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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the FEcking Bored room at Lfc ..

 the FEcking Bored room at Lfc ..  

It would be easy to put all the blame on Brenda n , but now so many of the fan nies are turning against him, its time to show where the problems lie... wasting most of about 200 million since
f s g became the "infestors" at Lfc ... the boardroom... controlled by the mentality that gives BR 3 seasons, but didnt give OUR Kenny a complete season of his 3 year contract..

The people that broke Rafas contract, and chose,,,,Hodgson!! ...and the board ignored Rafa and sacked Kenny 
(both of whom are trophy winners) and chose a novice, who is exposed when up against the likes of Maureen.
last season was great footy to watch, but unlikey to win the leagues, now that Luis has gone..and Studge is doubtful.

The Supporters missed the chance back in 2007 before G & H, and Ayre did nothing to help our cause when we forced them out, replacing them with another bunch of cheating hedge-funding y(b)ankers. Before him Parry wasnt much better, neither was Moores who sold out to G & H..without checking out who they were???

2 of the events that damaged our club in the eighties Heysell & Hillsborough could have been averted.
It was clear before the 85 final v Juve that the brussels stadiu, wasnt safe and the ticketing arrangements suspect.
At the time we had won 4 of the 8 previous finals (the others being won by brit clubs!) we had the power to refuse.
Police and stadium chiefs went to jail, and our clube got heavy european ban (Juve didnt) at our time of domination.
Kennys great teams between 86/90 could have arguably won at least 2 more Champions cups.
In 1989 our support was double that of Forrest. We should have objected to the leppings Lane decision. The FA,
the conservative govt. and the Sth Yorkshire police , especially have the blood of our Red family on their hands,

Lfc (apart from Kenny) failed to come out strongly against the FA, the media and police, why didnt the board SUE
those responsible, why didnt they officially back HJC, until recently? I love my club, its the one thuings that I always had in my life, relationships, career, location, changes, people come and go, but the Reds were always in my life..

BUT, now, when its so clear, even to the most idiotic that there is something wrong, fans need to wak up and take action, there is over 30 million registered fans on the net. being ripped off, its not diffciultto manage a business with 30 million "tame customers" , selling 3 kits every season, american sponsors, who profit from our
numbers, TV revenue, advance (*increasing) ticket sales, that means you have to be afluent to get to a game.

its all about money...going in to their pockets..and what decision they make, on players, in these 3 years f,s,g have acquired something like 30 players, with arguably only Coutinho being a consistent first teamer (thats if Brent dont keep subbing him for his "pet " Allen, or Ritcher.. his "plan d"...!) Studge is now questionable becauseof the injuries, otherwise he would be the "other success"...

Several changes in the summer, disturbed a team that came close to the league trophy, when albeit the compeition was weak
(and IMO, still is..) the intelligent thing should have been to acquire 2 or 3 top, (TOP) players to blend in to the team, carefully...

but fan nies soak up the Lfc tv propanda, and every press conference has us listening to the "hype" ...
excuses, Stevie is loyal, to whoever is the team coach (BR isnt a "manager" IMO...he is a coach, decent but nothing special) but he should know that many of the Supporters would vote him as player-coach NOW , (I proposed Kenny to back him up, at least until we could bring back Rafa! (But, with f s. g. and the yankers control of the boardroom and "transfer committee" nothing will improve..

I just wonder if there is enough courage amongst the 30 million , to push the celebs, the ex players and rich fans to join together and force them out, offer shares to Liverpool people and the global Reds support. At the moment far too many are ignorant of the situation. Changing BR just is the equivalent of putting a plaster on your thumb, during a heart attack!

Wishing all TRUE REd supporters a deserved good fortune 


Match reporting ...

at last seeing some form from La La... but Phil was my m.o.m.

REDnET Bootroom
and other opinions,
best wishes from LiverBirds...,,

Lucas: Vital the Reds continue to improve
26th Dec 2014 - Latest News

Lucas Leiva insists he is relishing his recent return to the Liverpool line-up - and the Brazilian has outlined his intentions to maintain a midfield role in Brendan Rodgers' starting XI.

Having been used only sporadically earlier in the 2014-15 campaign, Lucas was brought back into the side for the Champions League clash against Ludogorets Razgrad in Sofia on November 26.

Since then, he has been an almost constant feature in the line-up, securing a starting berth in seven out of the Reds' eight most recent fixtures.

Liverpool have lost just once in that timeframe - away to Manchester United earlier this month in the one encounter Lucas has missed since being reintroduced to the team.

"I think for us, the aim is to improve our record and be higher up the table," the midfielder told Premier League Productions. "That's what everyone here wants.

"From a personal point of view, I just want to play games week-in, week-out. I've been pleased with the way that I came back into the team and played.

"It's just important to keep that going now and hopefully have a 2015 with plenty of positives."

"It's always hard. The Premier League is becoming harder and harder. There are no easy games and you have to really play well to win matches. I think if we play the way we have played in the last couple of games, we will have a chance."

He added: "If you watch the games against the bottom teams, it's always tough and it's always hard. The game is really tight and you really have to battle. You have to challenge and I think that's why people like the Premier League.

Stevie  moved into outright third place on the club's all-time league appearance list, overtaking Liddell's tally of 492.

Adam Lallana has a spring in his step.

andl is ready to put a turbulent start to his Liverpool career behind him and help transform a winter of discontent into one of revival.

Lallana’s season has mirrored that of the club he joined for £23million from Southampton last July.

There has been plenty of pain and frustration but recently that’s given way to signs of rich promise.

Arsene Wenger says he is 'forever scarred' by last season's demolition by Liverpool - Telegraph

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits that he has been forever scarred by last season's 5-1 defeat by...

Andrew Moss
Nasa >Dec 29
Liverpool FC's Adam Lallana believes Sturridge return will help Champions League push

Sturridge is making progress and is expected to make his long-awaited comeback in mid-January
Daniel Sturridge is making progress after his injury and should return in mid-January

Adam Lallana believes the return of Daniel Sturridge will help inspire Liverpool's push for a Champions League spot in the second half of the campaign.
The £23million midfielder hasn't yet had the chance to line up for the Reds alongside his fellow England international.
Sturridge has been out since August with thigh and calf injuries wrecking his campaign.

 Dec 30
But I'd still like a decent not as defensive coach

Nasa > Dec 30
Pressing performance set the tone for Liverpool’s victory
Press, press, press, pass, pass, pass. It was the style that set the tone,This season that pressing game, and subsequent passing game, has been conspicuous by its absence. Teams have been able to come to Anfield and not had to withstand the pressure that they had last season - and it has hurt the Reds.

Clearly the Reds have missed the enthusiasm of Luis Suarez and the athleticism of Daniel Sturridge.

An improvement in performances has followed and the Reds returned to form in style, and they suffocated the life out of the Swans.The sight of Adam Lallana, Philippe Coutinho and Sterling forcing Swansea into mistake after mistake, and then ruthlessly punishing them, was something to behold.

Coutinho, in particular, was wonderfully effective as the Reds' front men danced around him.
Behind them Jordan Henderson and Lucas Leiva kept the pressure on, never allowing the visitors to settle and forcing Jonjo Shelvey and co to concede possession and make mistakes.

CS> calm down, one performance dont make a team, BR still needs to avoid the tendency 
to change , especially defenders 

Nasa>  Liverpool fans saw their most expensive summer acquisition, Adam Lallana , decorate a fine performance with two crucial goals . They saw Alberto Moreno raiding from left wing-back to grab the game's opening goal, and they saw Javi Manquillo and Emre Can turn in solid, if unspectacular, defensive displays.

They were even treated to cameos from Lazar Markovic , who has found his feet of late, and Mario Balotelli, who is still to find his.
The temptation with signings, especially expensive ones, is to expect instant rewards.
 The reality is often very different.

CS> There were far too many changes in the summer, more signings are a bigger risk, as the new players 
only now look to participate.. 

Lfc official> Jordan Henderson is backing Liverpool's recently established attacking triumvirate of Philippe Coutinho, Adam Lallana and Raheem Sterling to continue wreaking havoc upon opposition defences.The trio were 'outstanding' according to the vice-captain as the Reds secured a winning end to their calendar year by putting four past Swansea City at Anfield in the Barclays Premier League on Monday night.

Coutinho prowled the pitch with trademark menace, sliding the ball into feet and carving out complex passes with extreme ease, as well as harrying the opposition into relinquishing possession. Sterling was his tireless self; running the flanks, running through the ranks, running Swansea ragged, while Lallana showed first persistence then poise to plunder two precious goals in the game.

It was the fifth consecutive match in which Brenda n  had named the three as the spearhead of his side and the trio delivered the requisite pressure, pace and ingenuity to secure all three points..."Lallana and Coutinho are playing in a more advanced position behind Raheem and I think they've been outstanding," Henderson told lfctv following the 4-1 win over Swansea.

"Those three have caused teams real problems. Again tonight they were outstanding. They were a real threat going forward, but they also did the dirty work as well in defending, so that was very pleasing for us.
"I thought from start to finish we were very good, the intensity was good. We created a lot of chances and we defended well too. So it was very pleasing. It was a good performance and a good three points as well.

"I think the team is gelling really well at the minute. We're playing some great football and we're dominating games. So hopefully we can just keep working hard on the training field and put in performances like that."
Henderson led Liverpool out proudly sporting the captain's armband for the fourth time on Monday night and the midfielder turned in a display worthy of the mantle.

While the team's attacking talents dazzled, the No.14's industry was just as vital as he hunted the ball back from Swansea - and the 24-year-old also played a vital role in the first and last goals.
His pass allowed Alberto Moreno to hammer home the opening goal of the game, while later on in the second half, his corner at the Kop end was turned into the back of the visitors' net by former Red Jonjo Shelvey.

"It's always nice to have an impact on the game, whether you're scoring or creating assists," reflected Henderson. "So it was nice from that point of view. But I thought it was important for the whole team to play well and work as a team and I thought that we did that tonight.
We have a couple of wins now and hopefully we can carry that on into the New Year. We have a tough game on Thursday, where we'll hopefully put in another good performance and get a good result and start to climb the table and keep going from there. Hopefully during the second half of the season we can be much better.  

"Liverpool FC defender Kolo Toure named in Ivory Coast's African Cup of Nations squad
The 33-year-old could miss up to six games for the Reds  (hmmmmm...)
Sterling wins ESPN FC annual accolade
29th Dec 2014 - Latest News

Raheem Sterling has been named the Breakout Player of 2014 in ESPN FC's annual awards.
The 20-year-old was revealed as the European Golden Boy earlier this month in recognition of a thrilling calendar year for the Liverpool forward at all levels.
He was a key figure in the Reds' charge towards the Barclays Premier League title last season and, with six goals, is the team's current top scorer in this campaign 
Sterling was also widely considered one of England's most impressive performers in an otherwise frustrating World Cup campaign in Brazil during the summer.Further acknowledgement has now arrived with this accolade, which was voted for by football followers on the ESPN FC website.

Robert Pr>Dec 29
can't see people about moaning about Gerrard not playing now ;) lol

CS>silly , not one of the players are in Stevies class, thats an insult to our greatest player, who carried the team so many times, its typical banal thinking after one good game without him...


more at..



  2. watching the original classic... the message of "ChriS" that people have to stand up and stop the oppression, however it comes, obvious or slow , like a cancer that east away at the heart of the people so that they accept all the sh&te that the system and its media sell them....

    I love the films with a message..

    Bagger vance,...that tells you that life (like golf) is a game you can only play (Redford directed this film with Matt damon in it)

    ..Good Will Hunting... that we should follow our heart and our potential to overcome our loss or damages

    Field of Dreams ... build your dream and miracles can happen!

    "For the love of the game" ... that "winning" is nothing if you cant share with someone you love (& who love s you) as does "Jerry Maguire"

    Kpax, what you dont see about the life we live, needs an "alien" perspective

    "cool hand luke" .. the only prison you have is the one you make ..

    "ordinary decent criminal" humour and if we stay together and are loyal , they can never beat us...

    what ever you do, smile...! :) because it goes by too quick ...!.