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Monday, May 14, 2012

Season 11-12 True REdS OVER view

Over View 11-12 season 
+ LIVE(r)pool update  

nightmares & dreams ; Winning & losing...

I had a.. nightmare & a dream last night, something evil was blowing cold into my ear ;)  no, I havent got a current girlfriend! ;) and then I dreamt I was playing footy  3 a side on a small pitch, with men & women, wont the first game and was losing the 2nd because I had "allowed: a goal that wasn't to be scored by a girl I liked..the game wasn't finished ..but she was going on about beating me..

whats that got to do with the price of eggs? no idea, just as some comments made by "fannies" or "experts" have no relevance to truth or reality .. there are nightmares, games which we looked to have won easily, but lost , through missed chances, a record number of "woodwork hits"

Far too much "comment" and not enough intelligent constructive discusion on the game... Its too easy for some to forget the terrible "ale -house" methods of hodgson (who should never have had his hands on managing a LIVERPOOL Team, and has got his wish to be "eng-ur-land" manager, I hope he never picks another of our players... 

WE have played some excellent footy this season, a highlight, although not in the league, was DUMPING the 2 manc clubs OUT of both cups in ONE week., also quickly forgotten..

The "concentration span" of the average "fannies" is short ..they are fed on video games, CSI, New York, Miami & timbucktwo ..or hospital dramas & banal films & cable media deisgned to fill the masse with visual "stodge"

the TV equivalent of a "Big mac" fact it says much about modern society when u look at the map...of the "new world order" ;) 

WE beat a "decent" everton side THREE times, including a wembley semi-final ... but "on paper" they are above us in the league, so they will be celebrating all summer..

some other reason to be cheerful; 

although the "citeh" won the league (a sort of "revenge" against Fergie that they done it "manc style" in the extra time of the last game)  

Manure won NOTHING!

in a world that preaches the GOD of money and winning at all costs, remember that life is not about the "result" (you "lose!" ) but the way you "play the game" too...otherwise "karma" will get you, too!



The first "damage" done to our chances of winning the league was the extended absence of Stevie G; and especially when he was "fit" but not in form , the tendency for our (relatively young) players to rely on and pass through Stevie, can backfire, in the Fu cup final Stevie went deep and the whole team palyed deep, with Bellers & Stewart almost at full back and Luis isolated giving chelski room, once we pushed Gerrard up, we almost snatched the game back.. (with the usual disallowed goal..) 

I am concerned that we have lost Stevie for large chunks of the last 3 years, and now he;s "rested" for the national Euro 12 competition" and may be "tired" again for the start of the next season, on the other hand IF Lucas is back & fresh and in form the rest of the team have the opportunity raise their own performances if SG isn't available..(as we saw in the three games against Chelski that we WON), including the last home game when Luis "megged" Terry twice and Andy dominated the chelski centre-backs...

Stevie Celebrated the first hatrick @ Anfield v Blues since I was a kid!!
Stevie is no doubt the most COMPLETE footballer EVER to play in the Premiere and one of the best in the World of the last 10 years, but he isnt a captain of my choice; Like Emlyn who "rallied" the team with his energy and influence. or Souness who won the ball and dominated games.. I feel Stevie still dont do that..anough in away games, and I hope his enthusiasm after so many years at Lfc can be re-kindled..because if HE gives US his best we could win that 19th Title ...


was becoming even more than a "replacement" for Masch who departed during the G & H/purslow/hodgson disaster period and dominated several games, especially during games with chelski, manu & citeh (who we should have been at home in the league) when Lucas was on form..and improving from his status as the previous "player of the season"

will the "fannies" remember that they moaned and boo-ed him previously and give Hendo & other young players time to improve..and "fit" into a team game.  will pigs fly?


- IMO Kenny only made 2 main errors last season  ;
a) being kind to Hodgson who didnt deserve anything!
b) Not holding on to Aquilani..

Alberto was "sharp" at the end of Rafa's  last season but purslow & hodgson forced Alberto out on loan, Kenny gave him pre-season chances at the beginning of 11-12 (AA even wore the n. 8 game in one "friendly" ) but let him go, I suppose expecting Stevie to be available, but as he wasnt  at the start of the season, we should have kept Alberto, whose game in and around the opposing last quarter is vital, could be a perfect foil for Luis and with Stevie & Adam's injuries this season would have, IMO been a wiser "priority selectioN' than Jay or Jonjo ...


Those 2 hatricks SG v blues and the SENSATIONAL goals by Luis @ Norwich, which the media virtually ignored!!! 

Several game when "pass & move" really worked ..

Beating everton 3 times, beating chelski; the souRthern bluesh*te 3 times too, being one of the only teams to win at Citeh's stadium and dumping them and manure out of both cups in one week..on the way to 2 finals


...the first hour of the Fu Cup final... The Luis Suarez affair & Lfc being "conned" by the FA (Fu) 

Lucas Injury which probably cost us a top place... Taking the lads to Anfield & being robbed in and out of the game, whilst losing at home to Ar*enal & Ar*ene (who said we played better!!!) after the REdS dominated the game..

reading rubbish written by explayers, "pundits & experts" & "fannies" who infect OUR club.. we have enough enemies ..Fergie etc , look after your own!!


hey "fannies" U want to kick THIS man out???
Of course losing 16 games (however, unlucky or anti-Lfc referees have been) is unaccaptable, one in 3 games lost..but at the same time we have been to wembley 3 times, won our first trophy since 06, qualified for Europe and came close to winning the Fu cup too.. half full cup

..with around 25 international class young players waiting to come through into the first team reackoning,  the next decade could be a LIVERPOOL REdS decade.  BUt I do believe Kenny should invite the unemployed Rafa back to Lfc to strengthen our backroom staff, because FSG are too inexperienced to make intelligent football management decisions..
we shouldnt need Kenny to "defend himself"

Player of the Season

Martin Skrtel, the centre back has matured, and progressed from the obvious potential that Rafa signed him for, most consistent players and not only as a defender, his control, distribution and goal - scoring made him our best player overall (Link)
 (in spite of Luis's "magic") 

Martin> "Skrtel is going no where :')
"It's a great feeling. It's my first big award at Liverpool and I'm very happy about it. I think it was my best season since I came to Liverpool and I'm happy with my performances. I hope I will carry on in this way. I scored more goals than in past seasons, and I also think the way I played was better than in past years. Thank you very much to everybody who voted for me. I will try to do my best next season as well and we'll see how I go on." ♥

True REdS v Fannies of the year & "others"

Too much of my time is spent in "conflicted discussion" with the "mass-debating society" of the "fannies" infecting y-our club.. The only true "Liverpool way" is THE philosophy of Shanks's yet unless YOU are OF that generation, and grew up in a society evolving through questioning the establishment and growing individual and collective social justice, it may be difficult to grasp as to why WE SUPPORTers get so angry with the modern "fannies" who are so fickle and weak, another view (who perhaps is also too "kind" to FSG - LINK), also  identifies part of the problem 

Ants & pesky irritating "fannies"  are annoying..

Miss & Mr "Fannie" spokespersons...

Jenna Darwin>
Sorry about susan telling you to f-ck off you will enjoy the page

Chris  Ursun >
I didnt see it, I have already left the group ...! thats typical of the "fannies" infecting our club... and U debating a different manager is IMO an insult to Kenny and does NOTHING to improve the "atmosphere at Anfield" bye ...  12512 A call to TRUE REdS SUPPORTers

Jenna Darwin > 
Well I go to anfield week in week out to watch the reds and support kenny doesn't mean I can't discuss rumours TRUE SCOUSE RED AND PROUD!!

Chris Ursun >
Look i dont care if u have been a season season holder for 100 years...u miss the point, u dont want to understand, I have sat behind old guys who are season ticket holders who just whinge, and young ppl who are talking on their mobiles about going out..its what I see of U on that group forms my my blog, I wont bother with your group I have several others that I prefer to spend my valuable time on..its boring having the same dicussion with "fannies"/..u either get that or u dont...bye bye!

Jenna Darwin> 
God, people like you are the worst fans we have cyaaaaaaaaaaa

Chris  Ursun>
did u mean to write GOOD people?  ;)
u & yr "fannies" are ridiculous , because u can buy a match ticket that makes u what....? nothing & no-one special!. that yr buddy susan insulted me, is typical because u cant argue u can only repeat what others tell u, sky, s*n , explyers, pundits... u dont like to when someone isnt impressed by yr "beauty" and actually has an opinion based onb experience.. Ive seen your sort of groups too many times on the net, theres 7 million Lfc "fans" on the net and I have several groups that dont insult each other, players or our manager by repeating BS rumours, u cant even explain "why" i am the "worst fan" well one thing i can tell u, is that I am NOY a "fan(nie)" I am a SUPPORTers = look it up in the dictionary.,..because you are NOT!

Chris  Ursun >
‎"lets bring the atmosphere back to Anfield" - just checking the name of the group? so do the ppl here think posting any rumour (especially rumours that potentially "hurt us" ) makes for a positive or a negative "atmosphere" ? hope this group doesnt go the way of so many others.... just another place for posting any old sh*te!???

Chris football is about dicussion this group is well and truly fine thanks.....

Chris Ursun > this group has a theme? didnt u notice? or is also BS! ?
Jenna Darwin > Chris if you don't like what people say don't comment simple!!

Brett Ynwa Whiteman Er hello mrs! Whats wrong with an opinion! K whats he dun wi them? Bar come the end of a season? Keep them up! No way no how.

Jenna Darwin > Who said there was anything wrong with an opinion brett? I just think comparing Hodgson and Martinez is hilarious

Chris Ursun > NO not simple this group has a theme ; the "atmosphere" ; IMO one of the reasons its bad at Anfield because its full of "fannies" and too much of the internet is full of BS! negative rumours, and insulting players & managers, makes a negative "atmosphere", probably cost us Rafa 2 years ago, ...could cost us if this is the mentality here, u can keep it, ive seen this BS too many times to waste again bye!

Martin Skrtel wants transfer to a Champions League clubfrustrated at Liverpool lack of progress
Fan-favourite defender is said to be frustrated at the club's lack of progress despite splashing out over £100m on new faces since the start of last year

ChriS> BS! scum journos stirring the sh*te!

Jan Hughes-Snr > Hope it's BS, cos if it isn't it's not good 4 the club!!! =(

Chris>  oh please, dont "bite" at every article (check if there is an ACTUAL quote from the player!! ) / please! its boring , every so often the journos dig up some "story" with NO foundation..and if u bite they continue doing it, mate!

Jan Hughes-Snr> I do realise that, just posting wot I've seen and wanting 2 know wot fans opinions r!! I'm not totally believing it either......we'll just have 2 wait and see if Skrtel makes any statement in defence of wot the rumours r.

Chris >Jan, IMO, it spreads the BS when WE repeat the lies, discusiing invented articles like this only HELPS spread rumours which are no good to our club, if this groups wants to improve the "atmosphere" then we should be "identifying" true articles, any journo can "invent" a story...if it was "true" then they would be able to quote an actual comment, but its nothing more than blatant sh*te - stirring..if u buy into that by either the s*n or mirror then its helping our enemies..IMO!

ChriS> "ah the obsessive (J-derailed) one, thats about 20 posts on MY blog, ??? still reckon you are'nt stalking me? ..
 Its amusing, and u give me someone to vent my spleen over. U post some "comments" on various blogs, and yet rarely come up with anything of your own, no original solutions , I am minndful of the scumedia journos/"reporters" who when interviewing Kenny, pretend to be "friendly" but are just trying to provoke him into giving them something they can use against him or Lfc, Your "pokes with sticks" adding another insult or calling me names, are really pathetic, banal  and childish methods, and simply dont work..  so try to get a job with the mirror or S+N tabloids, you have the "qualifications" ...because U really are boring! bye bye! ;)"


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  4. winning the treble next season!
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  6. Team @ Swans Aaway
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      • REdNeT To NESV/FSG t/a Lfc to "whom it may concern"

        formal claim according to international (natural) law.

        PLEASE avoid further insult to fellow supporters & myself by ignoring our valid concerns ;
        ...Lees verder

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"not sweet FA" & the scumedia

I have frequently attempted to wake the people up to the immoral, incorrect, corrupt, weak & biased "media" and the "DisCRIMInation
"sold" to the masses, the Football association following the UK govt.s anti-Liverpool bias from the time of Thatchers liars through to this season and the "Suarez affair"  ..more @

Kenny & Rafa 

I make NO apologies for my defence of these 2 men ; Rafa, who gave me legendary memories all over Europe;  in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Itanbul, Milan  & even Athens when 50,000 + of us followed his REdS team to our last EuropeanCUP of Champions (League) final, and the word "legend" is used too often but surely applies to Kenny Dalglish; who deserves every bit of support that a man could get and does get from TRUE REdS ...

What He did on the field and, especially, without obligation, off the field post-Hillsborough for the people who support Liverpool & the people of Liverpool community cannot be repaid...

Rafa, who gave us, despite being weighed down by the restrictions G & H put on him, and his wife; Montse who has served & continues to serve the community of Liverpool; deserve Y-OUR RESPECT...more than resepct, but "fannies" dont even grasp the meaning...

My own wish would be that Kenny invites Rafa to join the backroom team with Kenny, Rudolfo, Steve & Mike Marsh, forming the strongest management team in the world ; a radical idea I would test would be for Kenny to manage the "first team" & the priority of League games, yet hand the european campaign to Rafa.

so many Lfc "fans" dont realise what a big job managing at this club is.. its not just going on a video game & selecting the players that are "rated best"/.//. 

 theres the "modern (millionaire) players, their agents & hangers on,  to deal with, the media - who always want to dig at us, theres OUR "expectations" based on history thats incomparable with other clubs..a global entity with several million fans worldwide..then theres Hillsborough etc and our LIverpool ways to understand, not least the "politics" internal & external, foreign "owners" etc etc .. 

It was far too big for fool hodgson, or a nice guy like Evans, It gave Houllier & Souness heart attacks, it took a strong man like Kenny to the edge 20 years ago.

No apologies from me to state that I love Dalglish .I love Kenny andd Rafa for what he stood for, and his relation to us, the great times &  mentality, Rafa was also sick from stress during the time he defended our club against backstabbers, purslow & G & H and the rabid media etc,etc,

so when "you out there" decide to 'pick" a new manager (which for me is insulting a man who is more than legend) just calculate all the qualities that "man" must have,,

then  think again!  . and again!


In Kenny I TRUST!
(& Rafa)

The Club and its Global Supporters

WE who love this TEAM , the club called Lfc, (never mind the corprate body that "administers" it, the board & office, )must fight those in or outside of our club..who bring the worst aspects of the NWO commercialism & lack of empathy into our lives..there are many , like myself who probably could have bought a luxury lifestyle (and a couple of houses) with the money spent on supporting OUR team and being part of Shanks ' Holy Trinity..must ensure it survives into the future.. there are several million "registered fans" on the global Net. WE should make them into SUPPORters, not "fannies"
Hey FSG, and "fannies" = read the words!

The "rest of the World" in revolt?

I see on the net, the words and sayings of Che, Ghandi, I hear from americans who start to question the "New World Order" and expose the lies told them ...I even read people repeating the contents of my own "raving lunatic" Sclogs...!  Is It too late, with so much WASTE, corruption and polution ruining this planet...?

Its really in your hands>>>>

end of season pics..& memories

what Next (local & Global )

To NESV/FSG t/a Lfc to "whom it may concern" 

formal claim according to international (natural) law. 

PLEASE avoid further insult to fellow supporters & myself by ignoring our 
valid concerns ; 

The claim shall be sent to the registered office of Lfc and to FSG/NESV in 
the USA, I require the NAME of the "in house solicitor" or legal firm 
representing the corporate body. 

"I have observed and experienced the loss of my blood family, through 
inhuman violations, & atrocities through deterioration in humanity & lack 
of social justice in my home community, country and worldwide, due to the 
unethical "New World Order" and its monetary greed & military bullies. 

I wont allow it to destroy the best aspects of Liverpool Football club & 
that which we called our "Holy trinity" 

From the time Shanks resigned, through S. Cohen falsely represented 
international suopporters, the LiverBird in BLUE on our players shirts, 
through to the absence of Henry-Werner at the Hillsboorough memorial I have 
seen the negative effect over the Years on OUR club, 

WE intend to take it back. The Liverbird is OUR symbol, we shall fight to 
protect our unique image from those who would make us a pure "commercial" 
entity. You underestimate us, again." 

If you ignore this last request, the claim shall be made public. 

"WE are LIVERPOOL, WE are the CLUB" 



Fenway Sports Group, (previously New England Sports Ventures) ;
All & any companies, firms &/or corporate bodies & individuals 
presenting themselves or acting as representatives or officials or
trading in the name of
"LIVERPOOL Football Club or Liverpool F.C or FC Liverpool" (hereafter known as "LFC")
including their Directors, Managers, consultants, officers, and Bankers
and any other relevant individual therafter identiified by the court hearing this claim


That various forms of fraud have been committed, and evidence shall be produced of;

- Discrimination, bigotry & prejudice against individuals and/or groups.
- Mis-use of funds provided by the Plaintiffs.
- Fiduciary anomalies.
- Corporate misconduct.
- Conspiracy to defraud members of "LFC"

Plaintiffs statement

We, the Members & Supporters body, within the several million "known" fans of "Liverpool Football Team"  commonly identified as "Lfc" who wear the legendary "Liver Bird" Symbol of the LIVERPOOL community, join with the people of Liverpool. The community & people of Liverpool, and all those who associate with what once was called the "holy trinity" seek an injunction to stop the damages done by the above to the "entity" affecting our daily lives. For obvious reasons we shall not list the names of the people damaged, not least for pragmatic reasons and also due to bias & violations against members who have dared to oppose the guilty parties until now. Those damaged persons shall be know at the time of a FAIR & IMPARTIAL international law court hearing.

for the people


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  1. Dalglish, whose legendary achievements include just about everything in football on & off the field "reporting" to Henry-Werner
    is about as ridiculous as an Orchestra Maestro reporting to a schoolkid learning to play the recoorder...