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Friday, February 20, 2015

REdNET update Supporting Steven Gerrard

Stevie comments on Balos late pen, and the "f s g 
clones discuss" 

IMO ....the blame lays with Brent,  (who cant control "big" players) ..(and Balo)

 if Balo (however good a penalty he taker is..) takes the ball off of the (acting) Captain Hendo, its wrong,.many of the modern fans now, dont have any morals, standards, respect, and think with a 10 second reaction time.. 

but they dont know the relationships of the dressing room, Stevie should..  and if asked on TV will obviously be careful, so to say that at the time, says much about Balo....for the damage that can be done to such relations, is serious, I havent seen much in Balos performances to show that he cares enough for the Team, or puts the effort in, Yes, like Luis, he is a special talent..BUT Luis worked 

....for the team not just for his own glory or ego.. thats the difference between good and GREAT, and Luis will be a great player , and Stevie is ... so the rest of u "experts" should "can it"  (sorry Emre!) :)   and thanks IBE, danger man, could help save this season..


........anyway a narrow win in europe, against the best of the Turkish league at this time)  and yet...Brenda N is far from being comfortable with this arena... I have been in Istanbul when we played Besiktas last time there (and I was on the Kop at the 8-0 too!) ...the atmosphere is incredible.. and i just hope Stevie is fit for the away leg, because we need the "management" on the field that Brents novice experience cant provide off of it,..


Southampton v Liverpool

22 Feb 2015, KO: 16:15                                

away to soton sunday.. I think often we are better at away games, certainly the support is louder and sustained,  I am almost ashamed at the home league games , now the Kop is full of middle class fans, fan nies and f s g clones

p.s when I see "fantasy manager" advert with BR s photo...i think..."hmmm precisely"...

more at ...

please join our not for profit, fun and charitable events..

AND....  get THEM out of OUR CLUB>>> (Henry-werner, fSg, Ayre, fan nies and yan ker clones...)
and KEEP Stevie....!!!

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