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Thursday, January 18, 2018

REdNET update; dont "settle" for top 4 ; NOW go for it ; aim to win the rest

REdNET update;  (pre away @ Swans) 

REFER to previous SCLog : and the theme of many previous "REDnET updates" and our page on Fb ; 
) ))))))))))))))))))))))))) _____________________

PRE swans away ... Monday 22 jan...

(JK press _) ... fair praise for Firm,

 ...all fit>?

 JK had nine days from the Everton cup win to get his side iready for Manchester City’s visit to Anfield. Eight days will separate that fixture from the imminent  game at Swansea. Klopp will have time to condition those below full fitness and to hone developing systems of play....and Moreno, captain Hendo, Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge are all available again after lengthy injury which makes the squad much stronger than a year ago..I would like to see Lalla start , as an attacking option, as Mane still looks out of sorts , despite 2 stunning goals in last couple of matches...

Probably VVD will be selected, so if Jk insists on rotating defenders... and one from Matip, Lovren (capt. v citeh! , or Klavan, however Klopp doesnt seem to have the same reverence for this "honour" as I do, and hands the armband to just about anyone... like an extra dollop of cream on your dessert?) 

I am tempted to propose a back 3 of Gomez, VVD & Lovren (or Klavan, as I dont see Matip being a better choice in away games.. )    which means then I would go for  Trent & Robbo as wing backs..  Lalla, Ox & Wijn, supporting Firm. with Salah as the extended ...high of front-man! 

I Point out that THIS IS my opinion (CS) NOT A PREDICTION... the day Jk and I are on the same a way off... yet ! :)

timely article,  Firm is such a different player, than Robbie, but I was possibly the first to compare the goal 

the ball through, physical brush off of Stones, and glorious chip into he net, highlighted not only a great goal to take the lead (again against the top team of manchester (!) :)  ... but the whole TEAM from the off, playing HARD  and FAIR ... closing down space too, with such energy , was a joy to watch, and certainly caused the mancs problems to play their usual game.. and set up goals for Lfc... how come monday , away at Swansea, Is there any reason, as JK claims there is no "character flaw" @ Lfc , that the team cant repeat it , and for the rest of the season?? 
_____________________________ Post.. win v citeh;
Liverpool 4 citeh 3

Lfc continue the unbeaten run and move into 3rd place ONLY 15 points behind the lead ...its January!!  4 months  more...SO , GO for it!

Difficult to pick out players from a massive team performance by the Reds, after Ox took the cnace to obtain an early lead with a shot into the corner of their net from just outside the box, a deserved lead cut to 1-1 at half time, when Gomez got caught out by a crossfield pass to Sane, who then beat Karius (!) with a sharp drive inside his near post! ..

Citeh came out for the 2nd half stronger, however Firmino reminded me of a Fowler goal, at OT when he muscled Stones off the ball and chipped into the net to make it 2-1 ..

Mane with another left footter into the top corner, (despite still being below form) and then Salah after poor goalies clearnace chipped from about 30 years into the net and 4-1 within 8 mins wasnt flattery ...Lfc deserved the lead..

however, just seemed to switch off..(tired?).and perhaps the subs not switched on let the away team back  into the gamne...and close to full time made it 4-3 which avoided embrassment for the "champions elect" ... if other teams can "get at " the mancs maybe the title race is not over...
Special mention for Robbo, left back ? he was everywhere..
even pressing , almost causing a mistake in the citeh pen area... if had a decent (safe) goalie Lfc could be champions..

but are already good enough to win trophies, if they "believe"... next Swans away... monday 22 Jan.!

post match press ;

and FA Cup 4th round 27th Jan. v West Brom 

posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.
Chris >
LIVERPOOL greatest in the World v biggest club in manchester ;) and their less succesful neighbours...
WE are ,,, are you???
NOW go for it 

dont "settle" for top 4 ; NOW go for it

aim to win the rest of the games ... and why not? , when, you have beaten the team considered "the best"???

 stop thinking "top 4"  .."we are LIVERPOOL"??? are you not

"REdNET bootroom opinion"...

yeah sure… manage expectations… however, one 2nd class trophy since the USA corp infested Lfc… 10 seasons and always “its gonna be NEXT season” … meanwhile the “management” changed staff coaching & playing staff FIVE times in that period ,,, in the same period Lfc have spent almost as much as man utd, with ONE trophy …. whilst the bitter rivals rub fans nose in it constantly that they won 16! … net spend ; is another story.. around half a billion pounds income from player sales… ” you can fool some of the people ..all of the time…but…”


Fair comment ; Robbo looks sound, all round game, especially what you need from a Lb;
his defensive game is so much better than More NO!  keep it up..please!
Torres was bound to leave after they forced out Rafa,  Lfc boardroom was a mes and back-stabbing.. ( now replaced by USA corp sharks) woy played ale-house footy... and Nando had said before he left Atleti, that he wanted trophies and  didnt want to be sole match -winner again , which is what hodgson expected ... 2018/01/phils-departure-and-how-liverpool-have-fared-in-the-past-after-big-sales/
posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.
   WE do NOT want to hear the opposing fans at Anfield!!
....! sing it loud and SUPPORT the team , whoever plays !

the remaining soft spot......

look at the word "KEEPER"   who would you trust either to keep, anything, this is JKs weakness as much as the individual, BR and F S G made the mistake letting Pepe go, who is still performing for Napoli I believe we would have won 13/14 league with Reina in goal, and would now be contending top place too.. 

another "big pole in our goal?"  with a suitable name ; GraBara ? ... surely not for a few seasons more, the mistake of the current extreme youth culture in footy, for  me rarely works with CBs or goalies.. experience and confidence takes time to build especially in a pressure job at Lfc ; for me Lfc made the mistake replacing a huge team player like Pepe (whi is still playing champions league footy for Napoli) with Mignolet, and another when JK plays Karius ... I prefer a "safe" keeper, and although limited I see that more in Ward than Jks preference of karius or Mign.  ... unfortunately Jk seems to think "rotation" of defenders is vital,, it is NOT, building a UNIT where players KNOW each others game within a unit IS vital....  however JK likes hard rock , I prefer soul! danny-ward-and-the-future-of-liverpools-goalkeepers/#comment-64721
stopped reading when I saw "Moreno is competent" ... he was ok going forward but as LB not giving much to the defensive unit, for keepers, JK has a weak spot.. here too..  rotating defenders isn't wise, and certainly anyone who has played CB will want to "KNOW" their goalie... goals conceded are often because the unit doesn't work "automatically"   I still feel that defenders should only be changed due to injury or loss of form ..or is that an excuse for switching Mignolet & Karius.. what angers me the the ignorance (and consequences) of so many modern Lfc fans and pundits ..(and blog writers) 

THe opinion of some Lfc fan nies???
a lot of expectations on VVDs shoulders too, who hasnt had a full premiere league season, I feel the major improvement in Dejan, has been helped by Robbo, who gives much more to the defensive unit than Alberto, the work rate of the lad must make it easier for the CBs knowing that he too can cover them when opponents counter swiftly... 

I felt Lfc lost an organiser when Lucas went.. however  now there is "adequate" cover at CB , I still do not want to see "defensive rotation"  ..for me thats the main reason that goals are conceded..(lack of unity )  us not forget ; if every team made no defensive errors then almost every game would be 0-0 ..?  I am not  convinced yet that Joe could play CB, he has had some great performances, however,  lack of focus and occasion to fail to attack the ball has caused goals against...    and I still dont like Karius... I want a SAFE goalie...and surprised, considering neither Mign. nor Karius have impressed, that Ward hasnt been tested..! klopp-has-thrown-down-the-gauntlet-to-lovren-after-van-dijk-arrival/#comment-64671

posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.

Chris Smith-Mypod
January 17 at 11:46am
Steven Gerrard. is unavailable for inclusion Raheem makes an immediate comeback to the XI following ...
Income from Torres; Masch, Raheem, Suarez & Phil ; around half a BILLION dollars! -
USA corp ; NO major trophies in 10 seasons! #FSGOUT #ameriCANTS :p
John Ogbu
John Ogbu 6:30pm Jan 13
Karius is the worst keeper i have seen in Liverpool
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Juma Ali
Juma Ali6:54pm Jan 13
When we compare the two, mignolet is better.
Amaechi Chika
Amaechi Chika6:32am Jan 14
Pls buy standard keeper for us I'm tired of this folk's
Nolan Petersen
Nolan Petersen9:31pm Jan 14
karius is not the answer
Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith9:40pm Jan 14
Mign is lesser of 2 evils...Ward?
Ajiks Paul
Ajiks Paul10:45am Jan 15
Get another one for us abeg
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Onyekachi Benard
Onyekachi Benard8:45am Jan 13


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

no i in Team... intimate ? REdNET bootroom update ; pre Liverpool v sh&tty

Focus on the team,  now! *and REBEL!

 *ignore the little brat,   Lfc boardroom is weak, Jk is only a coach, USA corp are what they always are; greedy and so many fans naive & apathetic.,,,

enough said?  probably not, but much said here..
(inc ...comments section!)

Liverpool v sh&tty ("citeh" :)

preview Links;
ESPN:  (speculation)  and opinions

Klopp Press ; (no Juergen Lfc did not do EVERYthingt, "not yet" was the thing to do ! *) ... advance Ben Woodurn?

I was sure that Lfc could beat the skyblue mancs (sunday 14th jan, 17h) with a full squad available.. however, JK will have to earn his salary, in order to motivate the team (and the crowd) ..i am sure many of the fan nies and f sg clones will say a draw is good enough, me I want revenge for the 5-0 mauling earlier this season.. if all players had been available, I would have benched Mane, (but bring him on early 2nd half) however ...

probably MY selction could be (and this is NOT a prediction) as I dont see football the same as "der basteln mann"

Goalie (Mign. if Ward isnt available)

Defence as it finished friday night ; no need for a change,
although Matip sometimes seems too casual, I dont like to change the defensive unit...  Trent, (who just shades it ahead of Gomez , who looked a bit jaded prior to being subbed v blues, and who needs to learn how to attack the ball before he could possibly switch to CB!) 

Matip, VVD, Robbo (who looks sharper each game, )
I feel Ox has shown enough to retain his place in the team; and Wijnaldum is a possible balance to Lalla, whom I expecting to now show his best form... 
forward.. Mane & Firm , with Salah... on the opposing defences shoulder... stretching citeh...

play 3 at the back ; Gomez, VVD & Matip (or Klavan? for left balance)
Trent and Robbo R & L wing backs
Middle Wijn, Lalla & Ox
Forward Firm and Salah..

If is was managing ; I would want Mane to convince me he is ready to extract revenge for the 5-0 ...or I would go with the "alternative 3-5-2" formation..

press extracts; 

( For City, this is another key landmark on a road they hope will end in multiple trophies and perhaps even an unbeaten Premier League campaign,  possible to argue that this game represents their biggest remaining challenge even as Liverpool begin life without PhilThe hosts might be considered to hold a freshness advantage as this will be their first game for nine days, whereas a strong City side was named not just for Tuesday's Carabao Cup clash with Bristol City, but also their preceding FA Cup victory over Burnley.
City fell behind to show a degree of vulnerability which certainly wasn't in evidence when they beat Liverpool 5-0 back in September. That result does come with a caveat - City were leading only 1-0 when Sadio Mane was controversially dismissed - but a similar performance would probably ensure they remain unbeaten, even if Sunday's hosts deign to keep XI on the field this time.
Liverpool, though, were involved in a hectic and demanding Christmas, . and have not lost at Anfield since Crystal Palace in April but not since have they faced a task like this one. Salah is expected , & VVD probably make his league debut  ... )

MonTV Channel launch

see :  2018/01/montv-new-january-launch-v-mainscream-
more video programmes to come - subscribe via /MonTV.ChRiS.AkadaMEJA

talking of "MOnty"  a comedy interlude ;

Opinions MEMORIES & more...

yeah sure… manage expectations… however, one 2nd class trophy since the USA corp infested Lfc… 10 seasons and always “its gonna be NEXT season” … meanwhile the “management” changed staff coaching & playing staff FIVE times in that period ,,, in the same period Lfc have spent almost as much as man utd, with ONE trophy …. whilst the bitter rivals rub fans nose in it constantly that they won 16! … net spend ; is another story.. around half a billion pounds income from player sales… ” you can fool some of the people ..all of the time…but…”

Fair comment ; Robbo looks sound, all round game, especially what you need from a Lb;
his defensive game is so much better than More NO!  keep it up..please!

Torres was bound to leave after they forced out Rafa,  Lfc boardroom was a mes and back-stabbing.. ( now replaced by USA corp sharks) woy played ale-house footy... and Nando had said before he left Atleti, that he wanted trophies and  didnt want to be sole match -winner again , which is what hodgson expected ... coutinhos-departure-and-how-liverpool-have-fared-in-the-past-after-big-sales/

2 hours ago
If Coutinho had told Shankly or Paisley, on two separate occasions, that he never again wanted to play for Liverpool, like Klopp, they'd have shown him the door. A column.

  • BS! Brian,, Shanks wouldnt have placated Phil after ONE time shunning the shirt, Jk allowed spoilt brat to "own" him,fsg just want the money! surprised you are also an "apologist" mind you i remember how you failed Rafa the only top manager since 1990 (KD excluded)!

    Chris  posted in Universal REdS Supporters Union Network.
     : 10 years of Lfc mis-rule, , bigger mess in UK, and bye to the american dream turne... * this is just ONE reason why the President (Perez) of unReal MADrid should be ashamed ,, Benitez is 10 times the man you will EVER be!
    would be wrong to let Studge go now, need a deep squad if Lfc are gonna get something from this season, other than "also rans" liverpool-put-30million-price-tag-
    I like stories like and themes of overcoming odds, or especially when "popular opinion" is against the key role, being accused of "over the hill" or "unrealistic " is a common negative aspect of the herd, the sheeple who never DO anything worthy themsleves , will obstruct, or put down those who do something "crazy" heres to us "crazy ones" win or lose we go for it, the impossible, WE dare to dream and i feel sorry for the rest who just read about it.. .....I dont care if its a sport i dont follow, Baseball (rounders) american rugby (its NOT football) or any other backround to the main message..... "Field of dreams" ... "for love of the game" " Any Given Sunday" *(the coach's Speech is "claSSic.. ) ..." tin cup" the last hole scene is worth waiting for....just a pity that football hasnt made anything of that standard... still theres time ? eh Mary?

    Elaine Tuttle
    Elaine Tuttle 5:26am Jan 10
    "Lucky" 2017 ... a strangely beautiful story of a young man trying to find his way through his weird adventure...called "life"
    (and the background tune is the one we have been singing "scouser tommy" lyrics to since before i was born. "Lucky drinks ~ ; bloody mary's" 

    this .... young man singing in the film "lucky" ... :) REd River Valley by Harry Dean Stanton (the tune we sang "Scouser Tommy" to, so many times)
    Christopher Richard Smith
    Chris5:35am Jan 10
    Liverpool FC News
    ‏Verified account @LivEchoLFC
    Jan 8

    Philippe Coutinho has delivered a heartfelt message to #LFC fans

    Replying to @Krompik @LivEchoLFC

    @harveytuttle one of Henrys plastic Lfc clones? ! its IS all about the timing, iJK letting PC "own" him, placating him, making a spoiled brat captain, Lfc look weak, &help a RIVAL, (yes RIVAL) club and dont even get an up front deal, surely even "joking" you get it #ameriCANTS

    @RedAlieNeT (heartfelt message; "feck u, & your ambitions for this season, i'm off!") actions speak louder!
    Christopher Richard Smith
    CRS5:48am Jan 10
    fat chANCE ; the FA are as corrupt as the police ... London wont do anything.. clubs & fans apathetic , same as with Phil C. , Barca wont be sanctioned for their conduct and both players are also responsible for their own actions..modern footy, since selling out to SLY tc and the premiere league is a farce, and the fans are to blame for swallowing the BS!
    Christopher Richard Smith
    CRS6:02am Jan 10
    ‏ @EuRED09
    Replying to @TheAnfieldWrap @KellyCates

    @RedAlieNeT @TonyEvans92a you can never trust USAcorp, they hate anyone who answers back! Henry gave KD a "vote of confidemce" then sacked him 3 months later ... Lfc now stinks of infestors , lost its soul … #ameriCANTS

    fair article Mike, it will ruffle the feathers of fan nies who wont have a word said against "der basteln mann" someone who is based in a land nearby I have committed my own limited time to local (youth) football rather than keep travelling back to help increase Henrys asset value.. Lfc always had the right and should have told Phil "not yet" , but to dwell on that BS, takes too much away from your article,. nicely told! thanks! 2018/01/the-leaving-of-liverpool-and-a-hungarian-football-adventure/
    Christopher Richard Smith
    CRS6:22am Jan 10
    well I was waiting for some intelligent response from TAW.... still waiting!
    "happy about it" ??
    how can any Lfc supporters (a but you are probaly just another inflated fan) be happy about this mess;
    PC = spoiled child, crying "i want it now"
    barca = underhand cheats , borderline mobbing , and disrespectful ...
    Lfc = weak
    JK = just a coach without management authority
    Henry & co (USAcorp) greedy

    JK;'s favoourites
    ,,, Mane is out of form, Salah injured, Firm, under BS pressure from FA, Lalla still on his way back..

    most of the article is tosh from "transfer gossip column" speculative at most... irgoring the damage done in moral on and off the field and the insult to true supporters, of which you are not one !
    rubbish article!
    Christopher Richard Smith
    CRS6:23am Jan 10
    Original Post
    Christopher Richard Smith
    CRS11:07am Jan 9
    ‏ @EuRED09
    Replying to @TheAnfieldWrap @YouTube

    @RedAlieNeT @BerlinReds @RedAndWhiteKop PC = spoiled child, Lfc = weak, Barca = underhand, Fsg greedy, JK only a coach, not manager .. #ameriCANTS

    the ugly game ; its just human Live(rpool) stock to them...  

    Yep , in stock & available to order at or in most of our stores. Check stock online & click & collect to your local branch.

    talking of INSANITY... 

    better than the USAcorp policy of bombing the sh*te out of "enemies" and thus avoiding making more martyrs and rebels?  talks-with-rebels-in-no-mans-land-as-russia-eyes-post-war-role-in-syria-
    and slight taste of hypocrisy ..?  USAcorp own enough WMD to wipe everyone of the face of the planet... have stopped dictating to N. Korea? /u-s-hails-korea-talks-despite-norths-rejection-of-denuclearization

    if only the sheeple realised that the chemicals they take via pills and the pollution in the atmosphere, the artificial stress caused by un-necessary system methods in so-called "education" & commercial slavery needs to be eradicated..then you wont need "medicines" ../us-pfizer-alzheimers/pfizer-ends-research-for-new-alzheimers-parkinsons-drugs-

    more Faker news,,,

    Tech companies (MS or Apple ..or any of the shysters)  conning the public forcing you to replace hard or software?? really ...WOW what a surprise! :p 2018-01-09/apple-probed-as-french-customers-say-iphones-are-designed-to-die  do the gullible addicted sheeple deserve to be rescured from their own stupidity?/articles/silicon-valley-reconsiders-the-iphone-era-it-created-1515493801 ....oh the stupid leading the stupid?  ;;;;;;; see /news/articles/2018-01-08/-it-can-t-be-true-inside-the-semiconductor-industry-s-meltdown

    IF USAcorp stopped getting US paranoia-sheeple to look for "REDS under our beds"  then they could have improved infrastructure local & global the chinese doing it for them # ameriCANTS/huawei-long-seen-as-spy-threat-rolled-over-u-s-road-bumps

    as they pollute more of our precious waters... -oil-tanker-burns-for-third-day-as-winds-high-waves-lash-rescuers- its already bad...!

    yes Balkans needs to be improved, apathy in face of corruption and prejudice is rife,, however the UK fascist tory govt is destroying what they already had! no one in Uk has any right to "preach" to people here