communities in South Yorkshire...A man of decades of experience...he filed a report stating there was no such threat and never had been, and what's more he judged that after viewing the official and alternative accounts of 9/11 and 7/7, all the evidence pointed to both incidents being inside jobs, or false flag attacks.....He was summarily placed on gardening leave, ordered to be psychiatrically assessed (he passed with no problems!) and was summarily sacked...

He went onto predict that more disturbing details of South Yorks police collusion over the Hillsborough cover-up would come to light...and he was right....
I now follow this code: "Do not see authority as The Truth...see Truth as the only Authority"...


bored? with ruining our lives? 
sorry "my cop mods" (who are deleting & blocking anyone who exposes TRUTH) .. this is not "spam" its pure beef.. ;)

all RedS should thankl those like crazyhorse777 for doing what Stevie & Carra and the staff @ Lfc office should have done, stand up for Rafa (then) & Kenny..(now)

its clear that any public support for Rafa & Kenny is being "gagged" blogs that criticise H-W are being deleted or blocked etc ..

I love Rafa & Kenny so I am biased , but whether u agree or not, if u care about Lfc then U must try to see whats going on, people didnt understand the "agenda" when Rafa was forced out, because he was his own man, (and despite all the obstacles made a power in europe, again, and got us the closest to the title than anyone in last 20 years..

"they" want to assimilate you..

are U being assimilated, with scumedia,money & sexy "P.R." ..?

so wake up REdS! this is not just a 'choice of manager" this could even be worse than 2007 when G & H infected us..

the media dont want us to be succesful..they wanted woy & they want another 2nd rater so that dont go back to where we belong, the "owners" are only in it for money, they know less about footy than the average fan (ie)
so thats the issue... do u want to bought?  to lose our RED soul, the things that make our team, our club, our supporters Unique, or do u want to be "borged" ;)

will we ever be able to say 
"we are the club, WE are LIVERPOOL" ....again????


 do you think they are a good idea and not a problem? 

I'm here to tell you they are a massive problem they will not build a new ground or make Anfiled bigger they wont to spend nothing on the club for a few years them sell at a massive profit if anyone thinks differant you are living in a dream world what I am say is a fact  do not ignor it the longer they go unchecked the worst it will be

we have to get that set of ba$tad$ out NOW 20 mill on new players

good god we are in turble you all wanted Kenny out for the Wigan boss a director of football and a pot of 20 mill congrats you have all wreked LFC for next 10 years if we have a club in 10 your all so naive totalt naive blo*dy fools wake up

extreme point of view??? wtf are all mad or just drunk wake up your being conned !




@no problems....I just had a gut feeling about fsg/ far this is being borne out...

And you know me plunge....I won't shirk from proposing an extreme

@evans - Just had some more thoughts on wat you said...I don't feel I have over-simplified Mr Henry...or FSG...

Several times now they have promised and then done the flip-flop...or acted in a manner that suggests they put more credence into listening to what the mass media spouts off about, are more concerned about global brand PR and franchise returns than the community-minded ethos LFC was built on...

Just a couple of weeks ago they affirmed full support for King Kenny - not enough has happened to justify sacking him since then...we all knew the Prem results were disappointing BEFORE this statement was made...the consensus was that at least another season with Kenny acquiring two or the good players was the solution...So FSG/Henry went back on their word...big time...

They gave Kenny a 3 year contract to "ensure stability"...again..bang..that has shown to be weasel words...

FSG kow-towed to mass media hyperbole and hysteria over the nonsensical handshake incident between Prevaricate and Luis...showing they are misguidedly skewed in wanting to placate a mass media that King Kenny knows from bitter experience is more likely to have an agenda against LFC, no matter how much the club ingratiates itself with the media foghorns....

The Henry refusal to to shake Kenny's hands cannot be brushed under the carpet - it was disrespectful, pure and simple...a disgraceful way to treat a man who has given decades of service to LFC on and off the pitch...The photos don't lie in this instance....Henry blanks Kenny and then looks at him afterwards...Kudos to Kenny for remaining so dignified...and stoical...

FSG's/Henry's etc failure to attend the Hillsborough Memorial service....and then drag King Kenny all the way over to Boston, just to send him back home with a flea in his ear and then sack him was nothing short of disgraceful and appalling treatment of a club legend....

The organised and swift manner in which managerial candidates are being processed suggests that the sacking of Kenny and the discussion of replacements has been long in the pipeline...again showing that Henry's and FSG's public utterances of support have been lies pure and simple...

So - no oversimplification....there's a lot of solid ground for judging FSG and Henry as being simply ruthless billionaires with no genuine interest in maintaining LFC's Boot Room traditions and community spirit - Scouse solidarity....they are motivated purely at transforming LFC into a profit-making franchise...

Some might say "that's how it is"...or if it brings on-field success "it's worth it"....

I say it is never worth seeling your soul for a few dollars matter what so-called success it brings....



A call to TRUE REdS SUPPORTers

I have wasted a bit of time this week, again, contesting with "fannies" who start to spread rumours of "management changes" and insult Kenny or OUR players..

as we approach the final game of the season I resent the need to defend a man, whose record on & off the field , and his integrity , when few others in or out of our club can match, 

I find it ridiculous that anyone can take them (FSG/NESV) seriously ...recall they only kicked out hodgson when 10,000 did NOT turn up @ Anfield.. why do any Lfc fans expect intelligent " football nouse" from them, you may as well pick a sunday team manager to coach a team in the champions league ... they know less than that =sweet FA about footy.. 

their decisions are effected by "fans" (and when every a**hole has access to fans groups etc ?) who are mostly sky-washed or repeat the "pundits" and explayers , many of whom have their own agenda..

we lost Rafa because the media & "fannies" wanted him out... TRUE REdS SUPPORTers need to come out and send the yankers a clear signal this is OUR CLUB.. and we support Dalglish.. 

p.s. although I wish we could find a role @ Lfc for Rafa - its a waste to lose his genius.. surely ?

Read More

People have short memories and fail to understand or identify the MASSIVE damage done to our club following Moores (fraudulent) "sale" to G & H ..
Purslow was appointed by former joint owners Tom Hicks and George Gillette in June 2009 with a brief of finding new owners, and left his post shortly after Fenway completed their takeover in October 2010. he didnt, he used the broker that brought in G & H to "find" NESV ..and the novices Henry-Werner..who stated only 2 months ago that Kenny has been "unbelievably fantastic"////..

The media dont like us, the media dont like Kenny, who (rightly) puts them down...
Most "fannies" dont like me, either, I  dont care, because I dont need them, and I am not 'employed" by lfc or any other group or corporation, I dont have to answer to "sponsors" or any other political, religious group or other institution...
If someone respects me , they will get a decent and fair exchange of opinion...whether its mine o any other REdS , dont attack the "mess-ANGER" deal with the content, "presentation" is irrelevant , deal with message...and, whilst I am in the mood, to ask you to state what YOU have done for OUR club this year, have you been the "best you can be" ? are you willing to invest say 50 quid to protect our club from sale to some other yankers down the road...?
Sure, we are not a team where we  need to be, but look at the succesful Lfc teams of the past, and the current teams, consistently at the top...keep your dignity, keep faith and BE a TRUE REd Supporter..

sure everyone has favourites, but before you "dish" a player or disrespect our manager think HOW you should respond.. would you say those things to the man, if you were face to face? (not hidden in a crowd, or behind a key board) .????  I can, hand on heart! ,  
ONE reason that Our club got disgraced in the 80's because the wrong people attached themselves to us, its happened in the last few years again./..
dont let it..

Whether they are "owners" Directors or "fannies" dont let them destroy what makes our club special : Shanks' s LIverpool way ; YNWA is not just a "football hymn"  it a way to deal with life !


To NESV/FSG t/a Lfc to "whom it may concern"

formal claim according to international (natural) law.
PLEASE avoid further insult to fellow supportes & myself by ignoring our valid concerns ;

The claim shall be sent to the registered office of Lfc and to FSG/NESV in the USA,  I require the NAME of the "in house solicitor" or legal firm representing the corporate body.
"I have observed and experienced the loss of my blood family, through inhuman violations, & atrocities through deterioration in humanity & lack of social justice in my home community, country and worldwide, due to the unethical "New World Order" and its monetary greed & military bullies. 

I wont allow it to destroy the best aspects of Liverpool Football club & that which we called our "Holy trinity"
From the time Shanks resigned, through S. Cohen falsely represented international suopporters, the LiverBird in BLUE on our players shirts, through  to the absence of Henry-Werner at the Hillsboorough memorial I have seen the negative effect over the Years on OUR club, 

WE intend to take it back. The Liverbird is OUR symbol, we shall fight to protect our unique image from those who would make us a pure "commercial" entity. You underestimate us, again."
WE are the club , we are LIVERPOOL

If you ignore this last request, the claim shall be made public.

12520 CLaim = We are the CLUB, the LiverBird is OURS

This CLAIM shall be delivered online & via normal post tothe  Anfield Road registered office & is to be delivered Boston via New York attorney




Fenway Sports Group, (previously New England Sports Ventures) ;
All & any companies, firms &/or corporate bodies & individuals 
presenting themselves or acting as representatives or officials or
trading in the name of
"LIVERPOOL Football Club or Liverpool F.C or FC Liverpool" (hereafter known as "LFC")
including their Directors, Managers, consultants, officers, and Bankers
and any other relevant individual therafter identiified by the court hearing this claim


That various forms of fraud have been committed, and evidence shall be produced of;

- Discrimination, bigotry & prejudice against individuals and/or groups.
- Mis-use of funds provided by the Plaintiffs.
- Fiduciary anomalies & false trading.
- Corporate misconduct & violation of international (natural or "common" law.
- Conspiracy to defraud members of "LFC" & the people of Liverpool.

Plaintiffs statement

We, the Members & Supporters body, within the several million "known" fans of "Liverpool Football Team"  commonly identified as "Lfc" who wear the legendary "Liver Bird" Symbol of the LIVERPOOL community, join with the people of Liverpool. The community & people of Liverpool, and all those who associate with what once was called the "holy trinity" seek an injunction to stop the damages done by the above to the "entity" affecting our daily lives. For obvious reasons we shall not list the names of the people damaged, not least for pragmatic reasons and also due to bias & violations against members who have dared to oppose the guilty parties until now. Those damaged persons shall be know at the time of a FAIR & IMPARTIAL international law court hearing.

The recent dismissal of our "hero" Kenneth Dalglish ; a man who is more than legend to millions Worldwide, & your ignorance of our support for Rafa Benitez is disgraceful evidence of your LATEST show of contempt of our local & global True REd Supporters & all loyal members of LIVERPOOL football club. The community of Liverpool, who own the "LiverBird symbol"  claim that the Companies trading in the name of this Club owe the people of Liverpool & our supporters in excess of a potential global value exceeding a billion euros!  

We claim that the sale from Moores to Gillet & Hicks and then to N.E.S.V. was based on a fraud. Furthermore, the "corrupted income used" by F.S.G. (then N.E.S.V.) to obtain "ownership" of what rightly belongs to us must be confiscated by police acting on behalf of the community, local & global. Our members & supporters must be protected from the blight you bring on "the beautiful game" which you shame by your involvement in OUR club and which damages the honour, present & future of the football players & teams which are called "Liverpool"

for the people
Tripa Kokolja 15
81000 Podgorica,

The Liverpool Football Club 
& Athletic Grounds Ltd.,
registered Office ; Anfield Road
Great BRITAIN                   (sent by post, fax & email )

For the Attention of Suzanne Cohen.- Customer Services Manager

Podgorica 25th April 2012                                                                                                  WITHOUT PREJUDICE / Open letter

Dear Suzanne, 

I have today received your letter, & considerably delayed, "reaction", to complaints made "online" etc. Although "certain matters" may have eased in recent weeks. I am deeply saddened by the decline in standards in the "office & officers" representing our Club. This recent saga, the culmination of more than 10 years un-necessary 'conflicts" with you & others who do NOT reach the standards WE expect on the field, in team management nor from felllow supporters in the stands, are you not ASHAMED as "customer services manager" of the declining standard of RESPECT to those people who helped BUILD Lfc into a global entity and make your employment possible?

Your "response" is a lazy attempt to 'paper over" the previous failings, and seems to reflect a now common "PR method" which covers up a distinct lack of care, awareness and co-ordination!

1. The list of complaints (which INCLUDES THE NAMES of certain "affected members" had you BOTHERED to read through them, as you claim) are:
- Card numbers ; 000010612352  (previously ; 10369748 & > M99999 whose HISTORY was NEVER transferred as YOU once promised) 10660884, 
10661248 &  000010661251 

- Files/References

Lfc Reference Numbers : 



N.b. The "last - minute" (appreciated) INTERVENTION of Karen Murphy concerning v Arsenal tickets, does not compensate, at all, for the ignorance to the plight of our members stated to IAN AYRES, your office colleagues & to K. Gill ("committee chairman") & the "attitude" of those employed by Lfc!

2. The quite pathetic response also IGNORES a LIST of complaints (AND CONSTRUCTIVE observations & advices offered ) sent to K. Gill ("committee chairman") and so-called "international representatives" of the "committee" (I have deliberately excluded the word "Supporter" because it in no way represents the core SUPPORT that I again remind you, BUILT this club. In monetary terms alone could have paid for 2 houses with the fundsI have "invested" in supporting the Liverpool Team over the years, which is nothing compared to the emotional stress. Whilst writing I contest the validity of the "committee" and have severe doubts about the intentions behind behind appointing this "committee"  & the reasons a figurehead such as K. Gill was chosen to chair it.

3. The extremely serious Failures of the board & FSG such as;

- Henry-Werner weak support of K. Dalglish & L.Suarez
- Their ABSENCE at the Hillsborough memorial
- The questionable dealings at the time of removal of G & H, and shortly after.

Shows a continued lack of commitment to the Spirit & Cuture of our Supporters.

The Dubious role of Ian Ayres;
- During the Luis Suarez affair
- The false (& forced) removal of Rafa Benitez
- During the appointment of C. Purslow, R. Hodgson & others who have damaged our club ; on & off the field!

Contain clear indications that Messrs. Henry, Werner & Ayres are UNFIT to be officers or custodians of our GREAT Club.

CONCLUSION "without prejudice"

I do not hold the opinion that your "apology" is sincere, or qualified by the actions (or lack) of those who claim "custody" of Liverpool Football club, therefore;

A FORMAL Plaint on behalf of LIVERPOOL Football Supporters, Worldwide, shall be delivered to the registered office of the club following the end of season 2011/2012 which may lead to an INJUNCTION against FSG & its officers, with the intent to REMOVE them from OUR club, and a "class action" against NESV may simultaneously be served in the USA. Due to the protocolls of the ECHR (Strasbourg) namely article 13, and in accord with the UN declaration the aspects of discrimination against our members from the Balkan regions of the former Yugoslavian states, requires any complaint to be made firstly against the United Kingdom government, citing the FCO & the officers I have previously named responsible therein.


Christopher R. Smith F. Inst D.
(U.R.S.U.N. / "Balkan REdS")
Tripa Kokolja 15,
81000 Podgorica,

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Title Mr
First Name Christopher
Surname Smith
Date of Birth 23/05/1953
Gender Male
Fancard/Members Card Number 000010612352
Requested Password *
Address 1 Tripa Kokolja
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Address 3
Address 4
Postcode 81000
Town/City Podgorica
Country Yugoslavia
Contact Details
Daytime Telephone Number 0038268614427
Mobile Telephone Number 0038268614427
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Membership Type International Membership
Total Amount £18.99
- Card Payment £18.98
Auto Renew Yes
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Membership LFCTV discount voucher 3225 8975 210X FYF4

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11:02:18 AM 08 January 2012

I cannot either login at member on the main website (as international member 10612352 ) or at the shop!! this is a repetitive problem and other international members have a similar problem - why?

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  2. S O S as usual ..better late than never (they were suckered by henry when he "flattered & courted them" soon after taking over ..(the "corporate body") .