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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

REdNET ...getting it SORTED.... and Bootroom opinion

there are so many stupid comments in the media <mainstream or internet> and much as we love "chatting" about footy ....

... I am going to clarify my own view of our club and I will reluctantly set aside  the route cause of our problems ..the "infestors" ............<I blame Henry & f.s.g. >

..... I am not a big "Carra fan" , like so many of our ex players who I loved when they wore the shirt, I wish they would go and play golf, because not one of them have become great managers, and  only when you know management <not just footy> can one speak with experience "exs" few have impressed me, BUT, whilst its a well  paid job and can be entertaining, fans shoudnt absorb it as "gospel" ...

Here we go 

... BRent... took over from Kenny , i couldnt be "objective" about Henrys puppet coach since that moment 

...these are vital beliefs I have about our club .... that no one is bigger than the club, BUT .....sometimes certain men have MUCH more dignity and character than those employed to "run <ruin> it" ...Kenny is one!  

Shanks was badly dealt with after his resignation,,,,the board were and are scared  of  "big MEN" 

.......this man MADE LIVERP00L  and for journos or fans to even mention Bob as a comparison is an insult, because Paisey didnt stand a chance of becoming a succesful manager of 3 European Champions Cup winning teams if Shanks hadnt taken the 2nd division  Lfc and rebuilt the club,  creating the "LIVERP00L WAY"....turning it into a global ICON.... in the  last TWENTY years, through Moores, Parry, G & H , Henry & f .s.g.   ..... the "Spirit  of Shankly" ..has been eroded by commercial aims and their selfish interests..and the fans must take the blame too and I accuse  their "union"  who failed to "sell" the idea of supporter ownership ....

The CRIMINAL removal of Rafa by G & H and the ignorance of Henry by avoiding his being the obvious <unemployed> choice having had his ten year contract <and  his plans > broken by the previous " owners" ...<the sham "owners" then and now, have few morals>          Kenny was in the middle of a 3 year contract when Henry "sacked" our Kenny, a disgrace, the man is a saint for true supporters ,,on and off the field , as player, as manager.. <he won our only trophy in several  years > and for the supporters and the people of  LIVERP00L post hillsborough... himself having to watch that  fool Hodgson take over the managers role... <and some "ex  players" backed that stupidity too>

I feel our song should not be "Brenda NR dgers blah blah" ..but "WE ALL DREAM of a TEAM of Stevie G s" ... it disgusts me when fan nies question his selection <by a man who isnt worthy of the job! >  Never mind that  zizu and such claim he is the best, "midfielder" in the world,  for me his greatness is so much about his effect on our team, Messi and Ronaldo can look brilliant and spectacular, but they arent going to role up their sleeves, tackle back  and take risks with their own reputation by  playing in whatever  position that a novice coach may ask..

 Rafa got the most out of Torres and Stevie... thats a great manager, Stevie is a great player because he gets more out of the team than Brent can, his cry "we go again" ..was the call  that maintained our title challenge last season not BRs sideways passing tactics...BR was lucky to have Stevie, Studge and Luis on fire last season...and his lack of experience is being shown now.. Stevie can play for several seasons and was moved "backwards " too early.. AND Stevie not to have been given a contract <last summer!!> that follows the end of this season, says S0 much abut Henry s lack of  respect and so little grasp of  0UR loyaty to one of the greatest players ever of our club and indeed of world football of the last twenty years,,,  


Lucas has been in top form & shoud have been started at O.T . his experience and his history of good  performances there make him the first choice as holding MF ..sunday Al len F**cked up for their first goal , as did  Lala <so dont blame Coutinho, Carra!>


Defence must be solid, dont keep changing it...Champions are bulit on sound defences, it was a grave error to let  Pepe go, as I stated at the time, for me Mign. was never a good enough part of the team, too naive to marshall the defence and no one can distribute like Reina ...Brad may not be spectacular, but I feel he is more a solid choice,.,,bring back  Pepe, if he will come...


Glen is better at LB , Moreno is still raw for this defence, too many goals against have come from his flank...having discarded our best <dAGGER, who could have been used better> Skrtel is an automatic choice, as  none of the f.s.g. signings Toure , Sahko nor  Lovren are safe...Kelly was discarded, and he could have been the CB answer, but BR never even tested HIM... Manqu. seems to be ok, on the right,,,but I wasnt against the idea of Hendo as wing back..on sunday,  btw , with 3 at the back.. we were much more effective with the ball early on.. before Balo! 
OUR man, happy birthday d AGGER!

Coutinho & Markovic

 ..not Joe & not Balo

Its blatant that without the creativity that Suarez brought us we need invention and energy , Phil is one of the few inventive players available ,<and maybe Carra could mention, not only the mancs offside 2nd goal but that THREE yellow cards were shown to their  players for fouls on him,  he suffers from the lack of target man Studge , BR wrongly selects Balo who brings little to the team, and whilst  Lambert tries, the difference is immense, 

so  BR WAS right not to play "recognised " strikers at  oT <yes, fan nies that was the WRoNG criticism of BRent> we should  play SG further forward <or let him be in a "free" role> and have Coutinho, and Markovic who like  Luis can cause trouble by direct dribling ..going at them. 

Marko shoud have started sunday instead of  La la but Balo should NoT have come on for La la, or anyone, as he is too selfish and gives little to the team, and this club needs a "unit".


Impressed with the lad, and its "tragic" that we dont have him,  Luis & Studge together,  because I would bet on them scoring more goals than any ther team in europe.., despite missing clear chances that could have changed the game in our favour, he made many of them by his movement, pace and abilities..but should not be a lone striker, IF he draws central defenders to the wings, and we get midfielders into the box, he <and the wing backs> can supply more chances, his youth showed at oT , a mature Studge may have taken those chances, but...

..he wasnt there...the others must take more responsibility and may well  have done on another day, I was pleased with the energy shown by the team from the start...yet, BR has not been abe to motivate the team to have this attitude at the beginning of EACH game, its  how we should  press and take charge from the start...WE are  LIVERP00L 

REdNET Bootroom opinion & more
Liverpool's FA Cup third-round clash with AFC Wimbledon will be played on Monday  January 5 and be televised live& will be played at Kingsmeadow, will kick off at 7.55pm and be broadcast on BBC One.                                                                                                                     ....Jordan Henderson plans to 'give it everything' in his efforts to further build on a personal journey that carried the midfielder to Liverpool vice-captaincy at the outset of his fourth season with the club.................Having arrived on  Merseyside in the summer of 2011, the No.14's obvious talent truly began to blossom in the last campaign as he proved integral in the Reds' run to second  place in the Barclays Premier League.
Suarez: "They [LFC] must qualify for Champions League next season. If it comes via league or winning Europa League, it's not important how."
Beşiktaş boss Slaven Bilic: “I would love to play Liverpool in the next round. It would be a great game between two sets of fantastic fans."
we have drawn Besiktas in The Europa League draw, first leg at home!    ............................James Pearce: "Rodgers never wanted to sign Balotelli."   .............Liverpool Echo's James Pearce  has come out to suggest that the Transfer Committee (TC) could have made BR's work difficult at Anfield. The sale of senior players on big wages and the signings that BR made this season were not totally his choice, but the committee's. Many managers refused to work under a sporting director when they were interviewed by FSG for the job before BR came in. FSG later set up this committee that is identical, or perhaps wields more power than a sporting director, whilst giving the idea that the manager is totally in charge. Whatever decision the manager makes with regards to signings and contracts, will be voted by 5 people in the committee. Only in the case of a majority vote, BR can sign the players he wants. Otherwise he has to improvise with the players chosen by the TC. 

Pearce says BR NEVER wanted to sign Balotelli but was forced to settle for him. In other words, it was the TC that ultimately failed to replace Suarez despite getting big money by selling him. Pearce says BR also made it clear that he wanted Michel Vorm and that signing a GK is a priority. But he says the transfer committee refused to pay his value despite only spending over 30mil in net spending this summer. This also had a significant impact on Mignolet's form as LFC didn't try to provide competition for the Belgian. Pearce says paying top bucks for Lovren made perfect sense at that point, as he was not one for the future, but was coming in as a top centre back, based on his form with the Saints and his Premier League experience. He was bought to hit the ground running. However he's had a major dip in form which is disappointing says Pearce. Similar tone has been voiced by Mike Bernard, a former employee of FSG,
who said BR failing to see eye-to-eye with some of the TC members and their signings, is getting a little unsavoury. Mike noted that BR wanted Eriksen and Bony but was overruled. This also goes back to previous failures to show the money and securing players early when they had interest to move to LFC. Plenty of dragging negotiations and low-balling saw the failure of securing targets such as Willian, Salah, Mikhtaryan, Konoplyanka and more. Diego Costa was identified by BR as a transfer target when Costa was playing as a wing-forward,
long before he became a star in that out-and-out striker position and caught the whole world's attention. TC thought his release clause of 20mil back then was too much. The rest is history. While we drag our feet on targets, other clubs come into the picture, showed the money and swooped them as we watch helplessly. Even for Sanchez, Phil Thompson declared during the world cup that we had Sanchez in the bag. However too much negotiations into details and conditions in  payment method allowed Arsenal to sneak in and turn his and his wife's head.<cut>        ..........  ====================================================================== ...U18s Youth Cup win ...    ......Liverpool U18s got their 2014-15 FA Youth Cup campaign off to an  impressive start as they hit Bradford City with an early brace of goals to secure a 2-0 victory on Monday night...Critchley's side made a stunning start to the encounter at Langtree Park as Sergi Canos and Jerome Sinclair both hit the back of the net in the first four minutes of play to earn  the home side a vital two-goal cushion..& could have had more goals in the game - but the comfortable triumph means the young Reds can now look forward to a home fixture against Derby County in the fourth round of the Youth Cup  They dominated from  the first kick of the match. Ryan Kent, Sheyi Ojo, Canos and Sinclair dovetailed to devastating effect in front of Adam Phillips, Jordan Rossiter and Pedro Chirivella, who were simply a joy to watch in the middle of the park...Sinclair earned the opening goal after two minutes by forcing  Bradford's goalkeeper, Elliott Barker, into an error and allowing Ojo to scoop possession. He was unselfish, cutting a pass back into the path of Canos, who slid the ball into an unguarded net........................>

There was barely time for the disorientated visitors to compose themselves. Rossiter was ruthless, taking back the ball. Chirivella assumed command to play in Ojo, who used the outside of his boot to steer Sinclair into the clear.   With opposition defenders back-peddling furiously, Sinclair drove forward, completely composed. Injecting pace, he sped inside from the left and switched onto his right foot to arrow the ball home at the near post. Ojo thought he'd made it 3-0 shortly after when Rossiter sent a sensational first-time pass spiralling into a packed penalty area and the forward rose to power a header into the back of the net, but the referee ruled he was offside. Canos sped down the right and drove a cross into the middle. Sinclair managed to control, twist, turn and curl towards goal - all in one swift movement - but Rhys Jenkinson, who had been tied up in knots by the Liverpool man, applied an outstretched foot to send the ball wide..young Reds were purring. Everything Chirivella did was effortless and precise, everything Rossiter did was industrious and simplistic - and then there was Phillips, still just 16 years of age, who left the crossbar shuddering with a stunning 35-yard free-kick As Liverpool passed and probed and produced intricate link-up play, 

Bradford mustered the odd opportunity. They were at their most dangerous when Sumali Cissa sent a low drive crashing towards Andrew Firth, but the Reds stopper smothered the ball capably. The home side's first chance after the interval was fashioned by Phillips, who hit a superb 40-yard ball through the Bradford ranks and the recipient, Ojo, shot straight at the onrushing Barker. The ball rebounded out into the path of Canos, whose volleyed drive was collected by the 'keeper. In the 64th minute, Critchley opted for a double substitution, bringing Harry Wilson in to replace Kent and Joe Lewis on for Ojo, pushing Phillips into the No.10 role behind Sinclair as Liverpool attempted to retain the intensity they demonstrated early on.Credit must go to their visitors, though, who remained staunch and positive having endured Liverpool's sensational opening surge in the game and during the second half, Bradford looked capable of halving the deficit >However, the Reds remained in control in what was a much slower and quieter second half - and Critchley's charges were able to secure a passage to the fourth round of the competition. 
 Liverpool U18s: Firth, Polgar, Whelan, Brewitt, Rossiter, Phillips (Ejaria), Canos, Chirivella, Sinclair, Kent (Wilson), Ojo (Lewis). Unused substitutes: Wheeler, Travis.

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