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Sunday, February 1, 2015

RedNet updateDx2.. Studge is back..him and Stevie @ Bolton,.lets go for the double :) K.I.S.S.Shanks ....

RedNet updateD x2

2-0 v wham & 

Studge is back

..him and Stevie @ Bolton,

so,  ....lets go for the double :)

and K.I.S.S....

The BEST of the last 20 years +

Shanks & Bob...

Shanks MADE Liverpool...although Bob is on record for winning the most trophies, he would have never had the chance had not Shanks, established the mentality, method, foundations and SPIRIT that Paisley built his team selections upon...
Keep it simple, in these days when there is almost more background staff than players, I suggest they ANALize TOO MUCH! they really think showing players little graphs and diagrams before they go out helps,  I believe the players have instincts and THOSE should be nurtured 

better to enhance the natural ability, I never played "pro" but my "best games", of footy, golf, squash or LIFE important decisions, meetings or negociation was when I trusted my spirit... my natural self...

Top players should NOT be BOMbarded with too many details.and I am sure "injuries" come from being wrapped in cotton wool..

but of course the "hype" of the media , the money the "big names" and their egos are fed like hollywood celebrities, the beautiful game is lost to the BS!..and the fan nies just swallow it too...parrot the "word" of so-called  experts and pundits, who have never managed anything much...

its really BS!!

RedNet update

after failing to get through to the league cup final against cheating chelski and (again) biased refereeing,,,the REdS eventually overcome the hammers at Anfield, the crowd quiet as the team looked short on energy, although another penalty appeal denied just before half time, and Marko, whose passing was erratic, missed the easies chance of the first half..
I was a bit annoyed at Downing , who showed more passion against us in this match, than he did when wore our shirt,

but, early in the 2nd half , 
Star man, again...2 assists
with Coutinho and Raheem combining well,, it wasnt a suprise , that one fed the other with a sharp exchange for 1-0, ..and everyone was happy, not only to see Studge, back on the field, but SHARPLY slotting away the 2nd goal, again after good work by Coutinho, ..

For me, the Team was  far too deep, and west ham no real threat after Andy went off,  i have nothing against them, the fans are boring,,,not as witty as they once were, but I like to see "fat sam" get stuffed..

3 points, and cant help thinking, that although we have been rarely beaten of late, with Studge in the Team we could have won most of those drawn games too...and be leading the pack ... but ...thats Liverpool...

most fan nies (!) thnk only of 4th and I just think ..we are 2 points closer to the TOP!! ..(Shanks schooling!!!) ...and Stevie back at bolton with Studge...I hope we can win the double, I dont know, but I believe...always! :)

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