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Thursday, September 21, 2017

black & white LIVERPOOL ; LACK & whine MED1a ~ @ REdNET bootroom outrage

black & white LIVERPOOL ; LACK & whine MED1a ~

 @ REdNET bootroom outrage 

society in or out of footy Is, IMO, outrageous..  fake, ridiculous...
good or bad..?

donald  T. duck (a.k.a superTrump)  "running ?" the USA war machine,  the thatcher clone, (still ) there , threatening strikers (Lfc don have any more,>?)*

and KARMA (a.k.a. "Hurricane Harvey" ,, attacks texas ...(nature knows who is to blame for global war & pollution)?

Rafa with the Geordies , if supported, will make them like Lfc should be ,,,   USAcorp , fs g clones, fan nies and idiot "experts" are making  Lfc like Newcastle  were... ?????  (disruption of staff every couple of seasons)

"der basteln mann"

* he is a USAcorp employee, he has and probably will never openly criicise F s g policies..
* 90 league goals conceded wih JK?, (average more than one a game STATES "here IS a problem."  so PLEASE dont tell me it is NOT "raining "  Juergen,,
* Champion teams are built on a defensively sound unit , keeping CBs & goalie a constant is vital for understanding !   
(and NO one can replace the job LUCAS did and was unappreciated for ,, including, it seems, by JK & staff>?)

*I enjoy Klopp as an "entertainer" ,,some fantastic attacking footy, ( but I dont like when Lfc are playing ,like a basketball team... nOR when he makes excuses & throws fits on the touchline, and i dont want to see an Lfc coach with twisted face, having a Teutonic rant against fans @ Anfield, even if they are too quiet.)  

when all is good ,  Lfc looks "fantastic"

i DO usually like him.... YES,  was critical of JK from day 1 ..( i perhaps coldly called him "another  version of Brendan") 

 for me winning a German league title was not enough to impress ..and I said always until he wins a major trophy for Lfc , all  other "hype" is for nothing..

"JK allowing a Phil ttantrum cost Lfc games & points?"
UK media and many fickle fans are hypocritical, previously he was (like Brendan) praised and  "the normal one" promoted by all & sundry... now on he "knee jerks bandwagon"  they scream for his head,..
e rid of USAcorp, 10 years with one 2nd class trophy , won by Kenny whom they betrayed and sacked!)

THE MEDIA is full of whining (not winning) and a LACK  of simple constructive or positive  ideas or advice, i can complain, easily,  however, instead of criticizing ,  come up with some INTELLIGENT proposals..  
?? I could ... however, no one would listen to me, I am not "cool enough" :)  Media ; mainscream or via fan based is ignorant & irrelevant much of the time.


Shanks will live forever...


Jamie Cunningham
Jamie Cunningham 10:46am Sep 11
You need to get over it ! You or i can't change the result or the squad . . Also it's not Our club as someone owns it 🙄

Support the shirt and it don't really matter who paid for it or who's in it 🙌🏻👌🏻

Just my opinion before you all get your knickers in a twist !

Roll on Wednesday
Original Post

Christopher Richard Smith
Chris Smith 9:55am Sep 11
“feck the result” ? I cannot recall seeing a headline saying ” xxxx thrash Lfc” ?

i am not so passionate about Lfc since USA corp infected what was OUR club,

however , JK was naive , IMO, playing a defence including; young AA, 3rd choice Klavan, AND (he brings much less to a defence than he provides in attack) moreNO! …@ Man C???

then to stick Can in CB was asking for goals against , because he has rarely shown aptitude for Lfc in defensive roles , (me, well, I continue to believe Lucas shd have remained @ Lfc , prefer him as back up to current CB pair!..for his organization & experience in such a situation )

Klopp & “gung ho” tactics may seem “rave” however , Saturday looked more like “charge of light brigade” … suicidal …

all credit for supporters who sang YNWA after that…

result maybe forgotten by fickle, who hang on results, game to game , Lfc better before 1-0 however, Sala, missed 2/3 chances/assists, worries me that JK smiles! when supporers suffer… his defensive nous is limited.. should have “gone ugly” @ red card, 8 man defence , Studge or Solanke(on for Firmino?) & Sala , 2 up front , long ball. avoid competing in midfield. you cannot press and play through citeh with 10 men!
(agree this ” absence of Lallana and Coutinho did impact us. We missed Lallana’s ability to travel with and keep the ball and Coutinho is always good for a goal against these. (snip)
no ability to keep the ball and opponents who revel in opening the pitch up and overloading you with runners.” )

I am AMAZED however how few, inc Carra & other “experts” journos & pundits failed to mention Otamendi on Sala, afer 5mins , he “took out” Sala with a full body LUNGE which could have broken both Sala’s legs it again.. maybe too early for a Red, my criticism of Moss , is that he only applied the rule on Mane! (and …there was no need to “hurry up” Trent’s throw-ins except to prove “Moss is boss” ?)…

“feck the result” ? I cannot recall seeing a headline saying ” xxxx thrash Lfc” ?

RECAP ; The "Phil farce @ Lfc"

Chris S created a post in your group European REd loyal Supporters Club a.k.a "REdS abroad"
September 3 at 9:40am young modern pros are "super rich" immature young men, distant from values of heir origins.. sure he WANTS to play with Messi & Suarez before they leave Barcelona ......HOWEVER he SIGNED a CONTRACT ....... he and the pimp agents need to be informed ..they cannot always act...
posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.

created a post in your group European REd loyal Supporters Club a.k.a "REdS abroad"

Christopher Richard Smith
August 16 at 5:00pm
echo in "fake news overdrive" this summer ... Liverpool's equivalent to the white house! ha ... just as many liars , hacks , "experts" & media exaggerations! liverpool-transfer-news-coutinho-barcelona

Chris >
August 19 at 8:53am
I am sure billionaires @ USAcorp will love to see more money (phil farce) in their bank that they wont spend...on the team or stadium, or ON reduced ticket prices etc I still dream of how OUR club was.... for supporters ..not for business Lfc Directors have no loyalty either , only to their dollars, players become the same!!!

posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club a.k.a "REdS abroad".
Phil C. PLEASE take a look @ Stevie ... talk wih him and grow up!
posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club a.k.a "REdS abroad".
Harvey Tuttle
August 11 at 8:23am
Studge & "the young man in he news" unavailable tomorrow however in european squad ...
p.s. however, (CS) " IMO, if a player is in heart and mind elsewhere£ he cannot play his best for the team,

and if Phil says this (wants barca), i promise he will be injured ..anyway opposing defenders.will do him, . and because players are injured easier when they are not 100 per cent...committed.."
Studge & "the young man in he news" unavailable tomorrow however in european squad ...
September 1 at 11:02am
If I was Manager , I'd bench him and tell him why privately.. (feckin obvious ....) and hold him back when "injured" from him or anyone playing international games ... JK seems weak now...!! coutinhos-great-sadness-missing-13558280

Chris> posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club a.k.a "REdS abroad".
September 1 at 11:05am
BS !! ... Players should stay @ Lfc and remain available Divi is capable of impact when on form...liverpool-fans-react-divock- 

and .....

in Campaign site for equality & anti DIS CRIMI NATIoN Plaints , ME and Global.

Chris Smith
August 7 at 5:40pm

be a human being human

dont build walls with bodies of drowned or starving kids ,

 open up your soul to a world without need for walls or wars!

posted in Black sheep & Monty - knee-GRINS.
Chris Smith>
open your frontiers , open your doors , open your hearts to people on the move, be a HUMAN E BEING!...

YouGov | Forget 52%. The rise of the “Re-Leavers” mean the pro-Brexit electorate is 68%

Chris East-west Invest Ursun
campain ran by 2 tories based on lies causes a WEAK "great British pound" ironic,, would laugh but my income is -35 per cent!
Chris East-west Invest Ursun
p/s/ i will no happen, too complicated ro extract.. however I would love to see EU demand that UK citizens would need visas for all eu countries" :)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

deja vu? how about Plan ? A? eh?

modern fans  underestimate the achievements of Rafa’s time, (without USAcorp backing him) 
which was best of the last 25 years; a time when we were proud , and scared all of europe!!!! , 
and those who claim to be “Shankly boys” who say he always played “attacking football” have poor memories , he and Bob too could have his teams grind out a result when required, (a la Rafa), 
 with Bentiez, we were NUMBER 1 in he UEFA rankings ; winning “THE 5th” , and an FA cup , with finals & semis , being the norm, and “that week @ Ot and thrashing Real 4-0 .. and scoring goals at will in the run in 08/09 …(unfortunately so did Ars(e)havin) I commented spontaneously when JK arrived ” a German Brendan” .. in time maybe he will grow into a great Manager with a perfect “plan A=” & cunning with it .. however he is not canny , caught out by dramatic or unexpected changes during games… subs come on too late o have full effect , attractive footy , super to watch, 35 shots Saturday and some real enthralling movement across the pitch ,  

JK after match press conference

however, burnley , even though they must have felt like defending the “alamo” were encouraged enough to hang on and sill threaten theft at the end.. for me, the damage done to Lfc @ city is sill no perceived by many,,, a certain edge is missing, and other teams know Lfc can be got at .. if you play wih only 2 defenders (the 2 CBs)then Lfc will probably concede 
… fans under-rated Lucas … no one does his job now,., 7 changes ? seriously ? yeah JK applauded the flair on show , Studge could/would have scored a hat-trick on another day.. certain defensive aspects are missing on the field and in the “dugout” subs @ 80 mins? , no thanks!… only causes disrupted momentum..
having said all that , Phil , Lalla, Mane, and a full strength team could win enough with “Plan A+” performances to take a trophy,, (title?) my main worry is that “der basteln mann” will water down the chances with constant changes especially to the “defence” 
Rush goalie…?
one of the self  appointed "experts" on a fans show suggested Jk wants Karius as number 1 , as a "sweeper"  ..yet Lfc (Brendan)  let Pepe go, the BEST , not only for his speed off the line,  his accurate & speedy distribution... and an organiser of defence,,,  didnt JK see him ?, dont anyone at Lfc see this,  ??  Karius too hesitant, Mignolet good on his line.. however...  another massive error by Lfc..   same wih D Agger who should have been given the same medical support as Lfc gave to the other Daniel (Studge..)

 125 years ... "uncelebrated" 

more @~ 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Man C v Lfc and * Phil C ... 170909 REdNET bootroom opinion tooo000

Man C  v  Lfc  and * Phil C ... 

IF U had mentality of Lucas YOU WOULD be worth 200million

I miss "scouser" Lucas more than I would miss Phil ..see..

REF ' ;    Phil C..

a comparison...
if you are manager of an enterprise and your chief employee applies to a major competitor, however cannot leave as forgets he/she is in a contract,,

 or perhaps a "worse/more extreme'' comparison;

as your wife/girlfriend tells another man PUBLICLY that she loves him more than you , atfer that she comes back & stays with you...

would or should true REDS trust him as before?

If I was managing Lfc , I would take 200 mil. for Phil, promote Woody and half the Anfield ticket prices! (for true RedS) :p

How 's AA taking this ? 
ONLY 2 weeks ago HE was "THE kiddy"  :)

Apart from Lucas, (he has experience , organisation and defensive ability others do not..) I feel also ; Kent , Origi, and Ojo should stay @ Lfc for sake of squad and player development.. (although Ken is @ Freiburg , where my estranged son Leon lives..

JK should be informed ; Lfc players in 60s & 70s often played 60 games (excluding internationals) as we always challenged for all domestic and European  trophies and listening to pre match press this afternoon noticed how "bent" Lfc sponsor wall is,, Lfc promote a "vice" (bet victor)  a corrupt bank "Standards corrupted" .. Western Union .. anoher USAcorp biz.....and... 

What is BV? | Bacterial Vaginosis??? would fit  JWH & F S , G  clones

and for the rest of the world ,,,
our education of sheeple; 
@  /2017/09/monty-oxy-morons-local-global-and-karma.html

"the west" Reacts with horror, yet less than 500 have been killed in alleged t error attacks in Europe's last 10 years , ....  even when 1 "white european christian" dies it becomes "phreaking news" in all mainscream media, CNN and other fakers... 


Twenty-two years after the Srebrenica massacres, direct perpetrators of mass killings of Bosniaks at several lesser-known execution sites have still not been charged or put on trial.  and   dutch soldiers who stood by , are as much to blame? 
 Mevludin Oric is remembering the day in July 1995 when around 1,000 men and boys from Srebrenica were shot dead by Bosnian Serb forces in a field near the village of Orahovac in the Zvornik area.
“I heard them loading their rifles. They screamed, laughed and drank. They enjoyed themselves,” Oric told BIRN.
No one has yet been indicted for taking part in these shootings, either by the Hague Tribunal or the Bosnian judiciary.