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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

introducing STEVEN GERRARD

introducing     STEVEN GERRARD Brent-an-Hodgerson...

BR benched Stevie on the day he should be celebrating the legendary captains 16th anniversary & his first game for the REdS... so..

Brenda N , Let ME introduce "oUR Stevie"

 ... I Supported The Team since Shanks selected the teams, as a boy I Ioved , and admired Emlyn <IMo,  the best leader we ever had on the field>
and Souness, the master, who could dominate games , with strength and skill, then there is Kenny,  ... enough said!  ..............................(I could go on....Barnes, Luis..)

..........but, the MoST comp1ete p1ayer, all round, who often had to save OUR team..can defend, tackle, with a shot as good as anyone in the game, He passes at least as good as Xabi, .can dribble, but isnt selfish, so rarely does 

,  IS. a major motivator & infuence on and off the fie1d, and I believe held the title challenge together last season whist BR was out f his depth, SG gets my vote as captain, p1ayer & coach NoW,,, Brent , he is ten times the man you are!  its a DISGRACE  and exposes the sort of people that Henry and F s G are that we are even waiting for news IF he has a contract at Lfc after this season, and an an INSULT to our supporters.. hear them singing last night,  for Stevie (not brend an)

______________ Henry!  (and take brent with u!)<TAKE NoTE FAN NIES!> 


Leicester 1 LIVERPOOL 3

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