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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RedNet Updated... (post sunderland 0 Lfc 1) the Gerrard show , cut in half!!!

sund 0 Liverpool 1
Stevie was everywhere in the first half,... "old" ___???? 

..dont make me laugh  

he has more energy than the kids...... 

Team played well but should have been 2 or 3 goals ahead before half time,
referee and linesmen were terrible, 

Marko was better, and took his goal well. but deserved a pen in thefirst minutes,which the biased ( or blind?) ref ignored..

BR mistakenly took SG off at H-T for Lovren, 

that gave more impetus to the homers...

and sunderland pushed harder in the 2nd half when Stevie was no longer dominating the game

(a touch map at H-T showed Gerrard was everywhere, exactly as I like him to play , free..

his free kick was perfect and sunderlands goalie did well to stop Stevie scoring again

2 other shots were close, he got into the positions to cause damage to Sund. 

Coutinho again looked on form, apart from a ridiculous yellow, Hendo also put himself about,
just lack the extra class.  enjoyable to watch first half, 2nd half nervous as 1 goal against meant we could have dropped the points to a late scramble from the homers.. (dont like this report but...that yr media!!) nice to see SG at the tunnel congratulating the time, he just must NOT leave (see link

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LIFE without Zan kers and fan nies ? ;) 

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