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Monday, October 16, 2017

REDnet bootroom update 0-0 and more @ MariBORE?

REDnet bootroom update 
0-0 Maureen's a bore-draw-whore!
and more @ MariBORE?

Maureen came to steal a point , and maybe 3 ,  Lfc defence was only tested once , Mignolet & defence did enough to ensure this was not embarrassing,

..not a credit to either side ,  nothing much  to learn except that Mancs are no champions, and Maureen decided a point was a decent result... 

because he knew a victory for Lfc would be a double edged sword... not only the points lost to a "rival" but could have boosted the season for JK & the Reds

is about management ,

Since USAcorp, and their removal of Rafa, (the last pre-yan ker manager!)  Lfc have slid down to an arsenal policy of "top 4 is enough".... 

Lfc came close in 09 and even with Brendan in 14 (having Stevie & Suarez helped that "push")

woy chosen,  worst Lfc man in history! chosen by 
G & H over Rafa , kept by Henry until 10,000 fans did not attend Anfield, Kenny won the only trophy since 07 , got to FA final, then Henry sacked him after a "vote of confidence"  Brendan, their young media-friendly man, and weird transfer foul ups..(and that ridiculous video "exposure")  Chang scandal, "standards corrupted"  etc 

and althouh Lfc have been poorly managed in footballing terms off he field also, I see  his article as defeatism from Carra, & shows me his lack of creativity and vision, reflects his game on the field and punditry off of it..... 

Carra was a great defender , however , easy to be an "expert" (and I AM NO Kloppite)  however, if you are not having to carry the decisions of management.......

True Klopp left subs late... IMO players must be given at least 30 mins to have an effect v mancs ...2 of them Studge and OX OR Solanke should have been on @ 60 mins when Lfc were struggling to break down Maureen's bus!

wrong about some things , right about a few...


critics @   klopp-and-mourinho-need-more-than-huff-and-puff-

wrong about Leicester & Rafa

... Leicester ...could have built on their league title , instead they sold their most effective player to rivals Chelski, and failed to strengthen the squad, so carra's point is nul, Lfc could or should have "done a Leicester" .... Ranieri was betrayed by players,, could he have motivated them?... Klopp must instill into Lfc selection a desire to WIN mainly missing since 10 seasons

carra mentioned Rafa, however, he was told to "sell before you buy?" their boardroom didnt support Benitez, 

had Rafa, been allowed to complete his contract and a 10 year Plan , I am convinced that Lfc would have won the league once or twice,. with the funds that JK has had 



is Juergen "lucky" ,,so far ...?  

utorak @ MareBORE? 

JK pre-match... I just love these local journos , who always seem to promote their own coaches & sides during "question time"   press conference @

home coach will play very "tight  (wih little mistakes)"  ..what a surprise!!  you have been warned! :p

Kennys stand....  

He must have been as frustrated as anyone on a day when his name could have been celebrated ...Kenny took risks..

we desserved the best , not any more???



Monday, October 9, 2017

REdNEt update ; Culture & breaking (the international break) news; Rumours , a gillion * pre maureen & mancs parkin @ Anfield

REdNEt update 

Maureen & his Mancs Parking : Anfield?

3 of the last 4 games v maureens mancs have been undecided (?) , and their last visit in the league, i recall , a stifling game, (Maureen's heavy parking plan)  , no doubt with their impressive form & start , 

manc Fans will fancy snatching a win Saturday.... 

I hate early Kick offs when we need more "atmosphere"

SO, AN IDEAL time for JK to earn his salary and motivate the lads .. which would surprise most and take some pressure off, as he has been heavily criticised for constantly changing "defensive" players , and making late subs ...
(some justifiably,IMO ) 

Kenny's stand

No one deserves to be honoured more than THE LEGEND that isDalglish, for what he has done , 

on & OFF the field for Liverpool and our people is immense, however, these "special " days seem to distract us from the game..(and wih a failure  to win them ) 

THIS TIME, I hope the team will honour him (and true RED supporters ) with a winning result, I am sure that would please him as much, and me..@EuRED09 affected all true REDS, living in europe, been defending ours v media ignorance & malice of gov, how can any human vote tory? J4t96
broken via INTERNATIONAL Breaking? 

Much could depend on how many injuries and conditions the games played by players (especially Lfc ) for their national sides.. Like most true REDS I despise these "breaks" , usually, however , Lfc had been embarrassed @ Newcastle, just before , and Rafa played Lfc exactly right,(for him)  and Lfc players didnt rise to the occasion. the so-called "fab 4" looked jaded...despite Phil's wonder goal..

If i was a LFC manager (with  authority) I would keep them all @ Anfield and say, "you cannot play for them until you earn your wages WITH US"  disgusting... 
Shanks would have a fit... 

News? or rumour , again!

ON  our blogs & groups we have since before USA corp infested Lfc  campaigned for supporters sharing what was "our club"

US prezzie Dump is "No fail" , HE HAS succesfully exploited exactly what yr system enables; exploit the many for sake of a few, have president last 50 years deserves #americanTs

his family frauds exploit war & property like uSACorp & Henry ,, "legalised frauds" (hedgin') betting wih other peoples investments
a long-winded denial from echo/Lfc ; 

v Mckenna J of "SoS" & him defending his ineffective union/Shankly family > why #?
CS>then as sole fans reps, you ARE to blame for failing to oppose USAcorp since a decade of erosion of "the Spirit of Shanks" @ Lfc!@RedAlieNeT more importantly IF you use Bill's name, you are duty bound to deal with such as Henry &co with the balls he had! U weak cowards###

whatever the truth of this , our "REdNEt" (and even G & H) still predicted USAcorp will eventually sell off Lfc for over a billion, , Supporters could have had it for almost nothing in 2010 had we allowed Lfc to go into admin.


--CS>  just a small correction ; Cilla sang "Anyone who had a heart" 

nice history lesson for he current generation, who , like their media, music, politics and culture , lacking in depth creativity and original ideas, many of the "fast food / me me me generation" can hardly string a sentence together , and often get it so wrong when they do bother ..(comparing Brendan with "build a team like Shanks did" ....cringe )
lack of depth, most of the best songs came from our generation, not just because of success but also because we were not supplied with so much media and stuff that fills their heads now,.. we had to depend on our own imagination, our games and fun ,, many of us only had a football to play with... 
 kids now overloaded with choices.. the culture is lost via commercialization of everything..Lfc even do it with Shanks/YNWA players and fans (are no longer "supporters" IMO) fickle disloyal and thin on knowledge of their own..
and do dads pass it on... ? I wonder... lyrics are often born out of social life, suffering , pain and experience... suffering caused he blues... (ask evertonians) ha ha but we are REd or are we.. ??? "socialism" is put down a every chance.. and we invented lyrics
even 10 years ao in Piazza del Duomo, Milano , @nearly 05h creating lyrics like "Tommy Mascherano" 10/20 lads who didn't wan to go to sleep after Torres had helped us to a 0-1 @ san siro..
the core problem is social-cultural... mind you watch Klopps defence should cause some "emotional inspiration" for the current "kloppites" .. ha ha ha

NO DEFENCE for media Bullsh&Te

nothing here "is curious" , any CB would have problems in a constantly changing defence, only foolish pundits & media fail to see the obvious, you expect consistency in defenders, yet JK is inconsistent in his defensive choices, goalies/CBs should be a UNIT only be changed through injury or persistent loss of form..
even "the Liverpool way" write crap articles these days, the "defensive leader" Lfc let leave was Lucas.. Matip is not , is usually instinctive , leadership is in you , or not...
Matip the right man to fill the Defensive leader role - by Jason Harris - Misc Articles - Articles -...

what concerns me, is when Lfc started season Clyne was known to be out, however, JK decided to have TWO major alterations in his defensive unit.(and with goalie maybe 3?) .  a risk that may have worked, but did not,
...only one person should accept the blame, and is not the player!  

rare I agree wih echo writers, however..

JK has to get this right Saturday... maureen will try to steal the game, so everyone has to be 100per cent focused and fight for every chance.. yeah I would give fresh Milner  the "left back role".  and Gomez right, he can battle too.!  -------------
OTHER from my "bootroom"  AND THEY COULD make inter-national qualification games : @an xmas winter break? and in summer and start season 2 weeks later WOULD REQUIRE INTELLECT, sadly lacking @ all FAs , UEFA and FIFA..

of course, when you vote (for anyone in USA) for tory govt. you have BLOOD on your hands ,, they focus on business and WAR is their biggest business..

AND join our festival , June 2018... 
"book early to avoid disappointment"

Monday, October 2, 2017

Geordies, Rafa , Jk, Hot heads & cold feet? ; Lfc "blanket sill needs extra material? (1-1) RedNet bootroom update ....

Geordies, Rafa , Jk,  "Hot heads & cold feet"? ; 

Lfc "blanket still needs extra material? 
(1-1) RedNet bootroom update ....

1-1 was the easiest & most predicable scoreline .. i do not "bet"  however,  when ever in the last few days I thought about this match 1-1 seemed the likely result,,, even I saw 0-1 (Lfc scoring first, and Newcastle scoring later (only 7 mins !)  , in my head,,, 1-1 

7 league games and Lfc fan nies & "experts" will panic, a win v Mancs would put Lfc back in the frame.. not even a quarter of the season gone, this was and an acceptable result for me, (despite;   /great-expectations-is-normal-jk-redne.

I obviously want Lfc to win all games but i did not want Rafa to lose, his "underdogs" didn't give Lfc much room to play "pretty" Lfc had less chances than in recent games,  (and Newcastle had double he shots on target !!)  Phil scoring (again) surprisingly from disance , (as I am sure Rafa would have educated his team that Phil always tries to get the ball on his right foot for those "super shots"..) Jonjo was not quick enough to block him..


Jonjo however "edged" my motm vote as he took he game away from counterpart Hendo in midfield , showed maturity and in his (he's a fan of Stevie ) "number 8" shirt made me smile when I think of a Lfc fan on the echo saying "we are also not disappointed Shelvey left Lfc) when I read that ... I thought Rafa should show it to Shelvey..

Lfc cannot blame champions league fatigue , 5 days o recover & prepare! Shelvey's through ball was way better than even DeBruyne's much acclaimed passing.. Matip challenge too weak and the geordies luck helped as he ball rolled slowly past Mignolet into the Lfc net...1-1...

Blanket his pre-mach press, was asked about "Klopp and Lfc defensive problems" , and Benitez amusingly commented  (*rememer his "table legs" comparison during  G& H wrangles?)
///   ... that sometimes is like having a blanket which is not big enough to cover the whole body, if you pull it over your head your feet can be cold.. :)   for me, has explained current JK tactics he has a "hot head and cold feet", the defence is left exposed when "Lfc are in full throttle" and without sufficient quality or organisation, to deal wih opposition "surprises" and some bad luck (recently)  

MoreNO was better, no obvious mistakes (I prefer Robinson or Milly) BuT, he does NOT know how to tackle, and whatever he gives going forward and has improved his performances, is NO "defender" so always Lfc play wih "3 @ the back" with him ,  Mane & Salah worked harder but neiher in form , and Salah is so "one fooed" misses vital chances, and loose control gave  Newcastle defenders time to recover and clear Lfc attacks.. 

Phil often too deep to cause damage, Studge had only one clear chance from a defensive miss-kick, poorly serviced by his team, and for me, shows that he needs regular football now to have his old "sharp killer instinct" back.. however was right that JK rested Firm. (rather jaded recently from too much football?) 

Hendo & Wijn were caught in a midfield battle , and the home side moved it forward quickly , thus, less opportunities  for "counter-pressing"  Gomez is he sort of defender , Dejan & Maip need to be more of, and was unlucky to be booked for a normal clearance, in recent games I have lost count of how many times players of various teams had raised their foot higher than him... even "Mane-high" ... !

Mignolet was mostly sound, dont know if he could have done more or been quicker off his line for Newcastle's goal, however, Pepe Reina saved a pen for Napoli in champions league last week, even as a "veteran" looks more competent (fast off his line, and near perfect disribution) than all 3 Lfc goalies combined...

Shanks / Rafa comparison

Rafa's Reds 08/09 team scared ALL of Europe & @ home, winning @ both the mancs , Chelski, Barca, Madrid, Milan and so on,  (would smash Klopp's current team) and 25 TOP youth internationals in OUR club, as was, were disposed of, (along wih Kenny, Rudolfo & Mcparland,) after he went from Lfc  ( forced out by yan nkers) they (Henry & co replacing G  & H, HOWEVER, without any better footballing knowledge  or understanding of our culture) 

have not replaced the qualities of disposed  Pepe (still playing & saving a pen for Napoli in champions league last week) , Masch, Torres, Alonso, Gerrard, Agger, Hyppia nor Carra..

(AW reply) 

Mike, nice , despite accolades, i find such can never come close to acknowledge how Shanks really “MADE” Liverpool… a global entity many modern fans are encouraged by current lfc commercials to focus on the future , i like JK however he hasnt got much of a clue about our culture.. (he even compared fergie with John Lennon!) I was a more mature supporter @ ’74 final , (i still have the match programmer and 1 quid ticket stub) remember the friendly geordies too, me going crazy when Alec scored early , then being pulled back … “the feckin ref disallowed it, lad” in my ear,, signing YNWA durin the game., and the concrete wembley stand “bouncing” . …. Shanks making he ultimate transfer from “British ” football to something else… Emlyn & Phil snuffed out “supermac” and his big mouth, Shanks selection of Tommo , a scouse kid , amazing , he stylish Peer Cormack.. Kevin, …
these flashes of mine distract from his influence on my generation, (yeah “everything” !) we would have died for him… he and Lennon the main influences of my life and especially my social awareness.. and the importance of football in society .. he was not wrong about that .. sadly perverted by “biz” & media..
he was betrayed time & again by Directors , and eventually I believe that was his reason to resign … had given too much to Lfc…
and i happened with Rafa..todays “opponent” who is the closes to Shanks in his “vision” of how a club (which was our club) should be …
Rafa, and with due respect to a legend that is Kenny, , was/is the best manager Lfc had since 1990 , complete understanding of youth development, club management through all strategic & tactical aspects , home or abroad ….Benitez had a 10 year plan disrupted by USAcorp (G&H/+ henry & co) during and after his removal and the damage has been done , probably biggest error of Lfc boardroom in over a quarter of a century to remove him, some fans underestimated his value, true Red supporters still love his commitment , on & off the field , in he Liverpool community.. whatever happens today!
in closing, I noted friday how few remembered, “fans” who chat away about rubbish on Lfc groups etc ,have their pic taken by his statue .. forgot Shanks ..he who made i all possible..
He will always be in MY heart & soul , long after the modern Lfc is not… thanks Shanks
footnote : Rafa involved in development of Phil (@ Inter ) & Jonjo (brought him to Liverpool)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Great expectations" is normal JK! REdNET bootroom...updated Pre Newcastle v Lfc

i70929 Juergen knew much of Lfc before he joined ... 

even Shanks had to walk away from the "pressure cooker" he MADE himself,,  that was LIVERPOOL, I grew up during  the dynasty Bill created from 1964-1990 

(Shanks left his planet on 29 September ... 

 13 league titles  4 times European champions,  plus UEFA, FA & League cups, charity shields and a sustained period of succesful challenge that NO club, has matched, before or the most difficult league in the world..

JK , returning from Moscow & a disappointing 1-1 @ Spartak , (when once again his defensive tactics and goalie selection, are questioned, openly ) should remember ;   Graeme Souness, Gerard Houllier and Rafa Benitez who will manage geordies' team against Lfc sunday all were hospitalized during their tenure @ Anfeld. instead of moaning about the "pressure" caused by rival "success" 

we ALWAYS expected greatness, & 200 per cent commitment fight for "OURS" we demanded the best (or a least never surrender, to anyone)  from players and supporters and Management..(Shanks, Liverpool way = our "holy trinity")  

sadly...well you know...

Newcastle v LFC   

will be weird for me ..  I love Rafa, and probably the mos damaging mistake made by USAcorp is removing mid-contract him /not re-employing him (when he was again available pre Brendan/Klopp, ...they chose "woy" feckin yan kers!)

last time I was @  "St james's park"  ... (10 years ago?) 

Stevie hammered in a free kick like a missile from about 30 metres, we were way up in the away section ... however no one, no even geordies could avoid admiring a wonderful strike from an exceptional player who Lfc , (never mind Phil & co) will NEVER replace..

dont get too"excited"  JK won a pre season friendly v Lfc, when Pepe played in midfield @ Mainz? klopp-talks-very-interesting-13693871


in case you have not grasped this.....  , 
......we don't like "USAcorp" here

mind you any "fan" who writes off the team  afer a handful of games doesnt deserve to be associated with Lfc (or Newcastle) many "fickle fan nies" & USAcorp clones @ Lfc too

1Manchester City65102121916
2Manchester United65101721516
4Tottenham Hotspur6321105511
8Huddersfield Town62315329
10Newcastle United63036519


game at Arsenal could be moved to Christmas Eve afternoon , concern after news emerges of Sky considering switching Emirates clash

 untold impact on particularly away supporters. Supporters would be faced with the prospect of getting home in the early hours of Christmas morning. & would be completely unacceptable to expect supporters to travel back from the capital at that time.
post in group   E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global
September 25 at 11:00am
..for a True Red there are two GREAT men beyond reproach in our history, SHanks.. because he took a club struggling to get out of the 2nd division and made it a global force that will live forever, at least in our hearts.. 

and Kenny, for what he gave on and perhaps even more importantly OFF the field to supporters and the Liverpool community and since the day he came to Anfield always gave more...

&  something completely different?

for all it's hype ,  was typical of modern USA media to produce a "pc" version..of ;


with the emphasis of the "Klinons "fundamentalist" threat to the (federal) empire similar to the way "superTrump" & co relates to Islam..  or alternatively their "old enemy" (soviet?) .  and indication of a "first strike" policy , promoes he idea that it should be the smartest  way to deal with this "threat"

and to make 2 WOmen the focal centre of the new series... predicable..  !

What’s happening via twats?

Read more at liverpoolecho



ALL children deserve an education…

Around the world, schools are attacked or being occupied by military forces in conflict zones... This has a devastating effect on children. It endangers their lives, their teachers’ lives, and denies hundreds of thousands of children their right to education.

It is time we put an end to this!

CS> will you convince me how education is good for kids when the result of thousands of years of "schooling" is a global mess?? sheeple funding a war machine and pollution causing tsunami and