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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

maureens cheating chelski , and wrong tactics

to re-write the old kopite song..

"Diego Costa is a nasty clown

Hazard always falling down
(just like drogba)

(this is) ....maureens chelski"

f.s.g gave us a novice compared with Maureen,


Jose is a nasty piece of work, but he wins games, Brent plays the media and seems the nice guy but hasnt the experience of someone like Rafa, to out think maureens disruptive tactics..

Maureen turned on the "drama switch " at half time for the TV cameras and the rentblues fans to soak up.. Hazard falls down at every touch, and got no less than 4 Lfc players booked and makes Drogba (notably once again a chelski thug)  look like a "fair" player, 

Nasty Ugly Diego stamped on Can and Skrtel, (and late on even had a go at Stevie with another dirty foul..) shouldnt have been on the field,but the REf rarely saw the "dirty tricks" of Maureens team, like their plastic fans , the chelski horde are just plain "nasty" ..cheating chavs and reflect Joses mentality ...

After a first half when the REdS looked capable of winning through,,,, Jose obviously told his blue mercenaries to disrupt the Liverpool players, causing upset to the rythum of the REdS. its nasty but its Maureen, the drama queen who will win at all costs,,.,

Brents naivety ..again!

BR is only a "coach" gets "done" time and again by more experienced managers like Jose, Fergy Wenger, Van Gaal,  only Rafa was able to overcome anyione and dumped Jose s rentblues out of 3 semis...

to put on Balo when we need a fighting unit was SO WRONG, Marko wasnt effective, so play someone like Ibe, or Lallana, and keep the energy levels high, even Stevie called Balo on it, his positional sense is low, he gives away possesion and shooting is aweful 

..Balo is NOT a "Team player" and WE NEEDED a team last night,,,Balo s loose pass also led to their winnign goal when tired legs need  everyone to play their party,,,,and is "schoolboy tactics" to throw on another (average) forward player like Lambert, ... I would buy a ticket to "an audience with Rafa" for BR! ...r(b)odgers selections, tactics and substitutes are so naive,,,

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