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Friday, March 16, 2018

CensoRED (ChRiS) in the REdNET bootroom ; pre LIVERPOOL v watford (Anfield on paddys day)

Nice POTENTIAL  for paddys day...

LIVERPOOL v what ?  ford!

 celebrate my Celts sprit (inside & out!)  and "matchday" ( i have a lighter... !) :p  

..and tell corny jokes after a few bevvies...

pre match; Jk press

 on paper LIVERPOOL have the perfect opportunity back at Anfield against a Watford side that has been suffering with an acute case of travel sickness & injuries of late ....The Reds can go back into third above Tottenham with a win they're expected to achieve with ease, given Watford have lost seven of their last eight away games, scoring just twice, and have lost nine of ten at Anfield. although Lfc ocassionally struggled  against teams willing to sit back and defend, but at Anfield, Lfc are  unbeaten in 17 Premier League home games and have bagged at least two goals in their last six - plus they've never lost back-to-back league games under Klopp.(so far!)  need to focus on TODAY! forget manchester last saturday or next big manc games in April..
Liverpool may still have a problem with set plays and Watford have some strong physical players, especially  the bully Deeney who will want to make amends for missing a penalty last week against Arsenal. so VVD needs to show his worth?

MY Team for today v watford

NO more Naive away days please! coem on Lalla!! Start!

the game may be over-looked because of the big games coming early april,  JK needs to get lfc players back into winning  ways.. its a "habit" ..after losing to maureen...

...note this is a "PROPSAL"..NOT a prediction.. the day we 100% agree ..Lfc will be champions ! (thats a PREDICTION)

i80316 first team; 

until end of the season?  @RedAlieNeT 

Karius,  but not convinced when under heavy pressure, Clyne unlikely yet, 

RB; Trent or Gomez ...if Lfc need a result away,select Gomez  Matip is for me, too similar to VVD,

 ( VVD needs to cover full backs more in big games) so Lovren as partner CB, 

Robbo sure, no question,  , 

MoreNO only if dont matter, (and with 3 defenders behind him)  Hendo or Milly,  both when away, Lalla before Ox, Ox over Mane (4-4-2) away, Firm & Mo!

so @ home or "not so big games"  4-3-2-1 ; Gk (please!)  Trent ,  VVD, , Lovren , Robbo!  ;   Hendo , Lalla, Ox, ;  mane, Firm; Mo!

most away games or VERY big home games ; 4-4-2 ; GK (!) Gomez, VVD, Lovren, Robbo, Hendo, Milly, Wijn, Ox, Firm. & Mo!

( I would still have kept Studge for 30  mins impact sub, if they hadnt sent him away to get predictably crocked on his first start!)

I hope (?) Ings or Solanke, proves me wrong....and Mo gets scoring again and mane gets last seasons mojo back! :D

(they say; )

come on REdS ... , lets have 200% every game, no excuses until the very last (final?) game of the season,,,  feck off anyone who is waiting for season 18/19 ,  i could be dead by then!  (although winning league 19 in 19 would be possible...

(previous notes at ; /2018/03/censo-red-in-rednet-bootroom- )

champions league quarter finals LIVERPOOL v....

  • Barcelona (ESP) v Roma (ITA)
  • Sevilla (ESP) v Bayern (GER)
  • Juventus (ITA) v Real Madrid (ESP)
  • Liverpool (Scouser International) v Man. City (ENG)
i80317 st paddys, chat with Marie Buckley

 yeah JK s got the "full throttle' but winning trophies needs a bit more heart...if they knock out the sky blue mancs...then it may make some of them into men!
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ReplyCommented on by Chris Smith-Mypod18m
Marie Buckley Couldn't agree more. Maybe Rafa could give Klopp a few pointers......our wily European tactician who took us to two
CS> i dont think its JKs method to change much, the chance Lfc have have got is that Guardiola likes to play open footy, and if the lads play away as they did in Porto, it may be that Lfc win it at their citeh shed? either way although I am moaning because they UEFA/EPL) squeezed this into a wednesday-saturday-tuesday stress scenario... if Lfc are gonna finally win a major trophy after a decade ..will have to knock out the big ones on the way, and for me City are the best left in the competition..whatever happens .. i feel that the winners of this tie will go on and win in Kiev! ..


REdNET review...

Dont forget ;  join via : ( REdS abroad)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

censo RED in the REdNET bootroom ; over confidence ? Maureen 2 Lfc 1


IMO Hendo should have been in , rather than v porto... 

surely you want your captain in big games...?

i wonder about JKs choices ...still although the overall mthod works , its HIM thats at only 75% for me... 
we have seen it working,  but now in big games opponents have made it harder than when Jk first "surprised" them with full throttle.. 75 million for VVD ... the "elephant in the room" is where was his leadership on saturday,,, 

 should have smelt out the route one attack of the mancs?? surely...i took it personally when Phil C went mid-season,  but if VVD was gonna avoid these situations, and the game was lost in that slow start and played into Maureens hands...   I proposed Lallana , Wijn & Hendo well before the game...Hendo too could have seen the Lukaku danger and covered Trent ...Can?  he is luxury ... you need every player to be up for it... from minute one... Lfc got their ar&es kicked  and sickening by a side that were beatable at OT!   

 JK isnt a "master tactician"  thats it,  his method is not gonna save games with genius changes and subs... however, I dont see ANYthing in the rivals (inc Citeh or Madrid) to think that Lfc cannot succeed
just dont want to support the sharks who profit from Lfc success, and cant stand to see "my home" full of middle to business class spectators ..passively staring or groaning instead of supporting..

Was there a taste of over confidence yesterday>   ???  on and off the field,,, amongst fans as well as players,,, it felt a bit like it as the team strolled on to the field and contrary to my wish strolled into the game,,,  I wanted Lfc to be " on fire" as in Porto ,, and I wonder if the "rotating"  for the "dead rubber"  v porto at Anfield cost something in terms of momentum... 

When winning becomes a "habit" as it seemed to be recently for the squad,  a 0-0 dud game can take the steam out of the side and perhaps that cost the vital start I believe Lfc needed at Old Toilet ...  (see our selction proposals, NOT "predictions" @ 

Harvey Tuttle
Harvey Tuttle 1:17am Jan 6

"maureen 2 Lfc 1

I was asked before the game. predictions.. I said could be the mancs by a single goal if Maureens "tactics" work for them, or...Liverpool play from the first minute , on fire, like they were in Porto and win 0-4 at old toilet...!

Liverpool played football, the mancs played Maureen...

I declare man Ure as the most boring team in the home, one corner , about 80 mins
Lfc 13 corners, mancs 30 % ball possession....but...Lfc 14 attempts ..0 goals... (it was baily OG)
Mancs 2 shots = 2 goals...and as much as i hate Maureen and the mancs...thats the story...

Trent got exposed for the first the whole defence got caught for the 2nd...

Maureen just got the "home team" (yes it WAS man U!) to sit back.. give Lfc the ball..
the final pass was wanting... Mane , Firm & sadly Salah, all faILED with the final pass or shot..
Jk took off both FBs ... but when the double-decker is parked with the most expense players yanker money can buy... not easy...

I wanted Lalla to start ... for me it was clear that maureen woudl give up territory, Can is too slow and I wanted a fast start, Lfc got slowed down from the beginning and that was the mistake..
Liverpool should have come out and attacked from the first kick ... it favoured the mancs to start slow.. and ..well you know the rest..

er, dare i say, again, this was the sort of game that Phil MIGHT have rescued..we shall never know.. my dark side just wants the mancs dumped out of the champions league on tuesday,, as they deserve ZERO ... if not . hope they get drawn against Lfc , so that revenge would be sweeter than the bitter taste of today!"

(CS via H -T 16.15h 180310)


interesting to review the stuff of  the various self proclaimed pundits ...
.... the mainSCREAM media remind me that USA corp have taken around  a decade to get back to close to where we were in 2009 with Rafas super Reds...  /nine-year-rebuilding-process  ;  BS!
echo reminding how Good Rafa REdS  were : /football/day-liverpool-stormed-nou-camp-

AND  self promoters at Redkids.. adding "cheeky" promos, where everyone is talking at the same time! must be fun to do..but it isnt "media" .,,,far too fecking "cocky"  

Replying to

at least one, but Jk cant keep blaming refs when Lfc didnt turn up, started the game at a stroll, like an old euro away. game..instead of like at porto, on fire, mancs needed to be disrupted.. instead Lfc huffed and puffed...but the door didnt fall down

dont think much point in commenting on TAW, if you dont agree with their "writers" or subs.. they delete or censor  ...  RED! ;)   and a "romantic preview" and full of tosh... @ 2018/03/manchester-united-v-liverpool-the-big-match-preview/

during the game & at the time i would have agreed with Carra, if players had been at their best was always "on" for a rescue... but lack of "balls"  (even VVD seemed "quiet" for a prospective future captain candidate?)
Jamie Carragher
2-0 United, still fancy LFC to win 3-2. #MUNLIV 😬🙏…

the above should all learn from...
This 7-year-old saved up his pocket money to buy food for foodbanks. Alfie Radford wanted to help people less fortunate. The little Liverpool fan received a special letter and shirt for his generosity.

WE ARE THE CLUB...@ ....

our oriiginal campaign for Liverpool supporters @
About our project in ME   and Me in Me " decided to release parts of my personal story  
Issues we compaign for ; 

Christopher Richard Smith posted in K.R.U.S. Euro..
Christopher Richard Smith
March 10 at 5:29pm Liverpool people have to keep the pressure up on this
Hillsborough families slam sudden end to 'crucial' family liaison group

 (alternative footy) /2016/07/join-your-protest-for-kids-sake-join.   and FreedomE Union /2018/03/epoch-freedom-e-union-progress-

sure I am "tilting at windmills" /2017/10/we-are-club-you.

a reminder of the sort of enemy society has,, and the people who voted for this moron now fill the seats of football stadiums which was once our beautiful game
and more The Sacred Triangle; Bowie,Iggy & Lou 1971-73 (Part 1 of 4)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

sense o REd @ REdNET Bootroom Lfc v porto 2nd leg pre man U at old toilet.,....

mancs v dark REDS!

There will be a lot of BS spoken about the game saturday ... early kick off , may dampen the home fans (voices as Maureen moans about....)  

I am concerned that "popular wisdom of pundits" may suggest Lfc sit deep and play counter... long balls aimed at Salah may well produce a goal similar to the famous Torres goal in "09... 

PLay as in Porto 

I would like to see the Liverpool team start , as if on fire, like they did in Porto for the 0-5 st valentines massacre of the Portugese league leaders:  

some "experts" preview ha ha :

although if 100% maybe Lalla in for Milly... i hope Mane hits form now... ..


"sense o REd" .... 
nickname because the "humourless elite" at TAW dont like critics of USAcorp , or their fawning writers ...who constantly hype up JK and exagerate

 ... i wonder how many of them ever kicked a ball in anger>??  :)  

talking of anger .....  JK keeps saying how he tells the players to be :  "angry"   aggression was always a part of our best teams, who could play football or "mix it" with opposing sides,,

publications by...."censoRED"


FREE YOUR MIND?  (song for Bobby?)

memory, 1 year ago...
3 years ago...

and they can NEVER do Shanks justice;

and where ONLY #TRUEREdS live; __________________________
happy & sad day for our Rafa,,..

 Harvey  posted:

Liverpool 2 newcastle 0 
Salah, Mane 

 A slower start than desired as it reminded me of last weeks game v wham, the geordie side doing well and also shocked Lfc but for a very good save by Karius near the end of the first half after MO had taken the lead after a good run and assist by Ox, ... h

owever there wer 2 penalty claims by the REdS , one so obvious from a shot by Mo...lierallty double fisted away by the Newcastle defender... second half Lfc began to dominate playing into the Kop, an excellent move , and Firm. at the centre of it.. put mane in and he finished it well.... however around 70 mins the home side started to be a bit erratic and Jk was frantic on the touchline as Lfc gave the ball away far too many times with poor pases out of defence and long ball clearances . Lfc defence , especially the 2 CBs looked sound... .

 many Lfc fans expected a "parked bus" .. but Newcastle made a better game of it than most teams visiting Anfield this season.. restricting the runs of Trent and Robbo and without causing too much danger in the Lfc area were playing decent football for a team effectively outclassed in almost every department... even Mo struggled to get clear of stalwart defenders.,. however HOW THE REF FAILED TO AWARD A PENALTY AT THE END WHEN mO WAS SO BLATANTLY PUSHED IN THE BACK WHEN CLEAR THE PEN AREA , IS SOMETHIGN I REALLY WOULD LIKE THIS REF TO EXPLAIN... 3 POINTS and 2nd place puts the pressure back on "the rest" .. my MOTM ? ..probably OX....! 180303

Lfc v Porto...

starting   ; first start for Lalla v porto, but moreNO too...oooh!

LIVERPOOL: Karius, Gomez, Matip, Lovren, Moreno, Milner, Henderson, Can, Lallana, Mane, Firmino. Subs: Mignolet, Van Dijk, Salah, Klavan, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ings, Alexander-Arnold.   ... 

0-0 , more or less expected ... Milly, Ings & Firm. may have done better with half-chances, Porto too, got some respect from the game after being battered 0-5 in their stadium...  I worry that hving a sort of "nothing game" pre mancs away may disturb the rythum of recent performances, "winning" becomes a habit for the best teams... 
if everyone is fit.. I would look to play the side who won in Porto and with the same (hopefully) method & result :) Lalla (if ready) 

proposed selection;
Trent ,  VVD, Lovren, Robbo
      Wijn,  Lalla Mane

(anal ysis) ____________________________
oh and MFN ("mommy fecker news") 
this did NOT happen just a few hundreds metres form where i live ..USAcorp mommy-fakers  montenegro-confirms-us-embassy-podgorica-  why would a fascist bomb a fascist embassy? 

Friday, March 2, 2018

REdNET bootroom, update? just away from all the hype and the BS! Pre Rafas Geordies coming again to Anfield

v Rafa 's black & whites...

always weird since he was , still is, OUR Rafa, to have him manage an opposing team, it was a test when he came here whilst on temp duty at chelski, but tomorrow it feels so similar to the time when Kenny brought Blackburn to Anfield, a mixture of emotions,  yeah Lfc want 3 points, just get them, no more no less,  but even out gunned, give respect to the man; BENITEZ..

As Lfc tv , TAW, TIA, echo & others BIG up Juergen's record this season... calm down, he still hasn't won a major trophy ; I mean not only for Lfc ( sorry I dont rate the bundesliga... )

 ... I repeat ; I LIKE the man, BUT ..he is not yet "one of the best in the world" ... and he is an EMPLOYEE of the USAcorp infestors; he is not in charge... shown so clearly when his claim of "no january leavers"  was blown apart by the sale of the (talented) brat to Barca

Much is alo made of a fully fit squad, apparently down to "brilliant rotation" by JK ;   stated by the same the hypocrites who virtually crucified Rafa for rotating... players (and he had NO boardroom backing)  they now praise Jk...!  

 but some of the NINE drawn games , this season ,  may have been won, had he "pushed the strongest team out" to start each game... ?  who knows?  ... however , I feel its a similar problem in the boardroom,  they wont go far enough to be sure Lfc have the strongest team available, when they can make a few more dollars, and raise the asset value of Lfc , as a "biz"

Jk  pre match:

Rafa pre match @ Newcastle earlier this season (1-1) ; ... 


v wham 4-1 , well done,  even without top form Lfc comfortable, even with a slow start,,,,
REdNeT (from DC)
Liverpool 4 w ham 1 ... moyes had the away defence well drilled early on
and a mixture of stout defending and missed chances kept it @ 1=0 half time,,,
as shots on target were apparently 3 each , now Can starts to use his head for more than a hairdressers model...
/// 2nd half Lfc more fluid and lad JK did not make any defensive off form MO still got his goal
... incisive pass from Can gave Firm the 3rd, and Firm and Robbo combined well for number 4 ,
Can losing possession allowed w ham in for a consolation in between ,
although Karius had already saved 2 .in 1st half... (Arnautovic) ..
good result,,,, however as I watch the tv show the league table, i cannot help thinking ..
"I am 10 years older and I should be happy for just returning to 2nd place? "

Previously.... 2018/02/rednet-bootroom-update-are-you-boring ... for those who confuse being "bored" with being "boring" :p
________________________________________ one view... which does NOT INVESTIGATE how 300Mil was paid, (to "acquire Lfc from the former sharks by the current sharks"  who actually received the payment , and what method was used, (clue it wasnt paid in "cash") and still after 11 seasons of USAcorp , only one 2nd class trophy to show... (and they sacked Kenny for that!)

silly interviewer , "its only a game" shows how little some sheeple know..   ...Shanks!  ...who by the way comnbined "pass & move"  applied TWO CBs and "hounded"  opposing players (watch the REdS (Shanks & Bob teams followed the method)  between 1964-1984.. especially in europe where opposing sides were used to having time on the ball (JK is lauded for something done 50 years before! ) 
...but he coaches this well (watch his training...explained here..  & )

counters highlighted here;
more to discuss @

The REST of the world, 
and stuff we discuss in "our bootroom"...

but first ..Frankies highlights,,,

blame the sheeple... #noneoftheabove is a worthy banner to associate and anon too,.
...... but fear rules even the keyboard warriors who are scared to take responsibility... and those in power know and use that.
.....the names change, the location changes but BS reigns supreme, i have experienced many different cultures, but behind the cultural camouflage, are the same villains , and sheeple, but fewer and fewer heroes who will stand up purely because its what needs to be done, , and for no other reason!

Wish they would give me facilities to make such a good film about footy;  ..........(my :field of dreams; still waiting for them to come; )

and one of the best ending and soundtrack (Jackie Brown)

Mommy-fakers news (MFN) 

local:  ironic question,,, why would a old fascist, throw a grenade at a fascist government (USAcorp embassy) ??

more irony by "Jon Pie" ; and his latest ; (backstage)

A REMINDER of what fascism brings ... (Ms Sarajevo) 

and an urgent appeal from a father...campaign/en/free_ahed

blooged! :)

Support :