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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

REdnet Bootroom update Pre-REview 5


so...This is a "catch up|" on "REdNET Bootroom opinions" and items since the end of the season as a pre-season review too//,,..

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opinions ..updated..end July '18

First Team 18-19..

This was proposed...  

My reactions;  it looks  good, however , I am not sure if Fab (as Jk also commented) is ready for english league footy, Hendo will be in contention for that holding position,  and dont be surprised to see Milly start there... also as Dejan may miss the first game (he, Hendo & Trent dont re-join the squaad until 5th august) ..Joe Gomez may be tested at CB or the repaired Matip or even Klavan? ...what is important, that its taken such a long time, but now there seems to be strength in depth to compete for the league & european trophies..  with Lalla hopefully now fit again, Ox in a few months, Wijnaldum, and Clyne , joined (i hope) by Grujic, Ben, and Dom, and...Studge? with maybe Ojo and another of the talented kids like Brewster & Kent stepping up as Trent did last season..

and I really wish for Ward to have the chance, and an error free start to the season, the world cup shows that even the top goalies make mistakes, but thats NO reason to persist with one who is obviously not (yet) good enough...

(and "Dosta" ..enough has been said about Karius, so I am not going to repeat my own criticism, whatever, NO player in OUR REd shoudl be publicly jeered!) 

Fav. Player?

from Liverpool past.. there are so Many greats.. for Different reasons;  Emlyn, Alun, Kevin, Graeme, JOhnny B, Kenny.. Stevie..(probably the most complete player of his time) and... currently, cant help but love Mo, Mane, Firm, Milly, OX, ..VVD looks class, Dejan recently, & Hendo does his best but Robbo is a TRUE REd his attitude, energy, commitment, ability and effort ..

Christopher Richard Smith best we have had in the last 2 decades!
Fan nies, f s g clones, sheeple & .....s

Shanks would have told you..

someone recently mentioned some other clubs fans mocking Dejan, (I answered this in a previous Log) ..i suggest you do not waste your time on what other clubs fans thinks... what I WILL ALWAYS react to is when . so - called Lfc fans (and especially admininstrators (as  Melanie Duff & MJ Kelly ) joining the mocking trend...)

life is too short to waste, ploughing through Lfc fan groups and even "mainSCREAM " (fake ) news items, about Allison, Fekir, or a thousand other players "linked with Lfc"  ..and please stop photo-shopping other clubs players in Lfc kit, if anything it arguably causes inflation and in some cases (*Fekir?) could interfere with a signing..


... Hendo, Dejan, .......  Mo, and especially Firm. who ran his socks off for Lfc and Brazil (when picked) got an earlier ticket home than expected or hoped for (by them) I just want them ALL to avoid injury every game (they are Lfc employees FIRST!) and be fresh for a LIVERPOOL assault on domestic & European trophies ..

Loanees...not a good policy..

How many.... 

especially since USAcorp took over transfers in & out.. how many players, and it seems like hundreds have passed through the academy & reserves, and squaad ... how gone out on loan and come back to be regular first teamers?
I really hope Ojo stays in the squad ..but looks like Harry is off again.. 

this is good, not completely good, but almost.. recommended, especially for the bigots of your capitalist corrupt western polluted society just to prove you are all as fecked up as everyone else in the world , you moron/sheeple!

Frankie Boyle Goes To Russia Season 1 Episode 2

CLUB (ours) v c(o)UNTry (not ours)

Nail on the head post by Howard Gayle 👏👍

Dear England Fans,
The people of Merseyside aren't celebrating because England were beat, we're not even really bothered!
Why? Because you are the fans that have spent season after season calling us murderers, saying we stole from our own dying fans, saying the police did nothing wrong.
You are the same fans that have regurgitated the same tired abuse about the state our city was left in after the 80s. 

You want us to stand next to you while you wear hats and wave flags you got free in the S*n?
Despite your abhorrent behaviour on a domestic level, you want us to stand next to you and sing God Save the Queen? The same Queen who remained silent while HER Prime Minister 'Managed the decline' of our city? The same Queen who remained silent when her servants and protectors killed 96 of our friends and family and persisted in covering their actions? The same Queen who has still not even attempted to put it right despite HER OWN COURT judging that 96 lives were lost due to the actions of HER Police?
Sorry lads, you've got us wrong. We are not that desperate to see a ball kicked. Morals first.
Football is not coming home, England are.
Yours sincerely,

a snip..extracted from...

Geoffrey Wolfson
Geoffrey Wolfson 8:51pm Jul 13
Exactly Tim neither am I my passion an loyalty is only for LFC nothing else
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Geoffrey Wolfson
Geoffrey Wolfson8:48am Jul 14
This England not England argument needs putting to bed if you support them that's your choice if you don't your not obliged to as its double standards after all how many flag wavers ourside the LFC family wanted us to beat the so called Johnny foreigners in the champions league final so let's get back to the thing that matters the most LIVERPOOL FC and the name calling is a fckn disgrace
Tim Moore
Tim Moore9:54am Jul 14
Sorry Geoffrey club and country totally different. Nothing to do with beating johnny foreigner. Most of Our team are not English. And its not about beating foreigners, its about beating another football team of many different nationalities. It could have been Real Madrid or Accrington Stanley. It wouldn't matter. If Liverpool play any team I want the redmen to beat them. But yeah name calling just daft. We are all Reds fans.
Geoffrey Wolfson
Geoffrey Wolfson10:30am Jul 14
I agree mostly but if people are so patriotic then they should want the English club to win
Tim Moore
Tim Moore10:32am Jul 14
Geoffrey Wolfson I guess I'm not that patriotic. My loyalty is to Liverpool and not the rest of England. Been shit upon so many times by the English establishment.
Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith10:33am Jul 14
agreed Tim, .. i dont feel anything for england, either way, I have lived abroad half my life and i dont need to reapeat what happened to the Liverpool and its people of my youth.. mothers side was scottish socialist (dont mention the queen & co. ) most england fans who didnt grow up at that time cant really understand the animosity .. I woudl would fight for Liverpool but not for a nation which is almost everywhere in the world an artificial construction made by kings or politicians.. ;) and divisive.. inhabited by so many people who hate my culture & ideals..!
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Original Post
Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith11:43am Jul 13

some english-Lfc "fans" have been mocking Dejan, before during and since the semis, I could care less about the world cup, its more FIFA BS! , i watched the game in a local sport bar , and i was happy when Hendo left the field ... 

because then the english morons that hate us any other time cant insult the Lfc captain.. 

they lost without him (ironic that he has not been on the losing side since 30 games(?) apparently... 

 i have never booed a REd publicly, i will state my opinion on whom i believe should be in or out of the team, but i am a REd, i and most people of my generation have NOTHING to thank the english government or their english FA for, they have been found out so many times to be biased against Liiverpool, socialism, our people and our club... 

why on earth would i cheer on the englanders now?

, as with Lfc, fans get carried away with the hype.. and forget that we were champions, so why get excited about "also rans" ?? (Lfc haven't won a major trophy since USA corp took over) sure now have money in the bank, one of the richest clubs in the world with over 30 million fans worldwide... loyal supporters who are continually exploited by the policies made in uSA! .. but do not want to hear it...

says so much that the Montenegrins in the bar , who were at war with croatians only 20 years ago cheered against england..!

i stood on the original terraced Kop with 25,000 + mostly socialist-working class lads who would have gone to war for our club.. those sort of people have been priced out since the "premiere league" and I will fight for the rest of my life against anyone inside or outsifde of the club who goes against the values instilled by Shanks... and especially the pretenders ; middle-to-business class people who use our ideas to profit from, we made the club what i became, we are LIVERPOOL , WE are the club... scouse ; local or global, not "english"..!


"the Saint" was a similar player to Firmino , playing a deeper role than traditional number 9 ... he also linked play well, created chances and scored vital goals ...!

whilst on a similar subject the current belgian national team coach ; Rob Martinez reminds me of the villian of cartoon "Thunderbirds" .. (oh and we have Virgil....Van Dyke)

and talking of the blues, ex player Glen Keeley  could be brother of ex REd Gary Gillespie ?

and welcome new boy, with much experience. (Shaqiri's honours - 1 UEFA Champions League 🥇 5 league titles 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 5 domestic cups 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 1 UEFA Super Cup 🥇 1 FIFA World Club Cup 🥇 the mans a winner 😉🔴 )
.... & ability
Xsherdan Shaquiri ... the Albanian Swiss weight -lifting winger///????
Harvey Tuttle 11:15am Jul 14
with Xsherdan I think it will be to strengthen the squad, with the aim HOPEFULLY to compete for league and european trophies.. to rotate and vary the attacking options

..with GOOD wishes 

 ......on tour...

and........this is the season when it MUST happen in the league...


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