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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

REdNet Update...go for it (number 1 not 4....)

Liverpool 3   spurs 2
Marko, Stevie (Pen) Balo (!)   

team: Mignolet, Can, Skrtel, Sakho, Ibe, Henderson, Gerrard, Moreno, Coutinho, Markovic, Sturridge bench ...Ward, Johnson, Lovren, Lambert, Lallana, Allen, Balotelli

I was thinking as the team was announced without Raheem or Lucas, that probably we would "miss" Lucas the most, and the 2 goals against sort of confirm that . 

certainly spurs equalizer, could have been cut out by a typical Lucas interception before Hendo and then a slip up by Sakho (again looking a bit shaky, as in the Derby) let shitizen Kane  in..
I never really hated spurs, but they seem nastier these days , the manager may have got them playing better, but also like a 2nd class chelski cheating outfit...

an empty anfield, as quiet when "full" these days?? disgraced by fan nies
I was annoyed also at the "support" , when I was on the kop, there was NO way, that a bunch of cockneys could out sing us, (even if the predicatable tottenham chants are boring and banal) 
The kop was quiet and most of the "middle class crowd" didnt do more than more than murmur until we scored and were quiet when we we drawing the game.. it was a VITAL game, yet too many of the home crowd are just on-lookers and dont deserve a seat, (seeing Henrystart on the net, touching the "This is Anfield" sign, makes me throw up when so many true supporters  are treated like shite by "Lfc" these days and many have no chance of a ticket.)

and i am fed up at the number of referee decisions that go against us, every season ...Stevie (and several other players, mostly REds) was punished twice for normal challenges, the 2nd spurs goal came a) from another wrong decision by ref Dowd against Stevie, as the spurs player just fell down going for the ball that Gerrard cleanly played, and then a similar challeng by their defender in the pen area, didnt get another (deserved) pen. b) the pass for the goal was from an offside position, even Mignolet saw that....(who again proved his shot stopping ability, but whose distribution.....well....needs improvement...) 
Stevie scored another blatant pen when it was clear that Strudge was tripped..

A blue Cock ney up! ha ha/... 
fan  nies amaze me , praising Brent, but for me his selections and subs dont make sense, its a fluke if they come off..  

Lovren for Gerrard?? , Stevie must be going mad... & take off Studge for Balo, who again did nothing for the team, yes he scored  the "winner" , HIS first league goal (its february!!!)  my main problem is his lack of Team play.

for me, IF Brenda N wants to "rest" Stevie, then Lallana was the obvious choice (he came on to assist the 3rd goal late on..)

...Marko scored the first goal...but his "industry" often requires a better finish, if he was sharper he could have scored more.  Hendo wasnt on "full power" either..

Anyway, Balo was lethal from 1 metre, and 3  points, many behind chelski????

why not go for number 1 ..not just "aim for the owe it to our TRUE supporters and to Stevie

REdNET "Bootroom opinion"

YOU have been "bamboozled" (managing expectations by Henry / f s g method via Ayre & Brent...)


Skrtel ( and even Stevie, sometimes ) get "conditioned" to accept a draw ..if it gets NUmber FOUR
... important meeting on Tuesday night with Tottenham Hotspur, who had moved four points ahead of Liverpool in "the top four race."....BS!

"It's massive," admitted Skrtel. "Tottenham are a few points in front of us. It's going to be a big game, now we have a few days to get ready for it.
"I believe and hope we can beat them and get three points. But every single game is important for us. We'll go game by game, try to get as many points as we can and try to finish in the top four."

Brenda N has finally got it, that Champions must have a solid (unchanged) defensive unit, BUT,    ... Losing Lucas derailed an assault on the blues..  ...sad that players are thinking that forth spot is ok, (even at the start of the season) .. because the boardroom maniuplators just think about cash profit for the USA, with  TV income and sponsorship enough , they cash in..(tickets, replica kit x 3 every season, TV inclome and advance sales, "corporate hospitality" etc) .and we lose our chance of trophies... Shanks Liverpol way ("aim for the stars" ) is eroded by  the US commercial business method..make money ..and no care for society, people or community that is ruined in the process..
from the official website ("propaganda media"  )  

Jordan IBE  explained: "I went on a run and when I shot, I thought it was going in. I was getting ready to celebrate, but it hit the post and went wide. It was quite new for me. The gaffer(!ha ha!) just told me certain things; to stay as a full-back and when we had the ball, I get back in the usual position I usually play in, playing wide and high."
<Lfctv : He will then hope to be involved when the Reds welcome Tottenham Hotspur to Anfield on Tuesday night in an important encounter for the race to reach a top four position.>
"That's a big game because we're doing well and Tottenham are doing well," said Ibe. "We'll see how it goes. It's still open for us - there are a lot of games. We have to focus on the game on Tuesday. We've got a chance to get Champions League [football] again and hopefully we do."


Pearce...."For Kopites, this was a night of frustration. Their unbeaten run against the Blues may have been extended to 10 games but that will be little consolation. The fact is that Everton were there for the taking. & spurned the opportunity to maintain their charge towards the Champions League spots. This was two points lost rather than one gained."
more pics from Derby draw...

Heart a s big as.... 
in my Liverpool home..cavern
more at
dont forget ,,  everybody "NOSE"....

ITS for the KIDS!! FFS!..join us !! :)

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