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Thursday, January 8, 2015

its not the FA Cup, its a Henry F*** up! and an Insult to Stevie and OUR SUPPORT

=====SCLOG .....campaign v henry & f s g (cont)
f.s.g. did nt...

its not the FA Cup, its a Henry F*** up! and an Insult to Stevie and OUR SUPPORT

To many "excuses" .. the Chang (f s g employee who threatened fans) incident, the absence of Henry from memorials (until he was "reminded")
 removal of Kenny (mid contract) ignoring (unemployed) Rafa , who was living in Liverpool...
(also forced out mid-contract) 
....the fan nies who think thaT player has to be a virtual teenie to play in the Premiereship..helped the PREVIOUS frauds G & H ..!
they talk about "betrayal" but Danny Agger was Loyal, and what did they do? They even done a deal with Napoli over Pepe (10 times
better than the "young Mignolet") without discussing it with a player who loved our club and who was a great defender and
the best goalie-distributor I have ever seen (he was part of the TEam!)

There is no proof that Henry & F S G made the payment in cash for "aquisition" of the business called "Lfc"
they even wanted to "patent" OUR LIVERBIRD... (the symbol of OUR people!) we made the club through our special
support, prompted by the holy trinity that Shanks created, damaged by Moores and Parry and destroyed by a disaster chaim..
through G & H, Hodgson, to f s g  and their dismal "committee" who have failed to sign ONE "first team regular" out of
arounf THIRTY SIGNINGS!!! since Henry & co..  "INFESTED" in Lfc...

I am not interested in our current results, the departure of Steven Gerrard is BIGGER than anything ,      yes, 

there ARE times, when ONE is bigger than the club, especially when OUR CLUB is run (into the ground)

by SMALL minded mentality...

you should read this ... (if your attention span is more than 10 seconds!)

REdNET bootroom Opinion

Wayne > ye not to shabby m8, recovering from the festivities that seem never ending lol  
3 January 


REdNET: Steven is leaving , its time for me too, cant support "them" anymore (By REdNET)

5 January 
Keith Bishop > Liverpool don't want supporters that only support a particular player!

CS> the question is who is "Liverpool" ..WE are LIVERPOOL, not you, and yr limited opinion (as u didnt even read the comments
properly) WE are the club, and perhaps we dont want YOU!

Kenneth Geraghty > dont think he means it keith just think the guy is hurting over stevie

Keith Bishop >Think it's taking it too far, we're all suffering, but some of us just realise it's best for the club! 
Carragher could have gone on for another year, but didn't want to be on the bench and retired, 
Gerrard couldn't do that, so let him go, he deserves our support in what he does now! 
Fans need to realise this was Gerrard's plan to leave, the club didn't push him out!

CS> WE are the club, and we would have given SG a new contract (who, btw just scored 4 goals in 2 matches!) and..
with respect to Carra, he isnt Stevie G!!! ..and the club may not have forced him out , but they didnt do much to keep him,
did they????

Harvey > they didnt do enough to keep him... he shd have been offered a contract last summer, our club captain, a legend, was left hanging...f s g dont have the loyalty that they expect from fa-cup-a-review-of...
Gerrard leads from the front

A review of Mondays FA Cup third-round action as Liverpool beat AFC Wimbledon, 

Harvey > Keith & Kenneth the writer ("REdNET" if u read it through) stood on the Kop in Shanks days, has seen it all, 
supported Lfc in wind and rain, at home, domestic and european aways .. in good and bad times, 
like most of us who give so much to this club, seen Shanks, Joe, and good men Like Rafa, Kenny , Rudolfo , Pepe, Agger,
 leave, and when Stevie who rarely says anything , admis that had he been given a summer contract he would have stayed, 
again proved his value monday night (and embarassed BR)
... fans need to wake up and stand up (again( as we did v G ^ H!!! ???   

Andy Joe Smyth>
Liverpool football club caught out in lies.
The club is not the same.
I will be stopping my support for this club after Stevie Gerrard leaves.
 And wont support the club again until that wanker Rogers fucks off.
40 years a red. But the way the club is going is a disgrace and I can't understand the thinking.

Tanveer> He is not a gerrard supporter Jake, he started supporting even before gerrard was born. 
When supporters like these loose trust, there is definitely something very wrong going on with the club

Stephen Evans >You don't just stop supporting a team cos a player leaves Andy.
don't get me wrong I love Gerrard but what doesn't he get he's played 19 started 17 an bin a sub twice he plays all the time.
hes just spat his dummy out big time.
i mean the club may have other things to worry about 
an has he ever thought that cos he is so called Mr Liverpool they didn't think he would p@ss off.
He should have just signed an stayed an got over it an put your dummy back in.
An what makes him think he can play there the with heat the travelling the different climates time zones?

Jake Cox (!)> but "supporting" a club means though thick and thin

Jonathan Hartnett > True mate. Andy we don't need your support.
Tanveer > No one is complaining about loosing , if you mean thin by it . The way the club is acting. 
Seems like people running the club don't really care about the fan's anymore

David Ynwa Tinsley > well bye bye then plastic

Andy > @Luke Molyneux at least spell my name right.To say I'm not a true supporter. That is your opinion, and your entitled to that.
    But one that I am is true to myself. And Steven Gerrard gave his all and turned down several big Clubs to stay at Liverpool.
    And this is how he gets treated.
    I think he has every right to make the fans clear that the club isn't being run to the way it should be.
    Liverpool football Club has being built on honor and integrity.
    and with the most understanding and loyal fans in the world. This situation should have been dealt with better.
    But Rogers has no class. And since he has come in the club has made too many bad decisions wrong and bought too many players that would never suit our style of play.
    And to say I'm not a true fan you are a disgrace your only a pup.
    I have had a season ticket for too many years to be called that.
Bernie Maginn > Off you pop back to Woodison then.
Andy > Clearly there's alot of chavs on here that would need more schooling. David Ynwa Tinsley (Prick).
David Ynwa Tinsley> Gerrard hasnt been treated bad...hes not been forced out...
hes going for more games than any top clubs can offer to a league thats easier on his fitness so he can play longer......
ur just a plastic fan....liverpool is bigger than one player idiot
no real fan says "oh im not supporting them no more" is for life no matter the ups and downs

Andy Gill > Less of the plastic fans etc ppl. Everyones entitled to their opinion and fans are hurting
....As for lfc. If we were in the conferance league id still support. A true fan will stick with their club no matter what.ynwa

Ricky Lfc Hall ? Love SG, but love Liverpool more....

Luke Molyneux > Andy Joe Smyth u sure u nt been on drugs 
just cz gerrard is leaveing dnt meen u should stop suporting n bad name chavs is nt good either 
yep am a chav but got 2kids n do good job just cz I am a chav dnt make me scum uno

David Ynwa Tinsley > Andy Gill ur last part is basically calling him plastic haha

Nigel Watts > No need to call a fellow fan names or plastic fan .
 He's obviously feels let down by the club I feel the same I will show my support for LFC for the rest of my life 
but everyone deals with it in different ways I've always had Gerrard on the back of my shirt and will do so 
Wether he's there or not

Stephen Evans > Would you rather we had raffa style of play defensive not arsed about the league but more for Europe.
An we lost alonso because of benitez i mean barry for him f#ckin joke that you forgetting that
 plus the partnership he had with stevie G we lost alonso cos of him. 
Rogers plays attacking football.An there playing with the 2 best strikers as in partnership in Europe 
suddenly taken away an not there or one gone an one injured what team wouldn't miss that every team FACT!
....If he wants to leave let him the club moves on Liverpool have missed saurez a lot more than they will miss stevie g.

Ricky Lfc Hall > Wonder if the Chelsea fans acted like this when frank lampard left????

Andy > David Ynwa Tinsley would you like to say that to my face lad.

David Ynwa Tinsley>  Nigel Watts nothing wrong with calling him plastic if thats what he is
....and saying he wont support liverpool no more just cos hes a little down about things....thats a plastic fan

Andy Gill>  I despise the plastic crap David m8. Other clubs fans not a problem

Nigel Watts >Could we have Raffa s defence

David Ynwa Tinsley> if u like

Michael Spike Moohan>  I remember in the 70's and I mean the late 70's going to watch my 1st Liverpool game against Middlesbrough 
and then going to watch rush Barnes and so on and was called a glory hunter. 
It hurts more now and not because we've not won the league, because of last year. 
The hope it gave us all I could not wait for the next game, 
we did not win a fucking thing last year NOTHING but i was in 7th heaven because we were fantastic, 
we were entertaining every game. Now look at us arguing over stevie G, it's Liverpool football club what counts. YNWA Redmen.

Tanveer > Seems expressing frustration makes a fan plastic. 
Seems too many people are just waiting for an opportunity to jump on other fans, 
call plastic, moron etc etc. what are you guys trying to prove people , that you are better fans? 
Is there a ballon di Or for fans ?

David Ynwa Tinsley > well Andy Gill your comment was basically calling plastic just not using the word...hes not a true fan
 Tanveer Ibn Haresh no one wants to call ppl plastic but when you see idiots like andy acting exactly like a plastic fan
...well you just have to tell them

Andy Gill> I still didnt use the plastic shite David. Too easy to say but always wrong. The man is letting off steam and fair play to him to express his feelings i say..
Kiss MY ....

Stephen Evans > An stevie get will get a wake up call when he moves.
some game for Liverpool toy can see he struggles but in America he will have pure heat conditions then freezing in other parts
 plus climate change travelling time zones that's how some English players struggle.
so for the sake of leaving the way he is to me is stupid 
he would get more respect if he did what carra did an stuck it it out whether he plays the odd less game so what.

Tanveer>  No you don't. You just need to say, calm down mate. I know how it feels. 
Have a beer and cheers. Hopefully things will turn around. Thats how you support your fellow reds.
 You don't say, we don't need you and stuff.

Andy > Until Rogers is sacked or he resigns. I will withdraw my support.
    I believe he has showed our club in a bad light. And has made us look weak and we are losing are true identity.
    just look how he managed the club against Real Madrid.
    Would a more experienced manager lay down like that.
    He made the club look small. And Benched our Best player.
    Yes Best Player. Steven Gerrard.
    some of you have no respect.

CS>its Henry & f s g at the root of it all , BRent is just their employee,hes a coach,not a manager

Jake Cox (!)> oh go away

David Ynwa Tinsley > Tanveer Ibn Haresh Andy Gill id just rather be honest with him and tell him what he is

Jake Cox >  go join a gerrard group

Andy > And I will be seeing you soon.
 Testi di cazzo
 Just wonder will you be all mouth then.
    You're nothing more than a waster.
    I've no time for little gabshites like you.

Jake Cox > will i be all mouth when?

Tanveer> @david That's your choice mate. Respect people , others will respect you.

Stephen Evans > Do you know if they had won the league last season would you still be saying what you are about Rogers
 or is that after you had celebrated for months danced on tables got Pissed.
People need to realise I think that to suddenly lose saurez an sturidge together would destroy any team 
an to replace that is not easy.
stevie g is not the player he was an to spit your dummy out cos he got told he wasn't going to play every game 
that means it's about him not the team.
Ask him would he rather play every game now till he packs in and win nothink 
or play a lot an miss the odd game but win some isn't all about him.

 Andrew Regan > Its not about a player, its about a club, no player will never be bigger than the club

Jake Cox > Andy Joe Smyth if you're going to insult someone then do it in a language they understand

Andy Gill > Ah lads...

Tanveer > I can't separate gerrard from Liverpool. No player is greater than a club might apply for every other player, 
but Gerrard is as big as liverpool, he is liverpool

Jake Cox > but he's not... we will still be liverpool when he leaves

Andrew Regan > Yes its sad to see Stevie leave, but we move on, we r Liverpool

Peter Whittaker > Rush,Aldridge,Keegan,Souness they all moved on,we replaced them,sad to see Stevie go.
but the club/fans move will ever be as good as Stevie,same as Luis,cos we all compare their replacements...

Andy >  I'm giving my opinion on a situation at the club I have supported for over 40 years.
 And all some people can do his act all hard and mouth off.
    You don't even know me.
    I thought this was a forum so Liverpool fans can give their opinion.
    Not slag each other off.
    Real Liverpool fans don't

    You're a Cox.
    Andy Gill > Now your out of order Andy. Keep it lfc related and less of the threats m8..
    Peter Whittaker>  ffs guys.a constructive chat is ok,but the last few comments are out of order
...Stop the in fighting..we got months before he goes.make the most of what time we got...
Andy >I did keep it Liverpool.
    I wasn't making any threats to anyone. If you notice I was being called plastic fan, because of my opinion.
    the two people in question have no right in calling other fans plastic....

steven-is-leaving... Stevie says he would have stayed IF f s g had shown him respect with a contract last summer... (remember he almost left in 05 when Parry didnt "appreciate" Stevie...)
REdNET: Steven is leaving , its time for me too, cant support "them" anymore

REdNET>  Lfc didnt do enough to keep him... 
he shd have been offered a contract last summer, our club captain, a legend, was left hanging
...f s g dont have the loyalty that they expect from players.

Andy Gill > Andy ..Your entitled to your opinion and i agree with what your saying and alot feels the same regarding gerrard but others will think its time to let him go. Its a no win situation imo but the club will always come first.

Harvey> Andy , the "club" is ours, and its time for people to stand up , again, because its going wrong..

 its apathy ... too many things , the way Kenny was renoved half way through contract, the deal with Pepe, Agger, loyalty shown, but they expect players to be loyal to a boardroom that dont even know footy 
... Stevie is a rare entity .. cant just say the club is bigger, because , sometimes... "it" is NOT!

...when "its managers" are SMALL!

HE would be fighting f s g now, too!

seasons greetings, (pt2) ...
the fan nies (in blue) can ...
local and global..

more at..

come on YOU REDS !!!  ha ha...

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