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Monday, January 26, 2015

ReDNet update .. decisions... I dont want to go to chelski..again :) its Maureen v Brent - BUT, Can Stevie save us....again..?

ReDNet update .. 

 decisions... I dont want to go to chelski..again

,  its  Maureen v Brent, BUT   - Can Stevie save us....again..?  it   may be an error to play a weakened side in the  FA cup with favs going out,  their goalie did well, but our passing got a bit too intricate, and some half chances missed..
Friend (ref) again missed 2 pen / free kick / red card advantages for us,,,,, 
so a replay at Bolton ... another game that I hope Stevie  plays in.. as we have a chance of this trophy too..
after our draw at home what will be the FA draw..???
with Maureens cheating rentboys being beaten at home by Bradford. ... 

they obviously ALSO failed to gave the FA cup its respect

...a mistake for the REdS, but Maureen may feel his priorities of League and Europe are most important, despite hsi usual "propaganda" and cheating tactics...
we must hope the REF at the Bridge will be better than friend or atkinson or WEBB.. who all  have "missed" important decisions for the REdS... 

and it has happened FAR TOO many times at the bridge, like Old Trafford that THEY get the vital decisions...

Raheem and Coutinho need to be sharper than v Bolton..

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