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Thursday, February 22, 2018

REdNET bootroom update; are you boring? pre wham ....

REdNET update ...

so the lads and JK were away in Marbella. 

 ... pre wham at Anfield

 ... its that time,,,when due to an absence of first team games fans & "pundits" get into BS mode... difficult to find anoything other than nostalgia ...




is what I would like to hear pre wham at Anfield...   " ok lads we had a good break and training session in Marbella, but its back to biz saturday...  wham at home.... and lets NOT foget why we were able to have a few "away days" ...because we got beaten badly by WBA on our own patch in the FA Cup, especially painful for our loyal support after knocking out the blues previously... if you didnt feel it before , you owe them, BIG time, to see out this season in our best form,,, you been rested and rotated are all YOUNG athletes with the best training and backroom facilities possible...  but... now show the same application as In Porto...

You know you were VERY good, but that has gone now, its a NEW day and a premiere league opponent, who, like all of them will punish you if you do not do your best,,,

Apart from a couple of half chances either side of our first 2 goals in the first half at Porto , you were on top and I cant fault any one of you, it was a fantastic , and we know , a"record -breaking" game .. for all of you , individually and more importantly as a LIVERPOOL team,  to show we are there in champions league on merit, and NO team will want to play us in europe... and the same should apply at Anfield or anywhere in the english league, 

WBA was our last game here... let us learn from mistakes, for the last time, win well, and destroy bad memories with 100 per cent effort and team play from the first seconds to the last ... remember .... WE are LIVERPOOL... make our supporters proud and make them dream again... " 


recent Bootroom opinions plus....


Kev Evans> Brilliant improvements to Anfield!
New training facilities on way!
Best Manager!
Best squad for years!
I think they are doing ok!
Out of serious dept!
People should be careful what they wish for, The next ones could be a lot worse!

Chris> thats a great way to look at it... BUT my reply , point by point ; a) more expensive seats for for the rich, corporate or middle class b) not yet he isnt , cant be best before he wins a major trophy (i like JK, but bundesliga isnt major!) c) samme as a) until they win something its all :potential" great to watch... but... qualification shd never be :good enough" for lfc ..... d) "ok" yes Lfc is "OK" ..but no Liverpool SUPPORTER shd be happy with being "also rans"... .e) ..dont care about debt, would rather be in debt and winning trphies than be one of the richest in the world with just one 2nd class trphy in 11 seasons! ... f) be careful when you allow your expectations to be maged by BS! Kev!

11 years ago... 
a classic event at a time when Lfc & Rafas REds were top of UEFA rankings... now the fans are conditioned to be happy to qualify for europe... I was there , great european away days .. before , during and after the game,,, really shut up the arrogance of the locals . and our supporters were great, despite some police provocation.. one of many great memories of that period when we had reasons to be proud ...! thanks Rafa and the team!

27 years ...Kenny and...

,,.the 2 faces... both deep in my memory...Difficult to know what to add, because i didnt react at the time, it took too much time for it to sink in, I recall being shocked when Shanks left.. by now I was older and had more life experience... then after some time , i started thinking about what he had handled...and wondering who could carry on, I didnt realise until much later that Lfc would never recover, and the spiritual flame of the club had dimmed that day, and apart from flickers in the years since, has never burned as bright as those years from ' 89...IMO in the eighties so much of the "beautiful game" died... and money took over, but Kenny will always be in my heart for what he did for Liverpool people and what was OUR once proud club! thank you Kenny!! be happy!

74 prepared Lfc for this...

Liverpool 3 Newcastle 0

I still have my match programme and the ONE pound match ticket stub, 
It will stay firmly fixed in my heart and mind for so many reasons, 
It was my first ever final, first & last with my brother.
The singing of YNWA before , after and during.. Alecs "goal" 
(it took a while before my brother could catch me and shout in my ear "disallowed"..

25,000+ true Red supporters transferred from the old Kop to wembley,  and I was in the middle of it all..

and the old wembley , its concrete terraces shaking to our sound...
Shanks ... his farewell was to give us a team , and a way of playing ..
was the basis of the dynasty for decades to come,  ...a mix of Brit & "continental"
Route one, or pass & move, this game had it all.. 

Never even bothered with "supermac" his one effort alloed by Em & Phil was a balloon high into the crowd, classy Cormack, Cally Smithy & RB.. laying on the pass at the end of an arrogant move for Kevins 2nd... and Shanks and his gestures, as if a pupeteer....please dont tell me anyone has come close to what he gave us... a socialist band of brothers (& some sisters) ; 

We were truly a Red army and in sinc with the players... a magical connection that may never
come again because now they are celebreties beyond the loyalty that we felt..

thanks Shanks



18 February 2018 at 4:02 pm  ·  Reply

Being deeply involved in the resistance movement , pre G & H and during their removal , had campaigned, and still do ,against the odds, for a supporters owned club, as henry-werner and their billionaire backers are just as evil although smarter form of sharks as G & H! …the foolish way so many took in NESV despite warning of the policies of USAcorp, for me administration and fund s from 08 and celebrity fans and the local cultural benefit has been over-shadowed by mis-guded opinions & media claiming Lfc was “saved” Shanks TRUE spirit has been eroded by almost everything the current boardroom does… now as Lfc challenge for european glory, 4th is an “accepted target” by the same fans who wanted Rafa out…

Lfc as I knew it from a kid on the Kop, surfed across it, losing shoes and sometimes with wet socks… pressed together in a socialist army of Red,,, away days and european trips with my brothers & sisters … campaigning for J4t96 against the enemy in London… all this now lost in a commercially sterilized Anfield and the only remnant i see (or hear) is in the away support, still inventive, but no longer working class , none of my mates could afford todays ticket prices…

When I think back I do NOT regret that I was alienated by Lfc for my internet actions at the time, and since , I could have bought 2 houses with the money I spent on supporting Liverpool, wherever I have lived, abroad , I have waived the LIVERPOOL banner, Tuesdays result in Porto taken into account, I am no longer as proud as I once was… I was reminded about an article I wrote this time 4 years ago , when a title challenge was in our sights… 10 years and one 2nd class trophy should bring the fickle fans down to earth…

… sadly these days the sheeple are impressed more by image, as talk of JK being “best in the world” before he has won a major trophy for Lfc is ridiculous… (no I dont count the bundesliga) …
Telling the truth is unpopular, and Shanks lives forever, but not in Lfc today, in my heart..because he made the club… and the “holy trinity” tarnished by low morals , on and off the field, where “cheating” is admired by ex players and fans…

but who cares>?

… the inFest ors are acclaimed because Lfc is rich! …


Karius seemed better at Soton, however its true that considering the poor performances or goalies at Lfc since Pepe left (*huge error) that young Simon (too young for Lfc back then ) and young Karius ..too many fans give praise for what should be expected for a top team.. minimum is to save shots more or or less central to goal and clear crosses into the 6 yard box (at least as he had arm height advantage over defenders and forwards) ..but everyone wants to be an expert... and media influences many... JK covers his man... and so...


I would rather be top of the footballing league! quarter of a million annual income from commercial/tv !! ? that seems impressive..and certainly looks good to an accountant, or an investor, but please , how can a REd supporters, with one 2nd class trophy in the time of US A "ownership" be happy? sure JK is a positive influence.. but , if we had held on to Rafa & world class players, and perhaps acquired one or two more , IMO, we would have won the league and been european champs in this time ! fans have bought into the Lfc propaganda whilst our core "socialist" supporters are priced out.... Ltc board is well into May/Bush/Trump policies... 

yeah sure… manage expectations… however, one 2nd class trophy since the USA corp infested Lfc… 10 seasons and always “its gonna be NEXT season” … meanwhile the “management” changed staff coaching & playing staff FIVE times in that period ,,, in the same period Lfc have spent almost as much as man utd, with ONE trophy …. whilst the bitter rivals rub fans nose in it constantly that they won 16! … net spend ; is another story.. around half a billion pounds income from player sales… ” you can fool some of the people ..all of the time…but…”

Fair comment ; Robbo looks sound, all round game, especially what you need from a Lb;
his defensive game is so much better than More NO!  keep it up..please!

showed the mancs "5" at old trafford!  2009

Torres was bound to leave after they forced out Rafa,  Lfc boardroom was a mes and back-stabbing.. ( now replaced by USA corp sharks) woy played ale-house footy... and Nando had said before he left Atleti, that he wanted trophies and  didnt want to be sole match -winner again , which is what ("ale house footy") hodgson expected ...

dont forget, DONT miss...this,,,

Friday, February 2, 2018

REdNET bootroom UPDATED; close BROKEN window/ the VARce of it all and... "BEING FAIR" JK? and the usual FA*UP! after Sours(H)


LIVERPOOL  v Spurs   2-2


Sunday 4th February....


I was hoping for a 3-0 rout to wash away the memory of that wembley debacle.. however

A Bizarre ending to a closely contested game where Salahs Jekylle & Hyde game reflected the team and the naivety of Juergen Klopp, the home team were too often out-played and out witted by Spurs intent ...

for me the selection, again starting Mane, was wrong... Karius, although looking better than his previous games beaten by a shot from 25 yards ... as was Migs at arsenal!... seems always a question of concentration.. however have to admire the shot!
and the substitution .. (Matip) again a mistake..

the late Kane eqalizer , 2 dodgy decisions on pens,..Karius guessing wrong for the late late goal ..feels like a defeat and yet, on play Spurs deserved at least a point.. the late goal by Mo was a peach, and I thought Lfc had nicked the result.. and put them closer to the top...  but once again Lfc were not the sharpest , at home, (as v wba) for the first and 2nd balls, Can lethargic again..I was hoping for the energy we saw v Citeh, (*4-3)

as Rafa always reminded , key games are won in details.. sure the ref did Lfc no favours in the end, however Spurs had much of the game in their hands, the first equalizer caught Karius out ,recovering  from a punched (rather than gathered) clearance, but what a strike by their lad Wanyama ..was the result of pressure, the sort of pressure Lfc should have made..

the key MOMENT for me, which I mentioned SO many times...when Juergen sent on MATIP, to defend, this gives the initiative to the AWAY team as he did v chelski at home (another draw, of NINE in the league this season!!!)  Wanyama on for Spurs had the OPPOSITE effect, taking the game back to the southerners side..

It was another great game, but for me Ox should have started and his drive could have benefited the team more than Mane, who no longer seems to take on players as he did, and his passing and touch seems way off...

I used be responsible for join t ventures , one of which was between 2 german and english companies it reminds me of the good and bad aspects of german techniques; able to keep to a plan , without fail but lacking in the spontaneous reaction when there is a problem or need for a change!

Juergen KOPP is a good coach, but NOT a TOP manager, because unlike Maureen, or Rafa he is unable to use tactical switches and strategic changes to win a game, only IF he learns to do this will Lfc win a trophy..

Sad that the game wasnt won with a great goal by Salah , who like Firm and the other "fab 3" member Mane, is as frustrating as he is brilliant, some his touches & right footed passes are awful but when he gets it right, as he did twice , he is brilliant,  wonderful to watch,     

Firm. missed an open header from a great pass from Trent, which coukld have made it 2-0 however his work rate and inter passing justifies his selection,but i just cant get why, after several weeks of poor form Mane started ahead of Ox (and is Lalla still injured...? )

 and PLEASE DO NOT fecking tell me that Phil and Studge leaving has NOT weakened Lfc s chances of success THIS season!!

Salah! 1
Karius better, but still flaps  sometimes
Salah Akbar 2

" def not a penalty. but the previous offside/penalty - what linesman said makes no sense - the offside occurs when ball played forwrd by Spurs, nothing to do with Lovren
as it happened !

Both teams had positive midweek results, whilst Tottenham beating maureens mancs will be seen as the greater result, for me the win @ Hudds. , (revenge-mission-against-tottenham )

 without being top form was equally important , especially with chelski losing 0-3 at home to B'mouth ...!   Lfc just 3 points off 2nd place a win v spurs sunday is like every game, vital, 

I would hope JK is motivating his team by showing them the 4-1 debacle in London, and promoting REVENGE for, if no one the Lfc supporters who were there that day,... (well those that stayed)  

The attitude of some Lfc fans really annoys, who thought the mancs winnign would help us...  says so much about how Lfc boardroom PR-opaganda and media at Lfctv & echo, pundits & so on have "managed expectations" .. so that everyone gets excited at being in 4th !!   FFS WE (yes WE, not you business exploiters and fs g clones, fast food fickle fans)  ARE LIVERPOOL)  go thrash the cockney club!  PLEASE! 

Hendo back 


MY "hopeful" selection: 

WARD?  no, probably Karius, for this game keep changes as minimum;  although VVD comes in...
Gomez ,  VVD,  Lovren,  Robbo
               Can     Lalla     Ox 

If Lalla fit, he starts if not ; Milly,   all my decisions are based on form & game maturity...anyone "hungry" to smash spurs gets my vote... wish I was there at training in melwood...
 Mane needs to prove his place ... Lalla is needed as JK says (more or less) he IS the "replacement" fannies scream for...

GO for it... aim for Number 1... 

JK pre match :

REdNET bootroom opinion updated Feb...(v fibs)

you, the few true RED supporters remaining MUST DARE... to care about the destruction of our club

...and football overall... 


(most :seccesful SELLING club) in europe.... 
Dawn Crvena posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.
Dawn Crvena
February 2 at 3:18pm
Congratulations FSG 🎉


: 31st January 2008. 350 supporters met in The Sandon. Angry at the broken promises from Hicks and Gillett, and wanting to give supporters a voice, Spirit of Shankly was formed. What a 10 years it has been  

@ plus ca change ... I am sorry for Shanks name! not only his statue shifted , his ideals have been virtually removed.. u didnt save Rafa or stop Kenny"s sacking.. congratulate yourself for a voice that capitulated in the commercial mutation

The Broken (transfer) window 
the media love it, and they rule the childs mind,  the "fans" who are glued to their "smart phones" fooling themselves (because they have played football manager on their computer) that they are "marketeers" ... choosing the next "fast food selection'  players who have a good season , get "wanted" status.. when in truth there are a handful of players who are : truly "World class" which for me; means staying at the top of your game, season after season; several seasons...  otherwise they are no more than more cogs in the wheel;  so similar to the modern music factory....  "one hit wonders" in a couple of years , just another name... 

Causing Mid-season DISTRACTION & disruption... surely this "window" was intended to help clubs who struggled with injures during winter to be able to refrech the squad, now its just another part of the "MARKET"  ...the selling OFF of the game to commercial vultures...

OK stop it... make it compulsary for players ANYWHERE in the world (FIFA?) to be secured to their clubs season by season...  and ONLY be special application can a player be transferered mid--season (with "cause" such as injury crisis MUST then be proven!)

AS for Lfc, the controvercial & eventual transfer of VVD in does  NOT , sanction allowing Phil-the-brat,  untested Grujic, and sick-note Studge to weaken the squad... (pre FeckUP defeat by WBA!) 
whatever JK claims and cloned hacks like walsh try to defenda) Phil should not have been allowed to go in January, a deal could have been managed to fix it for summer b) THE squad is weaker without Phil...IMO,  its not about "replacement" its about decisions, too many since 10 years of USA corp. have been against the interests of LIVERPOOL 's Supporters 

reminders :(3 years ago) /2015/02/rednet-update-studge-is-backhim

CLOSE the fecker forever! PLEASE!

distracted you from...

the VARce..

what FARCE ... !  as JK mentioned ; 10  minutes time (NOT) added to the first half,  what???????

will all clubs be FORCED to add bigTVscreens because 4 indecisive refs can work out an immediate decision, ? or because dumb modern fans cant decipher what the decison is? surely at Anfield "George" could just relay the message (decision ' "offside" or "penalty because Moreno stupidly fouled him" etc etc ) :)

? one  more step towards replacing the "annoying supporters" with a virtual audience,.?who will know.. so many of the crowd are "stiffs" now anyway... just spectators...  clueless! voice-less but not classless ?
(scene from wag the dog)  all the USAcorps etc have to do is to price YOU out of the stadium, exclude the "rif-raf" turn on virtual effects...and sell the advertsiing space whilst they mASS-debate (m....)  the decisions with the "over paid pundits" on TV and social media.... abd YOU the sheeple, the f ecking sg clones will SWALLOW it, just like you with this VAR BS! 


JK , Ward amd the corrupt FA*UP?

did you read?2018/01/rednet-update-downbeat-down-to-earth.html

another weird thing about this season's CUP
  games Lfc had to play ;.Leicester in the coconut cup & Everton and WBA in FeckUP ?  ALL premiere league opposition... !!!!!!! CO_INCIDENCE?????

Ok Jk IMO could have resisted weakening Lfc against Leicester, WARD didnt have much chance,,, if Lfc proceeded against smaller clubs Ward could have featured .....
but to play demoted Migs & MoreNO v WBA was an insult to WARD who could have bee playing in the league for Huddersfield this season,  and to Robbo, whom everyone except Klopp agreed deserved to make LB his own. Even Klavan was in form, but dropped... whilst Mane starts every game , despite being out of form since several weeks (2 stunning goals excluded) 

FAIR play amd the "enjoyment" culture being lost.. I played cards  here,,last saturday..: "it was "nice" to be included in a game of cards..although i wasn't completely welcome! :)

it also highlighted the cultural differences locals apply to "OUR games"
(british isles also origin of football, rugby, criket, rounders, (baseball), golf..etc)

dealing the cards...
2 packs and double hand..

the game for Liverpool and most societies i played Rummy  in relax. with "friends or relatives"  to joke, smoke, drink, tell a and feel "easy" 
(or alternatively for "gamblers".. who player seriously)

but NEVER "rushed" or impatient as at least one player was,,,
and in every game ...inside or out...serious or "just for fun" ..PLAY FAIR...with FAIR PLAY"

St Pauli memories

I have been there, i was based in Hanburg and lived nearby for a while ,  but got to know its style better when I was "touringeurope" one summer about 10 years ago with "Belgian Red LUNATICS"  we played in an anti-fa tournament for fun and support in west of england.. one of the other teams were "St Pauli girls"  strong lasses who gave us a game, and at the end (after I suggested swapping shirts with their captain)  we propesed an extra friendly game,   and decided as the girls were kitted out in mens kit, we should "compliment them" .. the organiser had costumes from the previous nights do, we drssed in female gear..and boots...  being  defensive destroyer is harder when having to pull me long red dress up to intercept their attackers... great fun, great girls , great attitude, which , as Brian has said is mostly lost to english senior footy stadiums ..and Anfield, sadly...  I still remember the days when our support was TRULY "REd".... now the stands are full of more blue voters than in goodison...?

anyway ...the girls won a fair play trophy or something at the tournament but were limited to carry-on luggage flying back to Hamburg...  so a I was driving back (albeit living at the time 800 kms from Hamburg) I volunteered to deliver the trophy, and arrived at St Pauli stadium when the girls were finishing training, no i didnt get invited into their showers .. but my inititive was appreciated..  such spirit needs remembering and repeating  so dont forget "AeFaN"  #eurofootyliga THE oppositioin to UEFA and join our tournament here; 
June festival NOT just for fans , but all friends who want to have a lot of fun in a beautiful !

Brians view ; 

..and.... sad and ironic at a time when Lfc do not have a "sound" keeper,  the original Liverpool "Sweeper-keeper" ..left us  "adopted Scouser" Tommy Lawrence , who was in Shanks "greatest" squad 1964-66 which won the League (twice) and FA cup (for the first time ever)  never used gloves was "heavy"  and a really nice man...  shall be missed...  (rather than the current pair, who usually simply miss....the ball!) 

to continued....