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Saturday, February 7, 2015

REdNET "bootroom" update Phil and (almost) Stevies Derby...match review

REdNET "bootroom" update 

and match review..


and (almost)  ....Stevies Derby...

REdNeT Review

Mignolet, Can, Skrtel, Sakho, Lucas, Henderson, Gerrard, Moreno, Ibe, Coutinho, Sterling
subs Ward, Johnson, Lovren, Lambert, Sturridge, Allen, Markovic

Chris Smith-Mypod at Merseyside Derby>

Stevies free kick and overhead never brought the deserved result that all True REds wanted for OUR man...everton honoured the 96 with their memorial , shame that some of their moran fans didnt "get" that they will never see a better player grace the goodison grace than Steven Gerrard.
The blues fought for the draw, were defending, an figghting, thE REDS had tripe the goal attempts as everton, who play as a team but had no "stand out " players.. Skrtel quietened Lukaku,

the worst thing for us was LUcas, going off, not only because he MAKES the defensive unit , but because Brenda N subbed him with Joe, who brings less, much less, I doubted our chances once "teachers Pet Allen" came on, I would have prefered Lallana or Marko and dropped Stevie deeper..
The Blues fought hard, and found out Sahko who looks far tougher than he is...CAN on the hand, coped after a difficult start, and took over from Martin in taming LUkaku, the single danger of the home team,

The withdrawal of Raheem and Phil, dulled our creativity, choosing Lambert is just slightly less depressing than Balo.. I could go on about the naivity of Bodgers but...
Ibe was voted M.O.M.. he did well and a screamer hit the post which would have been a match winner, whilst Raheem failed to look up and pass, intent on shooring even from the narrow angles, ...Studge...was too deep when he came on...maybe protecting himself, or on instructions, whatever, it was a "typical merseyside derby"

I just cant accept that its Stevies last...
and mine too!
adios !

CS 150207


Predictions that  Philippe Coutinho Will Become Premier League's Best at Liverpool

Liverpool star Phil continues to be showered with praise for his excellent stretch of matches, and Neymar became the latest to express his admiration for the 22-year-old on Thursday, claiming that he will one day be the Premier League's best player. The Barca star believes fans and pundits are finally starting to see what his good friend can do:  "He can be the star player in England. This season I think everybody in England is seeing how talented he is—and I know he has a lot more to show. We have been good friends since we were 16. Not only is he a fantastic player, he is a good guy to have in the dressing room, always positive and making jokes."

The midfielder put in another performance for the Reds in the 2-1 FA Cup win at Bolton Wanderers on Wednesday, scoring a stunning goal to seal progression  and widely hailed as one of the Premier League's fastest rising stars. Some even believe he has the potential to emulate Barcelona legend Ronaldinho:

 Hendo told Liverpool's official Twitter feed his job becomes a whole lot easier when he has guys like Coutinho and Raheem Sterling around him:

Phil is a Brazil international, who joined the Reds from Inter Milan in 2013. Coutinho has now scored three goals and handed out four assists in the Premier League and FA Cup, 

Liverpool's 2014-15  squad has turned things around in the past two months, in another attempt to cover up the loss of World class Suarez. f,s,g s employee;  (Brenda N Bodgers) also believes Coutinho has the potential to replace the Uruguay international: 

Its dangerous to get carried away with all the praise following Coutinho's strong run of matches, he is just 22 years old. Its hoped that the attention of opponents who want to put hinm out of the game, and the antibias of referees who have often failed to protect him from thugs of our rivals will not obstruct his progress.: heaps of potential and the promise of a bright future. (ignore the official comments of f s g cloned fan nies (  TIA )media and the LFCtv propaganda...

Stevie and THE Derby

I hope NOT for the final time in the  Premier League on Saturday,  Stevie plays his 33rd Merseyside derby - 
 who cleared two shots off the line on his derby debut to the captain who curled a stunning free-kick in the last meeting between the teams
"It's the fixture that I look for at the beginning of the season. & love playing against Everton. I've got friends and family members who are big Blues and it's all about the bragging rights in the city. I'll focus on [Saturday's game] exactly how I have done in the previous derbies I've played in. It's a bit different from a normal league game, but I'm looking forward to that one and hopefully I can add to my good derby record."

With 10 goals against the Blues,  two of those coming at Goodison and the remainder at Anfield, where in 2012, he became the first Red since 1935 to put three past Everton @ Anfield  , and  admits he still reflects on the game with pride.
"I'd look back on the game I scored a hat-trick  that was a great feeling after all the stick I've had over the years. But it's about the team and big derby wins. Also the FA Cup semi-final [in 2012], where we beat them at Wembley was a big one because I think there was a big confidence in the blue camp that they were going to beat us on the day and we managed to get that important win."

Only Ian Rush, with 25, has scored more goals for Liverpool against Everton , who announced himself to the Goodison faithful with a stunning, raking effort in 2001 before running the length of the Lower Bullens in celebration.
"I love the banter with Everton fans It's what it's all about. It's about rivalries and big games of football. I'm up for all that. I don't mind it at all. Bring it on as far as I'm concerned. I've got respect for all the Everton players and the Everton fans. I think they're a terrific football club, but once that whistle goes I want to beat them. That's a good problem for me."

DErBY day saturday...

PLease BR. set the best team up .. dont "Rest" Stevie...
my derby choice for saturday nights game at goodison...

Goalie (yeah I miss Pepe..the best goalie of the last 20+ years )

Can , Skrtel  Sakho ( hes not my favourite, but recent form has been ok, and we will need to battle..

Stevie, (free role)Hendo Moreno


Raheem  Studge

Shanks MADE Liverpool

...although Bob is on record for winning the most trophies, he would have never had the chance had not Shanks, established the mentality, method, foundations and SPIRIT that Paisley built his team selections upon...
Keep it simple, in these days when there is almost more background staff than players, I suggest they ANALize TOO MUCH! they really think showing players little graphs and diagrams before they go out helps,  I believe the players have instincts and THOSE should be nurtured  better to enhance the natural ability, I never played "pro" but my "best games", of footy, golf, squash or LIFE important decisions, meetings or negociation was when I trusted my spirit... my natural self...

Top players should NOT be BOMbarded with too many details.and I am sure "injuries" come from being wrapped in cotton wool..

but of course the "hype" of the media , the money the "big names" and their egos are fed like hollywood celebrities, the beautiful game is lost to the BS!..and the fan nies just swallow it too...parrot the "word" of so-called  experts and pundits, who have never managed anything much...

and spare a thought for the team then that was lost to Football when that club was respected , not any more and i fear that Lfc is going to the same commercial soul-less fate,,, as we expect respect for our 96 brothers and sisters lost in 89..

MORE  at

vid (WE are the club) on utube ..

join us...

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