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Sunday, December 14, 2014

backlash REdNet UPdate & review of MancsUNDAY 141214 and Match report

REdNet UPdate & review of MancsUNDAY                  
back1ash after eur. EXIT!  
                                                                              Mark > Dec 10  Liverpool shoved their way back into Europe’s VIP tent as if it was their entitlement last August. Last night they were sheepishly collecting their coat and being escorted from the premises, ending the most shambolic and embarrassing series of European Cup performances in the club’s history. 
It was during the Champions League draw they prematurely reclaimed their status as European royalty, chief executive Ian Ayre’s crass suggestion ‘this is our competition’ succeeding only in making the Merseyside club sound like they’d wasted no time guzzling Uefa champagne. 
Liverpool never look or sound more insecure than when they start telling everyone how marvellous they are; there is nothing more small-time in football than confirmation of your own sense of greatness. 

“At Liverpool we do not talk, we just win,” was the mantra of the club’s universally respected ex-chairman, Sir John Smith - others, who viewed the club with awe, bequeathed the tributes while Liverpool silently and humbly did everything right. 

Indeed, walk around Anfield or Melwood and there are quotes from luminaries such as Johan Cruyff decorating the wall. Most pre-date the last 20 years, of course, but Liverpool employees often think they absorb the eminence of others just by touching the hem of history. 
Only when it suits them, mind. 

There is plenty of encouragement to drop Liverpool’s name alongside the grandees of Europe such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich when discussing heritage, status, commercial potential and global support. 

Judge what happened in these six group games in relation to those clubs, however, and there will be less inclination to embrace the comparison. 

It is worth considering how board members at The Nou Camp, Bernabeu or Allianz Arena would be reacting this morning if their side had won a meagre five points from 18 from a Champions League group including the Swiss and Bulgarian champions. 

Would Florentino Perez be privately briefing the Spanish media mouthpiece Marca that while it was deeply disappointing, it was important to retain a sense of perspective? 
Would we be hearing Barcelona chief Josep Maria Bartomeu propose a persuasive argument that although his club spent £120 million on new players during the summer, it was inevitable they would need time to gel? 

Would Franz Beckenbauer seek to console Bayern supporters by suggesting they need not worry about an injection of new blood in the January transfer window, because he retained the absolute faith that everyone was doing a marvellous job and it was such a shame one key player derailed everything by leaving in July? 

In no particular order, here is the assorted list of official explanations for Liverpool’s turgid performances this season. 

1. Luis Suarez left. 

2. Daniel Sturridge is injured. 

3. Liverpool did everything possible to sign Alexis Sanchez but he would not come. 

4. There was no other striker available, so they had to buy Mario Balotelli. 

5. No-one questioned the wisdom of signing the eight summer recruits at the time,  <CS>> I DID!!!!!> every deal is risky, and there are not too many clubs in the Premier League who had a good summer in transfer market. 

Whether you sympathise with these views or are appalled by a litany of excuses, what is most disturbing is the sense that as a club Liverpool do not believe they could have done much more; as if they have been undermined by a series of unfortunate events. 

Aside from the fact there were plentiful warnings about the lack of a Suarez replacement, the notion all eight deals should have been questioned by fans (or journalists) who were otherwise engaged watching the Premier League last season is preposterous (and irrelevant). 

The accountability for failing to fix the flaws in the squad that were evident for two years lies solely with those paid handsomely to remedy it – and at the risk of repetition that is not a one man job. 

It would be reassuring to think there will be a sense of fury in the post-match debrief in the Anfield bunker that will strip the walls, but the impression given is those responsible are telling themselves circumstances made it unavoidable. If that is the case, it is even more disconcerting for Liverpool fans than the sight of Martin Skrtel employed as an emergency centre-forward – surely the most damning indictment of the wretched recruitment of the club. 

Liverpool went into the game with Basel with a goalkeeper who doesn't know whether to kick the ball or exorcise it; centre-halves who you expect to be bullied by AFC Wimbledon next month; midfielders whose goals and assist record must be evident to the statistical wizards who are so revered by John W. Henry; and a 32-year-old striker who ran out of gas 72 hours before kick-off. 

Liverpool appear to have lost the memo that makes it clear football is about players. You can offer countless speeches about strategy and appoint a manager with a philosophy that would make Plato blush, but if you buy pap you end up with last night. 
That is why those who want Brendan Rodgers out as a result of Liverpool’s performances this season are deluding themselves if they think it will change anything under the current set-up. 

Fenway Sports Group would interview another series of idealistic managers delivered fresh from the Uefa pro-licence course, each one no doubt adept at arranging training sessions and communicating his ideas. He’d still be at the mercy of the quality of Liverpool’s recruitment. 

The Anfield transfer committee – or more specifically how they operate - is a familiar gripe on these pages and it is not used to absolve Rodgers, merely to point out he is partially rather than wholly responsible. 
You have to look beyond him because it is a matter of public record he is one of many architects of this squad and not the traditional project manager. For what it is worth I firmly agree with the idea of a consensual approach to transfers in the same way I would endorse the principle of cabinet government. Rather like the current occupants of Downing Street, however, I also believe their appalling track record and failure to impose a successful policy means they should not have safe seats. 

The Anfield committee was formed with good intentions; too many Liverpool deals since the 90s were filtered through the same agents; players often seemed to be preferred because of who they were represented by rather than whether they were good enough; managers assumed far too much power, made too many mistakes and spent too much time moaning about lack of resources when they’d been given plenty. 

Rather than add checks and balances, however, Liverpool’s new approach has made what was already a miserable transfer track record since their last title even worse. Liverpool’s squad is not good enough and no amount of spin; no amount of dossiers detailing why those signed were the correct choices at the time; and no amount of blind faith mediocre players will come good with the right coaching will repair the damage of those chastening Champions League performances. In 540 minutes, Liverpool only looked like they might stay in the competition during the last 10. 

FSG know what Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich would do in these circumstances and the question is whether they are prepared to confront that reality or are deferring to those they have trusted to make the last 16 signings of which only two (possibly now reduced to one) have increased their value. 

The grandees of Europe would hold those at fault accountable for a humiliating and demeaning failure. 

When the effect of spending £120 million is the creation of a team so painful to watch every seat in Anfield's new Main Stand may need to be equipped with a sofa to hide behind, it is not tolerated. Not at big clubs. Not for those who expect permanent residency in the VIP tent. (TELEGRAPH) 
=CS> all quite sound, but, when we have "infestors" who know "FA" abut footy or our cub and use it as a virtu1 cash machine, emp1oying "a media friendy coach" instead of Rafa...we have been in steady decine since 7 years ...when Moores ba1ed and fans 1et G & H in we went from bad to worse...and a supporters evo1ution is required..                                                                                 
Nasa >Dec 11  
Liverpool FC's Champions League failure to cost millions as well as demotion

Early exit sees Liverpool FC miss out of millions of pounds as well as relegation to the Europa League after finishing third in Group B

Steven Gerrard on his knees at the final whistle after Liverpool are knocked out of the Champions League.

Liverpool FC have been left to count the cost of being dumped out of the Champions League by Basel.

Liverpool's failure to progress from the group stages means they will miss out on £3million in prize money paid to those clubs who reached the last 16.

If Liverpool had made the quarter-finals, they would have banked a further £3.1million with another £4million handed to the semi-finalists.

There is also the small matter of each Champions League game at Anfield generating in excess of £2million in gate receipts.

Brendan Rodgers’ side have dropped into the Europa League after finishing third in Group B with the draw for the last 32 taking place next Monday.

Winning UEFA’s second tier competition is only worth £5.5million but it would guarantee a Champions League place for the 2015/16 season.

Liverpool’s first Champions League campaign for five years will see them bank around £23.6million from UEFA when all the monies from commercial sponsorship and TV rights are distributed.

That includes a basic fee of around £7million for competing in the group stage and then there are performance payments.

A win nets £800,000 and a draw £400,000 so the Reds will collect a £1.6million bonus.

They will also get around £15million from their share of the ‘market pool’ which is divided among England’s Champions League clubs and is determined by the percentage of all TV rights paid by UK companies Sky and ITV.

BT Sport’s acquisition of the broadcasting rights for the Champions League from next season will see that ‘market pool’ effectively double which means that a top-four finish this season will be more valuable than ever.

Just reaching the group stage of the Champions League next season will be worth a guaranteed £40million.

Liverpool currently find themselves ninth in the Premier League and six points adrift of fourth placed West Ham ahead of Sunday’s crunch trip to Manchester United.

=CS> thanks to their "creative accounting" u wont see the extra cash made by f s g n ear1y ticket sa1es and 3 x kits each season with 2 hundred er cent rofit margins
Brent and f. s. g.                   

                                                                                                    = CS> BR is a decent <attacking> coach, BUT, is he a WINNER? MOST CHAMPI0N TEAMS are buit on a sound defence  I dont fee1 that he is the <BIG> man manager"  that some make him out to be....                                    IMO He shou1d have fought MUCH harder to keep Luis and for SG to be "out f contract" is a CRIME!
see above                                                                                           
                                                                                           Mark >  Liverpool made $152.97m from domestic TV Rights last year. Basel: $2.48m.  
< posted in LFC YNWA GROUP >                                                                                                                                                posted in LIVERPOOL F.C. forever !!
Nasa > Dec 11  
I think the biggest issue we have at LFC is that Brendan Rodgers does not have a settled team, and he definitely does not know who his best team is. This may be down to the many signings we have made. Last season to be honest, the team picked itself, even a chimpanzee could of sent that lot out and they would of done the business.
My biggest problem is that it was as clear as day that Suarez was going, and that they never thought for a second to replace him with a world class striker - and now we are paying the price.                                      
= CS> BR des nt have a setted team a> transfers not his choice?..<by "f.s.g. committee"> b> p1ayers shou1d be carefu11y chosen to "fit the team" not a1most " random1y purchased from the market as "squad members"  c>too many new p1ayers disrupted "team bonding"  d> he cant seem to manage "stress situations"...thats when he shoud earn his pay!  e> he is sti11 a nOvice ..1earning at ur expense 
posted in LIVERPOOL F.C. forever !!
 Mark Wag> Dec 11  
Are FSG still the right people to take LFC forward?
 No..they never were, they have no FEELING for our c1ub, HENRYs hedge fund empire has thankfu11y fai1ed, He dont and f s g dont know <and neither does Ayre come to that> , much about european enterprise or British footy and the massive income
 ...from <american sopnsors who take their profit back to the states
 ...Massive TV income and for sim 1y being in the PL and current1y  from europe
 ...and before EACH season THREE new kits for you to buy for your kiddies!! <thats severa1 hundred quid each time..! .. each fan!> 
 ...advanced sa1es and increased TICKET prices ..Footy is no 1onger the game fr the "working c1asses" they priced YOU Out!

 Within the G1oba1 SUPPORT ..there are ce1ebs, and exerienced managers who cou1d maintain & easi1y manage a C1ub as Ours better than f s g  or emp1oy better professiona1s ....FOR OUR BENEFIT  !!!!                                                                                    
           anyone who knows anything about business wou1d LOVE to have THIRTY MILLION "TAME" CUSTOMERS.. and ....    we need people  who have shown they are in 1ove with our c1ub,,, such as Kenny, Rafa & Stevie     
Stevie . Kenny & Rafa                                                                                                      
 See <Dream Team> IMO he kept the tit1e cha11enge going 1ast season when <novice> BR was out of his depth <who can forget that "WE Go AGAIN" ca11 to his team at the end of the GAME V citeh? whist so often BR 1ooks 1ost> I wou1d make STEVIE p1ayer coach to motivate the first team & dressing atmosphere  and KENNY as his "mentor"                    
 simi1ar to the way BoB was, when Kenny became manager in 85... then Rafa to be overa11 MANAGER of A11 the footba11 asects and et him decide on academy o1icy transfers , strategy and tactics..and finish his 1o year 1an that was stu id1y broken by G & H...                                                                                               
Mancsunday on the 14th                                                                                                   
Liverpool’s big players must stand up and be counted at Manchester United

By Graeme Souness

Graeme Souness says Liverpool must start performing ahead of their Premier League game with Manchester United on Sunday.

Manchester United host Liverpool on Sunday in what is still one of the biggest league fixtures of the season
Graeme Souness says Liverpool’s big-name players must start producing the goods, and fast, beginning with this weekend’s huge Premier League showdown with arch-rivals Manchester United.

Brendan Rodgers’ side travel to Old Trafford on Super Sunday languishing in ninth place in the Premier League, seven points adrift of their hosts in third, and in desperate need of a morale-boosting win after their Champions League elimination in midweek.

However, Sky Sports pundit Souness believes it is going to be hard for the Merseysiders to get a result at United, who are on a five-game winning streak. 

“One team are getting away with it without playing well, while the other team are not getting away with it and not playing well,” said Souness.

“Manchester United are obviously on a roll - five games, five wins - but you cannot say that they are playing well though. I think back to that first half hour at the Emirates and they could have been 3-0 or 4-0 down against Arsenal, and yet they ended up winning the game.
"Liverpool are struggling right now as they are doing two things wrong that means you are not going to win games, conceding silly and soft goals, and not scoring enough goals"
Graeme Souness

“Liverpool, though, are struggling right now as they are doing two things wrong, which means you are not going to win games - conceding silly and soft goals, and not scoring enough goals.

“So that means ultimately you are going to be in trouble. If you are conceding daft goals, it is not just the dropping of points and losing games, it is the confidence which it has on the whole group.”
The former Liverpool player and manager feels that Sunday’s trip to Old Trafford is the time for some of Liverpool’s star men to start shining.

“What you hope as a Liverpool supporter - and certainly what I hope as a Liverpool supporter - is that some of the big players stand up and are counted at the weekend, as going to Old Trafford, even when we were dominant, was never an easy game for Liverpool,” said Souness, who was hoping one Reds player in particular produces his A-game against United.

“Steven Gerrard is the one very special player that Liverpool have got, and he has been for the last 10 years, and time and time again he has got big goals in big games for them,” Souness added. “And even at 34 you would argue that he is still their biggest influence.
“So hopefully that is the same at the weekend and he turns up at Old Trafford and whether it is a free kick, a magic pass, or he fires one in from 25 yards, they need someone to spark their season and he is the most likely one who can do that.”
Meanwhile, the one-time all-action midfielder also thinks that this fixture, featuring the two most successful teams in England, still holds the lustre and appeal from years gone by.

“When I was playing, we were the big team, the team that was winning everything, and Manchester United were always a near miss,” said Souness. “So roles have reversed in that. I know that at that time, Man United treated it as their biggest game, we treated it as our biggest game.

“So I would imagine for the players and management alike it is still the same, this is the biggest game they play. Maybe with the emergence of Man City, it has been shaded a wee bit, put into the background a wee bit, but I think that on the day, it will still be a tasty affair.”                                                                                   
  posted in RED 4 EVER
Tony O'Donovan
Tony O'Dono> 8:50am Dec 12
Happy birthday Agger the Dagger YNWA we miss you
 Man United 1-4 Liverpool (March 14, 2009)

This one shook Old Trafford to its very core as the 2008-09 title race took yet another turn. Cristiano Ronaldo fired United ahead; however, Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard hit back for Rafa's Reds. Fabio Aurelio and Andrea Dossena then capped the win.
Liverpool 4-0 Man United (September 16, 1990)

United were systematically thrashed in front of a baying Anfield audience as Kenny Dalglish's side put four past their rivals. Peter Beardsley stole the show by grabbing a hat-trick against the Red Devils, while John Barnes chipped in with a goal that helped the Reds to the biggest win over United for 65 years.
Mark > 7:14am Dec 13
Man United vs Liverpool: Why this fixture is England's El Clasico

Ahead of Manchester United's huge clash with Liverpool on Sunday,                                                                                               CS> its Nevi11e , but the point is WHo we sent it on, ...too many <changes>  and not enough qua1ity                                      Man United 0-3 Liverpool (March 16, 2014)

The Reds extended their winning streak to six games with a huge victory at Old Trafford. They played United off the pitch with swift and decisive passing coupled with desire and constant movement. Steven Gerrard scored two penalties, before sending a third spot-kick clattering onto the post. Luis Suarez then wrapped it up with a third goal.
DESTRoYED  the Mancs 1ast time
               = CS> <if fit, of course we understand that Studge isnt, so, from 1atest info..> A Goa1ie <not Mign.> Manqui. Skrte1, Toure or Lovren <but ick one and stay with it!!! , G1en <better at LB >                                                                                                
..Lucas, Hendo, Coutinho and Stevie <sharing the ro1e going forward with Lucas> Raheem and La1a ...Markovic <after> 1ogic is this , if u dont have the qua1ity <forwards> then use the qua1ity u have,,                                                                                                      
te11 Hendo, Coutinho and Stevie to ush frward from midfie1d  ..Raheem to go wide, to stretch defenders and get the ba11 to  p1ayers coming into the box.. Manqu. and G1en to switch from 3 at back to a1ternate1y join attack                                                                       
CS>ITs NO GOOD acting with shOrt termism ... I c1aim that a1though the moores & parry management wasnt great, it got much much worse when G & H came in, and eventua11y forced out the MAN who cou1d have                                                                                        

kept us cha11enging withoUT having the financia1 backing that BR has,<he had to suffer G & H, FFS!!!>  IMo thats what makes a manager "great" ..not just se1ecting the most expensive team 
  but, MAKING p1ayers & a team much better, as Rafa did in Va1encia & our c1ub... BUT, Henry <1ike most USA "infestors".. dont 1ike strong managers, who argue with them, Rafa & Kenny knew too much..
and go for young coach who wi11 be "media friendy""                                    
7 yrs ago...  we shou1d have gone for supporter ownership <jim boardman!> AS an INVESTMENT, with THIRTY MiLLiON registered fans on the net, an INVESTMENT of the equiva1ent of one match ticket wou1d be enough to carry the c1ub and be managed ...proper1y !!!!!                                                                                                                     

posted in LIVERPOOL F.C. forever !!
 Nasa >Dec 11 
Liverpool are unseeded for Monday's UEFA Europa League draw
The draw for the last 32 will be held in Nyon at noon

Brendan Rodgers' side could face Rafael Benitez's Napoli, But the Anfield club cannot play city rivals Everton at this stage

Liverpool's poor performance in this season's Champions League has dealt the Anfield club a seedings blow for the Europa League last-32 draw.
As a result of being one of the four worst performing third-placed teams, Brendan Rodgers' side are unseeded for the draw, which will be held in Nyon on Monday at noon.
The Europa League has added importance this season with the winners receiving entry to next season's Champions League.

And with Liverpool currently languishing in ninth in the Premier League, many consider this to be their last shot at qualifying for UEFA's flagship club competition next season.
But a number of potential tough draws await on Monday due to their unseeded status, including a reunion with former manager Rafael Benitez at Napoli.
Nine teams have already secured a seeding for Monday's draw by virtue of winning their Europa League group or being one of the four third-placed teams in the Champions League with the best record.
They include Roberto Mancini's Inter Milan, Zenit St Petersburg, Olympiacos, Sporting Lisbon and Fiorentina.
Napoli will also be seeded if they can clinch top spot in Group I with a home win against Slovan Bratislava on Thursday night.

Although city rivals Everton will also be seeded after winning Group H, there will be no Liverpool derby in the last-32 as teams from the same country cannot play each other at this stage.
It could, however, happen if both teams progress to the last 16, at which stage country protection is removed and the draw is free.
There will be no 'Battle of Britain' between Liverpool and Celtic as the Scottish club could only finish second in Group D and so will be unseeded.
La Liga clubs Sevilla and Villarreal are potential opponents for Liverpool if they can go top of their respective groups on Thursday.

A match against Henning Berg's Legia Warsaw is also a possibility if the Polish club seal first place in Group L with a draw at home against Trabzonspor.
If Liverpool go all the way and win the trophy in Warsaw on May 27, they would enter next season's Champions League at the earliest in the play-offs.
There is a possibility, though, that the Europa League winners will go straight into the group stages if this season's Champions League victors qualify automatically for group entry through their own domestic league.
The Europa League last-32 first legs will be held on February 19 with the unseeded team at home first, before travelling away for the second leg seven days later.
 In pictures: Liverpool FC squad pays Christmas visit to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital 

MATCH REPORT  In the pre match REdNET ,<UPdate & review of MancsUNDAY  >                                                                                  
       CS:    I  said that  Lucas shd be "holding" , not Allen .<Valencia skipped past Joe like he wasnt there> .. we were much the better side in 1st half , but ...2nd offside goal killed it..Glen getting injured eary on didnt help . even so ...Balo didnt do much,..we looked much better before the H-T change .about 2o shots and 7 corners ..much more than the home team, BUT. not our day, but BR seems to be lost in be fair,  we WERE the better team for much of the game, & the result flatters the mancs, we made enough,  but missed several chances , & went down to a 3-0 defeat at Old Toilet ... .

official LFC website report >  Wayne Rooney put the hosts in front after 12 minutes against the run of play, turning Antonio Valencia's cutback into the net from 15 yards.
Juan Mata doubled their lead before the break, nodding in Robin van Persie's flick from Ashley Young's deep cross from what appeared to be an offside position at the back post.
Raheem Sterling had a good chance to pull one back in the early stages of the second half when a loose back pass sent him through on goal, but he was denied by David De Gea, before the goalkeeper pushed a Mario Balotelli effort onto the bar.

However, United made certain of the outcome when Van Persie tucked in their third goal to finish a counter-attack on 71 minutes.
The pre-match team news confirmed four changes to Brendan Rodgers' line-up, with Brad Jones handed a first Barclays Premier League start since March 2013, replacing Simon Mignolet in goal.

There were also berths for Alberto Moreno, Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana as Liverpool opted for a 3-5-1-1 formation at Old Trafford.
The visitors registered their first effort on goal inside the opening 90 seconds in the midst of a heavy Manchester downpour. A Steven Gerrard corner made its way to the boot of Martin Skrtel, via the head of Coutinho, and the centre-back's hook was blocked by Phil Jones near the line.
The Reds had started positively at the home of their rivals, and fashioned a good chance to open the scoring with 12 minutes played when a counter-attack resulted in Lallana slipping a reverse ball behind the United defence to put Sterling through on goal. The forward attempted to divert it across De Gea, but the goalkeeper's sprawl was enough to thwart it.

And just seconds later, Louis van Gaal's side went in front themselves. Valencia beat Joe Allen on the right before pulling the ball back for Rooney to steer beyond Jones from just inside the box.
It was harsh on Liverpool, but Sterling again found himself bearing down on De Gea once again soon after - this time his powerful near-post drive was deflected behind by the Spaniard's forearm.
Rodgers was forced into an early substitution in the moments that followed, with Glen Johnson needing to leave the field after picking up a knock. Kolo Toure was his replacement.

The Reds found themselves two goals behind five minutes before the break when Mata stooped to head in Young's cross. Replays suggested he may have been in an offside position as the initial ball was flicked on by Van Persie, but the appeals fell on deaf ears and it was allowed to stand.

Liverpool made their second change during the half-time break, with Balotelli entering the action in place of Lallana - and they fashioned an early opportunity as Jordan Henderson headed over from Sterling's centre.
Sterling then spurned a great chance to reduce the arrears when he pounced on a wayward back pass to De Gea from Jonny Evans. The 20-year-old attempted to round the custodian, but his final effort was saved by the United stopper.

At the other end, Van Persie stabbed wide of the near post from Valencia's low delivery, while Balotelli saw a thump from Sterling's cutback pushed onto the crossbar by De Gea.

With Liverpool pressing forward in search of a route back into the game, they were caught by a United counter-attack that resulted in Van Persie sweeping into the net after Mata had played Dejan Lovren's scuffed clearance into his path to secure the points for the home team.

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