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Thursday, June 7, 2018

ATTENTION TRUE REdS ; IF you read NOTHING ELSE this summer ; READ this ; carefully it may be the only chance we have...



IF you read NOTHING ELSE this summer ;

PLEASE READ this ;  

carefully , BECAUSE it may be the only chance we have...

  OUR L'BIRD is angry! .

.. go to this LINK the Rednet text from this link that is often BLOCKED (or text made "smallest")  by.... "them" & their fakebook goons...    ...........................    scroll down      

The people behind "UScorp" want to STOP you (via the net) from taking back OUR beautiful game via OUR club , do not be a sheeple STAND UP ! 

_______________________________________________________ see

           Wednesday, June 6, 2018
REdnet ... Steps into "Star Trek" ? the L'BIRD is learning to fly...again?

(if on net is blocked by HwJ or g s f .. go to ;  ...or 
back up @  ...they cant stop L'bIRD or you from flying 

via REdNET L"bIRD = 
TRUE REd Global Supporter POWER 

New signing; confirmed - we dont do "gossip" or speculation on REdNET to fill our space.

"Mo Salah, 
oh Mane, we got Firmino , and now Fabinho... 
:) "


Ref ; Kenny ; 
Sue Costello, i ask you to kindly not  put words onto me that I haven't used Sue, please...there is no "generalisation" .. look at the basis of Shanks idealism,  look at the videos, our values WERE socialist that is my point, and what is true now, that our core support, which came from "working class people" who squeezed onto the Kop along side me are priced out of the stadium, no lad that I grew up with could afford it, the 3 new kits for the kids EVERY summer (why?) paying  in advance for ticket sales.. the cost of "match day"   i dont care about politicians, they are also nothing to me,  being REd (our Liverpool way) ..its a lifestyle , as Shanks would have pointed out to you... 

I love Kenny and he and Marina will always be legends on and especially off the pitch what they did  for Liverpool people, but wont betray my beliefs and those that our club was built on now betrayed by the shark-infested boardroom ... i have never asked  for Kenny to be knighted ..because they (the royal family)  obtained their power at the expense of the people, their ancestors were thieves who stole the land through violent means and then demands tax.. but anyway     the point I am making , quite clearly is that Kenny is our king , Marina his queen and like Sir Roger too are all that I and true Reds need to care about .. if he is pleased about it, thats nice for him, the fact that they knighted fergie and not Bob just shows what a scam & biased establishment it is! YNWA/J4t96! 

Lfc arent very good at this.. fans posting him in Lfc shirt on social networks since weeks may not have helped, but IMO not healthy to show such a massive interest in one player, whatever the likes of barca do, need more discretion remember the fiasco last summer with VVD? and others in past years..! /nabil-fekir-transfer-liverpool-shrouded-


Peter, for me. its was up to Lfc boardroom to insist Phil stay until end of the one player should dictate to Lfc .. when he hadrecently signed a contract.. tantrums & emails dont match up to the significance of a possible european trophy success.. Studge IS past his best, you are right..BUT .. he also could have been told toi shut up and put up with the bench.., even if it meant him getting 15-30 minutes in the latter league games and maybe away in Rome ... when lfc forwards were tiring, and IMO, he could have done a job in the final  after Mo was brutally taken out...   we have 11 seasons of .."theres always next season" i am sick of it.. vital decisions make the difference between also-rans & winners!... as for ranamokos, ..."karma" will get him one day..! because UEFA will do f-all!____

Mo Salah - A Football Fairytale (DOCUMENTARY)

MO believes in equal chance & social JUSTICE, do you?

More Mo goals...  @   ....and so many fans caught up in the summer transfer madness or FIFA world cup... forgot...THIS;
a reminder .. (LINK)     Story of the Kop... ?

I dont like some of the policies of the barca boardroom but..I like...this  "
  the Barcelona president, has criticised the corporate and foreign ownership of major Premier League clubs, saying that while he is in charge his club, which is owned by its 180,000 members, will "never, ever be for sale".Nov 7, 2011

Barcelona will never be for sale, says club president Sandro Rosell ...

part of__


Raw emotion ;

(content) #censoRED

REdnet   ...
...    Steps into "Star Trek" ?    

all week;  european liberation and D-day celebrating now until 8th of june ... the freedom to choose, DECIDE ... your own decisions days...

...Part 2  .. 

having identified the opportunity, the next phase between now and end of season/summer 2019 is to get everyone ; local or global ;  on board... "winging it with L'Bird'

we go again... >?????? we?  

so,  do we go BOLDLY GO?

 where no fan has been before,?  
 in a way ; Yes  WE WILL

...will you?

what is "L'Bird" ?

This is my initiative and reflect a "love story"  associated with this mythical symbol relating to my youth so greatly influenced by Shanks & Lennon the Liverbird image followed me, everywhere I went in the world... 

and my generation follow it ....  &  took it on banners & flags, I pinned up my scarves with its image on walls of cafes , bars & pubs in remote parts of europe..    the MYTHICAL bird of our people... from the "pool of LIFE" 

now, not  local , but global , since half a century ; supporters in Asian , African & American continents compete with european supporters clubs in inventing new designs and mottos, ... that is "poetry in motion" and brings much more to peoples lives...

what will L'BIRD do for global support?

 "L'BIRD" IS your own Liverpool currency! 

if Lfc is now a "business" as they keep saying , ....
let it be our  ENTERPRISE, via supporter empowerment...

TRUE REd supporters NEED ;

* To Protect our people , local & global
* to enable better conditions, free from harassment
* Lower ticket & travel costs
* better deal on club products
* communication between all true supporters on ALL club issues
TO BE recognized for our input into the club!!


Christopher Richard Smith ; 

Global Network

An estimated 30 million + registered Lfc fans on the net. 
CRS has access to over 50 Supporter sites on social media -

 around 100,000 in direct contact.

our own "L'BiRd" cryptocurrency 

noun: cryptocurrency; plural noun: cryptocurrencies; noun: crypto-currency; plural noun: crypto-currencies

a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

"decentralized cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin now provide an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond restriction and confiscation"

use with 30 million + supporters & fans worldwide!

 via this event  and  associated groups ..see below.. the "L'Bird"....IS .. a  currency that you can exchange with 30 million other fans ...

"OUR L'BIRD is MORE than a "BIT" better than "Bitcoin"   

(which went from 0 to around 700 euros value , and is used by millions of people worldwide)


So, you can remember this...?

or raw pain and emotion,.. at /2018/05/lfc-lost-it-and-u-can-stick-theres.

 the Liverpool team went  to the biggest club final in the world, 

...but...apart from winning ..and becoming the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS for the 6th time. or To win the league. sure... 

.... what EXCLUSIVE thing should LIVERPOOL supporters want..?

  for personal gain, TO IMPROVE the status and empower ALL TRUE REd SUPPORTERS WORLDWIDE we launched; 


YOUR LIVERPOOL coin, from 23 May 2018, 

I will not apologise for taking this opportunity , as i truly believe it to benefit all supporters , worldwide, to support this ,

retain & remain.. a true REd family


* its 13 years since our team won a MAJOR trophy (05)
* OUR club did not need "saving" from a situation USA corp places us in
* G & H were bad, (WE forced them out!!!)  but JwH & co are like "financial sharks"  backed by billionaires who just want YOUR money, and damage our football legacy.

* one 2nd class trophy since 2006, AND they sacked Kenny, the only man who won it.
* ignored the quality of Rafa! 
* they are the OPPOSITE of OUR CULTURE!
* they didnt save it - they stole it , from a leveraged acquisition, now worth double.?

* OUR SUPPORT MADE the club;

 since 50 years OUR wit, songs, banners, flags , scarves, YNWA, 

all of our support is featured  & promoted worldwide via local & global media, to make THEIR profit, whilst we invest masses into their exploitation.
Lfc business ownersFenway Sports Group & c.e.o John Henry;  hedge fund & Boston red sox owners are unpopular with many core supporters; Sales of best players ; Mascherano, Torres, Sterling, Suarez, Coutinho & others = income circa 500 Million euros (ME), since taking over 2007 from Moores Family via G & H , Leveraged D(st)eal.

AND ...  2018/05/rednet-bootroom-lbird-post-final-true

Evolution & our HOLY TRINITY

 .... "L'BIRD" ;  IS my Liverpool love evolved &  will benefit  all supporters ; local & global  

and remind the world, that through supporter empowerment that the "LIVERPOOLway" (and particularly the ideals of Shanks form of  society) is again the most important aspect of our LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB ....  formed for a group of men to play football, to entertain supporters and for members (non playing) to support that team..


1. play football and win games (and trophies)

2.. entertain the support and be supported by its members..

3. admin & everything else..

if you do not understand this I recommend this from 7 years ago... POTEMKIN league


Plan; "back to the future" ?

Plan A

The clear aim is to benefit LIVERPOOL supporters worldwide & empower them via a universal REDS Supporter Union Network ;  with the "L'Bird" as our currency.


1. to convince 10,000 core supporters to buy into "L'bird con" @ e20 per = 200,000e

2. Thereafter to aim to bring 25 million more of the estimated 30 million plus global Lfc fans on the net @ e50 = sum ; 1250 ME (million euros)

to encourage a sale via  "L'bird coin" 

we Challenge owners legal validity, unwelcome public scandal? acquire club via issue of supporters shares minimum; e20 core input, max e50 per share. , after an EGM

subscribers receive a coin, at the very least, and a refund if targets are not achieved..

Plan B

L'Bird promotions products & service sales via supporter own network. (all fans become salespeople)

increasing revenue by own products rather than endorsement of sponsors,

direct negotiation with factories to serve a 30 million+ full network via our supporters & fan clubs who become commissioned sales agents, every fan-member is a salesman..

Apply a football - wise strategy rather than accounting strategy, creates a society which employs pro management - celebrity fans on board for publicity worldwide ; to serve the club & its members not a bunch of rich capitalist exploiters.

Website linked to social media...


"L'Bird cryptocurrency" ? Logsitics via co-operative partners local ^ global which serves our supporters , not the rich.

...PLAN "C" already becoming part of  plan a...

see L'BIRD coin union for Liverpool supporters only...independently obtaining better conditions, without compromising to their boardroom policies..

(such as Kiev travel disaster avoided) improved facilities and, continue pressing for at least 50-50 with owners ...

The majority of members should see this as an emotional rather than financial decision, supporter empowerment for the cost of e20? when Lfc fans have just been ripped off for 1000 GBP day trip for the final in Kiev!!?...refunds are made on request if the targets are not achieved,

and should "the dreaM" (acquisition of the business corp controlling Lfc, be achieved ) each member will achieve a share of the eventual Liverpool football club at only e50 per share , non voting, voting rights to be decided at an EGM by all members, once control is confirmed.. 

considering the debatable scandal over the original sale in 2007 we would oppose any sale to a.n.other person ,  party, institution or corp.

details (below ; links to blogs, FB, twatter, emails , and feemales etc ha ha .. all likely to be #censoRED)

will we be opposed ?  of course , we already are #censoRED ! against all the "odds & sods" ;)

  (  #censoRED ?
OR via ; ?      )

do you understand the objectives?
Shanks ;  Aim for the stars!

(and maybe participate in spreading the initiative!)   this video....redrockfc.montereds/videos/2003544533297244/  could change ME forever,,, 


(to join connect to any of the links)


or via /groups/URSUN/

or via groups/Union.BrEdS/

L'Bird fits into  2018/04/my-local-global-strategy.html? 

& from friends @ /me.without.limits/

Greetings from  "REdNET friends & REdS abroad Members @ groups/wild.beautiful.footy/
groups/eured.supporters ;

"this and our associated groups will not be posting transfer speculation, gossip, and fannies "rumours" of who (they) want to sign, every player on the planet, its a  waste of your time..  we focus on whats TRULY important ..."

. we wish to make sure that all supporters,, players (inc. youth and grass roots teams ) local & global are treated correctly and fairly, by the Lfc we invest in, & other clubs, by UEFA, by police/stewards , and not ripped off through european travel, or exploited via ticketing home or away (europe especially) join this..(read the text carefully,please @  groups/

 & see

REdNET (CRS) interview by H -T ? 


Me ;    the 3 phases of my life ...

a ) Taker;   young enterprise machine 24/7 enterpreneur & Global Strategic manager (Gemnet) 

until coma in 1995 = 100% change  ...

b) wake up 1995  ("born again"?)  Epoch Charity org, Freedom & Union,  human rights, peace activism,  eco-logistics , grass "routes" footy ;  sponsor & manager of youth teams and footy tournaments.. etc... Giver!

Now phase C) 

.... see continual  Campaign v evil empire 

(more like "star wars" )  v "USAcorp" (*who pollute the land, air, water & minds of our children)
.. ha ha

 = Evolution

.... "L'BIRD" ;  IS my Liverpool love evolved &  will benefit  all supporters ; local & global... with hope in OUR hearts!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

REdNET bootroom; "L'BIRD" ; post final; THE TRUE REd ISSUEs ; then, now and next year,,,WE DO "GO again"

THE TRUE REd issues ; 


next year,,,  

 ... do you?

CS> since the semis (ScLoG) has been a bit "quiet" because a million opinions have been shoved down your throats,, however REdNET (CS) has been active,,,  more below...  just had this little exchange with yet another "fannie" 

 some one (!) asked how many Lfcplayers would get in rm side...

MY ANSWER; " who would want to, for Uefa favourite & money frauds "galactico cheats"? no thanks... ,

Firmino is happy at Lfc , Mo wont go after what Ramos did, ... anyway football is , despite the opinion of video game players & some idiot pundits, a team game , not just to put 11 top players on the same field, the collective force of the Liverpool team, on another day would blow away any team , including ron & co.. Benitez won against a superior "eleven" in 2005 ..because he got the team working in the 2nd half of Istanbul,... i agree with Jk (on this point at least) that is what makes football so great that there are always surprises , because.... a cohesive team and maybe a bit of good luck, can win over any arrogant bunch of prats... ;) "

REdNET bootroom opinion :
the issues

Then ( off the field)

"elephant in the room" the "january sale" yep, no one will want to discuss that in November, Lfc (in the form of JK) said that he had no intention of Phil C or Studge leaving the squad... saturday night... and having overcome 2 shocks to the team & travelling support;

a) Mo being "taken out" by ramos

b) Karius became their 12th man and gifted the vital 1st goal

players and supporters gleefully applauded the rightful efforts of Mane & co... to equalize... "back in the game" ? against all odds...........

hardly time to catch a breath, when on come "welsh galactico" Bale... to bail out rm with an almost freak goal, .. "magic' by an apparently "under valued" (?) rm player who has struggled to make the team this season.. wins it for them...

BIG player- after Mo was "taken out" by ramos...
Mane hits the post, then...

Karius Mk 2...

and its unworthy of Lfc fans "hating" a player, as much as the bile sticks in our throats..

...He is a "professional" Karius has an ego, ...he drives a big car, (as many do) with a number LK1 (personal plate) he came to Lfc to make his own fortune,.. he took the posiition of Gk from Simon, who IMO should NOT have replaced my personal favourite of Pepe Reina ..

I am a supporter of the team,, I have sympathy with supporters AND with the players who gave their best

.. i would argue , as I mentioned before ...

that Juergen should NOT have put him the position in such a game, but Karius was happy to take the credit if things went well... I think of Milly , who worked his socks off through the tournament
... and maybe played his last season for Lfc (he will be 33 and u know how young players will challenge him next season) Hendo too .. who fought hard , especially after Mo going off made it harder.. .

.... Mo...I have deep sympathy much more than Karius because he and we knew that he could have won it for the supporters and the team, Firmino and Mane, who tried to make the difference after Mo s brutal exit...

Wijnaldum too , who showed more class and effort after replacing Ox in the latter stages of the CL, young Trent , a 19 year old scouser, seeing his home team humiliated on the world stage by stupid errors from a man several years older..

Lovren who was with VVD impressive when so many expected him to be weak against Ronaldo, and dont forget Robbo, the "duracel bunny" of the Liverpool team....

he ran and ran and fought and made last ditch tackles (as did Dejan) that also denied the poser a final goal.

..THESE are the men I empathize with..

. i will never HATE a player in a REd shirt, thats just wrong... BUT, i will state my truth, as i see it..

THE ISSUE however.. is this ... Lfc dont have to be Madrid or Citeh to win trophies (in extreme form Leicester showed that in the EPL recently..) but HAD Lfc kept Phil , even could have done the deal with barca (as Lfc did with Keita) .. to remain for the for the rest of the season.. (he was cup-tied anyway) and arguably our "magician" could have been the match winner, even if Mo was hit by their "assasin" ?????

Now (on the field)

I wont apologise for this ... because its the policies OFF the field that fans dont understand that dictate much of what goes on..

in recent games Lfc have relied on ONLY ELEVEN "regulars" to see out the EPL 17/18 season and the Champions League campaign.

Sure, JK makes a fair statement that its a "positive" to get to a final and remain in the top of the EPL, however I would claim that ...

If Phil, had been at the club until now, and Studge (yes, I wouldnt start him, but I feel he would arguably have more impact , even past his best, than Danny or young Solanke..) Lfc would not have needed to win the last game to "qualify" ... (money target)

Winning the drawn games v everton (twice) Stoke & WBA extra 8 points? puts Lfc in 2nd and that much closer to the current champions..

the money received would more than compensate for the delayed sale... (and I wont mention Grujic, who looks despondent now...)

Just a word or 2 about the season.. the away game at Citeh, and we have seen several times referee decisions that contradict the red card for Sadio, prior to which, Lfc were troubling citeh... gave them impetus and cost the Red team confidence and Mane didnt get his form back until this last month (IMO) ... would the Lfc boardroom have kept Phil if Lfc were close to the title...? we will never know... but...

On past experience... I doubt it,, since USA corp took control of their business; players worth collectively over half a BILLION have gone, key players that could have made Lfc champions instead of "also rans"

THE ONLY COACH THAN WON A TROPHY SINCE usa CORP in 11 seasons , was Kenny , and they sacked him although he nearly won 2 in his first full season (2nd time around..)

Mascherano, Alonso, Pepe, Agger, Torres, Sterling, Suarez, (even Stevie was denied a new contract & could have still done a job for the team, instead of USA...) and Coutinho...

SOLD TO RIVAL TEAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 in recent years I have decided not to travel back to Liverpool because i have problems with the people in the boardroom who IMO are not suitable to influence my club...

Next ; do you "Go Again" ? ..WE DO!

Look at these ...

The support has been remarkable,... so many have given their all to "be there" in heart if not in body, ...

.My own sympathy is with all the supporters who are on low income who struggled to get tot an expensive event, for example local lads took a chance a drove a small bus to Kiev..their average income only 300 euros p/month /... how do they feel?

have the "shark infested boardroom" given THEIR all ? have they f>>k!!

ACTION by YOU?????

 to all members & friends ... important, please... , and with compliments of "REdS abroad" link; @/groups/eured.supporters ... supporting... a new concept of how Liverpool Supporters can improve conditions for fans , local & global and now a couple of days after the final day, I would appreciate , if you have a few moments today, your reaction,

 not about the game itself, (enough has been said !)

but about how supporters are treated , considering the cost of travel or tickets, any contribution that help ourgroup of true REDS (all non profit volunteers) improve the loyal institution of true Red supporters , local & global...?
best wishes, Christopher Richard Smith

SEE ...
save our club, empower REd supporters, local and global, ..... 

get with the "L'BIRD" (coin) ... the only LIVERPOOL currency ... 

(More than, this,  more than a BIT BETTER than "bitcoin" ) 

REdNET >  

a long and travelled journey to get back to where we were...

NOW, support the empowerment of Red supporters ; local & global via "L'Bird"

..  YOUR Liverpool currency (coin) ...  

"MORE than than this ....

... L'BIRD is more than a BIT better than "bitcoin" !




Read PLEASE...carefully...

I was a Shanks boy, on the kop when i wasnt tall enough to see the game as i got "surfed all over the terrace , when 25000 men packed into that massive socialist collective at the Kop end, something not even comparible with the modern support, .. maybe sometimes the away fans get close to it... I have never booed a player .. ever! however on social media (as i would in the old days with Red mates before or after the game discuss the team, players and such, in recent years I have decided not to travel back to Liverpool because i have probllems with the people in the boardroom who IMO are not suitable to influence my club... . I am a supporter of the team,, I have sympathy with supporters AND with the players who gave their best..

this is postponed (members know where and when to meet)