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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

maureens cheating chelski , and wrong tactics

to re-write the old kopite song..

"Diego Costa is a nasty clown

Hazard always falling down
(just like drogba)

(this is) ....maureens chelski"

f.s.g gave us a novice compared with Maureen,


Jose is a nasty piece of work, but he wins games, Brent plays the media and seems the nice guy but hasnt the experience of someone like Rafa, to out think maureens disruptive tactics..

Maureen turned on the "drama switch " at half time for the TV cameras and the rentblues fans to soak up.. Hazard falls down at every touch, and got no less than 4 Lfc players booked and makes Drogba (notably once again a chelski thug)  look like a "fair" player, 

Nasty Ugly Diego stamped on Can and Skrtel, (and late on even had a go at Stevie with another dirty foul..) shouldnt have been on the field,but the REf rarely saw the "dirty tricks" of Maureens team, like their plastic fans , the chelski horde are just plain "nasty" ..cheating chavs and reflect Joses mentality ...

After a first half when the REdS looked capable of winning through,,,, Jose obviously told his blue mercenaries to disrupt the Liverpool players, causing upset to the rythum of the REdS. its nasty but its Maureen, the drama queen who will win at all costs,,.,

Brents naivety ..again!

BR is only a "coach" gets "done" time and again by more experienced managers like Jose, Fergy Wenger, Van Gaal,  only Rafa was able to overcome anyione and dumped Jose s rentblues out of 3 semis...

to put on Balo when we need a fighting unit was SO WRONG, Marko wasnt effective, so play someone like Ibe, or Lallana, and keep the energy levels high, even Stevie called Balo on it, his positional sense is low, he gives away possesion and shooting is aweful 

..Balo is NOT a "Team player" and WE NEEDED a team last night,,,Balo s loose pass also led to their winnign goal when tired legs need  everyone to play their party,,,,and is "schoolboy tactics" to throw on another (average) forward player like Lambert, ... I would buy a ticket to "an audience with Rafa" for BR! ...r(b)odgers selections, tactics and substitutes are so naive,,,

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Monday, January 26, 2015

ReDNet update .. decisions... I dont want to go to chelski..again :) its Maureen v Brent - BUT, Can Stevie save us....again..?

ReDNet update .. 

 decisions... I dont want to go to chelski..again

,  its  Maureen v Brent, BUT   - Can Stevie save us....again..?  it   may be an error to play a weakened side in the  FA cup with favs going out,  their goalie did well, but our passing got a bit too intricate, and some half chances missed..
Friend (ref) again missed 2 pen / free kick / red card advantages for us,,,,, 
so a replay at Bolton ... another game that I hope Stevie  plays in.. as we have a chance of this trophy too..
after our draw at home what will be the FA draw..???
with Maureens cheating rentboys being beaten at home by Bradford. ... 

they obviously ALSO failed to gave the FA cup its respect

...a mistake for the REdS, but Maureen may feel his priorities of League and Europe are most important, despite hsi usual "propaganda" and cheating tactics...
we must hope the REF at the Bridge will be better than friend or atkinson or WEBB.. who all  have "missed" important decisions for the REdS... 

and it has happened FAR TOO many times at the bridge, like Old Trafford that THEY get the vital decisions...

Raheem and Coutinho need to be sharper than v Bolton..

and SUPPORT our RED Nose initiatives ..please at CSers15Dan2 link

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Monday, January 19, 2015

REdNET UPdated 150119 "twaT on the bus from Vanilla"...Maureens rent blues next......

REdNET UPdated 150119  

"twaT on the bus from Vanilla"...Maureens rent blues next

A funny connection between the league game at (soft) V(an)illa saturday and the first semi of the league up
v Chelski, and hopefully Stevie will be back to help the first part of dumping Maureen out of the cup (again)

I hope Lfc fans dont act like chelskis rent blue
Memories V rentBlues ..OUR KID, as was!
Because as we have seen in the last 2 games the team seems to go off the boil in the 2nd half
 (at Sunderland after SG left the field, v 10 men!!  and at Aston too, when it seemed th lads were saving themselves for Tuesday nights game v the rent-blues..

There was on old supporters song, sung about the FA cup winning run of 65 which started with the verse "TWAS on the bus from Villa Park,
I heard me mate make this remark..we beat poor chelsea, made them ill, its Liverpool 2 and chelsea nil, and well all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup"

swansea gave maureens team an easy ride with 0-5 and Villa, apart from an early charge and shots straight at him, hardly tested Mignolet

there were a few clear chances, and although Moreno had a goal early on ruled offside, Borini got the first, and had the most opportunities to increase the score, Raheem looked like he was still on his "hols" (fluffed a decent one on onechance) and a fit Studge probably woudlk have scored a hat-trick, its still hard on the eyes, losing Luis and Studge
seeing Borini, Lambert and Balo, instead!

I still would prefer to play and extra midfielder or winger (like Ibe) and get the lads from midfield into the box,

its also harder to defend against than a less than "top" target man.. If SG is fit then, its easy for me, Borini out and Stevie in with him, Raheem, Coutinho and Marko with licence to go forward, full on.

Skrtel was sound again, Coutinho, his usual talented game, on the ball and passing though he still could improve his shooting,,
Mign. was better, but still his distribution is slow and erratic, Sakho and Moreno make our left look less than strong defensively although Moreno is playing further forward, I havent yet seen him cut out a cross...Can is good on the ball,
but, for a big lad, needs to improve his heading, Lucas, is getting better with every game, (a rare shot, and made their keeper bring out the best save of the game..!)  if he can do that in  the semis and keep covering the defence, we could sneak through the semis and progess through the FA cup against Bolton too..

REdNet Bootroom.. (can find any intelligent contribution see below

some memories...

Steven Gerrard. is unavailable for inclusion Raheem makes an immediate comeback to the XI following his brief break from duty, in the only alteration from the side that started the victory at the Stadium of Light.

Meanwhile, Jordon Ibe is named among the substitutes for the Barclays Premier League encounter at Villa Park, having been recalled from his loan spell with Derby County on Thursday.
Liverpool XI: Mignolet, Skrtel, Can, Sakho, Markovic, Moreno, Lucas, Henderson, Sterling, Coutinho, Borini.

Substitutes: Ward, Enrique, Lambert, Manquillo, Lallana, Ibe, Williams.

"I think in the second half of the season we can go a long way and achieve a lot," the 20-year-old explained to Liverpoolfc.(CON!) at Melwood ahead of the tie.(Game not tie)
"It's very important to have confidence and belief. I've got that in the club and the players, for sure. [It is down to] hard work and a bit of luck.
"But I think it's more the hard work. We have got to know each other a lot more and have clicked quite well. We'll get better and better."

Though Markovic's focus will be consumed by the challenge today, a hectic week of cup football awaits Liverpool following the final whistle at Villa Park.
A two-legged Capital One Cup semi-final with Chelsea begins on Tuesday evening, while an FA Cup fourth round encounter at home to Bolton Wanderers lies in between.
"I like it," insisted Markovic, who could make his 20th appearance for the Reds later. "Every month is so busy and I'm really looking forward to all of the matches coming up."


I have, from time to time, added non footy comment or content ...and,,,

Your sYstem...
this is "banned" by google .... as ... the truth is obvously offensive to the sheeple and their leaders,,:-) , 

 "thats all" ,,, 

.....  i am building a lifeboat, because there isnt enough good people to make it worth an ark? some pics....

... the cabin I left to come here is similar to the place i stay in , lifes circle...

the "fairy reminds me how "commercial" this season is...ha ha 

the "truce" reminds me how people can forget their differences and play footy in the middle of war, then how stupid the sheeple are to let leaders send them back to kill each other when the truer enemy are the leaders that send them to war , how many wars would there be IF the leaders had to be the first to charge the enemy lines??

Stevie, because talent is rare in a world of sheep and y an kers and fan nies, and fee - males ..

my "poem of the day" 

*There are names that I remember..

faces that are familar..
^ I feel not so strange
when i came to podgorica,
and made a change,
its new and yet I know it...

....A celts story somewhere here
healing my damaged ego
at a friendly caffe
in Montenegro

and...."pay it forward " how you should be .
 if they let U, dont be scared of them , their weakness IS their power, 
and the next time  

THEY HACK MY LAPTOP a dirty BIG VIRUS will wipe our their System!! 

...test me if YOU dare .. go spy on each other and leave people alone u perverted little spies.. grin

follow up

Broken Dream (Python Lee Jackson)

Now2balien 2

pay forward......

"Not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy", with experience....ha ha

I am not Jesus, Ghandi, or a messiah,

just a "naughty boy" who aims higher,
that any of you, who do not know
that to see all, means i have to go..

on holidays I hear the sounds of "family"

of someone elses "reality"
..all feels so distant to me,
so, I imagine that pain of Stevie.

they are all gone, girlfriends

my kids, Dad, Mum, sis & Jacqui,
I cant find a "sub" you see...?

too many fee males and "fan nies"

no one wants to take my guidance,
difficult to even meet a lass
who will jive - dance!

.... So, it must be time to 

leave this planet
now the "borg" infected the internet
this heart too young, 
(and the sheeple dont feel that)
my spirit for them too strong..

women dont (want to) know 

what they are missing..
so I dont expect more kissing..
sometimes they seem like cats
constantly hissing..

this was once my world,

but you all spoilt it
you fouled this beautiful globe
dumped your sh*te
and made it unfit..

IS there heaven?

this should be here
but I shall make it clear
I have to mention
it will be, in my dimension!



Stevie leaving.. I dont feel like i want to support the "new world order Lfc" 
after this season.. the club I fell in love with as a bairn when I just knew they played in RED and Shanks was our "messiah" ....has gone..replaced by y ankers & fan nies, tourists and mercenaries and a "coach made for the media" 50 years married and its ending ..

Torres back to Atletico ... too" (the "Torres song"...was based on the "Villa park" song I refer to above,BTW!)


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RedNet Updated... (post sunderland 0 Lfc 1) the Gerrard show , cut in half!!!

sund 0 Liverpool 1
Stevie was everywhere in the first half,... "old" ___???? 

..dont make me laugh  

he has more energy than the kids...... 

Team played well but should have been 2 or 3 goals ahead before half time,
referee and linesmen were terrible, 

Marko was better, and took his goal well. but deserved a pen in thefirst minutes,which the biased ( or blind?) ref ignored..

BR mistakenly took SG off at H-T for Lovren, 

that gave more impetus to the homers...

and sunderland pushed harder in the 2nd half when Stevie was no longer dominating the game

(a touch map at H-T showed Gerrard was everywhere, exactly as I like him to play , free..

his free kick was perfect and sunderlands goalie did well to stop Stevie scoring again

2 other shots were close, he got into the positions to cause damage to Sund. 

Coutinho again looked on form, apart from a ridiculous yellow, Hendo also put himself about,
just lack the extra class.  enjoyable to watch first half, 2nd half nervous as 1 goal against meant we could have dropped the points to a late scramble from the homers.. (dont like this report but...that yr media!!) nice to see SG at the tunnel congratulating the time, he just must NOT leave (see link

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LIFE without Zan kers and fan nies ? ;)